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February 22, 2020

github AutoCryPot

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Samsung autoINcorrect is such a delight this repo begs to become extant

autoincorrect is such a delight I will create a github repo autocrypot for 420 enthusiasts


Perhaps it will simplify end to end encryption for stoners.  Perhaps unlike AutoCrypt in Thunderbird it will fetch Mailvelope published keys.

WKD is good

[ WCKD is good ]

wkd is good key lookup for all encryption maze runners (expand canvas, add layer, alpha image to selection, invert, to path, stroke)

January 21, 2020

one fix for Thinkpad T42 display backlight

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Thinkpad T42 with some age use has some painfully crippling failures.

Screen powers but backlight off.  FUN!

Excellent soldering skills required


A different level of disassembly could be providing external backlighting.


The simplest solution is to buy an adapter to convert VGA to HDMI.  $9 on amazon



August 21, 2019


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F-droid announces Sturmabteilung preference, ironic fascist-lifestyle choice

the definitionally close-minded cult who craves to dominate the internet oft seen on reddit and social media is out in force rallying to a deviant snowflake running F-droid

May 4, 2019

American MyONE condoms acquires UK They Fit condoms screwing over G31 users

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The entire “31” girth category has been dropped by MyONE custom “fit” condoms.

Must continue importing My.Size 69mm (purple) at $27 per retail box of 36.


Surprisingly it only took 9 days for me to receive my My.Size purple shipment from Lithuania. It took longer from a pharmacy in Germany.

My.Size is manufactured in Germany and surprise ILLEGAL to sell in the USA. HOORAY fripperous sexual regulations.

FDA had been limiting nominal width to 57mm.  100% of “XL” condoms marketed in the USA at the time we’re marketing lies.  Trojan Magnum and Durex XXL are still nominal 57mm.  Still lies for fragile egos.

FDA now limits nominal width to 64mm. It seems unlikely retail stores will stock such.

I had been purchasing My.Size pink for two brothers (non sibling). Now they can purchase G22 and Z22 from MyONE themselves.

A decade old study reveals fitted condoms for longer or girthier guys reduces both slippage and breakage (2.6% to 0.6%) — when used conscientiously and properly sized.

doi: 10.1136/sti.2007.028316

Study only considered They Fit completely ignoring established My.Size.

March 6, 2019

comparative genocide studies

How does one earn a PhD in Comparative Genocide Studies?  First one must have a Mastery in Sophistry to define away the problem like Bill Clinton did with poverty in America.  Second one must not be averse to Fluidic Morality;  This is easier for the established ardently Moralphobic.  Third, and possibly comparatively easy is to invite the Prince of Lies to make himself home in your heart.

Who would want this other than a Jewish-Holocaust propagandist or a progressive sycophant?   Do tell.

Ah, wikipedia, “truth” by consensus champion of the internet has a fantastical article on the Mass Murders of atheist driven communist regimes filled with rhetorical antitruths of entertaininess.

Who does wikipedia conveniently not mention?  The Catholic Armenians, repeated targets of the Muhammadans. Are the Muhammadan atrocities of any flavor mentioned?  No, you say, they are a different flavor of atheist.  True.  But wikipedia does whinge about Muhammadans being victim.  Cry me a river of innocent blood.

We in the West were once prey for the Muhammadan Hoards.  It was a wonder they stopped the Raping -n- Pillaging of the west where and when they did as they have the numbers, weapons, and will.  Oh but now we the west have death from the sky.  We should wipe all Muhammads from the face of the Earth while we can as they are waging another “secret” war of unchecked breeding to conquer England and other small nations of the foolishly-entagled-EU.

Or do as wikipedia and pretend away the problem until the murding rapists are at our respective front doors YET AGAIN.







