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August 2, 2018

ludum dare fdroid repository

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Why is there no Ludum Dare F-droid repo?

Sure tag them as alpha quality should you like but there are so many epic gems that otherwise as less than amusing to extricate from a compo from the phone

Ludum Dare is a great source of tiny games



February 7, 2018

jabber texting public servers endorsement

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https://jabber.ones (registrations closed)


avoid (dns)

avoid (magical thinking)

avoid (non compliance mobile)


October 19, 2016

humble bundle happy hour? Unhappy malware

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humble bundle employs GameSessions DRM for its “happy” hour, the exact opposite of what we have come to expect from the Humble Bundle experience.

 whilst the DRM ensures publishers are happy to let us supply gamers with their latest and greatest games for free.

Take a moment to flood-ask them about their evil drm then submit these malware samples to helpers like avast.

Keep an eye out for “special offers” inside the game.  This smacks of the “open” candy malware fiasco.

overlays will appear during the trial

During the trial, we use in-game messaging to show hints and tips to help you get the most out of the game, as well as the chance to provide feedback [which break screen capture]

GameSessions is less than forthcoming about how this strong drm works, at what non-monetary cost to the user, or the sketchy malware seeming inclusions in trials.  Beware: GameSessions uses blink links as affiliate URLs [to humble bundle].  Be sure to wipe cookies prior to HB purchase.  Death to affiliate urls.

[ Sagacious Himself ]

February 3, 2015 obviousness on sale

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If the obvious mostly escape you, and you prefer to consume material videoly, then you might want to burn money on Lynda videos

waste money on obviousness or RTFM to be ahead while saving time in a bucket recycling power saving bucket

“refer” your interweb “friends” to have them waste money on the obvious and “earn” money for your spam!


January 22, 2015

pepsi true instead of mexican coke in a glass bottle; tastes better with hate of envirofascists

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pepsi true taste the envirofascist hate sweetness

Mmmm their hate fuels my love of purchasing it faster

Thanks envirofascists for highlighting a product I might not have noticed!

Would you like some icing for your irony?

@Pepsi: fewer calories per can BY making the can smaller?  weak

December 6, 2014

bookmarks and zfs

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December 2, 2014

lies in the hive, poisonous honey

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Where unlimited = limited download speed & limited streaming speed

Where free = not-free (3rd party hosted ads)

[screen shot to post when wp feels like cooperating]

This is not baseball; no three strikes required to nuke credibility.  But for fun MLM spam your friends for more “free” stuff.. not.

November 26, 2014

amazon lambda vs IFttt

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September 28, 2014

AI Wars bargain $3.42 vs $17 , until October 5 2014 on IndieRoyale

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IndieRoyale bundles AI war fleet 3 of 6

  • AI War Fleet Command (base)
  • Light of the Spire
  • Children of Neinzul
  • Zenith Remnant

There are 6 addons, IR is selling bundled 3 of them… hopefully all 6 ultimately


  • DRM-free, the way games ought be sold.  drm does NOTHING to stop pirates or crackers
  • Desura Key — much preferred to evil steam
  • Steam key



  • multiplayer (coop)  2-8
  • OSX, linux, win
  • procedural generation
  • differently evolving AI

crossplatform drm free rts 4s grand strategy


Chris continues to churn out engaging RTS..




[ ]


September 26, 2014

LabelFlash DVD-R media available from amazon [FBA]

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A LabelFlash drive is also capable of Disc T@too  : using the laser to ‘carve’ the data surface — no special media required for that feature on CDR or DVDr!

not linkified to discourage certain platforms from hijacking with affiliate frippery

Once upon a time amazon stocked LabelFlash DVD+R  (plus are) which is eminently superior to DVD-R (minus are)

I should have a post somewhere highlighting which LabelFlash chipsets to avoid.  Yes, ‘they’ still make drives.   I hate LightScribe and you should, too.



