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April 20, 2020

This is free catharsis.

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what irritates me is channeled into a post.

April 1, 2020

the FIRST submission of moralphobia to wiktionary is correct

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correct moralphobia definition is first edit in wiktionary


January 3, 2020

contact experiment

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xmpp. omemo required



January 1, 2020

known good XMPP servers

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Not all gratis services are created equal.  Once you’ve talked your sheeple into XMPP be sure their app onboarding recommends something ‘good’ if they are too cheap for the domain.




Since conversations compliance server no longer shares.

July 31, 2018

two step wordpress security farce

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Nothing says secure like sms, huh?


WordPress offers jabber notifications. Why is there no jabber 2FA?

There is no sms facility on my phones. All other frippery removed as well.

When will you cease being technology ingrates?

step 1 tell us your mobile number so we can correlate your id to your account for your mafia style protection


step 2 is now irrelevant


why cannot step 1 be tOTP token configuration? Github gets this right.


January 30, 2018

sexual deviants’ tyranny is tiresome

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Do you have one or more Y chromosomes?  You are male.  Otherwise you are female.  Science.


[deviant] Ex-[queer] and sex-change regret testimonies mounting

or: failure to promulgate is NOT hatred && NOT fear.

public support failing demonstrably via Urban Dictionary: evolutionary dead end

homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end





June 20, 2020

sex gender logical clarity

Haploid Y chromosome is determinate.  This is VERY simple.

0 = female.  >0 = male. 

There is no room for opinion.  Everything else is moralphobia.  “Established science” is not a thing.

antiscience rantsexophilism well refuted:

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DNS filter

platforms other than firetv





white for firetv

black amazon — because when not voice searching there is still frequent traffic — ibid
firefox on amazontv – because apparently firefox likes to run always


For my DNS filtering needs I use NextDNS and pfBlockerNG


Unfortunately the nice people who maintain Tasker no longer like money all that much as they require gapps to purchase.

Zero android device I use has gapps. the first live trump 2020 06 20 rally for freedom




May 14, 2020

is firefox “protecting” you from enabling master password? restore expected firefox 76 master profile functionality without creepy local OS authentication

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Do NOT use any profile of firefox without using ghack’s privacy-enabling user.js profile file. Despite mozilla org lamentations on the state of privacy while boasting their respect of your privacy it is soooper evident they don’t.



For this you’ll need to know how to use Firefox Profile Manager.  You can (and should) partition browsing better than containers with multiple profiles.  Edit your firefox link with these additional switches   (linux, windows, macos)

–no-remote -P

The first switch is a double dash. It allows multiple instances to run each with a profile.  The second switch is a BIG P. You don’t want a small p. It opens the interactive profile picker.

To open the profile directory without knowing where it is open the Firefox Help menu, Troubleshooting information, click 2nd Open Folder.  Alternately browse to about:support

Two options: clear or dirty.  It’s likely most people will want dirty.

Option 1, clean

  1. create a new profile
  2. backup your primary profile fileset: right click, create new 7z archive. Backup.
  3. launch new profile, exit
  4. delete all the new profile files
  5. downgrade to firefox v74
  6. create a copy of these 4 files:
    1. cert9.db
    2. key4.db
    3. pkcs11.txt
    4. logins.json
  7. copy them into empty new profile directory
  8. copy ghack’s user.js into profile directory
  9. launch profile
  10. enable Master password
  11. delete first copy of 4 files
  12. backup new 4 files for easier reuse new profiles
  13. upgrade firefox
  14. launch new profile
  15. import bookmarks from prior profile
  16. add back essential adblock extensions, and minimize extension bloat

Option 2, dirty

Edit your firefox link with these additional switches   (linux, windows, macos)

–no-remote -P –allow-downgrade

  1. backup your primary profile fileset: right click, and create new 7z archive
    1. store 7z file outside/above a mozilla directory
    2. backup
  2. downgrade to firefox v74
  3. launch profile
  4. enable master password, set password
  5. exit profile
  6. upgrade firefox
  7. copy ghack’s user.js into profile directory
  8. launch new profile


Profile manager necessity

Not for dirty option strictly.  Embrace your new power

Firefox STILL uses absolute file paths for a number of features.  Copying those files between directories (profiles) is no end of fun to correct.

