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January 9, 2020

hypocrite Wladamir Palant critizes privacy of other extensions in new blog

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_face of a hypocrite who rapes privacy for money violating the trust of adblock community

And a new level of incorrectness

Perhaps you haven’t been watching the AutoCrypt project?

So encrypting email traffic is now done by enabling SSL in all those mail relays

Right, except for that pesky fallback though




February 14, 2019


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Yup I’ll now be using these fine services because I refuse to play the traffic light game, or pretend ultra queer mopeds are motorcycles.

no more traffic lights $2.99 for 1000 solves

fund solve account skip api use: browser extension

don’t use firefox without HEAVY user.js crippling of mozilla evil

modify fox launch with

–no-remote -P






January 4, 2018

a scourge worse than 3rd party interweb ads?

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Inflicting javascript based distributive solving of cryptocurrency hashes is a different kind of intellectual dishonesty.

January 6, 2015

hollywoodn’t get it: streaming, on demand, paid content: NO interstitial commercials or back to usenet we travel

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“Fast forwarding has been disabled for this programming”

That’s nice.  I’ll be fetching this programming from usenet where I can fast forward through whatever I please in the programming I have purchased


Hulu “plus” commercials:  $8/mo

budget usenet:  $3.33/mo


It’s not the cost, hollywoodn’t, it is the lack of respect or functionality.

Amazon Prime video included in $99/yr Prime membership needs netflix supplementation.   “Oh let’s watch that,” only to find it is not prime included.  After two of those exclamations you’ve paid for netflix.

Interestingly amazon prime video DOES DELIVER hd bitrate more often than netflix (where netflix is never). “But netflix offers superHD,” yeah that’s right up there with “as many dvds as [we’ll allow] you want“.  I don’t do wifi.  I have verybroadband with an SLA.  There is no excuse for substandard bitrates but that’s what netflix offers.  Roku is platform limited to 3.5 Mbps.

Netflix poor bandwidth delivery : As many as you want is a different kind of netflx delivery throttling.  Netflix tries reinventing peering to further not-deliver quality.

It’s not a secret how much bandwidth an stb or stream head consumes when you control all the premises hardware.

Amazon does occasionally cripple amazon FireTV stb with locked bootloaders so I hope you had the foresight to purchase a few extra prior to lockdown.

Amazon FireTV makes the same false-free claims as roku land:

third party ad rendering IS NOT synonymous with free:

ads = COST

Amazon would prefer users not root enable FireOS devices to protect their sovereign privacy with such fantastic tools as UnbelovedHosts, MinMinGuard, or AdAway.

FireOS has the immediate advantage of zero google crApps.  See, bobby, android is better without google crApps — and does function well.

Hiding root?  Gee, let’s all name the binary and user app identically.  stop that silliness.  Randomized naming and a modicum of effort in the user ui.   … to start.


For the mentally impaired:  I am not advocating piracy.  Yes, I advocate fetching content from usenet, but only for licensed content, to ensure quality bitrate and nonhorrible compression. Pay for content and receive contracted quality without litigation.

Budget usenet adds a mere $3.33 to one’s monthly entertainment licensing costs while assuring no playback glitches, actual onDemand, quality (bitrate, compression), zero interstitial commercials.



August 11, 2014

chromium adblock extensions too unwieldly to control in Incognito Mode

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Both AdBlock and Ad”block”plus spawn a new window for a new tab in not-incognito to edit options.  AdBlock resource list similarly spawns a new window for a new tab to show resource list.

problem with adblock in chrome incognito oh too bad now fight with another window of tabs

oh would you like to save a draft?

oh would you like to save an outlook webmail draft too bad resource viewing is such masochism


vs adBLOCKedge in firefox ‘show blockable items’ opens a pane in whichever tab one employs whether privacy mode or not.


anti adblock canary callback loopback proxy filtering power adblock edge blockable items pane

outlook live mail adcontrol begone

microsoft outlook xmpp texting


antiadblock callback canary?  Proxomitron to the rescue (or privoxy if you prefer).



all hail Scott R Lemonn (591-54-5805) for proxomitron questionable life choices aside

all hail Scott R Lemonn for proxomitron

ad”block”plus still defaults to forcing unacceptable ads  (ticking the unchecked box shown below)




anyway “incognito” still doesn’t bother to sandbox ALL plug-in generated local content (like flash SOL)


Some great must have blocks

||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^
||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||

we don’t need no geolocation

wladimir palant Eyeo Adblocksomepluswhitelistmore default allow UNacceptable ads

August 8, 2014

paypal sees fit to strip needless www host prefix sometimes internally but not primary face?