September 25, 2014

Glenn Beck “discovers” ATM skimmers .. merely a bit more than a decade later via not useful lifelock charging for a free service of three credit r

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Without much effort one can find places on the interweb alleging a market for ATM skimmers and related theivery technology  …. don’t pay life lock for what has always been a free service option







July 24, 2014

FreedomPop free 4g is free except for the fees and evil billing practices

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Alternative to freedompop mobile minutes:  Vitelity’s new vMobile.

considering freedom pop? don’t do it. Alternative as requested:

Is freedompop free: no freedompop is not free ; is freedompop a good deal: no, freedompop is an unwise choice ; hidden costs of freedompop ; better choice that freedompop ; netzero is worse than freedompop ; freedompop phone is not free wireless ; freedompop free wireless is not free ; vitelity vmobile can avoid using mobile minutes without installing apps

freedompop $10 penalty top up is enabled by default and ‘fun’ to disable ; freedompop continues to penalize disuse or usage under  100 megs/month.


Sagacious Himself -- brevity in circumlocution: never blague -- suffering genius

edit topical: solution alternative

Are you considering a secondary/portable internets access for entertainment  elsewhere?  Consider instead SickBeard as ethical usenet.  This will allow you to eliminate the cost of DVR rental at home leaving your funds to purchase LTE bandwidth while still reducing monthly  spending overall.  Do NOT enter into a contract with sprint/clear.  If clear/sprint only use Pay As You Go (if they require your social security number or the last four digits or openly declare the need for a ‘soft credit check’ you are being entered into the contractual relationship you need AVOID.).  To employ usenet ethically you must pay/license your tv/movie content through your ISP/satellite/other  amazon/netflix.  If you download from usenet without just compensation to content producers you will be ethically/legally guilty of piracy (depriving others of just wages).  You can ethically download programs from  ‘air channels’ or those you can receive with merely a tv…

View original post 1,104 more words

July 4, 2014

stacksocial watery speaker redundant awesomes?

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stacksocial shower speaker — surely it’s a surface mount acoustic transducer my first thought otherwise why bother with dime a dozen schlock Silicon Whatsit [CSR plc, aka Cambridge Silicon Radio] clones of unspecified quality?

stacksocial shower speaker is not a surface mount transducer making your mirror or shower door a giant low quality speaker suitable for raped mp3 music but merely a rubberized low quality generic bluetooth sink by silicon whatsit




Nonesuch!  Instead awesome descriptions repeats repeatedly for repetition of awesomes.  With free Engrish!

awesome descriptions repeats repeatedly for repitition of awesome


No, CSR, bluetooth does NOT make everything better

And bluetooth is THE OPPOSITE of high quality audio: throwing away quality mp3 style is NOT BETTER.  It does not matter if Bob cannot hear the difference.  The reality of evil is in the spec: discard.  There is less music binary in an mp3 via lossy compression than there is in studio source or FLAC.  This is self evidently indisputable.

ALL bluetooth audio profiles work on lossy principles.








June 27, 2014

roku activation without [risk of fraudulent billing] providing financial instrument

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see also:  roku3 remote codes 

To step 3 has been added a subtle option to "skip" adding financial instrument

roku activation without financial instrument risk of fraud

 roku with no payment method without CS masochism

There is no [simple] adblocking for roku. 

If you don't mind the malware mindset of roku app ecosystem there is fecklessness for you to address yourself.   Return your roku in favor of Amazon Fire TV (rooted + xbmc + XPosed Framework + XPrivacy + AdAway + Llama)

adblocking on Fire TV is easy.

free: no costs

apps showing ads:  NOT-free

"not-free" is not a kind of free: it is the opposite of free

a roku channel with a pre-roll ad is NOT-free.

I use a roku for ONE subscription I purchased prior to roku.  Unforuntanely roku takes a HUGE slice of profit from the provider.  When the kinks are removed from the xbMC hd video plug-in on the server side I'll shelf the roku.

