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November 22, 2008

FFdshow logoaway image templates wanted – Shape XY logo image for TV station watermarks

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logoaway blur modes are nice, but it’d be great if someone not-me made available sets of Shape XY logo images for use with logoaway FFDshow (CCCP et al)


Sure it would depend on release group.. errr PVR settings for video dimensions to an extent, but ready made would be convenient for hypocritically “green” logos.


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December 22, 2007

tv writers on strike? yeah so what? the internet is my DVR

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I’ve tried netflix. But forget them. They never gave me “as many movies as I wanted”. I’m not interested in paying for as many movies as netflix deems me worthy to receive. I now get as many movies as I want, with not only no late fees, but no pesky returns, and no annoying processing- or waiting list.

hahahaha I win

My internet DVR is great for TV episodes, too

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September 28, 2007

Colbert Report commercial free ….

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on my media center. yup, love me my XBMC

the interweb is my PVR

oh, on iTunes, too? neato. But I prefer free-free commercial-free

plus XBMC makes it easier to catch what’s underneath the Colbert Desk

Xecuter3CE plus XBMC plus NAS and some other fun expensive toys

(bottom right)

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