February 17, 2014

paypal’s guerrilla war against bitcoin

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paypal doesn’t want people operating as a “financial exchange”. yeah, let that sink in a bit.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 11.26.23 PM

Does it not bother anyone that a large number of bitcoin miners are using hardware resources they neither own nor compensate owners for use?

mafia + malware = bitcoins

on the other hand paypal contract sets themselves up as the sole arbiters of truth

despite the criminal element underwriting bitcoins creation bitcoin is less problematic for the user than is paypal

Paypal doesn’t want an individual to be able to call value into existence despite american fractional lending having been doing the same for decades

abandon the defective ideology facilitating American dollar woes:

potential asset != asset

(a potential asset is not an asset)

debt = potential asset != asset

(debt is not an asset)

January 1, 2013

voip sms: gouging carriers begin haemorrhaging :  SMS to SIP, SIP to SMS (using SIP SIMPLE (MESSAGE)), SMS to email, sms to http [get], SMS web ui : SMS to SIP, SIP to SMS (using SIP SIMPLE (MESSAGE)), SMS to email, SMS web ui

voip.MS : SMS to email, SMS web ui

sms to xmpp, xmpp to sms — using ‘randomized’ resources


there are several VSPs with functional beta systems who wish to remain nameless

Himself being Sagacious


November 22, 2011

PDroid, adds awesome spoofing POWER to android privacy permissions management

edit 2014:  still good XPrivacy Pro [license supports crowdsourced knowledge], but also evolving quickly from the developer of PDroid 2.0 (not svyat) is DonkeyGuard (CollegeDev | github).  DO absolutely combine  AFwall+ firewall  [in whitelist mode] with LightningWall, and UnbelovedHosts, AND BootManager.  To that end do also donate to defim for the combo license: DefimDonator  [$14 is well worth it] — important: make a note of the name in which you want the license issued. LightningWall does not appear to have a whitelist mode starting from everything blocked, but can function independent of your iptables manager (AFwall+).


DonkeyGuard android privacy enforcement logo

(DonkeyGuard requires CydiaFramework… seems to be abandoning XposedFramework in favor, but uses both now)

DonkeyGuard defaults to ultimate privacy

DonkeyGuard has a better UI style than XPrivacy Pro

DonkeyGuard better interface design than XPrivacy sterile checkbox columns

vs XPrivacy Pro

 XPrivacy Pro app UI

XPrivacy Pro summary UI


edit 2013:  better is XPrivacy extension of XPosed framework for android.  zero malware market access needed; download only via XDA forums or soon *hub for free OpenSource possibly “You can use an XPrivacy Pro license for all the devices you personally own.”

XPrivacy FAQ#50 also recommends Xmpp Texting [Xabber]


original post:

picks up where LBE Privacy Guard leaves off… they play well together.  However PDroid claims no need of background service.. still requires root. It requires root to boot into CWM to apply the patch, but does not require root to run the management app.


PDroid allows blocking access for any installed application to the following data separately:

  • Device ID (IMEI/MEID/ESN)
  • Subscriber ID (IMSI)
  • SIM serial (ICCID)
  • Phone and mailbox number
  • Incoming call number
  • Outgoing call number
  • GPS location
  • Network location
  • List of accounts (including your google e-mail address)
  • Account auth tokens
  • Contacts
  • Call logs
  • Calendar
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Browser bookmarks and history
  • System logs
  • SIM info (operator, country)
  • Network info (operator, country)

For device ID, phone and mailbox number, SIM serial, subscriber ID and device location it also allows supplying custom or random values.


easy access to APKs from memorable url:

PDroid 2.3.4 source; patches build, frameworks and libcore

cites interesting article on blockery leakiness.

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May 25, 2011

plans to solve high gas prices — from half a decade ago [pdf]

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plans to solve the high gas price problem from half a decade ago SagaciousHimself.pdf

But, please, enjoy $5.00/gal and more prices by doing nothing domestically and outsourcing to people that hate the cradle of Western Civilization, our republic, The United States of America.

If we fall the prior dark ages will seem like a resort vacation.

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March 14, 2011

UFD led annoying? turn it off with MPtool

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thanks to the Rally2 bait and switch I’ve had the opportunity to fiddle with the MPtool settings LED busy and LED ready

really hate the ultra bright LED on your UFD?  set LED ready to 82 instead of 80 to turn it off.

ADHD blinking LED?  tinker with the speed! set LED busy 0 (new adhd) to 48 (mellow blinky)



Or adjust up the speed on the blinking for that special person who insists the blinking isn’t annoying..

I have have changed the product string from “RALLY2” to “FAKE_RALLY2”.