May 15, 2014

harrahs wifi painfully slower than mobile hotspot :: bonded dialup?

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shared bonded dialup?


harras hotel wifi painfully slow half second ping mobile hotspot rooted phone better


having provisioned/used bonded dialup this hotel wifi is about as much fun


redacted NDT server results:

no firewall access, required ports not opened

NDT server results harras hotel wifi dont plan on any gaming or streaming video


npad server results

The maximum data rate was 5.523911 Mb/s

Fail: loss event rate: 0.005329% (18765 packets between loss events).

Harras Hotel wifi:  NOT for streaming video, NOT for gaming, NOT for chatting….   slow old interweb?

Only $14/day woohoo for “up to 4 devices”  [or use the “hidden” ethernet ports]

Do ask your [competent] tech for a greater speed allocation.  Do offer to explain how extra slowly.




May 14, 2014

gog “last chance” to choke on horrible games

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How many will throw their credit card on a sowrd to move the sale along to the next not-suck item?

Take a page from amazon, gog: show what’s coming up next

until then OCD of others will do

whatever wp add media fibberwhatsitfail

May 8, 2014

34mm Express Card to HDMI for Macbook Pro circuitously

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It’ll be cheaper to buy a Roku3 or amazon FireTV

34mm Express Card _to_ USB3 (StarTech ECUSB3S22)


USB3 _to_ HDMI  (StarTech USB32HDE)

~ $100


StarTech ExpressCard 34mm to USB3




StarTech USB3 to HDMI out




April 28, 2014

French Cows Fraud: “Full games” farce. More than 4 euros, in game purchases enabled

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The french [cows]  idea of just payment is 4 euros monthly for “complete games” but “forgot” to enable all upgrades and disable in-game purchases.

Pay once, then pay again iteratively toward full game

french cow bait and switch subscription pay for games pay again incrementally in game upgrades NO FULL GAMES


April 22, 2014

StackSocial: Name the price we tell you to name, not name your own price you cheap bastard

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Name Your Own price by nature attracts people wanting to spend as little as possible. That after all is the essence of a free market.

stacksocial price naming tyranny and rude customer abuse


Don’t be rude?

name your own duplicate of the average pirce stack social free market understanding willfully ignorant


Name our average price yourself!




April 14, 2014

worst bundled “game” ever: boredom in 3D!

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In BundleBandi’s 3D paraglider

3d boredom in a paraglider

even less interesting than a sandbox


April 11, 2014

inexpensive GPS feature competitive with android flagship phones WAAS, beidou or gonass, qzss egnosmsas gagan, optionally arduino [and raspberry pi]

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SkyTraq CaaS venus8 GNNS 29 second TTFF cold quad-GNSS 34 channel  GLONASS  Beidou  Galileo  [Arduino ready]

Venus 8 chip is built with enough MIPS and memory to process signal from combination of 34 GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo satellites in parallel simultaneously

NavSpark arduino friendly dev board onboard gps  under $15

navspark inexpensive alternative to arduino gps shields

which will be extra awesome as soon as evil google [evil google owns Waze as of June 2013ish] facilitates simultaneous GNSS (internal GPS and external GPS) within android — not displacing as does currently more awesome BlueGPSWaze INTENTS would be helpful.

SkyTraq affordale high end multignss



IOS multisource GNSS

ion jnc

install F-droid repo client for android

WARNING: occasionally adware is allowed into the repo by morally damaged volunteers.  Fortunately such is declared in red text atop app listing.  malware [adware] is never an acceptable payment system for app COSTS: privacy rape

social gps is now less costly

vs Venus GPS with SMA Connector , $50

skytraq S1216F8-GL 167 channel , 28 simultaneous (gps glonass qzss egnosmsas gagan WAAS)

skytraq S4070DR GPS + dead reckoning  Extended Kalman Filter (gyro + odo)

SkyTraq makes available the module’s powerfullness without GNSS for thos interested.  Buy one; set on shelf.


