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April 17, 2020

moralphobic Amazon Prime Video Direct policies promulgate antiscience transexophilism. Transexophile lies propagandized

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page 3 weapons policy is not as absurd as the hypocrisy of their moralphobia

amazon video moralphobia transgender antiscience nonsense

Click to access PVD-Graphic-Assets-Guide.pdf


you could be earning as much as $0.12/hour/viewer

amazon prime video pays as much as twelve pennies per hour per viewer



April 10, 2020

home oppression: it was too easy to crush civil liberties

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Listen to snowden as a start

and then subscribe to with promo code blaze30 for $69


Accidental virus will embolden the Chinese and our other enemies to pursue bioweapons to subdue the American population.

Google and facebook volunteer READYMADE platforms to bring Chinese oppression framework to the United States of America

#deletegoogle #deletesms


March 26, 2020

civil liberties die in [false] “emergency”. Intellectual tyranny begins actual tyranny. Stop passively tolerating authoritarianism for convenience. BigData BigBrother has been here and he wants more.

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As the oldguard dies in our intelligence communities the ethos of sacrosanct privacy dies with them along with traditional social skills, Christian sensibilities, and self moderation

be afraid.  the state is here to “help” you

civil liberties die as we stay at home time for proprivacy laws to protect our rights unwaivable stop PrivacyRaping PrivacyRape.

Silence signifies consent

You won’t like the PROGRESS to TYRANNT

March 15, 2020

April 22. One week until Tire Burning Day: build up your carbon footprint to win. Thicker is better

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protest earth day of green totalitarianism by making your carbon footprint wider or thicker.

“Carbon footprint” is as meaningless as other green jargon, or progressive newspeak.  Therefore is means what I want it to mean.

If you really loved the Earth more than your individual humanity you would murder yourself right now, hypocrite.

Nuclear energy is the energy we all deserve with the added bonuses of:

  • unlimited low cost water for everyone.  no more manufactured droughts
  • unlimited PERFECT recycling.  return plastic to the source materials
  • lower cost of living for everyone for generations to come



March 10, 2020

Clinton Foundation anxiety management advice: sexually assault a lower power woman in your office

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blill clinton shoots himself in the head with the finger he used to assault dozens of women

“Over the years I’ve watched [Monica Lewinsky] try to get a normal life”

Bill Clinton

March 3, 2020

Nancy Pelosi, purveyor of infanticide on demand, had this to say about defending children

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nancy pelosi throws out right to life of smallest weakest people. pelosi is a bad intersectionalist




My whole message is about children. Anybody who hurts children — I’m a lioness. Watch out




nancy pelosi murders children with her gavel. she is a bad person and a worse Catholic

Pelosi Seppuku is overdue.

#ShameOnNancy #ShameNancy #PelosiExcommunicated

weigel feb 2019

” her relentlessly pro-abortion politics put her in serious difficulties as a Catholic, which was his obligation as a pastor. He also underscored — for Pelosi, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Barbara Mikulski, Rose DeLauro, Kathleen Sebelius, and everyone else — that the Church’s opposition to the taking of innocent human life, at any stage of the human journey, is not some weird Catholic hocus-pocus; it’s a first principle of justice than can be known by reason. It is a ‘requirement of the natural moral law’ — that is, the moral truths we can know by thinking about what is right and what is wrong — to defend the inviolability of innocent human life. You don’t have to believe in papal primacy to know that; you don’t have do believe in seven sacraments, or the episcopal structure of the Church, or the divinity of Christ, to know that. You don’t even have to believe in God to know that. You only have to be a morally serious human being, willing to work through a moral argument — which, of course, means being the kind of person who understands that moral truth cannot be reduced to questions of feminist political correctness or partisan political advantage.”


Since the Magisterium (church leadership) has become filled with homopredators and cowards you likely aren’t familiar with the Cannon of Suggestions Cannon Law

CCC 915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.



February 21, 2020

bidnisms in quotes

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watch offline with youtube-dl


listless biden

“The fact of the fact is…”  not all Biden-facts are true

“no surprise billing…” because coverage denied

“a fact of violation every people have” is stop and frisk









[ kill them all mikey BLOO-statist-berg ]

kill it mikey

“give people the right to live. that’s the basis of everything” (except children.. “kill it”)

“we gotta do something about criminal justice”








[ SIEG HEIL elizabeth whining warren ]

sieg heil elizabeth warren

“I do think”.  do you though?