Is 2% really enough reserved space to reallocate for bad blocks?  crank it up!  Not too far though or it might write-protect itself.  No you cannot steal space from reservation.  Minimums 20:SLC, 44:MLC

Some settings do not play well with button mashing ;P



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October 2, 2009

Hazaa! how to disable SIP ALG on Westell 9100

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Hazaa how to disable SIP ALG on Westell 9100em

ZERO help from verizon on this topic: ZERO help via phone, ZERO help via email, ZERO help via live chat, ZERO help via forum, ZERO help via paper mail.  All verizon avenues assert it is not possible to disable the SIP ALG in the 9100em westell.  Errrn! wrong.

Export conf, edit file, load conf, reboot.

configuration file
save configuration file

remove ONE line: (alg(sip_udp))
save changes to file

configuration file
load configuration file

For a little more sanity modify the 9100em SIP service definition from only ONE UDP port, 5060, to include expected defaults-  or YOUR SIP and RTP ports.. you’ll be redefining the 9100 SIP service to be voip service as creating your own voip service definition will not suffice — thanks verizon for making “open” RG “better”.

Yes, delightfully you will be making multiple modifications in several locations in the config file: service, meh why ruin your fun you can find the rest right?  protocol(17) = UDP  protocol(6) = TCP.  For a little more joy craft some advanced filters (firewall settings, yes, advanced filtering) to allow traffic in, Initial Rules, from your ITSP server(s) or otherwise with the SIP/RTP ports you use. Enable rules logging to verify, syslog daemon preferred, but do not leave enabled.

Tested against
9100em hardware revision A
9100em hardware revision D

Only functional SIP ALG exists with Cisco (not linksys) and Juniper networks.  By default every NAT’ing device sold in a big box store has similar piss poor NAT.  PFsense for everyone!

@ verizon fios

Now that I have your attention.. I would like an option to receive an IPA lease from a netblock without correlation to my geographic position.  (this is not challenging for you to implement).  GeoIP location violates privacy and deters confident exercise of freedom of speech.

It would also be super to buy an additional IPA since this device was designed with that in mind.  That’d be easier than the solution for multi IPA I employ now which I won’t outline.

* 2010 update: the least painful way to escape fios cpe SIP ALG is to use SIP ports _other_ than 5060 on server (or proxy).  DEMAND your ITSP/VSP offer such ports or upgrade to one that does [viatalk].  DEMAND your VSP support SIP TCP & TLS.

* Sept 26 2010:  actual Cisco NAT & ALG
NAT Optimized SIP Media Path with SDP


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June 8, 2009

obamessiah, greatleader, eerily uses PAST tense when refering to greatness of America

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Obama: America WAS great???

^^ surely the racists who occupy executive offices of the land will not apply black studies, “the evilness of whiteness“, to the hostname of the President’s home on the interweb: ?



obamessiah, greatleader, spake:

“The United States has been one of the greatest sources of progress that the world has ever known.”

HAS been?   Is- and continues to be THE greatest source of liberty defense.  Yes, greatleader’s Marxism shines through in his use of “progress” in a weak communist linkage attempt to shedding of blood… forsooth, greatleader!

“We were born out of revolution against an empire.  We were founded upon the ideal that all are created equal, and we have shed blood and struggled for centuries to give meaning to those words — within our borders, and around the world.  We are shaped by every culture, drawn from every end of the Earth, and dedicated to a simple concept:  E pluribus unum — ‘Out of many, one.'”


Crafty greatleader avoids mention of the First Mover, source of our rights in alluded to by ‘ideals’.  Excellent no discussion of rights, their source, or inalienability!   He also attempts to be ‘gender neutral’, if only his father had been gender neutered before entering fatherhood, by not-saying “all men are created”.

Good show, greatleader, defer to the greater irrationals by not only not correctly quoting the original language of the founding fathers, but also for not-giving meaning to your words in a self referential style by using ‘give meaning’.     Your double speak is very progressive!

You may be trying to dedicate your racist, seperatist self- and sycophants to ‘E pluribus unum’, but that much like your entire ideology HAS been- and continues to fail entirely.

He does eventually mention ‘rights’ but in the most creative context.  It is a similar context to Islam being essential in our founding:

“I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story. …  And since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States.”


“Moreover, freedom in America is indivisible from the freedom to practice one’s religion.”


Really, do explain that, greatleader!


“That’s why the United States government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab and to punish those who would deny it.”


Please do update us, obamessiah, on your understanding of the baseless “separation of church and state”!


