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May 19, 2011

Obama to israel: muahaha

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Obama, greatleader, plans to make jews bitches to islam. His masters are grinning eerily

Feel any hope?

off to The Peoples Cube hermeneutics

God is the only ally anyone needs.. “gates of hell SHALL NOT prevail” and whatnot. Offer Mass for a return to faith of our once greatly faithful nation of honorable men.


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March 28, 2008

download: FITNA the movie, English, transcoded

** updated: ATTENTION: mediacoder is no longer open source, does not belong on sourceforge, and does not deserve your support (GPL violations et al) **

download fitna or streaming play fitna:

update: nope, islamese fascists complained until it was removed:


(embed the filefront video on your own blog or site)

previous link: 742 downloads, and 500 downloads before that., far superior quality to youtardedtube, was too cowardly to host it.

“allah akbar” ringing more hollow with each day

fascism sucks

watch online (lower quality than filefront above)

April 1 downloads: 1,775

It’s been too long since the crusades without smiting. It’s time for a replay, but a more victorious one.


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Himself recommends both CCCP and Mulder’s MPlayer for video playback on windows.

on Mac: MplayerOSX
linuxites can fend for themselves.

convert to whatever video flavor suits you

allah NOT-akbar


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better everyday

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