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February 3, 2020

moralphobic pete wins iowa?

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Traitor to midwest values this alphabet “man” plans continued palavering.



January 30, 2018

sexual deviants’ tyranny is tiresome

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Do you have one or more Y chromosomes?  You are male.  Otherwise you are female.  Science.


[deviant] Ex-[queer] and sex-change regret testimonies mounting

or: failure to promulgate is NOT hatred && NOT fear.

public support failing demonstrably via Urban Dictionary: evolutionary dead end

homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end





May 12, 2014

wantonly queer nfl player spot on tv want to gouge eyes out to unsee

the truth is intolerance and lies are the truth! amen



homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end

unre-education: “openly gay” is correctly expressed as “wantonly queer”


OED wantonly adv

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