“willful ignorance day by day by day” is the essence of warren’s platform








Bern Constitution 2020 destroy the pursuit of happiness with a vote for socialism







[ Club Bitch are Amy klobuchar ]

no clue bitch are amy klobuchar






[ queer guy no straight shooter ]

scandalizing american youth with queer kissing pete






Get extra woken terminally

wokey wokey from your mary jane naptime












February 4, 2020

nancy pelosi 2020 state of the union didn’t have her coffin to drive nails into instead ripping trump speech in half protesting goodness

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Yes, Nancy, hate America, hate Americans’ strength and success.  Will you be slamming your shoe on a desk next?

Shame on nancy

pelosi coffin


#dontsayhashtag #tagdelimeterissilent


February 3, 2020

moralphobic pete wins iowa?

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Traitor to midwest values this alphabet “man” plans continued palavering.



September 27, 2019

malfeasance in office: fake impeachment of trump. Convict pelosi, remove from office

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Advocates of fake impeachment of Trump need be indicted for malfeasance in office, convicted with their own respective public actions, and removed from office.

The Right is both failing in this rhetorical battle in the war on Objective  Truth and in defense of justice.

Squelch the rising banana republic with the rule of law.

Progressivism: our way by any means or else

Seems much like the Muslims?

The Saracen Invasion of the Republic must be thwarted again!


July 17, 2019

F-Droid FOSS adroid repo infested with snowflakes and hateful SJW. they are now mean bad people to shun

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Intellectual Totalitarianism now rules at F-Droid where the worst kinds of human rights abuses are tolerated: making some people more equal than other people, harassing those dissenting from one world perversions, hurting those who simply disagree.  Are you a fan of Western Civilization?  Christian ethos?  Justice and righteousness?  Your ilk is no longer welcome.

Open arms for moralphobes, degenerates, cretins, and pedophiles at F-Droid.

Melt all snowflakes.

Fork them hard.


June 23, 2019

ICE breaks up ZERO families: crime breaks up families

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Don’t invade America if you don’t want to be deported and banned from citizenship.

I am in favor of lethal force to stop invasion.

Treat all captured invaders as enemy combatants.  No trials.

Deport 100% of invader’s and their families.  Remove anchor baby concept.


April 23, 2019

TEDMED doctor transparency as a tool to politically manipulate or punish those who fail to promulgate moralphobia

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Why is this doctor not disclosing her agenda as the preface to her presentation?


March 4, 2019

Green New Deal: apply to the gravy train

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It’s the same kind of deal the coward John Kerry penned with the nuclear Iranians:  do whatever you like and we’ll give you money.

Remember: math is a racist contrivance of the west to facilitate colonialism and knowledge unicentric totalizing


February 13, 2019

walls: impossible to walk through. cross? be killed justifiably

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Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó has explained how Hungary slashed illegal immigration by building strong border barriers

Hungary cut invasion (unsanctioned travel of non citizens into the country circumventing the law, a felony itself) by 99% with physical barriers as The Donald has promised

walls mark borders

“We consider border protection as an obligation of the state, because it is an obligation of the state to ensure the security of the country and the security of the people,” the Hungarian explained, describing how Prime Minister Viktor Orbán resolved the crisis by rapidly constructing and then steadily reinforcing a series of layered border barriers.”

Hundreds of thousands surged across Hungary’s southern frontier — one of the EU’s external borders — trampling farmers’ crops and stealing food from vegetable patches and greenhouses. Some later turned out to be Islamic terrorists, including over ten of the jihadists involved in the Bataclan massacre in Paris.

“It was terrible, there were 400,000 [invaders] violating our border, and violation of a border means disrespect towards a country,” Mr Szijjártó told Breitbart’s Amanda House.


I myself prefer we also employ lethal force as other countries do:

cross border: die

Let the pile of bodies dissuade the illiterate/narcissist hoard.  No wall required.


September 7, 2018

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has not much INFLUNCE on the Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings

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Next time hire better INFLUNKIES  or take a more active INFLUNCENTIAL role in the hiring process of your interns.