older versions of firefox

for newer MacOS you want this one
for 64bit windows you want this one
for x64 linuxes self sufficiency is assumed
these are locality en-US.  Change directory yourself to suit

DoH firefox

Now configure DNS over HTTPS in firefox for poweruser adblocking, reducing page loading time, increasing prviacy.  Use both DNS filtering and browser level extension (uBlock Origin, Privacy Possum, Temporary Containers, Multi-Account Containers, Decentral Eyes)

  • Settings
  • General
  • (at bottom)
  • Network settings
  • [check] Enable DNS over HTTPs
  • [check] custom
  • paste server address
  • Compete their steps 6 & 7 on


DoH quick configure


Currently the default of NextDNS is not-ablocking.  After creating your free account – which is free in the Traditional Sense of the word free – then

  • open their tab security: [check] block parked domains, [check] block newly registered
  • open their tab privacy: click add block list: choose ‘nextdns recommended’, choose ‘’.  If windows also choose ‘WindowsSpyBlocker’, and enable ‘Native Tracking Protection’.  If MacOS add ‘Native Tracking Protection’.
  • [check] enable disguised tracking protection.  it’s a step closer to ASN level adblocking.
  • open their settings page: [UNcheck] block page
  • [check] enable logs until you are happy with your blacklist, whitelist, and spoof rules, or if you want to keep pretty graphs


future of adblocking

must return to hybridized DNS, privoxy, deeper internets functions like ASN blocking.  The great firefox nightly security features need not bloat the interweb browser.  They need to live in an external proxy.  All hail privoxy.



webmail adblock

If  you are whoring your privacy for “free” webmail also install Webmail Ad Blocker (maintained by a magical thinking radical progressive with an ironic affection for being paid for his work).  It is a great mix of userscript and css.  I have not raked through its source recently so your privacy value mileage might vary.


remove sham extensions

If you are using Ad”block” Plus by deceitful, untrustworthy Wladimir Palant immediately uninstall that sellout’s garbage then install uBlock Origin.  Ad”Block” Plus by default enables a global whitelist to unblock ads.  This is the opposite purpose of adblocking.  His description of the functionality is deceitful.  He is untrustworthy for having it default always to ON.  He collects money from advertisers for placement on his whitelist.  That’s super scummy.


ram whore

I leave session manager enabled.  When firefox resource use rises to unacceptable levels I end-task, relaunch profile, and restore some/all session.  This is inane, but essential.  38% cpu and 2.4gigs ram?  No.  Force end. Relaunch. Yay.


DNS over HTTPS and adblocking extensions are unrelated to the crux of this article but helpful to privacy which is hand in glove with security.


April 28, 2020

her yahoo mail account is whinging about adblocking all while ZERO consideration from corporation Privacy Raping her. Morally unacceptable to request whitelisting: stop injuring users for profit

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her yahoo is whinging about adblocking corporation still not understanding privacy raping her is morally unacceptable to requirest whitelisting



April 25, 2020

youtube alternatives without Thought Policing . say NO to censorship

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now is a great time to signup with a VPN privacy service like ($100/2yr),, mulvad, NordVPN ($125/3yr).  For best speeds pick WireGuard options.

April 23, 2020

blog author photo of innumerable years removed by wordpress Thought Police

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It was a photoshopped version of Karl Marx, not the father of socialism, which has FAILED EVERYWHERE it has been tried.  After THC day, 4/20/2020 the avatar had been removed.

#bioweaponTyranny is spreading .  #Event201 planners thought the take over would have been more challenging.  Be good little bitches and stay home.

Find the original image at far left column holding a Rubik’s Cube.




April 21, 2020

aytu bioscience virus ultraviolet (UV-A) HeaLight being studied as potential covid19 treatment & california doctors advocate end of lockdown with DATA

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ENGLEWOOD, CO / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2020 / Aytu BioScience, Inc. (NASDAQ:AYTU) (the “Company”), a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on commercializing novel products that address significant patient needs announced today that it has signed an exclusive worldwide license from Cedars-Sinai to develop and commercialize the Healight Platform Technology (“Healight”). This medical device technology platform, discovered and developed by scientists at Cedars-Sinai, is being studied as a potential first-in-class treatment for coronavirus and other respiratory infections.

