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March 10, 2009

how to grab flickr pics instead of the transparent image block

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CTRL+Shift+V to liberate media (formerly CTRL+Shift+B)

by request.. again

firefox with adblock plus installed

visit image page


search: ?v

pick first result, right click, open in new tab, download pic

April 1, 2007

how to use myspace at school from blocked block blocking firewall network filter bypass

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myspace at school from lab

January 24, 2007

revised downloading mp3s from myspace music

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The Sagacious Himself SWF cache method

load firefox ( )

load myspace musician‘s page

clear firefox cache

find url in source that starts as…

OR use Live HTTP headers to fish it out

load the whole gobbledegook url into a new tab

start song

let “cache” finish…. this will unfortunately take about as long as it does to play entire song

open firefox profile cache folder (below assumes XP. consult for yous OS path)


or whatever is defined for “browser.cache.disk.parent_directory” in user.js in profile

find cache file between 1- and 15 megs. This is the mp3 you want. It will most likely be the largest, most recently modified file.

— alternatively enter about:cache?device=disk into location bar, look for the entry with the largest data size, click it, and file on disk will reveal the filename and location. PLUS while your token is valid you can click the URL labeled key and download the mp3 to your defined download path. It still has a funky name, but it’s “ready to play”.

it will likely resemble:*.mp3?…

— or if you are especially lazy install Cache Viewer, load cache viewer, search for mp3, double click (or r-click save-as) ..

copy to appropriately named mp3 in suitable location


repeat for each song you want. the SWF url will expire. reload musician’s page in firefox, extract new SWF url, paste to new tab, click song, repeat

works. testest. retested. happy enough

please obey laws unless you have an opportunity to screw with verizon or toshiba

P.S. I am not a myspacer – it uses the worst of the least of technologies poorly. Using a DEA I created a myspace account that I have since not touched. Triviality of trivialities.

090202 still? really?

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