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March 31, 2013

inexpensive cheap BlueTooth adapter roundup

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Ever wonder about the quality of cheap bluetooth dongles on amazon?  I did so I bought a few dozen.

soooo many junky non upgradeable  Cambridge Silicon Radio flavors.  My favorite junk CSR 0a12:0001 causes no problems until trying to pair then system hang — not so great for proximity login.

0a12:0001 [ASIN:B003VWU79I, merchant:A2T2LRVG0LYFAA, $2.5]

Most play well with the powered USB2 hub:

05e3:0608 Genesys Logic, Inc. USB-2.0 4-Port HUB,  Macally TriHub7, ASIN:B001DBF07S

Other fun hardware playing well on the hub

045e:001d Microsoft Corp. Natural Keyboard Pro
1532:000d Razer USA, Ltd

Hardware that does not play well on the Raspberry Pi directly or on the hub:

045e:001d Microsoft Corp. Natural Keyboard Pro — massively repeated letter strings and numerous letter dropouts

0c45:7000 Microdia, receiver for iPazzPort Commander Bluetooth KP-810-18BR [purchased from] — dongle doesn’t enjoy being BlueTooth

input: RCMCU iPazzPort as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb1/1-5/1-5.4/1-5.4.4/1-5.4.4:1.0/input/input8
generic-usb 0003:0C45:7000.0007: input,hidraw6: USB HID v1.11 Keyboard [RCMCU iPazzPort] on usb-0000:00:1d.7-5.4.4/input0

I don’t often experience commercial breaks but when I do I do something else. For everything else there’s sick beard.

/etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

February 29, 2012

freedompop 4g free? no. money down the drain. freedompop is a scam: freedompop 4g is not free

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Akin to as seen on tv:  “free *simply give us money”

NetZero is STILL a scam!  NetZero free 4g is not free; netzero free 4g costs more than freedompop free 4g

alternative to freedompop 4g?  Netzero 4g

February 15, 2008

Cowon A3 plays Matroska.. Q5W filters out MKV extension.. no play joy

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Q5W won’t play MP4,
Q5W won’t play  MKV,
Q5W won’t play  M4K

… very disappointing

[ ]

February 12, 2008

dd-wrt 23 sp2 vs tomato 1.15 — screencaps and whatnot

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tomato has more intuitive QoS controls

tomato has shinier bandwidth graphs

  • tomato bandwidth realtime

  • tomato QoS connections distribution

dd-wrt screenshots later

When KAID, VPN, and VoIP are not an issue tomato is the way to go.

I’m days away from donating $20 to dd-wrt to try their ‘special’ QoS edition!

[ ]

January 11, 2008

low cost alternative to cowon Q5W + GPS – MTWO Technologies GPS-288 – FLAC xvid TV-out SDRAM 2gigs

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MTWO Technologies GPS-288

2.8-inch Multimedia Player with GPS Navigation Function

MTWO Technologies GPS-288


Plays videos and the beloved FLAC… TV-out, secondary to GPS

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • GPS navigation, music player, video player, photo viewer, FM radio, voice recording, E-book and gaming all-in-one
  • Embedded Linux system (version 2.6.14)
  • Actions ATT2200 processor (MIPS + DSP, 180MHz)
  • Screen: 2.8-inch TFT LCD, QVGA 320 x 240, 260K colors, touch screen
  • Storage: build-in NAND flash, up to 1GB, external SD/MMC card up to 2GB
  • Supports ID3 LRC
  • Equalizer: seven mode, SRS WOW, SRS WOW HD, user mode
  • Recording: FM recording, MIC recording. Format: WAV, ACT
  • Photo viewer: support JPEG, BMP, GIF format
  • Video format: XviD, AMVB, WMV
  • Video out: TV out
  • FM radio and FM recording
  • Support actions DRM
  • Build-in stereo speaker
  • System:
    • CPU: Actions ATT2200 processor (MIPS + DSP, 180MHz)
    • SDRAM: 64MB
    • NAND flash: 64MB (up to 1GB)
    • OS: embedded Linux system (version 2.6.14)
  • Functions:
    • Channels: 20
    • Position: less than 10m
    • Velocity: 0.1m/seconds
    • Time: 0.01 seconds to GPS time
    • TTFF (open sky)
    • Reacquisition: 0.1 seconds, average
    • Hot start: 8 seconds, average
    • Warm start: 29 seconds, average
    • Cold start: 42 seconds, average
    • Antenna: embedded antenna[ ]

August 10, 2007

mobile phone laptop cars? AlphaCOM rolling over in grave

AlphaCOM, pioneers of mobile PCMCIA cards, rolls eyes over “new” mobile phone company’s laptop cards.  It was cool at 1997 COMDEX.  19.2k with LOTS of compression?  Remember when I suggested bonding multiple cards TEN YEARS AGO?  Bonding isn’t new, but its time has come again.  Most laptops have two PCMCIA slots.  2x broadband > 1x broadband

But $49 is better than the $600 I spent four years ago testing cards from VerizonEvil Wireless and AT&T.  I had a less unpleasant experience tethering my laptop to my moto.