NavSpark-GL NavSpark-BD Venus838FLPx break in geocaching hobbyist navigation LEON from SPARK

 ION Military Division’s Joint Navigation Conference is the largest U.S. military navigation conference with joint service and government participation. The event focuses on technical advances in Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) with emphasis on joint development, test and support of affordable GN&C systems, logistics and integration.

SkyTraq arduino development board

SeeAlso.01 SeeAlso.02 SeeAlso.03


April 2, 2014

free tri-platform multiplayer game index 1404

add either linkification UserScript or linkify extension to your interweb browser  FPS , dev GS , SF:tripleA RTS , , demonstrating K2 engine RTS , , donate  , demonstrating K2 engine , dev (unity developer) , unity , RTS , dev ,, dev , crowd-funded ,,  dev , arcade , fps , arcade ,, dev , Electronic Arts , M MP , rpg , adventure & coop , destruction , fps , adventure k-8 , rpg hns [invite] , arcade , space , arcase retro





_ win osx , FPP , sports arcade , fps coop , rpg








or mine thru Freedom Friday posts

avoid unity ‘creativity’

windoze multiplayer



glitsy single player , tunnel running , tower



March 29, 2014

best indie bundled game ever [since december 2013]

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Skyward Collapse (Arcen Games) presents game elements I have extracted from RTS (or driving a track backwards in a racing game): pitting one AI against another  — after an unbalanced AI (or AI expecting me to have played dozens of hours daily most every day).

Fight AIs with the objective of allowing neither to annihilate the other, but encouraging carnage and destruction (and rebuilding).

For a more ethereal aspect rts elements are placed ‘floating’.

As there are many random elements saving frequently is not only strongly encouraged by the game itself but essential.

If you don’t enjoy resource management, turn based constraints, or creative use of RTS this might not be the game for you.  While I prefer desura skyward collapse is also available to fans of steam DRM resource waste.

With multiplayer, co-op, and single player $5 is well reasonable.

[screen shots]

February 18, 2014

indie bundling overkill & gifting

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Having only recently discovered indie bundle sales I’ve quickly spent nearly $300 buying sets and gifting.  Each steam bundle I purchase in sets for LAN or other particular scope use.

Very few of these bundle programs provide tools to track- or assign gifts.  IndieGala is likely the least-worst labeled.


BundleBandits provides zero gifting facility.  I created a unique account per giftee, after purchase changing account information to something they could use to access their new account themselves.


BundleBandits seems focused on selling glitchy old garbage and predominantly windows — which isn’t necessarily redundant.

BundleBandits neo retro: universe sandbox: is similar to a f/oss game on F-droid, but itself unfortunately windows only.


Which is not much unlike a gravity android game in a Christmas HumbleBundle:


Curiously Giant Army suggests cross-platform applications:

mac, ipad, windows

mac, windows:  “you can’t lose, and you definitely can’t win”  But you’ll definately spend $10 for the privilege

mac, windows, ubuntu: Gravi-T

mac, win, linux: digital 3D atlas of the universe

yes, this is the exactly phrasing of their help offer:

Need help with the universe?

need help with the universe


Because much holding of breath will be necessary before osx or linux versions arrive:

February 16, 2014

indie gala STRESS test appeared minutes ago

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I bought it on impulse assuming it might disappear before the clock

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 12.14.36 PM


one bundle for me, another bundle for my guest steam account(s)


bundle gifting & every indie game bundle site

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Tags: [now poor quality] [store ‘requires’ paypal verified account AND funded not merely CC]



useful shopping tools (must AdBlock)


dead or dying [dead]
. .



