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September 11, 2019

NASA plans to build Martian magnetosphere? Magical thinkers rejoice

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Identify and quantify the problem

Invent a solution


Recall for a moment the Southpark “underpants gnomes” step 2.

Ignoring step 2 the plan of success is mapped out in glorious minutiae.

2070 mars colonization begins!



July 20, 2014

moralphobia vs homophobia: wiki* “rationale” & ‘bias’

An article in screenshots

wikipedia moralphobia entry deleted by moralphobes






wikipedia homophobia entry defended by moralphobes





Ah tolerance of the wantonly queer and their fandom.


44,000 uses.  is moralphobia ‘notable’ now?


moralphobia 44,000 uses now wikipedia notable




Original wiktionary definition (via history tab) albeit a bit sloppy until second case application 



contratheism, a term brought into existence by Sagacious Himself, is notable too.

wiktionary moralphobia


moralphobia (uncountable)

  1. irrational fear of Natural Law, or the rule of conduct which is prescribed to us by the Creator in the constitution of the nature with which He has endowed us.
    ‘Having inflicted moralphobia upon herself, she was prone to irrational utterances, rage outbursts, and other misjudgements when confronted with her moral turpitude.
  1. state experienced by those who willfully indulge depraved appetites



versioning of subjective truth when there is only queer truth





vs urbandictionary


urbandictionary correct definition of moralphobia

urban dictionary moralphobia moralphobe

July 9, 2014

obviously people are not illegal but their actions might be: Felony Trespass by Felonious Invaders

Illegal aliens: the wrong phrase to express the issue

Felonious Invasion: aptly summarizes the situation

Those who Feloniously Invade are themselves Felonious Invaders: not illegal alien.  Grave tresspass permanently undermines the “petitioners” ability to apply for citizenship.

‘They’ are: invaders.

Convert the 1 of every 4 Americans who already work in some ‘government’ capacity to bounty hunters while solving unemployment [to the same task].

Zero Tolerance is the correct ‘tolerance’ policy.

Sure I have had this position- and terminology for a great many years but penning it now should suit others wellently.  This is an ‘at best’ label whereas treason could well become apt: eroding sovereignty, dispelling the public welfare, et al.

July 6, 2014

Glenn Beck to youth: consider education other than college but don’t bother applying for my summer internships?

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Glenn Beck suggests kids consider alternative to college for education and in the next breath would disqualify them from applying as The Blaze Interns:

* no exceptions to the guidelines below
* [must be] Currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student
* in an accredited college, university or technical school in the United States
* Those who have taken college courses, but are currently taking “time off” from school are not eligible to apply.


kids you dont need an accredited college to succeed in life but you do need an accredited college enrollment status to apply as a TheBlaze summer intern


A bit more consistency across The Blaze properties, please.




May 7, 2014

when there are no mulsims there can be no muslim terrorists: the solution is simple but perhaps not easy

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The group hell bent on world domination by literally annihilating all dissent not surprisingly acts on it.

Kill them all?  Solved

It’s what Western Civilization needs to have done long since to avoid subsequent charming conversion offers

“covert to islam or die”  — Islam


neither. you die.


April 11, 2014

inexpensive GPS feature competitive with android flagship phones WAAS, beidou or gonass, qzss egnosmsas gagan, optionally arduino [and raspberry pi]

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SkyTraq CaaS venus8 GNNS 29 second TTFF cold quad-GNSS 34 channel  GLONASS  Beidou  Galileo  [Arduino ready]

Venus 8 chip is built with enough MIPS and memory to process signal from combination of 34 GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo satellites in parallel simultaneously

NavSpark arduino friendly dev board onboard gps  under $15

navspark inexpensive alternative to arduino gps shields

which will be extra awesome as soon as evil google [evil google owns Waze as of June 2013ish] facilitates simultaneous GNSS (internal GPS and external GPS) within android — not displacing as does currently more awesome BlueGPSWaze INTENTS would be helpful.