“And I believe that America holds within her the truth that regardless of race, religion, or station in life, all of us share common aspirations — to live in peace and security; to get an education and to work with dignity; to love our families, our communities, and our God.  These things we share.  This is the hope of all humanity.”


‘Dignity’, but no mention of Life or Liberty?  ‘Peace and security’, but no mention of pursuit of happiness? ‘Truth’, what is that truth?  ‘Get an education’, but no mention of how or the lessons of history?  ‘Get’, as if a right?   ‘Love’, but no mention virtue, sacrifice, or personal responsibility?  ‘Regardless of race’ and ‘all humanity’, yet you continue to refer to yourself as ‘African American’?


What about terrorism?  Your attempt at lofty wordsmithery at one point compares the impact of one effect to all but limit terrorism to a small area with a small impact:

“For we have learned from recent experience that when a financial system weakens in one country, prosperity is hurt everywhere. … When violent extremists operate in one stretch of mountains, people are endangered across an ocean.   … That is the responsibility we have to one another as human beings.”


‘That’?   Literally, what is THAT that?

“And this is a difficult responsibility to embrace.”

Now it’s a ‘this’?

“subjugating one another in pursuit of their own interests… such attitudes are self-defeating”

Akin to inflicting medical costs upon all instead of assuming responsibility for one’s own expenses?

“Our problems must be dealt with through partnership; our progress must be shared.”

Shared cost?  Or America continuing to foot the bill via debt to the world thereby financially subjegating ALL Americans to the will of the world.  Brilliant scheme, greatleader, globalized socialism!


“We must face these tensions squarely.”


Will you resolve the mutually exclusive positions of Islam (destroy Western Civilization) with  Western Civilization (defend the God given right to free exercise of liberty)?



“In Ankara, I made clear that America is not — and never will be — at war with Islam.”


Ahh the great defense of pure pacifism in WWI/II French/Italian style.  That worked out so well for them!  Walk softly and never touch sticks.


uh, oh, liberalists; greatleader further undermines your baseless cries of “Bush lied”.  You could never CITE ‘the bush lie’ verbatim, but now you must sit quietly and list:

“But let us be clear:  Al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 people on [9/11]….  al Qaeda chose to ruthlessly murder these people, claimed credit for the attack, and even now states their determination to kill on a massive scale.  They have affiliates in many countries and are trying to expand their reach.  These are not opinions to be debated; these are facts to be dealt with.”


“I believe that the Iraqi people are ultimately better off without the tyranny of Saddam Hussein …. Today, America has a dual responsibility:  to help Iraq forge a better future — and to leave Iraq to Iraqis.  .. we pursue no bases, and no claim on their territory or resources.  Iraq’s sovereignty is its own.”


Iraq’s sovereignty was won, like that of much of the now E.U., with the BLOOD OF AMERICANS via AMERICAN armed forces.  Iraq’s sovereignty was NOT won with finger wagging, speeches, or sternly worded letters — this route had been tried for two decades by the feckless “united” nations.

Our war against fascism in Iraq was not monetarily free either.  To walk away without expectation of compensation is continued American FOLLY.  Freedom is not free though greatleader finds greatleader free to quote Jefferson without mention of the Tree of Liberty.


“So America will defend itself, respectful of the sovereignty of nations and the rule of law.”


Obamessiah errantly tries to link sovereignty with rule of [international] law axiomatically.  “International law” is a gross misnomer at best!


“On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people — Muslims and Christians — have suffered in pursuit of a homeland.”


Sovereignty is won through force of will through bloodshed.  Israel has established their sovereignty.

Suffering is not to be avoided, per se, greatleader.  Palestine has a state of their own.  They will not usurp Israel, nor succeed in destroying it as is their aspiration.


“For decades then, there has been a stalemate:  two peoples with legitimate aspirations, each with a painful history that makes compromise elusive.”


The annihilation of Israel is NOT a legitimate aspiration!! Our greatleader loves to take on mutually contradictory positions while embracing each as equally true in every respect.

We look forward to greatleader removing electronic voting and returning to the ever simple to master: poking a hole in paper


America does not presume to know what is best for everyone, just as we would not presume to pick the outcome of a peaceful election.”


And greatleader also assures us he will not pursue: big government, socialism, sexualizing our youth, slaughtering our infants, free health services on demand at the cost to all via medical worker enslavement, or driving faith from government.


“Suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away.”


The prolitareate thanks you again, greatleader!


“there are some [like myself] who advocate for democracy only when they’re out of power [like I was last year]; once in power, they are ruthless in suppressing the rights of others [like I have been].”


Yes, greatleader, your say one thing do another policy is as astounding as you say it is.

You confound us with your magnimity:

“You must maintain your power through consent [even of dead people], not coercion [like our IRS and DEA]; you must respect the rights of minorities [like righteous white males], and participate with a spirit of tolerance [of evil] and compromise [of ethics]; you must place the interests of your people and the legitimate workings of the political process above your party [by controlling all aspects of your goverment through one party]”


Freedom for all who server greatleader!

“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

It does?  Since when?  Like in India now?  Or perhaps in the cries of Imams the world over calling for the destruction of America?



I have no problem with apostate-Muslims living in America; it is the Muslims with which I take issue.   With more self contradictory tennants than wicca, Islam cannot be lived.  Good people of which there are billions try to live a good life well when born into Islam.  They, the apostate, succeed at living life well but cannot be considered Muslim.  All men seek the good and true to the best of his capacity unless perverted by harsh external influence or self inflicted wounds seeking lesser goods in place of higher goods or worse still through habituation continue seeking those lesser goods.  — Sagacious Himself

April 22, 2009

God help us when bookmarks become illegal

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God help us when bookmarks become illegal

XML files are not conduits for copyrighted content.  If you thought hollywood executives were trapped to the left of the bell curve with liberalists and contratheists you were right.

Thank their similarly intellectually challenged lawyers for confirmation.

April 4, 2009

Britannica Illustrated Science Library is a must have even if you own a complete set of Britannic encyclopedias

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Britannica Illustrated Science Library

truth-by-consensus, a blackhole for integrity,  naturally pales in comparison to Britannica’s new offering (also available somewhere in PDF format)

Britannica Illustrated Science Library
An Engaging 16-Volume Set That Explains Key Scientific Topics

The Britannica Illustrated Science Library is a visually compelling set that covers earth science, life science, and physical science in 16 volumes. Created for ages 10 and up, each volume provides an overview on a subject and thoroughly explains it through detailed and powerful graphics—more than 1,000 per volume—that turn complex subjects into information that students can grasp. Each volume contains a glossary with full definitions for vocabulary help and a comprehensive index.




Vivid, Detailed Illustrations Make This Set Unique

Students will be captivated by more than 16,000 amazing illustrations that make each subject come to life.

Comprehensive Coverage of Important Science Topics

The set includes the key science subjects that students need to know about: Weather and Climate, the Human Body, Space, Technology, and much more. Young learners will gain a confident and solid understanding of science.

Clear Organization Makes Learning Easy

Each topic includes a brief, informative overview and then immerses students in the details with the help of stunning visual diagrams.


  • Universe
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  • Climate
  • Evolution and Genetics
  • Plants, Algae, and Fungi
  • Invertebrates
  • Fish and Amphibians
  • Reptiles and Dinosaurs
  • Birds
  • Mammals
  • Human Body I
  • Human Body II
  • Energy and Movement
  • Technology
  • Space Exploration
Product Details
ISBN: 978-1-59339-382-3


[ | | ]

March 30, 2009

stop spoon feeding your soul to google via myspace: cancel your myspace account

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Stop spoon feeding your soul to google. Log into your my space, click ‘my account’, ‘account’, ‘cancel account’, tick ‘I am concerned about privacy’, ‘cancel account’, confirm, click the link in the spam my space sends you, and for the last time (hopefully) ‘cancel my account’, you are now a little less enslaved to google but they still have archives of EVERYTHING you have ever done with myspace. If you’re using gmail you’ll need to cancel that, too.

March 24, 2009

straw men

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Recently, I noticed a similarity between atheists and homosexuals that
hadn’t occurred to me before. It has to do with the way they wage their
wars. Basically, they erect straw men, put words in their straw mouths, and
then engage in battle with these creatures they’ve cobbled together with
spit and glue.

It just seems to me that it’s high time we began setting the record
straight. To begin with, there is no such thing as homophobia. A phobia is
defined as a fear or anxiety that exceeds normal proportions. Concocting the
word was simply a rather sly way of suggesting that it is heterosexuals who
are deviant. The other lie that is parroted with some frequency is that
those who don’t fully support the gay agenda are most likely latent
homosexuals, which is supposed to suggest, I assume, that lurking inside
every heterosexual man is an interior decorator screaming to get out and do
something about those curtains.