IndieGameStand finds new ways to screw people:  no pro-rated refunds for ‘elite’ subscription.  Customer “service” is not nearly as atrocious as arvixe. [tinyurl:directdig]

IndieGameStand : facilitates infanticide through morally-depraved “charities”. Upon questioning IGS replies, “the [game] developers choose the charities.” Unfortunately the customer is UNABLE to elect NON-donation purchase(s). Far too frequently the IndieGameStand charity promulgates falsehoods about conception while providing technologies relying upon abortifacients like: “save” the children (provides abortions, abortifacients, and “birth” control which relies upon abortifacients to effect visible pregnancy termination).

For exposure or otherwise indie developers allow licenses sold at loss leader prices AND without evil-drm in one or more:  direct download, Desura, or evil-steam.  Steam evil?  How will you play your games once steam is defunct?  yay, that.

PWYW or NYOP:  Pay What You Want / Name Your Own Price attracts two types:  those who pay the bare minimum (often $1 requires for evil-steam keys) and those who can be encouraged to act philanthropic on their own respective scale.

Humble Bundle consistently puts forth quality collections.  Not so for BundleStars re-hocking decade old games; they’re not the only guilty party.  The only upside is convenient chart of evil-steam keys emailed upon purchase.  For a few dollars a year the risk of evil-steam evaporating is not a big deal — it definitely is a concern for dozens and dozens of games $10-$60 each.

HumbleBundle receives a gold star from me for android games NOT-requiring evil-google malware-market access.  They have an android app to facilitate installs and notify of updates but unlike evil-google or amazon-atrocity-store it’s not a ram-suck.

Originally I found them as gifts within the friend-ceiling agreement.

Now I buy FOUR  sets of most every bundle bought.  One for me, and the other also for me but for LAN gaming for family/guests.  One library with four seats of evil-steam.  With evil-steam or desura credentials guests can invite tunneling players or internets players by sharing credentials setup for this unfortunality.  Single instance licensed game lending need not require this, but here we are all the same.

comical mentions: — “allowing” you to overpay for OLD OLD games even when on “sale” for $1.49

avoid: IndieGalaSTORE.  The IndieGala store foolishly “requires” a validated paypal account.  I have no interest granting power to paypal so I’ll not be buying their store games — and neither ought you. Paypal effectively acquires co-signer power on your bank account to withdraw funds in “dispute resolution”, and thanks to greatleader’s administration often requires official documents to prove your identity (passport, drivers license, etc). If you must paypal have a separate bank account at a different institution than your primary funds or trust accounts; this will force lawsuit for dispute holding paypal to JUST standards instead of policy inanity.

Most provide purchaser the option to direct all monies to a named charity.  The sensible bundlers pick a charity benefiting suffering children.  The cretinous fools like IndieGameStand have a history of supporting children-slaughtering charities like unicef.  Those unicef wretches advertize helping children on first glance but without much effort one discovers they not only fund- but also facilitate infanticide.

NO money for IndieGameStand until they change their evil ways willfully ignorant or not.  It’s not enough to allow patrons to select another charity as supporing them while they donate to any anti-life organization makes the donor complicit.

Value added to OLD games


January 24, 2014

how to sell an empty can for $9

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  1. fill it with imaginary creatures
  2. label
  3. markup story
  4. profit!

empty can profits

January 20, 2014

$0.89 belkin mousepad with 24k gold-plated contacts

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This is the least costly mousepad on amazon:

amazon absurdity gold plated contacts for mouse




amazon absurdity


wow… now I need an optical mouse with gold contacts to receive the mousepad goodness at maximum conductivity

I bought a few for experiments defeating edge fraying.

razer gaming surfaces don’t sport gold plating!



December 25, 2013

11 bit studios malware? thanks humble bundle?

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Humble Bundle did not sell the malware version of 11 bit studios games. Knowing they push malware I won’t be donating again if Humble Bundle features their products in a bundle.



Oh how I love “privacy” policies which describe the minutiae of privacy-violation and imply other personal abuse.

