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September 6, 2012

LinuxWacom Kernel Driver .. adapt Wacom SERIAL tablet to Ubuntu/Mint

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oooh ahhhh


& “protocol IV” devices


much USB-serial adapter shopping awaits.. again.  ‘yay’


February 12, 2012

ubuntu updating java DIY oracle or sun alternative to OpenJDK

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sun java 6 or oracle java 7 for unbuntu via local repository for those stuck with software developed by those averse to OpenJDK

built on debian scripts

The joy of building with the elegant simplicity of others’ scripting labor

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April 7, 2011

Schily cdrtools makes ubuntu burning not suck

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Ubuntu CD/DVD burning exclusively-successful with Schily CDRecord:


CDRecord by schily or NOT AT ALL

cd /usr/bin
sudo rm wodim
sudo ln -s cdrecord wodim
sudo rm genisoimage
sudo ln -s mkisofs genisoimage
sudo ln -s readcd readom

wodim trauma:

wodim, genisoimage, mkisofs, growisofs, cdrkit, cdrtools, cdrecord, ubuntu,

or from source:

quote on

Important information: Linux- breaks CD/DVD writing for suid root applications

If you have related problems, use a recent original cdrecord and install cdrecord suid-root

Warning: do not use Debian binaries/sources as they include many Debian specific bugs and still do not run correctly on Linux-2.6

Be careful with cdrecord derivates/forks from Debian, Debian seems to ignore the new constraints for
SCSI pass through on Linux-2.6. As a result, that they still incorrectly believe that it is possible
to use SCSI pass through as non-root on Linux-2.6, they created a cdrecord variant that tries to hide
the problems instead of dealing with the problems.

The Debian fork is based on an extremely outdated version of cdrtools.
The Debian fork of cdecord did rip off DVD support for no reason and
the mkisofs version distributed by Debian misses find(1) support, correct file meta data support
and the UDF enhancements as well as useful UTF-8 support is missing.

An original recent cdrecord is the preferred software.

Cdrecord supports DVD+-R and DVD+-RW with all known DVD-writers on all UNIX-like OS and on Win32.
DVD writing support is implemented in cdrecord since march 1998. Cdrecord writes DVD media similar to CD media.
Here is the place from where you may download the cdrtools source packages that include cderecord-ProDVD.

Important Information:

Both RedHat and SuSE started to publish the bastardized and defective variants of cdrtools from Debian in their distributions.
If you have problems on RedHat or SuSE systems, first fetch a recent original cdrtools source, compile it yourself
and run the original instead of broken software that illegally claims to be cdrecord.

Vortrag DVD-Brennen bei den LinuxInfoTagen (29.6.2003) BeLUG

Yamaha DiskT@2 is supported since Sept. 1 2002 (cdrtools-1.11a32). Here are some images from a user: Image-1   Image-2

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