September 16, 2006

newegg scam digg in top ten on google

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websearch for: NewEgg scam

how do you like those eggs, NewEgg?  A little bitter?

August 25, 2006

RFID Passport Shield Failure Demo — using the gestapo to kill more flying Americans

solution? 666 tatoo time

Farraday shielding for US RFID passports? … let the RFID poison spamming begin

yes, its a sad day when citizens need tiny Farraday enclosures for their identification.  Farraday cages?  No, this is a new kind of digital draconia

see also

(I’ve been saying this for years)

the best way to poison data harvesting is to (continuously) provide LOTS AND LOTS of BAD information. 

let the RFID spamming begin!!

August 8, 2006

30% off at Best Buy

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As you’ll see in the photos, the 30% off ones have slightly different
copyright text than the lower (10% 5% 15%) booklets. If you get one
with a 29528_1 to the left of the copyright symbol on the back cover,
you have a lower one. If there’s no text to the left of the the
copyright symbol, you’ve got the 30% off!

August 7, 2006

sony mylo … only nine year old technology pirated from SkyTel

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mylo .. sony wireless social networking device

for people who use instant messaging as a primary form of communication
and networking for their social life. … lets you use instant
messaging, browse the Internet, listen to music, send emails and view
photos concurrently…. pocket small, color LCD, Google Talk, Skype and

remember the “CLIE S320 with MYLO wireless sled”

it bears a striking resemblance to the SkyTel attachment for Palm about NINE YEARS AGO

NINE YEARS AGO this was cutting edge… just like 3G via PCMCIA.


August 1, 2006

Rockbox is an open source replacement firmware for mp3 players — see how badly iPod firmware sucks

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if you must buy an iPod you REALLY MUST use rockbox firmware…. otherwise you’re a TOTAL cretin.

get the FLAC support you deserve!

July 16, 2006

call our NEW Sagacious Hotline ™ and leave feedback about products made in eureka

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call now… an operator is standing by to record your call… operator not made in erueka

yes, a real voicemail line dedicated to made in eureka

fascist-ready ™ chip implant technology: its for the children

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A tiresome argument for fascist-ready ™ technology sounds like AlGore: its for the children

Or children who have been abducted.

remember Franklin….

They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither

The Sagacious Solution ™ is to carry a device that spams RFID signals. There’s little sense trying to block the information… so give LOTS and LOTS of bad data to devalue the information 😉

Camera with a lens made of ice… and some photos

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July 15, 2006

Just bought Vantec LapCool 4 Notebook Cooler – review

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finally!  one that blows air onto the laptop’s bottom!    hopefully the multiformat card reader won’t require any pesky drivers

July 14, 2006

ThinkBack memory backup drive — experience other people’s dreams — Sagacious REdREamREplay ™ – made in eureka

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Call our REAL Sagacious Hotline ™ to leave us feedback about products made in eureka, or suggest
new products that should be made in eureka, or to bitch. Messages will be posted to blog in MP3 format for
all to hear.


Never forget anything again! After downloading every moment, dream and
experience you’ve ever had through the ocular interface (resembles a
pair of goggles), the ThinkBack Memory Backup Drive stores them on a
special hard disk, which will allow you to review your memories on the
LCD screen. Now you’ll be able to call up the lyrics of a song you
heard last week or relive that amazing weekend you had by the lake

Take lucid dreaming to the next level! With the optional long range scanner you can borrow anyones dreams. Deploy multiple REdREamREplay scanners througout your neighborhood for hours of fun.

made in eureka: the cryo kennel — freeze your neighbors pets

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Call our REAL Sagacious Hotline ™ to leave us feedback, or suggest new products, or to bitch. Messages will be posted in MP3 format for all to hear.