SkyTraq affordale high end multignss



IOS multisource GNSS

ion jnc

install F-droid repo client for android

WARNING: occasionally adware is allowed into the repo by morally damaged volunteers.  Fortunately such is declared in red text atop app listing.  malware [adware] is never an acceptable payment system for app COSTS: privacy rape

social gps is now less costly

vs Venus GPS with SMA Connector , $50

skytraq S1216F8-GL 167 channel , 28 simultaneous (gps glonass qzss egnosmsas gagan WAAS)

skytraq S4070DR GPS + dead reckoning  Extended Kalman Filter (gyro + odo)

SkyTraq makes available the module’s powerfullness without GNSS for thos interested.  Buy one; set on shelf.


NavSpark-GL NavSpark-BD Venus838FLPx break in geocaching hobbyist navigation LEON from SPARK

 ION Military Division’s Joint Navigation Conference is the largest U.S. military navigation conference with joint service and government participation. The event focuses on technical advances in Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) with emphasis on joint development, test and support of affordable GN&C systems, logistics and integration.

SkyTraq arduino development board

SeeAlso.01 SeeAlso.02 SeeAlso.03


February 14, 2014

annenburg’s revisionist “american” history around civil war conveniently misplaces debt

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annenburg, child re-education center extraordinary pegs civil war on slavery — ignoring debt, yes, even then “spread the debt around”


April 3, 2013

explorer your vocab knowledge

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If you are like most other people scoring less than perfectly on the SAT here might be an entertaining option to expand your vocab with a less stressful ‘test’

If your combined math & verbal on the SAT was not a four digit score you might want to find a LOL cat quiz.

There’s far too much subjectivity [any] on the essay portion of the SAT.  People who scored less than 1550 math/verbal simply aren’t qualified to grade essays from the high scoring.

Brush up on your vocab

many actual-education institutions and other ‘accredited’ institutions have credentials for you

September 22, 2012

BS from the H+ camp

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quote from their ever so delightful “futurist” magazine

Mental self-defense is also necessary. Although not subject to direct physical harm like the body, viruses propagate through the mind in much the same way as they do through the body. Although many of these viruses are beneficial- cooperation, freedom, rule of law, democracy — many of them are actively harmful. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ad infinitum separate us from those who may otherwise have offered us valuable tools in our struggle for survival- even if we don’t personally engage in those behaviors ourselves. Although they are not physical, ideas have very real effects in our daily lives. It behooves us to study which ideas promote survival, individually and collectively, and which ideas prevent our survival, and act accordingly.


September 18, 2012

gold star: XMPP evangelization

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This week’s gold star is awarded to:


November 22, 2011

PDroid, adds awesome spoofing POWER to android privacy permissions management

edit 2014:  still good XPrivacy Pro [license supports crowdsourced knowledge], but also evolving quickly from the developer of PDroid 2.0 (not svyat) is DonkeyGuard (CollegeDev | github).  DO absolutely combine  AFwall+ firewall  [in whitelist mode] with LightningWall, and UnbelovedHosts, AND BootManager.  To that end do also donate to defim for the combo license: DefimDonator  [$14 is well worth it] — important: make a note of the name in which you want the license issued. LightningWall does not appear to have a whitelist mode starting from everything blocked, but can function independent of your iptables manager (AFwall+).


DonkeyGuard android privacy enforcement logo

(DonkeyGuard requires CydiaFramework… seems to be abandoning XposedFramework in favor, but uses both now)

DonkeyGuard defaults to ultimate privacy

DonkeyGuard has a better UI style than XPrivacy Pro

DonkeyGuard better interface design than XPrivacy sterile checkbox columns

vs XPrivacy Pro

 XPrivacy Pro app UI

XPrivacy Pro summary UI


edit 2013:  better is XPrivacy extension of XPosed framework for android.  zero malware market access needed; download only via XDA forums or soon *hub for free OpenSource possibly “You can use an XPrivacy Pro license for all the devices you personally own.”

