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February 17, 2014

GIMP circuity vs photoshop: stroking layer N pixels larger than layer

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  • start gimp
  • open screenshot, rename layer “target”
  • create new layer, transparent, “base”
  • move to bottom of layer stack
    • gimp advanced stroking preview layers two of them
  • select “target” layer, visibility off
  • select “base” layer
  • Image > Canvas Size
    • linked increase 80 pixels or so
    • offset: center
    • resize layers: All Visible **
    • resize
      • gimp advanced stroking canvas size layer boundary shell gaming 1
  • “target” layer, visibility on
  • create new layer, transparent, “over”
  • move “over” to top of layer stack
  • select “target” layer
  • Layer > Transparency > Alpha to Selection
    • optionally disable: View > Show Layer Boundary
    • gimp advanced stroking canvas size layer boundary shell gaming 2
  • Select > Grow > 8 pixels
  • select “over” layer
  • set foreground color to red
  • Edit > Stroke Selection >  solid 6 pixels

gimp advanced stroking canvas size layer boundary cutout to transparency and not background color

Now there’s a transparent gap between stroke and “target” layer


this has the effect of  changing “Layer Bounding Size”.  After resizing canvas need I also change Layer Bounding Size?  Why doesn’t it suffice that the top layer “over” has a larger Bounding Size (matching image size)?


March 20, 2011

must have android application for hold sanity

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Sure, mid conversation one could mash the speaker button and switch the call to speakerphone while on hold

…. but there is a f/OSS application [on google code] that uses the proximity sensor to do this automatically for you.  What’s more is has a toggle switch to engage only when phone is set upon a mostly horizontal surface:

Take phone from face, set on table… voila speakerphone on hold



there be one gui bug: speaker button does not illuminate when the application toggles speakerphone on by proximity sensor

Plays well with IMSdroid


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February 16, 2009

AnyColor Theme: water drops –

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AnyColor Theme: water drops

Grab this image by sebarex:

top image: crop height to 200 pixels

bottom image: crop height to 60 pixels

upload two images somewhere safe, coralize URLs, feed to AnyColor extension


October 20, 2008

moving files to usb flash drives would be easier with batch queuing shell utility

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To transfer two sets of files from two respective physical drives to one usb flash drive unity unattended is possible but does not maximized efficient- and maximized use of the flash drive.

It would be great if there was a freeware app with XP explorer shell integration to queue file transfers (copy or move)

“A file transfer to this device is already in progress.  Queue transfer or begin simultaneous transfer?”

While I’m wishing… I’d like some 1394 flash drives with bios boot support

October 12, 2008

hazaa Chromium Iron Fork new first: now with adblock built-in

100% fraud

March 19, 2008

portable internet video converter – video convert to FLV

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download without popup hassles

March 3, 2008

stuffit expander for windows – no spam signup required

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March 2, 2008

Mmm+ tray 200k of ram? yes. Also 1.5 megs virtual memory

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February 29, 2008

fontforge in windows xp – forget cygwin use ubuntu in VMware

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problem solved

PDF font extraction fun here I come!





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Painting photos in Corel Painter X

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February 19, 2008

How to create a Painter Image Hose nozzle

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1. In the Canvas menu, choose Grid > Grid Options and set the grid spacing to the width and height that will hold the largest element in your Nozzle.

2. Open a new white Canvas large enough to contain two or three rows of Nozzle elements, depending on how many you plan to include.

3. Create a new Layer containing one of your Nozzle elements and using the Layer Adjuster tool, move that element into the first grid square on the left end of the top row.

4. Create another new Layer containing another of your Nozzle elements and using the Layer Adjuster tool, move that element into the second grid square from the left, on the top row.

5. Continue until you have your Nozzle elements each on a different Layer and placed in different grid squares. If you have, for instance, eight Nozzle elements, you’d have two grid rows each containing four Nozzle elements.

6. Hold down the Shift key, and in the Layers palette, highlight all of the Nozzle element Layers, then use Ctrl/Command+G to Group them.

7. In the Nozzle Selector menu, choose Make Nozzle from Group.

8. Save the resulting image in RIFF format.

To use the Nozzle:

1. In the Nozzle Selector menu, choose Load Nozzle, navigate to the folder where you saved the RIFF file and click the Open button.

