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October 23, 2009

OpenDNS Deluxe needs more features and lower cost to justify purchase espcecially in light of TreeWalk DNS — should include power wildcards and RADIUS

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Paid versions of OpenDNS? Hmm OpenDNS is but one of your alternatives to your ISP poorly performing resolvers.  Is the Deluxe version of OpenDNS worth the investment of the home user (parents)?


OpenDNS ought offer hosted RADIUS as part of that price especially as their primary audience has always been home users — WPA2-PSK AES is NOT sufficient anymore.  Hosted RADIUS is not currently priced for home use but there is a ‘vast’ untapped market of people who do not realize their need yet;  Those aware of the need are extremely unlikely either to buy a dedicated hardware appliance or build their own RADIUS server.

OpenDNS “Deluxe” as “free without ads and a smidge more” [not a quote] is not featured enough to justify $10 annually.  While increased space in blacklisting is tempting, and while whitelisting-only has certain parental applications (albeit in a complex bordering on chaotic implementation challenge),

For $10 or preferably less annually OpenDNS ought apply a few changes in offerings to home users:

OpenDNS free ought offer more blacklisting space and use expanded whitelisting as an upsell. — (crippling (porn) sites a far more effective deterrent than outright blocking and requires a much larger blacklist than 50 hosts)

OpenDNS deluxe ought offer FINE GRAIN control over the NXDOMAIN intercept page.  OpenDNS ought not use the NXDOMAIN intercept page in a deluxe of better panel as an upsell avenue nor should there be evidence of OpenDNS branding.

OpenDNS ought recognize the vast hoards in broken marriages and mixed families: one account six houses type scenario.

OpenDNS ought recognize some ultra broadband residential customers (fios) have multiple public IP addresses: a one house scenario.

OpenDNS deluxe ought offer wildcard support in white- and blacklisting.  Wildcards as prefix and suffix (por*.rain.tld / *tube.tld), wildcards in the middle of FDQN (cdn.*tube.tld / cdn*.*.*tube.tld), and single character wildcard “?”.

OpenDNS deluxe ought offer a wiki for home gateway configuration (filters or rules) to seize resolution requests

OpenDNS free is not suffient for most residential user (parental) needs, and OpenDNS does not add enough value to justify expenditure given TreeWalk DNS, OpenDNS alternative, is readily available without invoking irrational fear by uttering ‘bind’.  TreeWallk DNS (for windows) is free, easy enough to setup, and offers the home user (or parent) orders of magnitude more power and features (ConFetch).

I would have kept TreeWalk “to myself” but I hope to modify the OpenDNS deluxe  feature offering while reducing the annual cost for (complex) residential users. TreeWalk currently maintained by Zenobi.

“TreeWalk is a “free personal use”, automatically installed DNS name-caching only server which is similar to, but more efficient than using your default ISP’s DNS servers. A lookup only, non-persistent caching version called BIND-LE for Windows 95/98/ME/[2000/XP/2003] is also available from our Downloads page” [[If you’re using Windows7 (aka vista) you’re SOL twofold. Enjoy the sweet suffering you masochist.]]

I do NOT advocate switching to google’s “free” DNS;  all the “free” services from google are merely a methods for facilitating your (blissfully ignorant) quiet surrender of  yourself via packetization.  Google is not a philanthropic group; google is a giant relational database mining enterprise that also runs an ad deployment platform.  Participation in google projects is PURE FOLLY.

edit: see also Pirate bay P2P DNS, dot-p2p

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December 22, 2007

iHome for iTards everywhere

clicky clicky




iTard iHome research iPod integrate easy find compare best price word fodder fun gift sound

^^ Filter Google results userscript is awesome… bannish wiki*edia, truth by consensus, with ease

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December 18, 2007

comparison of portable media players without fruity stigma

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comparison of portable media players without fruity stigma

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November 23, 2007

GreaseMonkey ChickenFoot iMacros Koala CoScripter – firefox – proxomitron privoxy proximodo

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Will CoScripter be to GreaseMonkey what Natural Language was to Lexis/Nexis? I prefer boolean with proximity modifiers, but I will prefer CoScripter.