XPrivacy FAQ#50 also recommends Xmpp Texting [Xabber]


original post:

picks up where LBE Privacy Guard leaves off… they play well together.  However PDroid claims no need of background service.. still requires root. It requires root to boot into CWM to apply the patch, but does not require root to run the management app.


PDroid allows blocking access for any installed application to the following data separately:

  • Device ID (IMEI/MEID/ESN)
  • Subscriber ID (IMSI)
  • SIM serial (ICCID)
  • Phone and mailbox number
  • Incoming call number
  • Outgoing call number
  • GPS location
  • Network location
  • List of accounts (including your google e-mail address)
  • Account auth tokens
  • Contacts
  • Call logs
  • Calendar
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Browser bookmarks and history
  • System logs
  • SIM info (operator, country)
  • Network info (operator, country)

For device ID, phone and mailbox number, SIM serial, subscriber ID and device location it also allows supplying custom or random values.


easy access to APKs from memorable url:

PDroid 2.3.4 source; patches build, frameworks and libcore

cites interesting article on blockery leakiness.

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October 19, 2011

boxee box users can now DIRECTLY subscribe to Glenn Beck — it is about time

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Boxee Box users need no longer pull GBTV episodes from BT or usenet:

XBMC users still in the cold?


August 10, 2011

foiling baseless debt collection calls

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This article ought be applied only to those situations where one does not-actually owe the claimed debt.  Verizon creative-billing has generated a few irritating collections encounters.

basic rules:

Debt collectors MUST

* show true callerid information
* honestly identify themselves when called party inquires
* cease calling you/writing you after you instruct them they may only communicate with your attorney (lawyer).  you must provide contact information
* “provide the nature of their business” when you inquire by phone.
** you are not required to identify yourself to obtain this information from them

Debt collectors may NOT

* impersonate another when contacting either you, or someone they believe might know how to contact you
* use callerid_number that you cannot call to reach them
* use callerid_name that obscures their identity

When calling a debt collector it is PRUDENT to:

* RECORD the conversation

while it might be illegal in your state to record the call without consent, do so anyway.  the conversation might then be “inadmissable” as evidence in court.  “oh noes”.

Notify them at the start of the call that you are recording them (if they object courteously inform them you do not care and these are your terms to communicate with them about the alleged debt, or inform them that requires manager approval)

My voip provider allows me to record outgoing calls by first dialing a code:   code + number.   My provider also has a feature to record all/some incoming calls.

* keep copious written notes

insist on the full name, employee number, and phone number of whomever.  if they refuse inform them these are your terms and terminate the call.  Without accountability you will suffer phone run around.

* provide them as LITTLE information as possible

Remember any customer service call where the agent simply repeated one or more phrases?  You, too, can control the conversation by providing no new information no matter how many ways the question is phrased to you.

they called you.  they likely provided an account number or reference number.  you mission is to collect information about the reference number NOT to provide them information.  provide nothing, request everything.

colxn: “This call is for Miss Smith regarding reference XTR-14m3. please call 800-142-8686”

call them back via SIP free tollfree termination

you: “I received a call from this numbah.  What is the nature of your business, and what is your physical location.”

provide nothing until these two are ascertained.  optionally make allusion to having a reference number for compliance motivation.

you: “I am calling in regards to reference XTR-l4m3.  Explain your claim”

provide nothing other than: the reference number, the time you were called, and a verbatim quote from the message.  repeat your inquiry.  Pretend you are a mouth breather in verizon customer service.  do NOT vary your responses: repeat yourself often.

* retain an attorney (lawyer)

direct debt collector to attorney.  they MAY NOT contact you directly from this point forward.  they MUST only communicate with your attorney.