Odd, isn’t it, that you never hear about latent heterosexuals?
Even the ancient Greeks, to whom modern-day gays enjoy comparing themselves,
never engaged in anything quite as bizarre as same-sex marriages.
The proof that heterosexual men aren’t all sitting around fantasizing being
seduced by Boy George or Richard Chamberlain is that every heterosexual man
I know prefers having his cavity worked on by a dentist than by a

Homosexuals like to picture themselves as the innocent victims of the
oppressive majority. The recent unpleasantness on behalf of same-sex
marriages doesn’t happen to be a response to laws depriving gays of any
rights or privileges to which they are otherwise entitled. They are as free
as they’ve always been to marry members of the opposite sex. For several
millenniums, everyone has understood marriage to mean the sacred union of a
man and a woman. I have asked on more than one occasion if the institution
of marriage is to be turned on its head to accommodate the ludicrous demands
of a very small number of people, on what moral or legal basis does society
than deny fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, or, say, your cousin
Phyllis and a dozen Elvis impersonators, from tying the knot. If the parties
merely need to be consenting adults, on what basis could you prevent Hugh
Hefner and his bevy of blonde companions from pledging their troth before
man and God? I have yet to receive a response.

One other point should be made. In spite of all the rioting and all the
whining in the wake of Proposition 8, only a few thousand same-sex marriages
have taken place in Massachusetts, Connecticut or even here in California,
where it was permitted for a while. And most of those marriages involved
lesbians. Yet the way their male counterparts have been carrying on, you’d
have thought the gay bars had all been padlocked.

This brings us to atheists and their own brand of hypocrisy and lies. It’s
silly enough when they feel they can use logic to disprove the existence of
God. But it’s worse when in voicing their angry opposition to organized
religion, they begin sounding exactly like the religious zealots they claim
to despise.

Still, it’s when they begin blaming all the evils of the world on religion
that my own sense of reason and logic kick in. Inevitably, they bring up the
Spanish Inquisition, as if the new year we just rang in was 1478. Ask them
to make a slightly more contemporary case and they’ll bring up Nazi Germany
with a “gotcha” gleam in their eye. While it’s true that Germany had been a
traditionally Christian nation, Hitler was neither German nor Christian. He
and his followers were pagans. They didn’t march and murder under the cross
of Jesus Christ, but under the swastika of Adolph Hitler.

Whenever atheists blame religion for causing most of the world’s mass
murders, they merely prove that they’re not only bigots, but ignoramuses.
While nobody knows exactly how many millions of innocent people have been
butchered in the past 90 years, we do know that the vast majority died at
the hands of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot, atheists all.
The only exceptions to that rule, of course, are those who have been gassed,
beheaded and blown up, by the Muslim faithful. And yet Islam, interestingly
enough, is the one religion that doesn’t seem to enrage atheists! Could the
reason possibly be that, for all their huffing and puffing about how awful
all religions are, even the atheists understand that Jewish and Christian
martyrs will die for their beliefs, whereas Islamics will kill you for


townhall has adopted an unpleasant scree of javascript: signup floater,/townhall/NLSignUp.js

hooray for CAPS (Configurable Security Policies) and greasemonkey in firefox!  or nuke it entirely with AdBlock Plus

March 17, 2009

awesome link of the day

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January 19, 2009

PhD extended to functional illiterate, Mel Seesholtz

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Love is not synonymous with tolerance.

PhD revoked.


January 10, 2009

after the beginning bang: sure. but then spewed singularities?

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bigs bang spews black holes

singularities spewed after the beginning… huge forces rip some to shreds in rapid expansion… as not all attracted matter is retained by the black hole (axis) vast amount of ’empty’ space, matter and energy accounted for.. better?

there is only one set of everything.

December 14, 2008

multiple everything?

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physicists aren’t the smartest creatures in schrodinger’s box

December 3, 2008

Father Corapi, awesome Catholic priest stoops to implementing DRM on apologetics videos

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Say what?