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This paypalobject

/* URL Plugin Config (prop36) + Domain Period Logic*/
s.siteID=s.siteID.replace(new RegExp(/^www\./i),""); //remove www prefix


strips away ‘www’.  hooray! hooray?  Then why does force redirect to for visitors?  Are tracking logs to be clean but the public use sullied? does the same switcheroo to  yet the above code is

Copyright 1996-2011 Adobe,






August 7, 2014

lowes rape policy private no more

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Privacy?  It’s far too nebulous to define much like slavery or genocide.  Everyone should have a unique or personal understanding and be happy?

Lowes policy on in store rape while wifi employed is about as private as simlar abuse of [potential] customers:


If you foolishly install lowes mobile app without root and XPrivacy [PDroid or equivalent] Lowes employed you are “opting” to receive PUSH spamvertising




thanks wordpress for saving that draft.   4000 characters follow:


ooops?  Try again?  Well whatever.

in the moment of the posting a flickering link of a backup of the post as distinct from draft but whisked away to extant-no-more-landia as unsubstantial post is committed?   oh thank you so much!  revision count = 2?   uh, no.


 lowes never stop improving customer rights

 “Never Stop Improving unless its privacy rights




August 2, 2014

we don’t need no geolocation: add location wordpress button begone!

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For simple click removal (hiding) of unwanted interweb items [firefox]:

HackTheWeb — requires Stylish

Element Hiding Helper for adBLOCK edge



Of the extensions of the nefarious evil EyeO corporation by megalomaniac wladimir palant the only one  which can be trusted anymore is Element Hiding Helper.  Fortunately it plays nicely with evil-removed adBLOCK edge, a BLOCKing fork of ad”block” “plus”.



July 17, 2014

make use of african kettle? color propriety and the high pot


adblock extensions killing the scammers’ interweb unlimited source of victims fantasy?


This screenshot taken with “open blockable items” pane of AdBlock Edge expanded upward to show all blocked items on the “content” article deriding adblocking:

cerfing the interweb without adblocking is more foolishly self damaging than it is naive must adblock always interweb

( temporarily enabled while attempting to register: blocked by default.  Before whitelisted a suggestion is sent to webmaster encouraging locally caching tools to avoid privacy raping visitors.  Google, an ad platform, hopes their tools are loaded as third party modules all the better to track and repeatedly rape you dearies)


Not that there was much to read of the ‘article’.  Without adblocking enabled the page had not finished rendering in well over 12 minutes.  It hanged on s.ytimg and googletagservices.  Not adblocking foolish?  My oh my yes.  How did I not adblock while avoiding injury?  Alternative connectivity.

Make use of is not interested in new registrations that fail to provide them raping privacy revenue:

^ disabled.   get edjumakated:


The blathering is concentrated in the unqualified declaration:

sites are paid for displaying them either per-click or, in some cases, via a flat monthly fee


And HOW precisely does that function?  The author prefers willful ignorance as do most insisting they have presented an argument (they haven’t).

“you owe me”

No, I don’t.

Article relies on self evident falsehood:

but without ad revenues, there’d be nothing to read

Wrong!  How did the interweb funciton prior to the first scumbag advertiser?  (not all advertisers are scumbags)

Yes, johnny, the interweb predated privacy raping!  There weren’t hoards of imbeciles.  As with joining any other society one approaches with hesitation and respect as it is joining. One participates respectfully with civility.  Forum moderation is nearly dead with selfish indifference cancer.


Free lunch is real.

I have something to offer to those who sought it.  I expect nothing in return.

  • My interweb participation is CHARITABLE.
  • I came to GIVE.
  • I shall continue to GIVE.
  • Obviously I shall not give as much or even at all if/when I am not self sufficient.
  • I must care for myself and mine first.  This is NOT greed.
  • Inordinate self interest is greed.
  • Self interest is duty to myself and God.