* contact EVERYONE you have ever listed as an “emergency contact” on any form — especially medical (new doctor/patient)

advise/remind them NOT to volunteer information about you in writing- or over the phone.  this should be super-obvious already, but “social” networking sites seem to sap IQs.

* DISCONTINUE providing “alternate contacts” or “emergency” information on forms.   It is ONLY used for debt collection

If the bunker nazi (front office clerk) at a medical facility “requires” the form be “completed”

** draw a line through the boxes, or
** put your own IDENTICAL information in the boxes, or
** fabricate a person:  Uncle John Smith, 202-167-8080  (fourth digit always “1” makes the number invalid). rules apply.  do not suck the innocent into the fabrication.

* buy yourself a forwarding number to use on medical forms, new account forms, or anywhere you would enter your home/mobile/office number.

If you start receiving irritating calls buy another forwarding number, cancel the prior number, and only inform those people with whom YOU WANT to communicate the new number… ideally next time YOU interact with those people in person.


* withhold your callerid

not possible with mere star-code prefix dialing.  toll free DID have ANI magic.  be wary of their non-tollfree DID, too

I use SIP “free tollfree termination”

* if not outright ditching their calls consider routing them through a hellish IVR… IVR tarpitting

both voxeo and plum have excellent, free tools for VISUALLY designing an IVR.  disable DTMF (touch tone) options, requiring ASR (speech recognition).  “accidentally” misspell the keywords for ASR



* out them on a new-blog

especially beneficial for “debts” you do not owe.

* post the phone call recordings

be sure to edit out YOUR personal (financial) information


additional bookmarkified resources

step 8, step 9, step 10

[ | ]

July 8, 2011

world bank: got propaganda? only one thousand brainwashy videos on youtardtube

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It must be nice to wield  unlimited money.  Unlimited?  Yes, fiat money.  Create fiat money to lend, collect actual money as profit.  spread the loss around: more profit.  Only mere citizens lose.

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April 1, 2011

malware-foss contradiction reedemed by fdroid community .. as drm fosters piracy.. or re-engineering.. so does malware-foss foster fixing

Sick of the malware dominated “freeware” section of android market?  Irked by “malware-foss” contradiction?  F-droid to the rescue.  A fine group of programmatically inclined heros edit away malware infecting f/OSS and compile actual-freeware for the educated. Kudos to CiaranG and those who want no spotlight.

Sadly the vast majority of android market users in their gross ignorance WRONGLY tolerate malware.

Sure ads can be easily blocked (root et al) but why trust an intellectually dishonest developer?  What other evil lurks in that black heart?  What other nefarious ends await the use of the malware?  Yes, malware: undesired code that harms the user or abuses his resources [for profit].


“But programmers gotta eat”

Yes, they do.  But if eating is unlikely daily perhaps said programmer should ply skills commercially and not futter away hours on a f/OSS project.  You can’t eat a cake you don’t have.  People don’t owe you cake.. nor do you have the right to another’s food. When you have enough food THEN worry about baking a cake.  Let them eat your cake or sell it!  You ought not pillage food from gift recipients.

When you give your cake away it’s irrational to whine that no one bought it.

Beware of cake indian givers!




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March 29, 2011

so many flavors of phone fun with a mil DSN PDF from Himself via StumbleUpon archive retrieval — my original StumbleUpon user number: 24065

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While reviewing my   the founder of the MAJORITY of the wildly popular ‘groups’ on stumbleupon, such as “money“, “open source“, “xbox“, “apologetics“, and “bizarre hunter“, still to the chagrin of liberalism activists

I stumbled upon this entertainly acronym laden mil PDF on delivering DSN and PSTN over PRI:

Click to access dsn_cndeliv.pdf

DoD’s DISA on DSN:

then direct your focus [back] to — thanks, Aaron!


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August 26, 2010

Bishop W. L. Sciscoe, are half truths appropriate in sermons?