February 26, 2015

re-educating kids through “gaming” near oregon trail boredom level furthers World Domination through lies and Covert World Genocide

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Those mean spirited jews not allowing the pedophile prophet’s rage mongers in to complete their world domination quest must be eradicated through proper tolerance diminishment!

anti-israel from fictitious country perspective

jerusalem must allow pedophile prophet hatemongers in by enacting open borders for fairness of slaughter

ask your commie core re-education center to spend The People’s money on this glamorous child conditioning tool today!

“one [socialism re-education] laptop per [brainwashed] child” initiative needs more “games” like this!  Please let wealthy progrevisist strangers hook your children with sugar.

“he Sugar user interface differs from traditional user interfaces in that it is based on both cognitive and social constructivism.”

Why force kids to learn truth when you can allow for peer truthiness?  Why not allow them to pursue their own truthinesses on their own terms?

Remember they want children to be healthy — those children deemed to exist.  The rest will be slaughtered with free- or low cost abortion, but the SUPER majority will be covertly murdered with FALSE LABEL “contra”ception which servers to prevent VISIBLE-pregnancy from continuing.

Then when internets becomes a public good utility childrens can become social awareness enforcers through Wrath of Khan Academy

(While Khan has some good mathiness lessons there is too much progressivism taint to allow solo child consumption)

Know Kahn through his friends.

And, yes, continue to pursue as laid out by The Peoples Cube, “guaranteed equality of results”

“Equity in healthcare is about ensuring equal treatment of individuals or of groups. “

False, komrade, false.  Your equity in health services is about spending towards equal results despite reality.  This endless cost will server to level the playing field of bank accounts: let us all suffer with nothing together * except wealthy overlords who must administer fairness!

Good OLPC Health Sciences topics include such gems as

OLPC Health Science of Prejudice : fairness = feeling.  having an uniformed opinion [like most manmadeglobalwarming cultists.  Global Warming without the sun is prejudice.  This prejudice must stop!  Raise taxes to cool the sun!!]

actual image used to depict religious prejudice by OLPC

OLPC Health Science of Kissing : directions with pictures, kissing to know if someone is a friend, and dangers

OLPC Health Science of Unlearning to Tease others : come to the dark side let your feeling govern you to obedient tolerance

OLPC Health Science of Being Happy:  take pleasure from the world, enjoy relationships, try new things with others, shun those not obediently tolerant, be happy to be happy, be tolerant to be happy, be yourself no matter what.  Embrace circular reasoning:

“The dictionary says that happiness is the state of being happy”

OLPC Health Science of Conflict Resolution :  listen to other’s feeling, purposely experience other’s feelings, take turns feeling, reassert others statements, somehow find solution! Feelings are never wrong!! If you feel the other person is wrong your feelings are wrong!

OLPC Health Science of “Rights” and “Responsibilities” :

“Our rights are what every human being deserves”

No.  That is justice.  And if one is well educated one would greatly prefer not-justice but mercy.

This list of “rights” is fantastic:

Everyone has the “right” to have safety
Everyone has the “right” to have education
Everyone has the “right” to have home
Everyone has the “right” to have shelter
Everyone has the “right” to have warmth
Everyone has the “right” to have food
Everyone has the “right” to have clothing
Everyone has the “right” to have personal space
Everyone has the right to have freedom of speech
Everyone has the right to have to be different
Everyone has the right to have to feel comfortable

This list makes me feel uncomfortable.

One world goverment monitoring package basis

Population number reduction [“population assistance”] is apparently off track for 2015

too many children are being born to the wrong type of parents in the world.  Money must be raised further to assist Covert World Genocide.

To manage the sheeple of the world we need German made population maps of World Domination,

World Overlords wish donated monies be free from ethical constraints

alignment of donors to world domination

While we offer “alignment strategies” we are frustrated your alignment does not match the progressism master domination plan!


The Globalization lie is necessary, “The globalized world sweeps away regulation and undermines local and national politics, just as the consolidation of the nation state swept away local economies, dialects, cultures and political forms. Globalization creates new markets and wealth, even as it causes widespread suffering, disorder, and unrest.”  Naturally the Right People must manage everyone’s affairs for Social Justiceness


Obey the Giant Ass!