11 bit studios veryunprivacy policy

11 bit studio malware

“Your first and last names and profile picture are considered “public” on 11 bit studios ” — not constrained to facetards

“and any other information you choose to provide”

What’s left to ‘choose’ to volunteer?

not only “deliver and target advertising” but also for mobile devices

. harvest your phone number
. extract your name from used accounts

privacy rape policy

and additional UNWANTED advertising in a PURCHASED game

. inform users about new products or promotional offers

“If you have provided your e-mail address ”

If?  11bit extracts this from mobile.

here is the confession of the nature of this product I’ll not be using.  I don’t use MALWARE

“This Application is supported via advertising, and collects data to help the Application serve ads. We may work with analytics companies to help us understand how the Application is being used, such as the frequency and duration of usage.We work with advertisers and third party advertising networks, who need to know how you interact with advertising provided in the Application which helps us keep the cost of the Application low.”

Supported by advertising?  No, I spent money for this product.

Pay to be privacy rape?  Nuh uh!

“opt” out continues to be a grand abomination.  But no one would opt in…. yeah, that tells you something doesn’t it?

“Opt-out of all information collection by uninstalling the Application”

Right.  you’ll simply keep all the privacy rape acquired information and all is good?

“We are concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of your information”

LIARS!  Unless you mean you’ll keep it from third parties who have not yet purchased the illicit knowledge?

Shame on 11 bit studios

.  Adblocking challenge accepted

remember always play as a 12year old to effect information removal.

“If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Application, or have questions about our practices, please contact us via email at  © 11 bit studios S.A. 2012”


privacy rape policy

A merry Christmas to all and to some personal counterintelligence

September 16, 2013

free alternative GoToMyPC: GoMyPlace

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and free open source


pixie dust not included. apply wishfulobamathinking generously — after all it’s not your thoughts so spread it around thoroughly

October 7, 2012

FreedomPop free 4g is free except for the fees and evil billing practices

edit topical: solution alternative

Are you considering a secondary/portable internets access for entertainment  elsewhere?  Consider instead SickBeard as ethical usenet.  This will allow you to eliminate the cost of DVR rental at home leaving your funds to purchase LTE bandwidth while still reducing monthly  spending overall.  Do NOT enter into a contract with sprint/clear.  If clear/sprint only use Pay As You Go (if they require your social security number or the last four digits or openly declare the need for a ‘soft credit check’ you are being entered into the contractual relationship you need AVOID.).  To employ usenet ethically you must pay/license your tv/movie content through your ISP/satellite/other  amazon/netflix.  If you download from usenet without just compensation to content producers you will be ethically/legally guilty of piracy (depriving others of just wages).  You can ethically download programs from  ‘air channels’ or those you can receive with merely a tv and hd antenna when currently airing and within a few weeks of airing. Easily watch on TV device via xbmc or openelc on either root’d amazon fireTV or low cost RaspberryPi.



edit 2014:

“free”dompop has made no effort to refute these claims [here].  They have spent a pretty penny hiring web PR drones to spew hype at times “article” comments — which apparently is bean counter less costly than an ethical policy change.  Some of the cost landmines are rectified some of the time IFF customer spends inordinate time to resolve.  “free”dompop abuse will continue as only those whose time is worth little will pursue the interaction — and foolishly not in writing (on paper).  Try returning your “leased” device for a refund if for no other purpose than to new it up.  Are you charged the undisclosed $9 return processing fee?

“free” device with $50 or $90 refundable deposit after $5 shipping less undisclosed $8.95 return fee.

free until it’s NOT-free:

Deposit refund is time limited after which the loan becomes a purchase.

Free monthly service provides 399 megs of transfer in a 30 day cycle

once you hit 100 megs short of your monthly allowance (500 megs) “for your convenience” freedompop will charge a minimum top-up of $10.   If your prepaid credit drops to $2 you will be charged another $10 top-up.  Exceeding 500 megs per month incurs a cost per meg.