I’m still waiting on Hippie Be Gone ™

the cryo kennel — freeze your neighbors pets.. and shatter them in the street. Put an end to whinny dogs forever

its less shocking than the old fashioned cat carrier

July 12, 2006

download Gigabyte I-Ram: XP booting video

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this is how I expected my $4000 laptop to function.  silly me.–_never_buy_a_toshitba_notebook.avi.html

only $1100 for 16gig HyperOS hyperdrive IV … throttled to ATA133 … PATA nonsense

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sadly still only NATIVE PATA.  Why WASTE money on Bridged SATA??  Build a HUGE throughput device and then throttle it to death with ATA133.

XP installs on a HyperDrive IV in around 2 minutes, rather than the 40
minutes that it takes to install on a Hard Disk. It fires up Windows XP
in 2 seconds from the splash screen to the desktop with nForce4 Mobos.
So it is “instant on” and has an “instant

OmniPeek personal free … not so great for wlan

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– 50 points for requiring defunct w-w-w-dot host

Summary Powerful, free, real-time network analyzer with visual expert and packet visualizer toolsets
Pros • Free

• On-the-fly filter creation and switching

• Visually stunning
Cons • Limited support options

• Multiple NICs not supported
• XP Professional SP2

• Microsoft .NET Framework 2

Wireshark, by comparison, has an informative and busy support forum.

+ OmniPeek: frame decoding during capture, in real-time

Sticking with this visual approach that is at the heart of OmniPeek
Personal, the ‘Expert Peer Map’ happily displays all communicating
network nodes as an organic vertically-oriented ellipse.

– OmniPeek Personal does not however support either AES or WPA2 decryption

– Nor is there any visibility of control and management traffic, or RF Monitoring capability for channel scanning or hopping.

– It also requires the installation of a special NDIS driver for a supported network driver in order to capture wireless packets.

laptop with one sata port — add one sata port multiplier … host is to IFS as device is to NCQ? SATA approaches SAS power

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While it is possible to connect up to 15 drives to each SATA PM port
via a port multiplier, drive connectivity is practically limited to the
maximum available bandwidth on the 3Gb/s link. Sustained I/O rates from
the drives are kept to within the 3Gb/s host port connection limit for
maximum efficiency and performance.

This is sounding more and more like SAS

By using port multipliers, a single host adapter occupying a single PCI
slot is able to connect four times as many drives with no performance
degradation on a 3Gb/s line.


SATA PM requires that controllers support either command-based
switching [bad] or FIS (Frame Information Structure)-based switching [good] in order
to use port multiplication. Each paradigm offers unique capabilities
suited for particular environments.


Command-based switching, conceptually similar to a
mechanical A/B switch, limits the host to issue commands to only one
drive at a time. Commands to other drives will not be issued until the
command queue is completed for the prior transaction. Since
command-based switching only accesses one drive at a time, it does not
take advantage of the higher speed 3Gb/s host link. Therefore,
command-based switching is ideal for simple drive expansion where
capacity is more important than performance.


switching offers high performance storage connections to multiple
drives simultaneously. The host issues and completes commands to drives
at any time. The port multiplier will direct data to any drive ready
for I/O. An arbitration algorithm ensures a balanced data flow. Unlike
Command-based switching, FIS-based switching allows aggregation of
reads to fully use the higher bandwidth of the 3Gb/s host link and
takes full advantage of the performance benefits of Native Command
Queuing (NCQ) on the port multiplier, resulting in aggregated
throughput of up to 300MB/second.

CoolGear CGS-3726-A1  (IFS)

host : IFS :: device : NCQ ?

ONLY a motherboard bus, Host Bus Adapter or RAID Card that specifically supports Port Multiplication will successfully connect through a Port Multiplier card.   Drives attached via
a port multiplier can be mounted, dismounted and formatted
the same as if they were individually connected. A portion of the drives or
all of them can be formatted into RAID arrays
or mixed as JBOD disks or even included in RAID arrays containing drives
on other port multipliers making for monster arrays at quick speeds (300 MB/sec shared pool).  The maximum
a port multiplier can move with the current state of the art of its chipset
is closer to 225 – 230 MB/sec.

By using many smaller and less expensive hard drives to make
up large capacity storage, costs per GB go way
down as opposed to the limited one drive per port method. It is far cheaper
to build a 2 TB array using 8 x 250 GB drives (at 1/2 the per GB price), compared
to the same capacity using 4 x 500 GB drives. With 20 drives per
host card possible, smaller drives become practical and very cost effective.

June 30, 2006

review BlueTooth GPS reciver for iPaq

Dead Reckoning



ANTARIS vs SiRF III vs TycoElectronis

more soon

possibly the ultimate geeky chipset for GPS devices:


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