Obey the Giant Ass


November 2, 2014

common corpse geometry homework 141031

common corpse mcgraw geometry homework higher order thinking


mmm assumptions





flogging to common standards

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These wretches need be flogged according to a standard we can all appreciate for their counterproductive work on this high school “geometry” textbook:


high_school_CommonCore_geometry_textbook_authors_who_must_be_flogged_to_a_standard_1 high_school_CommonCore_geometry_textbook_authors_who_must_be_flogged_to_a_standard_2 high_school_CommonCore_geometry_textbook_authors_who_must_be_flogged_to_a_standard_3 high_school_CommonCore_geometry_textbook_authors_who_must_be_flogged_to_a_standard_4


Glencoe Geometry :


contact the irresponsible parties at

email irresponsible people at mcgraw hill com  (

McGraw profiting at the expense of children 


this abomination is not an improvement over Euclid’s Elements….. $0


September 25, 2014

colbert is right we should be using Neutrino weapons against isil: “secret bad guy bomb”

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Kill all the bad guys and their electronics (cable tv) while leaving all the oil wells and sturdy infrastructure.

neutrinos for isil justice deserved by ottoman empire allah not akbar

We should be paid for our world security in oil to reduce the cost at the pump despite half the cost now being taxes


September 10, 2014

ISIS ISIL not islamic? But plans to effect sharia in a not islamic way? The Islamic State is Islamic.. shocking truisms!

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The caliphate exists to effect sharia suggestions which is essentially islamic.  ISIS is to be known through its effects:  islamic.

islamic state caliphate flag of freedom to become a slave to the false god allah not-akbar

I’ll parse the entire speech highlighting the logical contradictions and entertaining contingencies to be met before chairman obama will act.

‘ISIL’ is islamic; ISIS is islamic

The flag of oppression is best when aflame

isil flag best when alight in flames like those tempted to damnation following demonically inspired islam


“convert to islam or [I’ll murder you]”?  No.  Stop slaughtering dissenters, especially genocide of Christians.



July 20, 2014

moralphobia vs homophobia: wiki* “rationale” & ‘bias’

An article in screenshots

wikipedia moralphobia entry deleted by moralphobes






wikipedia homophobia entry defended by moralphobes





Ah tolerance of the wantonly queer and their fandom.


44,000 uses.  is moralphobia ‘notable’ now?


moralphobia 44,000 uses now wikipedia notable




Original wiktionary definition (via history tab) albeit a bit sloppy until second case application 



contratheism, a term brought into existence by Sagacious Himself, is notable too.

wiktionary moralphobia


moralphobia (uncountable)

  1. irrational fear of Natural Law, or the rule of conduct which is prescribed to us by the Creator in the constitution of the nature with which He has endowed us.
    ‘Having inflicted moralphobia upon herself, she was prone to irrational utterances, rage outbursts, and other misjudgements when confronted with her moral turpitude.
  1. state experienced by those who willfully indulge depraved appetites



versioning of subjective truth when there is only queer truth





vs urbandictionary


urbandictionary correct definition of moralphobia

urban dictionary moralphobia moralphobe

July 19, 2014

we will neither: comply nor conform

For now the movie, We will not conform, plays at all respectable theaters July 22.  See it once before endorsing it by bringing others to it yourself.

[we will not conform to evil agency]

we will not conform to evil agency




Fandango charges a $2 per ticket “convenience” fee.  Charging me more is not convenient for me.  Is it for you?


2 dollar liberty


Paypal each of your two dollarses to:  until you no longer have any two dollars


July 11, 2014

subjectively extant IRS emails, a subset of subjective reality; there for one inquirer existentially impaired for congressional inquiry

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IRS emails, a topic for the ‘science’ promulgated by some physicists: both extant and non extant in the same way at the same time in the same place.  If your weight is higher than your IQ this might seem plausible.

Hegelianism has long since been roundly refuted as has perverse-liberalism


July 1, 2014

“stop making me hurt you,” President says to congress [the people]

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yes, it’s the people’s fault the president is morally fractured or intellectually deviant and therefore acceptable to hurt the people by acting without power hopeying the downstream agents shall be complicit with his defective will.

how do you like your hopey tyrant changey now?


June 18, 2014

progressivism re-education via video game for teens aflateen digital demonics aflatoun

learn about “rights” and social “responsibility” with graphics promoting The Fisters ™, Wanton Queers ™, and stealing private property to coercively distribute to progressive sheep who lust for it,aflateen.html

“Youth and Change: be an agent of change today”

aflateen Fisters for changiness

aflateen progressivism re-education teen gaming wantonly queer


digital aflateen is in your tubes



how many degrees of separation from american taxpayers?



