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January 21, 2009

cheat myspace games – tormenting myspace devs :P

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No scripting knowledge required


Firefox (preferably version 2) ((MAC))

adblock plus with all three EasyLists


a free CoScripter account (ibm)


Since most myspace appgames” are played at mouse addicted to pleasure button level the entire process can be automated with CoScripter.  Login, start CoScripter for game, loop until happy while getting a can of Jolt.  Cheating at myspace games has never been easier.

I share this with you to torment the ‘people’ at myspace, and to see how the arms race unfolds, but mostly for my S/E amusement.

There are other choices for running macros but this will be the most destructive productive




October 31, 2007

Simple hack to view PRIVATE myspace comments updated how to make myspace suck a little less with firefox adblockplus greasemonkey stylish userscripts noscript and some stuff

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with simple updates to the featured greasemonkey userscript it’s fully functional.  thought required.

updated: Jan 21, 2008

April 1, 2007

how to use myspace at school from blocked block blocking firewall network filter bypass

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myspace at school from lab

January 24, 2007

revised downloading mp3s from myspace music

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The Sagacious Himself SWF cache method

load firefox ( )

load myspace musician‘s page

clear firefox cache

find url in source that starts as…

OR use Live HTTP headers to fish it out

load the whole gobbledegook url into a new tab

start song

let “cache” finish…. this will unfortunately take about as long as it does to play entire song

open firefox profile cache folder (below assumes XP. consult for yous OS path)


or whatever is defined for “browser.cache.disk.parent_directory” in user.js in profile

find cache file between 1- and 15 megs. This is the mp3 you want. It will most likely be the largest, most recently modified file.

— alternatively enter about:cache?device=disk into location bar, look for the entry with the largest data size, click it, and file on disk will reveal the filename and location. PLUS while your token is valid you can click the URL labeled key and download the mp3 to your defined download path. It still has a funky name, but it’s “ready to play”.

it will likely resemble:*.mp3?…

— or if you are especially lazy install Cache Viewer, load cache viewer, search for mp3, double click (or r-click save-as) ..

copy to appropriately named mp3 in suitable location


repeat for each song you want. the SWF url will expire. reload musician’s page in firefox, extract new SWF url, paste to new tab, click song, repeat

works. testest. retested. happy enough

please obey laws unless you have an opportunity to screw with verizon or toshiba

P.S. I am not a myspacer – it uses the worst of the least of technologies poorly. Using a DEA I created a myspace account that I have since not touched. Triviality of trivialities.

090202 still? really?

August 27, 2006

Simple hack to view PRIVATE myspace comments

easily view myspace features obscured by pathetisad profile page “design” while protecting yourself from myspace insecurity, evil ads, rogue profiles, etc etc

FIRST STEP myspace people: STOP using internet explorer. why?

SECOND STEP myspace people: get free Mozilla Firefox, install it, and ONLY EVER use firefox web browser NEVER EVER internet explorer again


THIRD STEP myspace people: get free AdBlock Plus for Firefox plus three EasyLists

interacting with the noscript developer is about as appealing as a walk through the forest of central park in new york at 3am

FOURTH STEP myspace peoplee: get NoScript and RequestPolicy for firefox  subjective reality de damned this is being not subjugated to false reality so your profile is less likely to be deleted. allow “”

FIFTH STEP: get GreaseMonkey and this UserScript [x] now you’ll have a little grey box top right on every profile with direct links to items like photos, comments, etc.  Optionally get Stylish then browse to make myspace appearance less garish.

IMPORTANT: do NOT surf the web in an admin context.  Is your windows user in the administrators group? that’s bad.  Create a new, ‘limited’ user for web surfing to be ‘safe’.  XP: Start, settings, control panel, user accounts.

… if you have downgraded to Windows 7 then, masochist, enjoy that.


yod iha mogu

I don’t use google products; this includes gmail.  Would you pay to be raped and mugged?  Of course not.  Don’t use google stuff.. with the exception of Iron, a fork of a google evil plan.

March 27 2008: userscript updates available… all features working again.. updates available only by request

March 30 updates:

update: optional SIXTH STEP: learn how to check your webmail with thunderbird, or auto check for new mail with Webmail Notifier in firefox

[ ]

cheat myspace games

updated 090205

updated 091015 mwahaha

updated 091219 privilege context

updated 100102 RequestPolicy & Stylish & pixels .. slowing heating the water

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