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You call this?

self appointed bishop of tctoc

edit 2013:

Not as intellectually offensive as the atheist troll weakly attempting to appropriate contratheism.


August 17, 2010

free unlimited data on any smart phone with unlimited sms texting plan: using OLD sms texting to circumvent mobile data caps

Do you have “free” unlimited old slow sms texting on your smart mobile plan?

first:  unlimited sms texting is not free.  Plans without old slow sms texting cost less than those otherwise equivalent with it.

  • smart phone app to
    • UUencode data
    • send UUencoded data via sms texting
    • collect multipage sms texts (not mms)
    • decode UUencode
    • save decoded binaries
    • option to create par2 volumes
    • option to encrypt files prior to UUencoding
    • option to intentionally send pages out of order or amongst other sms file texts
  • sms file texting to
    • backup all your photos without using mobile data
    • backup android apps without using mobile data
    • operate as a ‘modem’ to transfer files between computers without invoking mobile data
      • sms file texting tethering
    • stream music to phone without using mobile data

Will work for iOS and android.

Not much unlike my prior post using UUencode to attach binaries to a blog post for blogs either without binary hosting or having exceeded free storage quota

old slow sms file texting

That’s about the only reason to retain old slow sms texting.  On a smart phone you’ve already paid for the mandatory data….. so…. use

xmpp texting

xmpp texting is zero cost:  no money, no privacy rape

xmpp texting is an Open Standard WIDELY used


Sip Simple Texting

sip simple texting or sip texting is zero cost: no money, no privacy rape

sip texting is an Open Standard soon to be WIDELY used

presence: sip texting doesn’t provide presence.  I use xmpp texting alongside sip/sip texting.

contacts:  xmpp texting has a roster,  sip texting uses XCAP or local client

encryption:  xmpp texting can be made 100% private with OTR (Off The Record encryption), sip texting could use otr but no clients afaik do this, sip calling can be encrypted with sRTP with key exchange via zRTP

nat traversal:  xmpp jingle in lieu of sip, but conversation in RTP


For extra points use old slow sms texting to convey xmpp texting stanzas!

  • How providers can help clients
    • expose phone switch power
      • smart phone app to control account AS if IP-PBX
      • actually REJECT calls instead of silencing them, or diverting them, or pickup hangup
      • reduce customer service calls
        • spending less money
        • building infrastructure instead
        • lower service prices for consumers
      • pass/capture CallDivert info
        • OCN available to users no matter which mobile carrier
        • ease customer use of SIP integration
      • customer control of RingBack tones
        • instead of retarded “service” verizon offers
    • real-time access to one’s own [CDR] call history
      • especially for those calls not delivered to the handset
    • customer app control of features currently available only by dial string





January 3, 2010

ah facebook, warnings, good times.. warms the cockles of hearts in many lands

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look at how many people are catching on how to game facebook or simple game facebook gaming

the even lazier ones building on- or simply using the less lazy

remember that one email: ought not ..  flash .. xml .. etc

the myspace response to security related emails is to mash delete related buttons which is not surprising given that their ‘mail’ system allows party A to flag party B for spam in a party A initiated conversation.

@ cheaters: up your skill set when cheating flash games with Cheat Engine — read up on rings, IOS and IDS, too, but don’t become a pediaphile.  And when you have mastered Cheat Engine (extraordinarily unlikely) move onward to WPE Pro.  [AMD fanbois stay home]

don’t, worry, facebook, there are still plenty of cretins who embrace internet voyeurism/exhibitionism for you and your puppet masters to profit in both your short- and long term plans — game if you will.

few seem the have the intellectual capacity to realize the crosslinked nature of exercise of liberty and privacy much less to see the long term consequences of their “I’m not addicted to the interweb” habits.  They’ll probably have the same indifference to their cable/satellite/fttp television provider’s policy for datamining channel watching AND guide use.

Maybe one small upside is the pressure to properly implement mobile tower designs in six-gang instead of cheaping out in four-gang…. another I told you so waiting to crash down on some people your masters would adore meeting.