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October 31, 2007

Simple hack to view PRIVATE myspace comments updated how to make myspace suck a little less with firefox adblockplus greasemonkey stylish userscripts noscript and some stuff

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click here to read more

with simple updates to the featured greasemonkey userscript it’s fully functional.  thought required.

updated: Jan 21, 2008

June 2, 2007

firefox extension: slow loading page element nuke

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There needs to be an extension to ‘speed up’ slow loading site pages by nuking elements (or temp blocking) that fall well below the average page element load time — or a specified load time.  No more waiting on cross domain loads, bloat, or objects in high demand.  Once could set a global threshold and thresholds for individual domains or domains+paths

April 24, 2007

godaddy promo codes confirmed working April 2007

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$1 off order
for 1 domain renewal plus hosting you might be able to use this is the best deal

amazon5 | gdp0621a
10% off order
20% off domain renewals- or registrations only

before using GoDaddy please see

February 14, 2007

tracking moralphobia: Neologisminess

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thank you loyal minions


“If Truthiness is not neologism neither is moralphobia! The neologisminess value of a word fades in proportion to the fame of the one who utters the word? Misunderestimate must have an even lower neologisminess than truthiness’s neologisminess!”

Wait until Ann Coulter uses the word…. 🙂

December 18, 2006

the scale of some stuff in the universe…. mwahahaha

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phase III: profit

December 13, 2006

scifi the lost room object hunt level one level two level three

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I’ve completed all three levels.  Easy.  I won’t say how… but I will replicate someone else’s post with the answers to level one…   the day after the contest closes I’ll post my “notes” that solve all three levels.

The Bus Ticket –
Hint: A place to find out about you favorite TV programs both past and future. (
Instantly teleports any person who touches it – or who is touched with
it – to a spot outside Gallup, N.M. The ticket itself remains where it
is unless the teleported person was holding it at the time. Round trips
are not possible.

The Key –
Hint: A place where page six isn’t always page six. (NY Post)
Opens any door with a pin-tumbler lock and makes it into a portal to
the Motel Room, which seems to exist outside of normal space and, in
turn, allows the user to exit through any door of their choosing,
anywhere in the world.

The Pencil –
Hint: The hottest place for watching other people’s videos, or posting your own. (YouTube)
Description: Creates a 1961 penny when it is tapped against a solid surface.

The Umbrella –
Hint: Find the latest essays, fiction, and cartoons in this big apple magazine. (The New Yorker)
Creates a mind-altering effect, not in the user, but in others who
observe the user.  It cases them to mistakenly believe that they
know the user, and to look up on them favorably, or at least without

The Scissors –
Hint: Home of all things sci-fi. (The SCI FI Channel)
Rotates arbitrary things in three-dimensional space. The axis of the
rotation can be either within or without the target. Targeted items can
be of any size or mass.

nah I decided not to show the codes… wait until the day after tomorrow for ALL the codes to ALL three levels 😉

August 29, 2006

seen my download FairUse4WM post? wondering how to download FairUse4WM from the post? (Hint: UUdecode)

It’s old school…and I’m (again) the first one to do something like this. binary data UUencoded and posted (text) to a blog.

spiffy, eh?

Now scurry off and imagine the potential

August 16, 2006

bump keying PDF backup

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just in case it disappears

August 10, 2006

cheese eating surrender monkeys — save money on military spend on internet infrastructure

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Haut Débit

“VERY high speed internet”

2.5 GBps down
1.2 GBps up

beta signup page

rumor has it that free internet service speeds will rise to 28Mbps

August 9, 2006

this is exactly why wikipedia has little value — infested by liberalists and hypocritical deviants

I am confused. If we aren’t holding words to their literal meaning, why are we writing encyclopedia entries about them?   — bikeable (talk) 19:22, 26 July 2006 (UTC)

The pedophiles and liberalists have on many occasions deleted WORDS like “moralphobe” and “moralphobia” calling them neologisms all the while wrongly tolerating the entry on the colloquialism “homophobia”.  Double standard?  The talk article even linked to “Moralityphobia“.  It was swiftly delted in a state of frantic moralphobia.