If you do not want your content in the public sphere………  drum roll ……. don’t put it in the public sphere.  Protect it with BasicAuth (do use your interweb search skills) or other PayWall.

“but I want my site in the public sphere to be seen and complain when people see it because it is a not-public thing I am offering in public [insert other inanity]”


So close to illumination…

It’s obvious that without revenue to support quality content, that content will disappear

Yes, I covered that already; See above outline:  “If/when I am not self sufficient”.

Also true

the world will be worse off because of it

Yes, when there are fewer charitable people building the interest the world will be ‘worse off’.  It certainly isn’t better with profiteering by raping privacy rogues.


No honest exchange to be had there on their question:

If advertisements disappeared from all sites today, this is what would become of the web. [?]

It would improve in quality and dignity.  There would be free market to select winners for micropayment systems.  Much like the content I purchase now through a variety of platforms.  When it stops being of value to me I discontinue purchasing.  Sites will no longer treat viewers as chattle; raping privacy will cease.  Society will codify laws creating just consequence for raping privacy all the more lurid when the victims are minor — already unable to contract.

The irrational- and willfully ignorant are not exclusively proponents of privacy raping they are occasionally consumers

if people who want to see quality content on the web at no charge

People with righteous expectations of consuming content produced by the interweb charitable?  They’re not irrational.  Is the author creatively describing content piracy?

Piracy: not providing just compensation.

In the proper interweb model of charity there is no piracy concern.

If in the author’s construction there are no longer third party ads on the interweb…  when this obvious obviousnesses of logic is intentionally ignored…. ah, yes, we having a blathering ‘article’ insisting adblocking is evil and the interweb has always been such a way that it had never been ad nausea.

How about another bite of irrationalberry pie?

So long as Google and Microsoft remain powerful companies with great influence over how people view the Internet, advertising will remain the primary means of generating revenue.


They are?  That is some masterful control.  Care to explain how that works?  A clockwork orange setup while we sleep?

The irlogic is ilrefutable!

 say no to blocking ads [and embrace endless privacy rape]

Someone needs to take a refresher course on the mechanics of power.   adBlock is my NO to assent to be profoundly violated.

I am not a pirate.


see also:  Defective Business Model Syndrome


afterdawn cluein archive Defective Business Model Syndrome



Knowingly [willfully ignorant] injuring others for profit is wrong.  If you believe the contrary would you make an argument in favor of child slavery or other human trafficking?



July 12, 2014

microsoft PrivAd ™ willfully ignorant of prime profiteering: privacy rape

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This kludge is not much unlike the angry black racist’s paid interest physics.  Adding 39 dimensions … silliness.

It’s in the user best interest to inflict ads on herself?

Privad represents an argument that highly-targeted practical online advertising, and good user-privacy are not mutually exclusive.

Yes, they absolutely are.  Targeting requires privacy rape.

The key distinction, however, is that in Privad the task of profiling the user, and targeting and serving ads is outsourced to a client running on the user’s computer.

Which is all fine until ads are requested.

The dealer is the key to privacy in Privad. All communication between the client and the broker is proxied anonymously by the dealer. The dealer is run by an organization that is itself untrusted with user profile information, but is nevertheless unlikely to collude with the broker.

The ChairmanObama tactic: redefine away problems.  Why is dealer untrusted?  Surely that matters with sacrosanct privacy? “Unlikely” to behave untrustworthily for profit?  No, they’d never create their own moral universe for even more profit at your expense.

since all messages between the client and broker are encrypted

NSA metadata anyone?

 Unfortunately, when clients are hidden from the broker, the broker is less able to protect itself against click-fraud. Therefore, the dealer also helps the broker defend against click-fraud, but in a way that preserves user privacy.

phase I: deal
phase II: mrumphmumble
phase III: profit!

Shared key crypto?  Before paying for “cloud” file services boasting industry thisnthat encryption one need ask, “Can my content be decrypted under valid subpoena?”.  If yes then your content is not usefully encrypted.


microsoft lip serves ads with rhetorical privacy as changing nothing incurs no cost


  1. user privacy is important
  2. we “protect” user privacy (when it doesn’t interfere with any profit)
  3. our privacy policy is subject to change at any time without any notice

“Feel” better yet?