When you do eventually “lose” your job there’ll be an openining in verizon’s ministry of truthiness, at least in the moca propaganda subdivision for a few years.

Transparency, eh?  It seems very greatleader obama style.  you have covered some of the how but ZERO of the why.  How much trust can you build; it’s not trust you have with the itards.. that’s sometimes else entirely different.  You can haz trusts when you disclose datamining BETWEEN properties… on second thought that might be antithetical to your conditioning.

I wonder how many people would submit TOS/EULA scans to a site documenting the home equivalent of rights atrocities or privacy genocide…

December 12, 2009

wave raindrop stumbleupon all ripoffs of Der Tandem Browser

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all your digitized soul are belong to us

Der Tandem Browser is an add-on for the Mozilla browser which provides features that facilitate synchronized or interactive browsing among two or more people.”

… with no credit given, but then they are ripoffs after all.

October 23, 2009

OpenDNS Deluxe needs more features and lower cost to justify purchase espcecially in light of TreeWalk DNS — should include power wildcards and RADIUS

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Paid versions of OpenDNS? Hmm OpenDNS is but one of your alternatives to your ISP poorly performing resolvers.  Is the Deluxe version of OpenDNS worth the investment of the home user (parents)?


OpenDNS ought offer hosted RADIUS as part of that price especially as their primary audience has always been home users — WPA2-PSK AES is NOT sufficient anymore.  Hosted RADIUS is not currently priced for home use but there is a ‘vast’ untapped market of people who do not realize their need yet;  Those aware of the need are extremely unlikely either to buy a dedicated hardware appliance or build their own RADIUS server.

OpenDNS “Deluxe” as “free without ads and a smidge more” [not a quote] is not featured enough to justify $10 annually.  While increased space in blacklisting is tempting, and while whitelisting-only has certain parental applications (albeit in a complex bordering on chaotic implementation challenge),

For $10 or preferably less annually OpenDNS ought apply a few changes in offerings to home users:

OpenDNS free ought offer more blacklisting space and use expanded whitelisting as an upsell. — (crippling (porn) sites a far more effective deterrent than outright blocking and requires a much larger blacklist than 50 hosts)

OpenDNS deluxe ought offer FINE GRAIN control over the NXDOMAIN intercept page.  OpenDNS ought not use the NXDOMAIN intercept page in a deluxe of better panel as an upsell avenue nor should there be evidence of OpenDNS branding.

OpenDNS ought recognize the vast hoards in broken marriages and mixed families: one account six houses type scenario.

OpenDNS ought recognize some ultra broadband residential customers (fios) have multiple public IP addresses: a one house scenario.

OpenDNS deluxe ought offer wildcard support in white- and blacklisting.  Wildcards as prefix and suffix (por*.rain.tld / *tube.tld), wildcards in the middle of FDQN (cdn.*tube.tld / cdn*.*.*tube.tld), and single character wildcard “?”.

OpenDNS deluxe ought offer a wiki for home gateway configuration (filters or rules) to seize resolution requests

OpenDNS free is not suffient for most residential user (parental) needs, and OpenDNS does not add enough value to justify expenditure given TreeWalk DNS, OpenDNS alternative, is readily available without invoking irrational fear by uttering ‘bind’.  TreeWallk DNS (for windows) is free, easy enough to setup, and offers the home user (or parent) orders of magnitude more power and features (ConFetch).

I would have kept TreeWalk “to myself” but I hope to modify the OpenDNS deluxe  feature offering while reducing the annual cost for (complex) residential users. TreeWalk currently maintained by Zenobi.

“TreeWalk is a “free personal use”, automatically installed DNS name-caching only server which is similar to, but more efficient than using your default ISP’s DNS servers. A lookup only, non-persistent caching version called BIND-LE for Windows 95/98/ME/[2000/XP/2003] is also available from our Downloads page” [[If you’re using Windows7 (aka vista) you’re SOL twofold. Enjoy the sweet suffering you masochist.]]