UN Convention on the Rights of the Child based and in support of the Millennium Development Goals

manipulating societies with “contra”ception lies and provisions which sadly the catholic church inadvertantly backs through adoption of COMIn Core



be re-educated about “limited” resources and why it’s better to have no shelter or light,cure-runners-a-game-about-financial-literacy.html


It helps kids and is only slightly evil!!  Who wouldn’t want to help kids and infect them with evil?



read vague platitudes about the curriculum but at no time may you view it not much unlike common core


The photo for “child rights” is a muslimese madrasa



try some light re-education


Be trained dyanetics style  (scientology)

satanic model focus on feeling and experience instead of reasoning and judgment or aristotelian intuition @TheBlaze


The satanic teaching model:  feelings first


Feel like perusing the material?  Nope, you cannot, that’s the aflatoun way!


aflatoun video for you to brainwash others into believing this child harm ought spread

You’ll have to manually mine the other steps as they’re not hyperlinked

As is typical of satanic hubris these wretches cannot help but ooze out details in videos and internal documents

It must be a great program being implemented in so many fascist countries!


Find other trained re-educators:

files are only available when logged in… and verified satanic complicit

aflatoun files only available to brainwashed

hey, look, another muslimese fan!  It’s probably a coincidence



Between 2011 and 2016, the Aflateen curriculum will be piloted and, ultimately, scaled in 50 countries.


how to get this  live into schools….. oh, yeah, Commie Core has paved the way

So many great supporting enetities:

One is left to wonder why so many are mega banks..

Ensuring “assets” exceed liabilities via third world country “investment”.  WHEN those “assets” fail there will “necessarily” be more bailouts, more money printing, and more inflationary profit.  It’s an IMF-win-win.  [“asset” ~= loan]

banks increasing false assets to exceed liabilities to vampire inflation


And now for some documents.. tedious evil paper to death documents

aflatoun five common core elements to subvert world youth to evil agenda 22



Five Core Elements which you might term Common Core Elements… yup, the subtlety of satanic hubris


Foundation Orange is here to help with aflatoun


Be ready to wait as the webserver doesn’t want more than one simultaneous downloads [sic]

useful idiots academy


[common] Core Element 3 desired attitude inflicted on children

I value an appropriate use of natural and financial resources

Children are not taught about fiat money, inflation,  or that debt is not an asset

I understand the concept of money and how basic
financial tools and systems work

2013 report [aflateen_secretariat_midterm_evaluation_2013_final_report-vol-1.pdf]

Apart from saving money, Aflateen participants were encouraged to save other resources such
as electricity, water, etc. In one school, a number of teachers were part of the savings

Does aflatoun provide unlimited batteries to save that electricity?  Big cauldrons for water?

The planet does NOT need to be “saved”.

Save us from evil- and useful idiots

Next, in March, we sought to: summarize the case studies, approaches, models or platforms
that were reviewed, to flag the features of the selected approach (Gamification), to review gaps
or challenges. The approaches that were reviewed included:
 Learning Management System (LMS) – such as Moodle and Blackboard
 Skype in the classroom|
 iEarn |
 Ashoka’s Youth Venture |
 Facebook |
 Learning about living
 Gamification with Mozilla (introduced by Butterfly Works)
 Coursesera |

target 50,000 registered for re-programming by 2016

common core aflatoun target 50000 registered by 2016

The Chinese partner included a number of additional sections to the
Aflateen curriculum – such as
“Management and Rational Use of Living Expenses”

Because you certainly cannot be considered rational if your expenses are not in line with party objectives

Table 16 aflateen recommendations

Partners want more pressure applied at various levels of government to ease evil integration

common core partners expressed interest in greater pressure applied to governments


A glimmer of failure [aflateen_secretariat_midterm_evaluation_2013_final_report-vol-1.pdf, page 67]

“. We also mentioned the importance of documenting
this effort as the literature is weak in terms of practical examples.”