June 27, 2014

roku activation without [risk of fraudulent billing] providing financial instrument

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see also:  roku3 remote codes 

To step 3 has been added a subtle option to "skip" adding financial instrument

roku activation without financial instrument risk of fraud

 roku with no payment method without CS masochism

There is no [simple] adblocking for roku. 

If you don't mind the malware mindset of roku app ecosystem there is fecklessness for you to address yourself.   Return your roku in favor of Amazon Fire TV (rooted + xbmc + XPosed Framework + XPrivacy + AdAway + Llama)

adblocking on Fire TV is easy.

free: no costs

apps showing ads:  NOT-free

"not-free" is not a kind of free: it is the opposite of free

a roku channel with a pre-roll ad is NOT-free.

I use a roku for ONE subscription I purchased prior to roku.  Unforuntanely roku takes a HUGE slice of profit from the provider.  When the kinks are removed from the xbMC hd video plug-in on the server side I'll shelf the roku.

June 11, 2014

most pathetic multilevel marketing site ever? since 1999?

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MLM kept popping up in search results.. must adjust track me not

This MLM promises more of that: that that is hidden in the usual that enabling over $300 of profit annually out of your very own pocket!

That stars with a retro “designed” cutting edge of corners 1990s interweb place:

8bit PNG screenshot pathetic mlm



Become an affiliate of MLM.  Use the strategy of tireless work for more out of pocket mlm profit

MLM suggest mind bending effort required as affiliate using strategy of endless work for more out of pocket profit for mlm PNG8


You know there is money changing hands when it is an “actual business” backed by “stories from real people” and verifiable proof page that is always 404.







May 9, 2014

malware RootMetrics Cell Phone Coverage Map: admob adware

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rootmetrics is adware not freeware cell phone coverage map vs freeware sensorly




<configs platform=”android client-name=”CoverageMap config-version=”1.0 current-client-version=”2.4.0 notify-update=”true>
<config-update timeout=”259200>
<document-upload-payload min=”50 max=”100/>
<signal-strength-range min=”-120 max=”-50/>
<zoom min=”3 max=”16>
<hex-stats min=”12/>
<map-stats min=”11/>
<map-settings min=”4/>


April 16, 2014

The Blaze privacy hypocrisy : third party loads extracting profit via privacy rape

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The Blaze touts, email respecting user privacy, with some smtp naivete, yet their namesake domain loads all this junk

TheBlaze privacy hypocrisy

youtardtube video? really?  Why not vidmeo less evil or neutral the archive?


January 1, 2014 & gross intellectual dishonesty about Privacy Rape fees

Filed under: AdNoyances,BULLSHIT,Counter Intelligence,DARPA,interweb,privacy rape — Sagacious Himself @ 2:06 pm gross intellectual dishonesty


There.  The admission these parasites are abusing “free”: they know they’re extracting payment from you.

The ends justify the means:  profit at  your expense, or blood money.  This is the opposite of capitalism: wherein both parties win in the transaction.

You are being charged: privacy rape the fee.

free != not-free

. :  Dishonest Megalomania Association :  half truths about ads




December 28, 2013

:( ups trade-ups

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Customer cannot trade in UPSs for any single or multiple UPSs of lesser value (VA) than the combined VA of all units traded in.


October 9, 2013

another malware pushing malware enterprise like opencandy malware: bunndle malware

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For those who make sport of such

bunndle is malware victimizing foss through adware

bunndle is malware

Ah right, so basically it started life as malware, and was flagged by the AV ppl and you were forced to change your software to be less intrusive. Forgive me for not wanting to trust a company like that.

“OpenCandy was never flagged as malware” — opencandy shill

First hand knowledge: yes, it was.

September 3, 2013

users request Informed-Consent to opt-in to ad”block” plusads ACCEPTABLE PRIVACY RAPE to palatant’s eyeo bank account ads pay VIG

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ad”block” plus-ads forum: Acceptable Ads should be off by default

 Ask away during installation if we want to turn it on, and explain why we would want it on. But have it off by default. “AdBlock Edge”, an add-on which does just that, is what I replaced ABP with just now. I am just saying, if you want AdBlock Plus to be the first choice for people who like having ads blocked, it should do what it says all the time..