I do NOT advocate switching to google’s “free” DNS;  all the “free” services from google are merely a methods for facilitating your (blissfully ignorant) quiet surrender of  yourself via packetization.  Google is not a philanthropic group; google is a giant relational database mining enterprise that also runs an ad deployment platform.  Participation in google projects is PURE FOLLY.

edit: see also Pirate bay P2P DNS, dot-p2p

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October 2, 2009

Hazaa! how to disable SIP ALG on Westell 9100

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Hazaa how to disable SIP ALG on Westell 9100em

ZERO help from verizon on this topic: ZERO help via phone, ZERO help via email, ZERO help via live chat, ZERO help via forum, ZERO help via paper mail.  All verizon avenues assert it is not possible to disable the SIP ALG in the 9100em westell.  Errrn! wrong.

Export conf, edit file, load conf, reboot.

configuration file
save configuration file

remove ONE line: (alg(sip_udp))
save changes to file

configuration file
load configuration file

For a little more sanity modify the 9100em SIP service definition from only ONE UDP port, 5060, to include expected defaults-  or YOUR SIP and RTP ports.. you’ll be redefining the 9100 SIP service to be voip service as creating your own voip service definition will not suffice — thanks verizon for making “open” RG “better”.

Yes, delightfully you will be making multiple modifications in several locations in the config file: service, meh why ruin your fun you can find the rest right?  protocol(17) = UDP  protocol(6) = TCP.  For a little more joy craft some advanced filters (firewall settings, yes, advanced filtering) to allow traffic in, Initial Rules, from your ITSP server(s) or otherwise with the SIP/RTP ports you use. Enable rules logging to verify, syslog daemon preferred, but do not leave enabled.

Tested against
9100em hardware revision A
9100em hardware revision D

Only functional SIP ALG exists with Cisco (not linksys) and Juniper networks.  By default every NAT’ing device sold in a big box store has similar piss poor NAT.  PFsense for everyone!

@ verizon fios

Now that I have your attention.. I would like an option to receive an IPA lease from a netblock without correlation to my geographic position.  (this is not challenging for you to implement).  GeoIP location violates privacy and deters confident exercise of freedom of speech.

It would also be super to buy an additional IPA since this device was designed with that in mind.  That’d be easier than the solution for multi IPA I employ now which I won’t outline.

* 2010 update: the least painful way to escape fios cpe SIP ALG is to use SIP ports _other_ than 5060 on server (or proxy).  DEMAND your ITSP/VSP offer such ports or upgrade to one that does [viatalk].  DEMAND your VSP support SIP TCP & TLS.

* Sept 26 2010:  actual Cisco NAT & ALG
NAT Optimized SIP Media Path with SDP


[ ]

September 12, 2009

moralphobes vainly try to bury artciles on moralphobia

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wordpress moves to scrub moralphobia as wiki*edia, itself a neologism, has already

wiki*dia delete “dissussion” [pdf]

some blogs tagged with- or categorized on wordpress with  “moralphobia” or “moralphobe” or “moralphobic” … do NOT appear in wordpress search (URLs).  Some blogs featuring those words no longer appear in ANY tag-URLs or ANY category-URLs.

tag moralphobiatag moralphobes

hmmmm.. can you smell the moralphobic agenda, too?

July 31, 2009

abstraction layer. windows got it firefox don’t

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It’s three versions overdue.  Firefox needs an extension referee: something to assure exensions, especially poorly designed extensions, play nicely.

Something that compensates for feature collision.  What do you do when three extensions interact with one particular firefox feature?   Nothing.  You obamahope for the best.  That’s no kind of plan.

Why is no one discussing a firefox extension abstraction layer?  Because it’s scary and would require work.  But the Perceived Performance team is working to take the cheating edge from intertardnet explorer.