4.6 Big Picture — this section contained no big picture, no overview, nothing with meat

page 75 aflateen admits it has no evidence of successiness

Although there are some interesting patterns between social and financial outcomes in
Aflateen, as a pilot programme the relationships between the five core components cannot
yet be empirically verified. Documenting the interaction effects among the components will
help understand how the intervention works. There is need to continue looking into how
these interactions function among youth going, especially through research on mediators
and moderators.


page 76 “the art of the nudge

Langlois, M.; Blanchet-Cohen, N. & Beer, N. 2013. The art of the nudge: Five practices in developmental
evaluation. The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation 27(2): 39-59.

involved persons in Core5 the internationalized flavor of Common Core

authority to change core propaganda Auma O of ISS and unicef and aloy

dr. Auma Okwany
Academic Staff Unit
International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
Erasmus University Rotterdam


T: +31 70 4260578
Room: 4.38

Core5 and Common Core… documents and sites likely to become existentially challenged


Common Core curriculum

I-SS Teachers, submit your feedback on Curriculum Guides here:
Elementary               Middle               High

won’t you please give them some feedback?


Core5 reading


American history section 1.02

Objective 1.02: Analyze the political
freedoms available to the following
groups prior to 1820: women, wage
earners, landless farmers, American
Indians, African Americans, and
other ethnic groups.


skill target

How did the distribution of political
and economic power reflect the
social structure and geographic
diversity of the Federalist Era?


section 1.08

How is the U.S. Constitution a
document subject to change and


section 1.07 bill of rights activity at no point urges comprehension of content

Students create a
foldable which
summarizes each
amendment and the
historical reasons why it
was included in the Bill
of Rights .


slavery and religion giving no airtime to THE religious writings of the time

common core revisionist hisory of slavery preparing students to pay reparations

To what extent did differing
opinions on slavery, as well as the
institution’s expansion become a
deciding factor in instituting a Civil

To what extent was slavery the
primary cause of the Civil War?

Vested interest in not discussing debt- or the want to spend others’ money before the Civil War.


Common Core ISS wiki

The state teaching sexuality without its moral context



5th grade:

Beginning with the female reproductive system, call
out a part and ask who has the matching card. Ask the student holding the correct card to
stand next to the correct student to create pairs consisting of a body part and its function or


7th Grade, Objective 7.03

Click to access 7.03condoms.pdf

As a group, discuss the appropriate steps to use a condom. As a group, discuss the appropriate steps to use a condom.

Now that you have learned about condom effectiveness, let’s create an advertisement for
condoms that will encourage someone who is thinking about sexually activity to engage in safer
sex. Using the template for your ads (Appendix 3) or creating your own

Objective 7.03, Appendix 5

Have Intercourse


 Would you like an extra helping of evil with that?

evil named aflouton child brainwashing program




other great egyptian rags had this to say about the program’s namesake

Her family is of the bourgeoisie class and through the early part of her life she was living like many of that class, sheltered and detached from the Egyptian society.

 She was being mentored by the Egyptian artist Kamel El-Telmesany, who had later confessed to her that at first he was not very eager to teach a girl from the bourgeoisie class

Aflatoun was imprisoned for four years during the era of Gamal Abdel Nasser for her involvement in the communist movement.

muslimese propagandizing against western civilization

In 1944 she joined the communist movement Eskra and started learning Arabic in what she called a rigorous process towards getting in touch with her Egyptian roots and identity.


The above article does not abide by its own code: does not abide by its own code

All hail satan’s unicef? no

via the progressive marxist’s “art”:


pray for the peace of Christ


April 24, 2014

humble bundle weekly tegTV charity morally-impaired, donate to excommunicate yourself facilitating abortion

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humble bundle DirectRelief charity donors excommunicate themselves facilitating abortions through wrongly named contra ception

Teva’s ParaGard®, an intrauterine copper “contraceptive”: relies upon Abortifacient Potential to prevent conception from continuing to VISIBLE pregnancy

Donating to this charity facilitates abortion thereby excommunicating yourself whether or not your are willfully ignorant

Teva’s other use to excommunication products:

value orgasm about conceived childs new life willfull ignorance beyond perversity


Queer agenda confesses contratheism and progressives profess annihilation

While researching indie game backers- and charities to “friends of the earth” [hallmark of irrationality] too cowardly to personally embrace the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

From Humble Bundle to Child’s Play charity:

From Child’s Play Charity platinum sponsor Project for “Awesome”:

From Project of “Awesome” featured project Friends of the Earth:—friends-of-the-earth ,,

From Friends of the Earth’s fallacious 6 “reasons” to eat less meat:

From “reason” 5 of 6 “reasons” to eat less meat specious claim livestock produce 15% climate changing gases:

…. Fork 1 to “United” Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) plan to increase regulation globally within evil self espoused world control through  genetic manipulation initially of plants and food-animals, asset seizure (cannot re-distribute something not distributed) and abolish property rights and life rights to make man: suffer alone, in the dark, cold, hungry, and fearful.  Cross reference satanic objectives.  Progressive solutions where no problem existed.