Another evil gotcha:  if in your monthly “free” cycle you do not consume 5 megs you will be charged a $0.99 penalty to remain an active client

To remain a FREE user you must use at least 5 megs EVERY month AND NOT more than 399 megs per month.  Account reactivation penalty is $20.  To avoid any fees AND recoup deposit one must send written on paper notice of cancellation. 

If you violate any third party terms which are NOT available for viewing your account might be canceled and you agree to forfeit your device deposit.  Sounds like a microsoft eula sight unseen.  The same applies to freepop terms in the paypal “sole arbiter of truth” sense.

You may opt-in to extra-spam or privacy-rape third party offers for minuscule bandwidth bonuses.  You are required to provide a valid email to receive volumes of freedompop spam.  freedompop collects a phone number in the name of fedex.

apparently freedompop users can communicate with one another via the 4g network. hmmmm

Top-up balderdash applies to pre-paid accounts as does minimum usage penalties.

I will be taking extra unmentionable precautions when I signup in a coverage area.

Please remember to send written opt-out of binding arbitration within first 30 days of signup!

You agree to allow FreedomPop to stalk you upon login to any “social” site according to their “privacy” rape policy

We store the information that you receive from the social networking sites along with other information that we collect from you or receive about you.


When you access our Services using a mobile device, we may receive or collect your mobile device ID (often referred to as UDID), [[which is why all android users ought apply PDroid XPosed framework & XPrivacy]] mobile carrier, device manufacturer and phone number. We also collect information about your usage of, and activity on, our Services. We and service providers acting on our behalf, such as Google Analytics


to send you text messages;


Where permitted by law, and if you have not opted out, for telemarketing purposes;

In the acceptable use policy you agree that in the relationship only freedompop may abuse your privacy, endanger your security, send spam, perpetrate fraud, mislead others, engage in “deceptive advertising or [deceptive] communication”, collect personal information of others.

For example FreedomPop explicitly claims that there are no caps or throttling but in the above acceptable use policy: “will monitor both overall network performance and individual resource consumption to determine if any user is consuming a disproportionate amount of available resources… [reserve the right to throttle or cap]”.  Which seems especially odd for a company that charges per meg overage penalties.  FreedomPop will use the phone number they collected “only for fedex” to call you during such operations.

If you are unavailable or do not respond to FreedomPop’s attempt to contact you regarding excessive use, or if excessive use is ongoing or recurring and repeatedly having negative effects on other subscribers of the Services, then FreedomPop reserves the right to immediately restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the Broadband Service (and/or other applicable Services) without further notice

Despite your use of a $90, 8 party, FreedomPop wifi device you may not

 sell, provision, resell, rent, lend, pledge, transfer, distribute or exploit any portion of the Services or Equipment without FreedomPop’s prior written consent in each instance.

When otherwise is not an illicitly obtained phone number what is it?

When feasible, upon observation of a violation of this AUP, FreedomPop may attempt to contact you by e-mail at the e-mail address you have provided to us or otherwise to notify you of the violation

it’s free: simply give them money,  and operate amid a penalty minefield. Terms are subject to nefarious changes especially materially to financially benefit freedompop at your perilous expense.  FreedomPop seems evil.

For a similarly evil experience (with a non-refundable lower mifi fee plus outrageous “shipping” fee) consider suffering at the hands of Netzero 4g. Free netzero is 200 megs. Amusingly netzero “requires” you not MAC spoof or alter device unique identifier.  hahaha riiight PDroid XPosed framework with XPrivacy.  Netzero requires completion of third party “offers” and spam generating “opt” in activities.