Like to use tabs?  alot?  20+?  Enjoy the huge ram and cpu demand of firefox when you do?  TooManyTabs can help.  It would be more helpful with an abstraction layer.  It would be even better if firefox would roll greedy, unfocused tabs into the TooManyTabs netherworld.

March 1, 2009

less annoying ‘free’ signups — thanks greasemonkey

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@include        *

unsafeWindow.checkdata = function(){return true;};
unsafeWindow.validateCC = function(){return true;};
unsafeWindow.validateLUHN = function(){return true;};


January 2, 2009

how to lookup a friend’s road runner email address and upgrade his account or cancel it out from under him

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edit 2013:  viatalk is NOT anymore recommended (below) .. instead Vitelity or Anveo.



how to lookup a friend’s road runner email address and upgrade his account or cancel it out from under him

requires victim.. err friend’s phone number


(2) enter phone number

(3) call local road runner division

(4) enter phone number

(5) proceed to tech menu for internet service outage

(6) write down mac address the system foolishly volunteers

(7) return to tab

(8) enter mac address from step 6

* if prompted to answer a security question enter any short string of letters

tada.. your friend’s email address.


with all three pieces of information you can have friend’s master account password reset and login to Self Care and find account number. Now you can call and request upgrades for your friend at his expense or cancel his account.  Or  you can use his 500 meg SafeStorage account

thanks time warner!

(be sure to ask them how their propaganda “any three services [qualify for our] triple play discount” does not apply to either ‘cable box, cable box, internet’ or ‘internet, internet, cable box’.  Last I check each of those respective groups comprised three services — neatly falling within ‘any three’)

Time Warner digital phone (voip) is abysmal in everyway other than network structure (ultra low latency and hops):  it’s akin to ma bell from 1960.  Either roll your own with Asterisk or upgrade to ViaTalk ($17/mo + taxes), or ($1/mo + $0.0115/min), or ($2/mo inc 60 minutes + $0.015/min, no free SIP in/out)

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August 27, 2006

Simple hack to view PRIVATE myspace comments

easily view myspace features obscured by pathetisad profile page “design” while protecting yourself from myspace insecurity, evil ads, rogue profiles, etc etc

FIRST STEP myspace people: STOP using internet explorer. why?

SECOND STEP myspace people: get free Mozilla Firefox, install it, and ONLY EVER use firefox web browser NEVER EVER internet explorer again


THIRD STEP myspace people: get free AdBlock Plus for Firefox plus three EasyLists

interacting with the noscript developer is about as appealing as a walk through the forest of central park in new york at 3am

FOURTH STEP myspace peoplee: get NoScript and RequestPolicy for firefox  subjective reality de damned this is being not subjugated to false reality so your profile is less likely to be deleted. allow “”

FIFTH STEP: get GreaseMonkey and this UserScript [x] now you’ll have a little grey box top right on every profile with direct links to items like photos, comments, etc.  Optionally get Stylish then browse to make myspace appearance less garish.

IMPORTANT: do NOT surf the web in an admin context.  Is your windows user in the administrators group? that’s bad.  Create a new, ‘limited’ user for web surfing to be ‘safe’.  XP: Start, settings, control panel, user accounts.

… if you have downgraded to Windows 7 then, masochist, enjoy that.


yod iha mogu

I don’t use google products; this includes gmail.  Would you pay to be raped and mugged?  Of course not.  Don’t use google stuff.. with the exception of Iron, a fork of a google evil plan.

March 27 2008: userscript updates available… all features working again.. updates available only by request

March 30 updates:

update: optional SIXTH STEP: learn how to check your webmail with thunderbird, or auto check for new mail with Webmail Notifier in firefox

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cheat myspace games

updated 090205

updated 091015 mwahaha

updated 091219 privilege context

updated 100102 RequestPolicy & Stylish & pixels .. slowing heating the water

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