HeaLight UVA ultraviolet light known to kill many bacteria and viruses investors hope it will treat covid19 by killing sars-cov2


A light via a novel endotracheal medical device. Pre-clinical findings indicate the technology’s significant impact on eradicating a wide range of viruses and bacteria, inclusive of coronavirus. The data have been the basis of discussions with the FDA for a near-term path to enable human use for the potential treatment of coronavirus in intubated patients in the intensive care unit (ICU)

#DefundWHO #DefundUN #Bioweapon #ReopenAmerica #Event201 #fabiansociety

Kern County doctors recommend ending unconstitutional lockdown by virtue of real data vs failed models

california kern county doctor argues science shows covid19 data no longer warrants lockdown get america back to work and liberty vs dark agenda without tinfoil hattery


Banned video?  Not WHO approved.  Our purported-overlords are choosing Preferred Truthiness for us all.  Stop them.

XMPP with OMEMO is censorship-proofed


It’s a sellers market for firearms.

subscribe to or watch only their live segment via PlutoTV funded by ads falsely described as free.  I prefer to pay costs with money.  The ads can be blocked if you’re smarter than a doorknob.

subscribe to for their videos or listen to them free – free in the classical use of the word


April 20, 2020

more useful than msLSD

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If you like tessellated patterns this will be soothing

msLSD in large doses has effect like soma now read Brave New World

Don’t let Event 201 be the end of our republic.  Stop taking the soma or the lsd.



April 19, 2020

Rick and Morty s04e06 watch

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Campaign success

rick sanchez ZFS usenet kodi rick and morty s04e06

There will be a new episode Sunday, May 3 at 8.30pm PST


Watch as it airs, or as long as you pay for TV or the channel grab it from usenet without pesky interstitial commercials.


freeNAS certified ZFS servers


ZFS is the only choice. fools use raid5





April 17, 2020

moralphobic Amazon Prime Video Direct policies promulgate antiscience transexophilism. Transexophile lies propagandized

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page 3 weapons policy is not as absurd as the hypocrisy of their moralphobia

amazon video moralphobia transgender antiscience nonsense

Click to access PVD-Graphic-Assets-Guide.pdf


you could be earning as much as $0.12/hour/viewer

amazon prime video pays as much as twelve pennies per hour per viewer



April 15, 2020

StraightPride emoji

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It’s time for one to push back on moralphobic emoji and transexophilists

Submit your art and proposals.  While you wait add a magnetic straight pride decal to your car.  It is anathema to use adhesive on a car’s surface.

straightpride emoji suitable for magnetic car application to silence the moralphoes and transexphilists

April 13, 2020

how to get more Rick and Morty episodes

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step1: pick any company from this list as they are all owned by the guy behind the show

step2: use that site contact to request (or demand) more programming

step3: profit!



here’s one, , number 3 on that list

Los Angeles, CA
941 N. Highland
+1 (323) 460-6096

ingenuity studios can make more rick and morty episodes simply ask them daily

Are they ignoring your email?  Use their employment application form to submit fake people all demanding more episodes:

apply as Rick Sanchez to motivate making more Rick and Morty episodes




Here’s another Green Portal Productions shell company from that list

(323) 461-8815 1015 N Fairfax Ave West Hollywood, CA 90046



rick and morty s04e06 watch success







April 11, 2020

Even Bill Mahr has edges of libertarianism

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political ‘correctness’ is intellectual tyranny


April 10, 2020

home oppression: it was too easy to crush civil liberties

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Listen to snowden as a start

and then subscribe to with promo code blaze30 for $69


Accidental virus will embolden the Chinese and our other enemies to pursue bioweapons to subdue the American population.

Google and facebook volunteer READYMADE platforms to bring Chinese oppression framework to the United States of America

#deletegoogle #deletesms


April 9, 2020

positive news from the cape during sars-cov2 lockdown

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Shame on you other news organizations propagandizing evils

positive news brings smiles in civil liberties lockdown panic response to virus

This.  This is community.  This is worthy of news coverage.