Moralphobia APTLY describes the fear driving the deletion of the word itself.  As commented above there’s no place in wikipedia for the colloquialism “homophobia”.

August 8, 2006

Microsoft Windows Live QnA Beta fine print protects against disparaging microsoft products or recommending superior, non-microsoft software

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An answer on Live QnA had better not contain a product recomendation over and above a similar Microsoft product:

4. How You May Not Use the Service.

In using the service, you may not:

use the service in a way that harms us or our affiliates,
resellers, distributors, and/or vendors (collectively, the “Microsoft parties”),
or any customer of a Microsoft party;

Woo… and we can resell this free service (c’mon, think like Microsoft)

7. If You Pay Microsoft.

7.1 Charges.
This section 7 applies in all situations in which you directly pay us.  If you
pay a company other than us for the service, then the charges and billing terms
are as stated by the other company. Even if you do not pay for the service, you
may still incur charges incidental to using the service; for example, charges
for Internet access, mobile text messaging, or other data transmission. 

Just be wary of silent, push upgrades

We may automatically
download upgrades to the software to your computer to update, enhance and
further develop the service.

Your effort will be rewarded with points but

Promotion Points may expire
at any time

ads?  yes

Requirements For Placing

You may be able to place
advertisements in or through the service.  We have no obligation to display any
part of the advertising content.

hey, and I have no obligation to allow advertising content to be downloaded let alone rendered.

Sooo…. QnA will contain malware?  There’s no clear assertion that is does not

Potentially Unwanted

If you
remove or disable “spyware,” “adware” and other potentially unwanted software
(“potentially unwanted software”), it may cause other software on your computer
to stop working, and it may cause you to breach a license to use other software
on your computer

How to signup for Windows Live QnA Beta

August 4, 2006

Hubble Sees Galaxy on Edge … art with black holes

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unique view of the disk galaxy NGC 5866 tilted nearly edge-on
to our line-of-sight. Hubble’s sharp vision reveals a crisp dust lane
dividing the galaxy into two halves. The image highlights the galaxy’s
structure: a subtle, reddish bulge surrounding a bright nucleus, a blue
disk of stars running parallel to the dust lane, and a transparent outer

Art with blackholes

EMO PC on the horizon? emotionally abusive friends plus EMO PC = EmORtification

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suffer emotionally abusive friends?  Soon you might be abused by hardware

Defective By Design: eliminate DRM by the power of the people (who spend the money on gizmos)

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I won’t buy ANY hardware with embedded DRM… unless I can remove- or
circumvent it. Thanks, but I don’t want a nanny state. Even China is
slowly being moved away from that mentality.

not only is vista not “more secure” it CANNOT access the required memory requirements ( Subverting Vista Kernel For Fun And Profit )

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/PAE is hardly a solution.  Until hardware catches up with memory requirements of Vista I see little point to rushing in especially as the bloat doesn’t carry increased security (decreased insecurity).  Sadly many soho portable mp3 players can address more ram than soho PCs.
HITBSecConf2006 – Malaysia » Joanna Rutkowska (Senior Security

hint:  malware continues to be the IT cash cow

oh look… other people are now saying “malware injection”  mwahahaha

July 3, 2006

communist google – we will decide the Common Good ™

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What is Communist Google?
Communist Google is a website devoted to the submission of U.S.
companies to Chinese censorship and totalitarian tactics of repression.
Communist Google is a parody of Google.
We are of course in no way shape or form related to Google.

Viva La Revolucion!

Google fighting class action free speech lawsuit

May 20, 2006

cartouche? cartoon? .. kartOO is still online

and still very flashy

hopefully someone else has discovered how to remove the ‘sponsor’ adNoyances*.

* yet another awesome word coined by Sagacious Himself in 2003.  This week  includes ‘SEO Black Boxing’.. but never forget moralphobe, moralphobia, and moralphobic! … the latter three are now in use by other people.  teehee

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