If you must have mifi or 4g contract directly with ClearWire via or via an ethical reseller (not “freedom”pop). [[ClearWire now owned by Sprint]]

# freedompop lies to customers, freedompop deception is rampant, freedompop dishonest practices await, behold freedompop trickery at every turn, warning freedompop evil inside, this freedompop scam continues, freedompop is a scam, freedomtrappop, freedompop rape, freedompop now has a phone scam, the wifi phones for freedompop make verizon spying seem pleasant

free 4g from “free”dompop?  How gullible are you?  Answer in terms of dollars.

alternative to freedompop 4g?  netzero 4g



501c3 line in the sand

Privacy is a right.  Privacy is NOT a commodity.


Please do not whore your privacy for “free” stuff/services.   It harms you AND harms others by eroding the Expectation of Privacy.

Privacy Rape as profit is extraordinary evil.  At the very least always AdBlock all interweb use.  Third party interweb ads = privacy rape.  Privacy ‘can’ be sold in much the same way children can be sold as a product:  both are evidently wrong.

501c3 line in the sand

February 29, 2012

alternative to “free”dompop? Netzero 4g with similar fees minefield and unethical business practices

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netzero mobile bandwidth free after giving netzero money

Discounts await the few

 [50% gear discount] Not applicable to Free or Basic plans. Shipping and handling fee of $19.95 applies. Offer is available to new NetZero Mobile Broadband members for the first-time purchase of a device only. This is a limited time offer. It may be changed or withdrawn without notice and may not be combined with any other offers, discounts, rebates or promotions.

$20 shipping fee for USPS basic rate?   gougy much?


netzero 4g free package limited to 200 megs per month less transfer than not-free freedompop with even higher fees

The “free” plan is free after paying money and limited to 12 contiguous months AND MAY NOT be renewed

payment terms

Free Plan. Your right to access the NetZero Mobile Broadband free service plan from a specific device terminates twelve (12) months from the date you initially sign up for this free service and may not be renewed. If you upgrade to a pay plan with that device during that twelve (12) month period, you may not return to the free service plan.



some gotchas

 reducing the aggregate bandwidth available to excessive bandwidth users during periods of congestion

You must not use the Mobile/Home Wireless Broadband services with any equipment that has an altered electronic serial number or equipment identifier or any equipment that has undergone a factory reset, without seeking and obtaining NetZero’s express advance written permission in each instance.

 You expressly permit and authorize NetZero and its Affiliates (and such third parties as may be authorized by NetZero, subject to the Privacy Policy) to furnish you, electronically when you use the NetZero Services or by any other means selected by NetZero, information or materials prepared by NetZero or by (or on behalf of) other entities, including information, advertisements and solicitations.

Effectively: “Please do not circumvent our bandwidth regulation client-side”

Burried CS# 800-939-8674 , billing CS# 866-841-1442

You agree to accept advertizing and marketing material further agreeing to provide valid addresses to torment you with this information.

To obtain mid-term refund without penalty simple become a minor of 13 years or younger and inform netzero of this without disclosing your creative understanding of time

( it seems likely they’ll run the same horrid software upon connect ala dial up which at the time could be circumvented by capturing CHAP authentication they creating your own DUN in then current windows xp )

When netzero coerces you to agree to binding arbitration to signup for services you may opt-out in writing (on paper) within 30 days [exercising your rights which CAN NOT be waived]


The company will host a conference call to discuss the results at 2:00 p.m. PT (5:00 p.m. ET) on Wednesday, April 30, 2014. The conference call dial-in number is 888-503-8169 for U.S. and Canadian participants and 719-457-2083 for participants outside the U.S. and Canada. The passcode is 3723918. Alternatively, a live webcast of the conference call, along with a presentation containing financial highlights for the first quarter ended March 31, 2014, will be accessible within the Investors section of the company’s website at

The presentation and a replay of the broadcast will be available on the company’s website for seven days following the call. A replay of the broadcast will also be available for seven days following the call by dialing 888-203-1112 (or 719-457-0820 outside of the U.S. and Canada) and the replay passcode, 3723918.


David Bigelow, 818-287-3560
Scott Matulis, 818-287-3388




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