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September 2, 2019

verizon branded hotspots using verizon mifi firmware coordinated port blocking not present on Open Network devices

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I bought an $850 device, federally mandated Open Network, to add to my verizon account in lieu of the vexing mifi device.  Surprise! many of the port issues simply evaporated plus I had better in vehicle reception and better XLTE bonded throughput.

“we don’t filter any ports” – Span Engineer, Verizon Wireless

uh huh

You design the firmware.  Like hiring an assassin you are guilty of port murder.


October 6, 2009

mobile phones: how is it as a phone?

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Why is Motorola targetting the iTard market with the Motorola Droid?

Should not phones primarily BOTH

(1) have excellent signal reception/relay

(2) have excellent audio fidelity / vocoders



Does the motorola droid? who knows?!  The engineers might not have bothered testing.  What has happened to the motorola name? merely YAPP (yet another phone producer)?

Does anyone test PHONE network connectivity or test PHONE voice quality anymore?

As long as a phone is SHINY, small, light, and run programs to delight the feckless surely it will be a winning selling product…

Soon the generation who inflicted contraceptives on society will in turn receive the similar gift of euthanaia. … iTards and useful idiots first.. then second generation iTards.. then public school employees and overseers…

I want a slimmer motorola e815.  HTC has one passable PHONE, but I am not interested in paying a $60/month verizon FINE.  One cannot opt-out of the verizon penalty fee.  I want to use the PHONE as a PHONE and nothing more (than the occasional SMS).

edit: even eWeek doesn’t bother to review PHONES  as a PHONE per se... seems like eWeek has moved to the iTards column

Where are the QUALITY PHONES????

edit:  droid “does” stuff but how well IS it a PHONE?


November 23, 2007

verizon: your creative billing has gone too far — the winds of change are blowing — I’ll use whatever device I please

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I’ll use whatever device I please on your network

screwing verizon my new hobby

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