 If we ask users to enable this feature then most of them won’t do it

Unfortunately users won’t make the choice most profitable to Wladimir Palant which is apparently palant-unacceptable. How long until the “opt” out toggle does nothing other than visually toggle?


via wilderssecurity ad”block” plus-ads mafia

“acceptable” ads must pay a VIG  (vigorish, charge to show ads) SHOWS “better” ads THROUGH ad”block” plus-ads: SHOWS ads so surfers THROUGH adblockplus

all while touting “choice” — the same “choice” you made to “opt” into this feature by installing ad”block” plus-ads

Adblock Plus lets you block all unwanted ads

Unless of course ALL ADS ARE UNWANTED.   At they know you WANT palant-acceptable ads.  How could you not with his stellar integrity of megalomania choice-enforcement? claims 80% of ADP users like being bitch-slapped into compliance. has the same DEFECTIVE grasp of the English word “free”:  the COST.

PRIVACY RAPE ads are “acceptable” ads:  acceptable rape

The VERY reason to block ads is to NOT allow privacy rape by small set of third party servers.   It is NEVER acceptable to harm others for profit.

Showing third party ads IS NOT a business model.


saga cious * him self



July 27, 2013

“opt” out of ongoing harm?

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Which is likely the larger group:

Those who would prefer to “opt out” of being beaten to death.

Those who would prefer not have someone ever start beating them to death.

yes, harming people AS profit is vile.


May 18, 2013

chrome – adblock extensions – ads = proximodo ; chrome store to follow android play adware store

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or google inspires proxomitron privoxy resurgence with more browser inanity

evilGoogle remove adblocking extensions from their malware market citing silly rules?  Want to foolishly continue using chrome (instead of less creepy chromium)? But also not have your privacy raped on the alter of amoral profit?

You need:

Loopback Proxy
(duckduckgo search: loopback proxy adblock)


A wee piece of software through which all your interweb traffic flows that strips out undesirable “content” leaving your a safe, happy interweb experience


These inspired adblocking extensions IN browser.  These are NOT subject to abusing interweb coding OR detection.

Privoxy is linux- and mac friendly. For android there’s already AdAway

There are several forums dedicated to supporting adblocking enthusiasts.  We all miss & CatleCops

proxomitron is a local web-filtering proxy, written by Scott R. Lemmon.  The beauty of this program lies in its flexibility.  It reads in instructions – called “filters” – which tell it what to do with web documents. — sidiki

if you enjoy selective enforcement you likely love ChairmanO unamericanisms.


April 26, 2013

making suck less for a friend

disclaimer:  I use ZERO google properties.  I don’t patronize the privacy rape as profit business model hence tolerating some ad block false positives.  Used from friends’ laptop & connection.  When I enable courtesy guest wifi it blocks google properties too.



subscription blocking

disabled: @@||^






April 22, 2013

stupid paypal policy willy nilly LIMITED flagging changes unintended consquences: expect sharp rise in identity theft and related crimes

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The decision tree used by both paypal and google wallet to flag an account as LIMITED requiring subsequent verification of your identity have several absurd assumptions and the ‘shocker’:   law-breakers will continue to break laws no matter how many more laws are passed on the subject

Those people will do what they want to do.  Add Limited + ID verification “plan” will cause casual ID borrowing or motivate outright ID theft (and concomitant financial/credit theft)


Paypal ‘agreement’ continues to be summarizable as:

paypal is the sole arbiter of truth [especially when it’s not and you waive all your rights or otherwise agree to the same]


Verification seems easy,

But the arbitrary ‘logic’ for flagging an account LIMITED adds  user security risk and needless annoyance to casual user who doesn’t want a paypal account

then you’ll find paypal asking for documents security experts say to NEVER provide via the interweb, fax, email.  Don’t do it: don’t send paypa or other interweb site l scans of your passport, don’t send  paypal or other interweb site scans of your state id.

burning bald eagle at both ends

More silly ID laws passed also assume everyone in the creation/verification chain are well adjusted, honorable people.  Law breakers will find other law breakers in this chain and then ENTIRE INTENT of system FOILED AGAIN.


E Pluribus Plures?

congress was designed for ‘gridlock’ or SLOW changes and not intended to be a full time occupation


Also remember sheeple:  ALWAYS opt-out of binding arbitration after allowing yourself to be pressured into signing binding arbitration agreement.  Must be within 29 days postmarked AND written on paper.