2. In the Brush Selector menu, choose the Image Hose brush category.

3. Paint on the Canvas to see how your Nozzle works and if you don’t like the result, choose another Image Hose variant and try again.


see also:

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February 18, 2008

UC-Logic WP8060-TAB08 using PenTablet Simulated driver for HID Minidriver – not pentab not wintab not well designed

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pentablet driver WinDDK

among other curiosities it installs one HID, two mice, and one tablet device. AFAIK Wacom has patented the no-battery stylus, so this tablet’s stylus uses one AAA battery. $35 from retailer + $7 shipping. Recently discovered there’s a $20 rebate available!

Install drivers, connect tablet, enjoy the plethora of new devices!

now: FOUR HIDs, three HID mice, and one tablet:

UC-logic illogical device design

Most tablet-capable programs use the Wintab32.dll interface. In more recent incarnations of pen-based computing, I discover that Wintab has been discarded in favor of wisptis.exe (Windows Ink Services). There is also a shift to HID-based devices exclusively.

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February 16, 2008

como edificado dejo derras mis esperanzas mas puras

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Download the visage of Che.. for photoshop fun!

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February 4, 2008

mp4box crashing in mediacoder

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so I replaced it with an older CelticDruid build:

and it stopped crashing

December 26, 2007

Red Drive File Transfer Extension – freeware download

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available from

free client that supports FTP/S, SFTP and WebDAV protocols as a Windows Explorer shell extension: maps those services to a drive letter

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February 4, 2007

convert FLV to anything or convert anything to FLV — almost anything — convert FLV to avi, convert FLV to mpg, for FREE

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edit 2014, a mere 7 years later linked as solution in Experts Exchange [again] happy to help but not interested in mobocracy myself.  For that reason I despise wiki*dia; see also moralphobia.

love from ExpertsExchange Sagacious Himself as accepted solutions



think gremlins movie “mohgwai” { 魔怪 } for meGUI.  meGUI auto updates.  Not to be confused with fire attractant furby or with creatures‘ genetics lab victims.



___platform agnostic



for the cretinous with no aspirations of competence: HandBrake

do NOT trust “MediaCoder”.  see also long history of GPL violations

___windows notes

For least masochist playback in windows you’ll want a player that does NOT rely upon DirectShow (nor ever video for windows interface).  Two fine examples of this (both at the time of this article in 2007, and now in 2014) are:

VideoLAN  (or VLC)


MPlayer  (or it’s slightly more polished wrapper SMPlayer)

Not surprisingly these two utilities are available cross-platform … so when you abandon the cost- or suffering of windows for Linux, OpenBSD (or OSX) you can keep your players if you can afford them  (you can keep your doctor [if you can afford it]).


You will also enjoy [once you buy it] hardware encoding/decoding for h264/x264 and mpeg-2.  Nvidia chipsets are your best bang for buck but I’ve had overkill success with Matrox gear.  I recommend against all things AMD.


___teach a man to fish

& via

FFmpeg platform agnostic record convert stream transcode video free open source hand in glove with XBMC

doom9 forum
XBMC forum supplemental tools
video help forum {formerly}, a distant fifth place to doom9 forum as nettiquette is all but as dead here as the interweb at large given the influx of button mashers
video help convert [format_1] to [format_2] guides

video help convert guides video format to any other video format there can be only FFmpeg

If you suffer a windows platform it behooves you to become as savvy as CCCP or employ their freeware if the former is unlikely because of your sloth or disinterest.  Until CCCP-level competence you ought not roll your own FFDshow.  Two nicks’ [en|de]coding ideologies to study are both: LoRd_MuldeR, and CelticDruid. Yes, that mulder of MPlayer; his custom builds as distinct from*/

Mulder#GitHub, Mulder#SourceForge .

Mulder’s MPlayer for windows # GitHub

DVD ripping resources will not be provided not because I cannot or would not but because the Thought Police will ever smack down FairUse .  They will fail of course as the simple rule “if I can see it…” or “if I can touch it…”   … I can liberate it.


— orig 2007 — ————————————————–

requires XP or recent windoze OS

Three simple options:

(1) WinFF
(2) MeWIG
(3) meGUI

For option 1 download this, unpack it somewhere, run WinFF, add media files (in batch) select output format, click start

wait for completion, close command window, done.  rejoice.

For option 2 the process is similar but requires toggling more switches and settings.  Option 3 provides far more tweaking options than option 2.