April 7, 2020

Mastodon attracts radically intolerant, close minded, hate-spewing, magical thinking bigots

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Still not worth using Mastodon.  The majority of users have a high preference for talking to themselves tolerating only others who will provide the same self-validation for themselves.

hate spewing bigots in their safe spaces of collective cowardice


The benefits of talking to others comes largely from people different to one’s self.

April 6, 2020

fox nation on firetv incompatible with wired setup

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  • Get 4K firetv stick for bargain
  • use draconian measures to block ads to protect Privacy Rights
  • bridge wired ethernet to usb
  • setup firetv stick without wifi
  • install fox nation app
  • enter subscription credentials
  • can view what largely passes for content should you enjoy ceaseless palavering
  • someone confirms a fox nation app update
  • “Please check your wi-fi settings and try again”
  • cannot use purchased content


Thanks, Fox Nation, that was a hoot.

  • contact fox nation tech support
  • play several rounds of fox responds without reading ticket
  • degrade grammar and vocabulary to sixth grade level
  • play several more vexatious rounds
  • cancel fox nation subscription
  • contact American Express for full refund


The app would start, throw up a 75% opacity grey overlay error informing me their app developers are lazy and retarded:

No Internet Connection
Could not connect to the network.
Please check your Wi-Fi settigns and try again

Riight, but traffic logged for the device demonstrates there is both resource resolution and traffic  — as through the overlay can be seen video, and the audio is unimpeded.

So check only the wifi interface?  Good plan.




I block all unwanted images from the firetv with a false positive incurring blocklist except the occasional self programming banner.  Free video with ads apps are now actually free :P.  I can block some of the screensaver ad spots.  There are no more pre-roll videos.



April 3, 2020

Amazon Community Management finds this review is entirely acceptable:

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useless review will not be removed



No, really, here is their reply:

amazon community management entirely worthless

Take a moment to email Community Management to verify this inanity yourself:


Now keep in mind this LOW LOW LOOOOW bar when Communities emails you about an real review you have written informing you it could not be published for violation of super vague guidelines above.  Perhaps link to this review, or others I’ll simply be highlighting for this purpose.



April 2, 2020

sugar microneedles invoke immune response. PittCoVacc alternative covid19 vaccine from SARS research

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That’s why it’s important to fund vaccine research. You never know where the next pandemic will come from.”

sugar jab patch immune covid19 vaccine alternative university pittsburg PittCoVaccpittcovacc patch vaccine sugar covid19 sarscov2

It trains the immune system to recognize the S-protein spikes

coronavirus structure covid19 sarscov2

This design will have no objections from antivaccers: no “scary” preservatives. Hundreds of tiny needles, no metal, no thimerisol, no worries.

Kids like stickers.  This is a cross between sticker and tattoo.


snippet of pittvacc upmc article hey who get out of chinas pocket

March 31, 2020

not sick don’t need mask? why are hospital staff wearing them?

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Hello?  Sure, people are dumb, but let’s not lie.

I have a set of 3M faceshields and P100 bayonet filters.  This is not a hoard issue.  I acquired them in 2019.  I like overkill.

hoarding bad. I put my trust in Jesus.

Yeah, an intelligent theist.  Shocking.


March 29, 2020

blazetv blacklist whitelist

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$69/year is a reasonable cost since the gross reduction of content despite increase of shows.  And then they try to shows ads in the app.





don’t blacklist

My blacklist is aggressive – and wider than this – it WILL break things.  I don’t use anything google so I don’t care what it breaks.  All these are wildcard.  domain.tld is treated as *.domain.tld

blazetv “upgraded” app is more annoying.  Shame shame.



March 26, 2020

civil liberties die in [false] “emergency”. Intellectual tyranny begins actual tyranny. Stop passively tolerating authoritarianism for convenience. BigData BigBrother has been here and he wants more.

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As the oldguard dies in our intelligence communities the ethos of sacrosanct privacy dies with them along with traditional social skills, Christian sensibilities, and self moderation

be afraid.  the state is here to “help” you

civil liberties die as we stay at home time for proprivacy laws to protect our rights unwaivable stop PrivacyRaping PrivacyRape.

Silence signifies consent

You won’t like the PROGRESS to TYRANNT

March 15, 2020

April 22. One week until Tire Burning Day: build up your carbon footprint to win. Thicker is better

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protest earth day of green totalitarianism by making your carbon footprint wider or thicker.