December 19, 2012 rapes PNG images

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From Imgur upgrade propaganda (read as: protection money)

With standard accounts, images over 1 MB will be compressed until they are less than 1 MB.

grrrreat.. still no good alternative to imageshack.  I “get to” use alternative image upload as I disallow evil crap from rendering.

December 17, 2012

ridding one’s self of nasty right column mostly via Stylish or similar CSS goodness

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This is not the best solution but it works for now

@namespace url(;
@-moz-document domain("") {

    ReadingPaneContainer, ReadingPaneContainerNoActionBar, sc
    {width: 110%  !important;}


October 24, 2012

bookmarkified: essential chromium extensions

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adblockforchrome :: I use it to create new rules.  I subscribe to no third party filter lists.

adblockplus for chromium :: it is deficient for creating new blocks or element selection

essential adblock filters oddly not in all lists:


blocking video ads in chromium requires a web proxy or other upstream filtration

loopback proxy:


September 28, 2012 : combines chromium Inspector and UserStyle type power on the fly tinkering with pages

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chromium extension awesomeness

less elegantly 

see also

DEA mwahaha

September 27, 2012

contacting CBS interactive

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send appropriate REF

Ask about their “United”Nations style privacy policy: we respect your privacy until we don’t
Chris Ender

Senior Vice President, Communications, CBS Television


Phil Gonzales

Senior Vice President, Communications


Kelli Raftery

Vice President, Communications



Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i

Vice President, Diversity & Communications


Mallory Mason

Media Relations Coordinator


Robert Winsor

Senior Vice President, Broadcast Publicity


CBS Corporation
Strategic Sourcing

contact CBS Corporation’s non-management directors, you may:
send an e-mail to:

Investor Relations

51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

At CBS, supplier diversity is a cornerstone of Company policy and a key part of our ongoing business strategy.

The Impact of Creating a Colorful Network by Cloteal L Horne
B.F.A Theatre Major/ African-American studies
(because white studies would be racist)

 I looked around the room and made eye contact with the other two minorities in the room

no hint of racism..

 I was impressed that a major network would make it their propagative to diversify.

And fantastic black grammar.

We live in a mosaic nation comprised of individuals from distinct backgrounds. The time has come for our stages and screens to both recognize and reflect this.

oh grand, more separatism

As young artist entering into the industry and person of color

Gotta have that color plug to end racism.

Emma L. Bowen Foundation was created in 1989 to prepare minority youth for careers in the media industry.

White youth need not apply.



43 megs of Green Fascism :

^ page 6: pictures of trees

They ensure that character portrayals are sensitive to current ethnic, religious, sexual and other significant social concerns.

more faggotry promotion! blech




August 1, 2012

not a tard or twit? microsoft deems you more likely a spammer?! outlook “logic” in the second decade of the new millenium

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Tags: , , , antispam adds whitelist weight to email addresses used at “social” datamining sites.  Are you wise enough to avoid the folly of volunteering time to ad server profiling?  Then might punish you for sending email.

grrrrreat plan


November 10, 2011

yahoo privacy policy: viewing equals consent? adblocking only opt out option?

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I see… or rather opt not to see via adblocking [AdAway]

Yahoo! does not provide any personal information to the advertiser when you interact with or view a targeted ad. However, by interacting with or viewing an ad you are consenting to the possibility that the advertiser will make the assumption that you meet the targeting criteria used to display the ad.


coming soon to a blog I own near you soon:

comparison matrix of yahoo privacy policies by int’l domain/region


[ | ]

October 31, 2011

English LBE Security Master for android now available (outside market) formerly LBE Privacy Guard

edit 2014:  XPrivacy Pro is still the most mature solution.  Another XPosed Framework plug-in is worth observing in development: DonkeyGuard — as it will allow user choice spoofing of requested data.  Also consider installing:  UnbelovedHosts and many other defim plug-ins, LuckyPatcher (remove adware only), Llama (or Tasker), LightFlow (or Xposed led options).  [I do neither encourage- nor condone piracy].   “But my android device… selinux|bootloader”… yeah it’s time to consider buying out of contract, too, for user-liberty (oppo [no cdma]).


edit 2013: better yet:  XPrivacy extension of XPosed framework for android


edit: a MUCH better, more elegant solution is the PDroid patch


Ask your ROM builder to bake-in PDroid.  There are PDroid aditions and versions for ICS.  It will likely be ported to EVERY subsequent versison of android.