If this can play the FLV you can convert it:…965#post839965

After converting removing the intro- or outro junk with  AviDemuX

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October 29, 2006

bm 1029

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Flopper is a bootable-disk emulator

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it reads a diskette image file (a file that
contains all the sectors of a floppy disk) and boots it. This way, you
can boot (and run) a bootable diskette off of your hard drive. It also
can take screenshots (pictures of the screen) and perform speed throttling
(slow the CPU down to simulate the speed of an older PC).

Flopper was created to run older bootable games (and other boot-only
programs) from the early era of IBM PC software.

August 25, 2006

Community Intrusion Prevention System — collaborative malware thwarting

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spam : DCC :: malware : prevx

Unlike DCC, prevx is easy enough for the slightly above average user to use.

August 15, 2006

ShortShip Pro — first NAGWARE firefox extension ever!

Until hacked it requires the user to activate it: click their affiliate link once every seven days or the extension will cease to function correctly. Extensions don’t have the power to disable themselves, so it will just cease to show the shipping charges on ebay search results.

Since the source contains this entertaining message:


AD REMOVAL – screw ebay ads, we already pay them 15% to use their service, and we value our desk space they shouldnt care, theres already a plethora of adblock type extensions available.

I’m sure ShortShip won’t mind having their activation removed. screw nagware.

“and is affililate supported. Both are completely free for you to use, and both are free of nag screens, pop ups, pop unders, or any other annoying things that I hate in software and would not expect users to have to put up with.” — oscar

And if it were OPT-in supported:

– shortship firefox “plugin” wouldn’t have to be nagware
– only one version would need to be released
– simply installing a product is NOT sufficient for an OPT-in model
– short ship pro stealing toolbar space IS ANNOYING

Do NOT try this at home as it will annoy the nagware author:

download the extension
append .zip to the filename
extract the contents and directory structure
find and unpack the JAR file in the chrome subdirectory
using a real text editor (neither notepad nor wordpad) open [filename].js
search for [stuff] change the second and third instance of false to true
save the file
open the extension as zip, navigate to the chrome directory, open the jar, drag [filename].js into WinRAR, close winrar, when prompted update the, close the first instance of winrar, remove the .zip (so the extension is only xpi)
drag the xpi into firefox to install the hacked shortship pro extension

there, now its no longer nagware. IF you enjoy the extension donate to the author

again do NOT perform the steps in this thought experiment

thought experiment temporarily munged as I wrote it from memory and do not recal the particulars of the ONE file needing modification or the search point for the nagware timer. There are many entertaining ways to do this. When the author makes his extension comply with the spirit of mozilla by making the payment system OPT-in this hack will no longer be necessary. Sure you could comply with his wishes… but whose to say that what he wants should trump what you want? Espcially if you’re not re-distributing his extension

oh no, shortship pro guy, other people are onto you, too

August 3, 2006

download microsoft live mail desktop beta

you might need to be logged into passport and might additionally need a live mail account

Having not used it I can only speculate about the offline mail management and HOPE they’re no longer using icky POP3… or annoying exchange… and have instead used flexible, powerful IMAP  🙂

2 gigs of mail storage, and ZERO google-creepiness. I won’t be bouncing MS live mail at the MTA… unlike gmail 😛

on the downside
it does use IE to render content, and DOES have ads so you really should pre filter with prioxy or proxomitron.. unless you like malware

August 1, 2006

Rockbox is an open source replacement firmware for mp3 players — see how badly iPod firmware sucks

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if you must buy an iPod you REALLY MUST use rockbox firmware…. otherwise you’re a TOTAL cretin.

get the FLAC support you deserve!

July 16, 2006

linux and tinfoil hat? stay healthy and keep tinfoil or aluminum foil deflector beanie people away

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for the good kind of suspicion oft mislabeled as paranoia by the mentally crippled

June 17, 2006

motorola e815 firmware versions nightmare for game developers

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It turns out that the BREW API call: IBITMAP_NativeToRGB(IBitmap *pIBitmap, NativeColor clr) does not work properly.

any game that went through the extra effort of trying to stay device
independent (using this call) would become broken with the latest

The native calls that we use are IFONT_DrawText and IBITMAP_FillRect, along with IBITMAP_RGBtoNative.


Startup Problem Motorola E815

Sound Issue In E816

Sound problem on Motorola E815

Application Loading for MOT E815

problem in sending UDP packet


e816 Specifications

Basic How To: E815???

Moto E815: Text Field Title Overlapping

Motorola E815 EvDO

** E815 Silent ringer problem

Motorola E815 USB drivers?

Motorola E815 Platform ID

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