Spread the gospel, but don’t forget to restrict its use and limit its playback.  That doesn’t sound like it complies with Pope John Paul II reiteration of use of modern media to spread God’s message. [citation pending]

A subscription to “Weekly Wisdom” includes a license for one computer per episode and uses Windows Media DRM technology. For more information on DRM and our policies please visit the FAQ page


But wait there’s more

The Subscription Media is owned by SANTA CRUZ MEDIA, INC., and is protected by intellectual property laws. You understand that your use of the Subscription Media is subject to the Usage Rules discussed below. You may not authorize, encourage or allow any Subscription Media used or obtained by you to be reproduced, modified, displayed, performed, transferred, distributed or otherwise used by anyone else. You agree to advise SANTA CRUZ MEDIA, INC. promptly of any such unauthorized use(s).


See his awesomeness (lessened) on youtardedtube:


DRM is not very Catholic here.

Why won’t ‘they’ listen and use,, or

November 15, 2008


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edit: Stable Chrome.  Google “only” inflicts the RLZ via google searches using the default google search.  Instead edit chrome profile files or add your own Google search and set it to default.

Iron was the FIRST chromium build with adblocking.

unfortunately it was a fraud on most fronts


shame on srware

November 14, 2008

the simplicity of 248 dimensions explains everything!

yeah right… and a double positive must be better!

“E8 encapsulates the symmetries of a geometric object that is 57-dimensional and is itself is 248-dimensional”.

An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything
Authors: A. Garrett Lisi

Phase I: add more dimensions

Phase II: [mumble mumble]

Phase III: explain everything!

May 9, 2008

Charles Darwin on God

yeah, the contratheists will love this

atheism is intellectually dishonest

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April 13, 2008

mmm quality of overclocking lite-on

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I had to see for myself… now I’ll have pretty pictures and stats to show people when I tell them not to hack burner firmware

verbatim 16x burner at 20x

increased RPM, higher than recommended burn speed, increased sensitivity of Online HyperTuning (yes, very vague), SmartBurn not-disabled

it’s so awesome the drive quit responding while reading here

let’s see what awesome quality it’ll give me on a box of verbatim 2.4x DVD+R …

March 31, 2008

intelligent CAPTCHAs overdue – part 1

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First: the blind and vision impaired have no business inflicting their requirements on a technology designed to present information visually. They need to adapt to reality and not visa versa.

Swirly text deciphering does not intelligence test.

What is the resultant color when that of a strawberry and banana are combined? Orange.

That’s a better CAPTCHA.. applied worldly knowledge.

A more entertaining version has no directions, no cue for robots, though easily defeated by OCR, but only if widespread and only if implemented the same way. Apply deformations as desired.

“not email:”

Where all the letters are blue except “not l er x ed o. e .uk.i” Implies only to use the blue information “email:”. More colors could be used leaving email blue.

What is the sum of the third prime number and the fifth? 14


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March 12, 2008

10 Things Christians Should Ignore — its advice should be ignored

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Goodness, that list makes the author seem frightening. Good Christian
men are not called to ignore the world, but not to be of it. Extreme
pursuit of virtue is never a vice.

10: not particularly wise unless you’re not confident in your faith.
They need confrontation if no other reason that they’re intellectually

9: Pray for peace. Do not exclude yourself from that involvement

8: “Give unto Caesar” is likely the source of this well intended but erroneous position.

7: The author needs to revisit the concept of “dignity”. His poor grasp apparently spills over into other articles.

6: I’ll leave debunking the unbiblical rapture to another time. The other issues have been beaten to death already.

5: Dignity again. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and not yours strictly speaking. Maintenance required.

4: His image AND likeness. Reflect on why BOTH are used. Evolution is
very real. However it is inappropriate to introduce the philosophy of
life genesis into the science classroom. If one then the other,
intelligent design, must also be presented. (So there is no confusion
intelligent design has nothing whatsoever to do with creationism, which
is itself not science)

3: You’ve got to be kidding. Take away the preponderance of evidence?

2: um no. Faith, a mode analogous to reason for discerning truth, must inform all judgment

1: “it’s a God thing”.  No, you ought not say such.  Divine mysteries cannot be understood, but one should strive to understand all.  Credo ut intelligam:  I believe in order to understand.  One is expected to love all PEOPLE.  One is expected to hate evil.  Wicked deeds of people are to be hated.   Hate faggotry but love the person.  There is a biblical call to correct your brother’s misdeeds; this flows from love.  Moreover to escalate the intervention to bring your brother back into the body of Christ.  Love seeks to draw others closer to God.  Have ZERO tolerance for wicked ideologies and evil deeds.