MY hardware, MY data: MY terms.


If you had been in contact with LBE developers prior to this release you should have received notification directly from LBE. 😉

English LBE Privacy Guard has received MUCH much more than a face lift.

Download English LBE Security Master [lite]

Version mismatch?  English LBE Security Master lite is version 2.0.x whereas Chinese LBE Security Master is version 2.1.x

Hopefully LBE has the wisdom to sell the full version outside the market, also.  Secure information shared with google [stored on google] is NOT secure.


There is an rom alternative to LBE Security Master [lite] by WhisperCore:

WhisperCore provides selective persmissions in a way that doesn’t take apps by surprise. Instead of denying access to resources, each permission revoked by a user creates a “private resource” for that application. So if an application requests the phone’s unique identifier, it will still get an identifier, but it will be a privacy-protected identifier generated specifically for that application. A different application with the same revoked permission would get a separate identifier, and an application without the revoked permission would get the real phone identifier.

Unfortunately WhisperSystem’s WhisperCore  does not support ALL android phones like LBE.


Another alternative to LBE Security Master LITE is pffmod


Ultimate permissions management, spoof ID / fake data, is possible with cyanogenmod,5677

Apply a little peer pressure to effect a change in favor of the hardware/data owners!


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October 27, 2011

new English version of LBE Privacy Guard available Halloween? Renamed to LBE Security Master

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edit 2014:  better alternatives to LBE

edit: a MUCH better, more elegant solution is the PDroid patch

Ask your ROM builder to bake-in PDroid.  There are PDroid aditions and versions for ICS.  It will likely be ported to EVERY subsequent versison of android.  MY hardware, MY data: MY terms.

English LBE Security Master lite from LBE now available


I have been using the new LBE Security Master in Chinese.  With the exception of a few features all the functionality can be intuited based on prior app experience.

[insert: LBE PG backgrounder]

New to this version is a name change.  This better than fantastic app has been dubbed LBE Security Master.  The Guard icon is a dial whereas the Master icon is a shield.  Go figure.

While denial of permissions is an option I much prefer playing integrity challenged applications at their own game: data poisoning.

I had been working on a screen shot based tutorial but it seems that will be of little value for the Chinese-only upgrade as the English version of LBE Security Master (version 2.1.x) will be available Halloween or possibly All Souls Day.  Chinese APK.

I am hoping in addition to unique id spoofing [UDID] LBE Privacy Guard data services will also be able to spoof MAC addresses and spoof non-radio IMEI/MEID.

New must-have features include:

  • new permissions visualization,
  • bandwidth monitoring per app (a starred feature req of DroidWall)
  • battery preservation,
  • communication filtering [some twits label this sms firewall]
  • fractional functionality for non-root users

Missing is finer grained control of permissions.   Some permissions such as send SMS, receive SMS are grouped into one tickbox.  GPS location and network location are deemed one permission.   ‘Get TASKS’, a permission abused by google maps, seems to be MIA as well.

The new Chinese version of LBE Privacy Guard is fully functional under Cyanogenmod 7: good news for users of non-stable releases of CM7 who are unable to use the current English version. While garbage collection frequency has been a blight for some using cm4dx the dev cm4dx-gb has almost entirely addressed the problem; LBE Security Master can increase garbage collection frequency at user request.

Keep an eye on the LBE Security Master change log and LBE dev blog for more speculation fodder.  Though big fans of QQ they are not big on XMPP.


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September 19, 2011

google flash block detector?

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or or experience a demo

This library does not interfere with, or try to counteract, any Flash blocking extensions. It simply tells you whether a blocker is active on your page. Note: if the user has a Flash blocker but has whitelisted your site, the library will (correctly) say that Flash is not blocked.

Because some Flash blockers are not instantaneous, this library inserts some dummy Flash objects into the page and then waits for up to 5 seconds to see if they get blocked.

yeah, and now it’s blocked with AdBlock Plus.  Spying over.

pages load less slowly with more crap blocked.  google, the champion of text ads, takes notices and deploys flashblock detector?



found in the wild on


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