“Carbon footprint” is as meaningless as other green jargon, or progressive newspeak.  Therefore is means what I want it to mean.

If you really loved the Earth more than your individual humanity you would murder yourself right now, hypocrite.

Nuclear energy is the energy we all deserve with the added bonuses of:

  • unlimited low cost water for everyone.  no more manufactured droughts
  • unlimited PERFECT recycling.  return plastic to the source materials
  • lower cost of living for everyone for generations to come



March 12, 2020

scientifical perpetual tesla turbine: green “workers” of the world unite!

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free energy for the world?  green wet dream?  math fueled delusions?  No, this isn’t dark matter.

how can I haz one?  simply pay absurd money for a book proving nothing, and an exobitant fee to attend an annual conference of other scientificallists and you can be one step closer to nowhere!

green energy is as real as perpetual tesla turbine lol


But wait.. there’s more “math”


^ copy entire text to interweb browser address bar to decode, save as video.torrent.  Download.  View. Shudder.

[this is easier now than when I MYSELF FIRST used a blog to host files uuencoded]

Green sciencing!



March 10, 2020

Clinton Foundation anxiety management advice: sexually assault a lower power woman in your office

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blill clinton shoots himself in the head with the finger he used to assault dozens of women

“Over the years I’ve watched [Monica Lewinsky] try to get a normal life”

Bill Clinton

March 9, 2020

by continuing you agree?

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No, I don’t.

this is not how a contract is executed

By continuing to read this site you agree to dismember yourself before the next sunset.

This is not how a contract is executed.

March 7, 2020

wow. Paul M Smith photography captures red sprites in 4k from the docks of Oklahoma

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March 5, 2020

abortion doctors uncomfortable with medical expectations. supreme court

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do no harm oath antithetical to abortion. pro life is pro science. pro abortion is antiscience

Abortion is once again before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Oral arguments start today in the case of June Medical Services v. Russo, touching on abortion legislation in Louisiana, but with the possibility of affecting similar state laws around the country.

Abortion providers are challenging a 2014 state law requiring them to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

And, they argue, it could eliminate abortion access throughout the state.

Ellie Schilling is a lawyer with Lift Louisiana, which advocates for abortion.

Ellie Schilling: “If this law were to go into effect, it would really have a devastating impact on abortion access in Louisiana.”

Hospitals tend to be reluctant to provide such access to abortionists because of the attention and stigma it would bring.

March 3, 2020

Nancy Pelosi, purveyor of infanticide on demand, had this to say about defending children

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nancy pelosi throws out right to life of smallest weakest people. pelosi is a bad intersectionalist




My whole message is about children. Anybody who hurts children — I’m a lioness. Watch out




nancy pelosi murders children with her gavel. she is a bad person and a worse Catholic

Pelosi Seppuku is overdue.

#ShameOnNancy #ShameNancy #PelosiExcommunicated

weigel feb 2019

” her relentlessly pro-abortion politics put her in serious difficulties as a Catholic, which was his obligation as a pastor. He also underscored — for Pelosi, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Barbara Mikulski, Rose DeLauro, Kathleen Sebelius, and everyone else — that the Church’s opposition to the taking of innocent human life, at any stage of the human journey, is not some weird Catholic hocus-pocus; it’s a first principle of justice than can be known by reason. It is a ‘requirement of the natural moral law’ — that is, the moral truths we can know by thinking about what is right and what is wrong — to defend the inviolability of innocent human life. You don’t have to believe in papal primacy to know that; you don’t have do believe in seven sacraments, or the episcopal structure of the Church, or the divinity of Christ, to know that. You don’t even have to believe in God to know that. You only have to be a morally serious human being, willing to work through a moral argument — which, of course, means being the kind of person who understands that moral truth cannot be reduced to questions of feminist political correctness or partisan political advantage.”


Since the Magisterium (church leadership) has become filled with homopredators and cowards you likely aren’t familiar with the Cannon of Suggestions Cannon Law

CCC 915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.



February 29, 2020

ebay search fail

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My Size 69mm condoms cannot be replaced with rubber bands

not the purple wrapper My Size

My StumbleUpon categories live on beyond my interest in using the platform

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