If you’re going to write in persona Christi it would help to be well informed.

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February 22, 2008

ADVAIR – our product will slowly kill you but you’ll be able to breath better along the way

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signup now for our other FDA trials!

EVERY TIME you exhale you quicken your impending doom. Now you’ll be able to collect various lethal diseases, too!  Exercise your immune system.. it might get stronger but or evidence shows the contrary.  Results might vary.

enjoy it while you can with ADVAIR

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February 19, 2008

How to create a Painter Image Hose nozzle

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1. In the Canvas menu, choose Grid > Grid Options and set the grid spacing to the width and height that will hold the largest element in your Nozzle.

2. Open a new white Canvas large enough to contain two or three rows of Nozzle elements, depending on how many you plan to include.

3. Create a new Layer containing one of your Nozzle elements and using the Layer Adjuster tool, move that element into the first grid square on the left end of the top row.

4. Create another new Layer containing another of your Nozzle elements and using the Layer Adjuster tool, move that element into the second grid square from the left, on the top row.

5. Continue until you have your Nozzle elements each on a different Layer and placed in different grid squares. If you have, for instance, eight Nozzle elements, you’d have two grid rows each containing four Nozzle elements.

6. Hold down the Shift key, and in the Layers palette, highlight all of the Nozzle element Layers, then use Ctrl/Command+G to Group them.

7. In the Nozzle Selector menu, choose Make Nozzle from Group.

8. Save the resulting image in RIFF format.

To use the Nozzle:

1. In the Nozzle Selector menu, choose Load Nozzle, navigate to the folder where you saved the RIFF file and click the Open button.

2. In the Brush Selector menu, choose the Image Hose brush category.

3. Paint on the Canvas to see how your Nozzle works and if you don’t like the result, choose another Image Hose variant and try again.


see also:

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January 19, 2008

the other geeky way to get and install the firefox 2 DOM Inspector extension after installing firefox

first version:

new fun version:

Repackage this debian binary into an XPI to install to firefox 2

(instructions assume Windows XP, but will work for any OS essentially)

download this debian binary:

don’t have debian? don’t worry. you’ll need 7zip
open firefox-dom-inspector_2.0.0.11+0nobinonly-0ubuntu0.6.10_all.deb (or whatever is current) in 7zip

or right-click-drag firefox-dom-inspector_2.0.0.11+0nobinonly-0ubuntu0.6.10_all.deb to 7zFM.exe

drag firefox-dom-inspector_2.0.0.11+0nobinonly-0ubuntu0.6.10_all.deb to 7zip

extract: data.tar.gz

open data.tar.gz to extract the DOM Inspector extension folder

open: data.tar.gz

browse to: .\usr\share\firefox\extensions\

extract the folder:

(for santiy sake check the RDF)

DOM Inspector RDF

yup… that’ll do nicely

using your zip capable archive tool zip the newly extracted folder

(correction: zip contents of the folder)

change the zip extension to xpi

drag the newly created xpi into firefox to install the DOM Inspector extension

or download DOM Inspector for firefox2:





for a slightly less complicated unpack the zip in this directory

unpack: inspector@mozilla.orgzip contents to xpi

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November 8, 2007

in lieu of bootvis

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Manual Instructions – Reboot Windows XP two times, each time wait one full minute after the desktop appears to allow Windows time to fully write to the NTOSBOOT-B00DFAAD.PF file before proceeding, then go to “Start”, “Run”, Type

Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

This can take 10-15 minutes to run but no notification will be given when it is finished. You will notice increased Hard drive activity while it is running wait until this stops. When this is finished in the “Run” box Type

defrag c: -b

and wait until the command prompt window disappears. It is not necessary to do again unless something has been added or removed from the boot sequence (Drivers, Startup Applications ect…) and you do not feel like waiting 3 days for it to be automatically optimized by Windows.

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October 31, 2007

Simple hack to view PRIVATE myspace comments updated how to make myspace suck a little less with firefox adblockplus greasemonkey stylish userscripts noscript and some stuff

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with simple updates to the featured greasemonkey userscript it’s fully functional.  thought required.

updated: Jan 21, 2008

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