Urgent need for collective and global action

  • Global action involving all sector stakeholders is urgently required to design and implement cost-effective and equitable mitigation strategies, and to set up the necessary supporting policies and institutional frameworks.


From meat absurdities to big ideas to control the world:

To more bold assertions of defective reasoning, ill temperment, and impaired morality:


So what changed? There’s no indication of a gradual increase in acceptance of male homosexuality. However, we can pick out some factors for change, including:

  • The rise of psychoanalysis
    Analysts challenged the idea of the ‘normal’ and displaced earlier talk of deviance and sin. The reduction in religious faith in the late 20th century led to fewer people holding theological objections to homosexuality. 


By denying there is evil we can more easily maintain truth ourselves subject to the need of the moment.

When top down change is paired with profound moral, social and cultural transformation, change can be rapid and unlikely to be reversed

Profound moral change will be irreversible because of the multitudinous variety one is freed to experience that is not-good.  There is only one good, but everything else becomes available once liberated from the tyranny of truth.  Tolerance of what would have once been sin is a one way street to perdition where everyone is equally permanently separated from God.


In parallel “Climate politics: forget climate” hubris reveals its not-subtle hand:

Yup they admit policy is ineffective star-cooling jumping immediately into the infrastructure of domination. “Climate action can pay for itself” using the same progressive logic that demands greater excess to “pay for tax cuts”.  This is up there with “It’s free simply give us money” infomercial logic.  Still no explanation of how- or where the energy is to be “stored” or what comprises “energy”.  Merely discontinue using energetic fuel which originated in solar output and instead start from solar ground zero capturing light and some heat inefficiently.  Add extra helpings of dollar figures pulled from homosexual orifices ignoring minor predation.Plant trees and somehow fruit profit greater than energetic biofuel from long dead bioforms.

Safe energy entirely dismissive of evil fossil fuels except for using the evil fuel and subsequent products essential to building solar panels or wind turbines.  Ignore the hypocrisy behind the clear curtain. Fossil fuel is too difficult to retrieve after having increased regulation designed to make retrieving fossil fuel difficult.  Regulation couldn’t possibly be causing problems where no problem was prior could it?

“renewable” energy.  How does that work now?  Draw energy into immediate use.  There are no left overs.  Do we squeeze the devices that consumed the energy to renew it?  Drawing more is not renewal it’s new not yet used energy.  MAGIK renewal, corporations are evil, corporate research is evil making science evil therefore magic.

Use less and then less will be used!   Merely reduce the amount of heat applied during winter months risking the lives of your children or spouse, discontinue cooking or cooling food stuffs where the risk is death of the weak or unproductive, stop building society as it cuts into the precious fabric of the rock orbiting a star and die already.

Stop using convenient transportation to work and wake up six hours earlier to walk 50% of your day in roundtripping, 8 hours of work.  You’ll be happy with four hours of sleep.  Sanity is overrated evidenced by the galling intellect behind the agenda.

You could always cycle so long as your bike was neither produced by a corporation nor any of its parts nor any other parts derivative of fossile fuels of created using fossil fuel energy.  Bikes made of leaves and twigs? Be sure your trip to work and home are both downhill so you can coast.  Use the same magik as for cooling star heat output increases.

Tired from walking or twig biking?  Easy: renew yourself person energy.  Solved!

Have a magical efficiency increasiness while cursing the carbon in yourself.

There are downsides.  No problem we’ll just make them go away by seeing the big picture.  Seeing isn’t enough.  Focus on the issues collectively, add magic while increasing human suffering.  As more children die of starvation, cold, parentlessness, the carbon levels will be reduced because death of person equals death of carbon.

Surely there was an answer.  Now spread the answer which hasn’t been proffered.  Now everyone has the answer that isn’t for success to a not problem!



The rest is doublespeak, illicit propaganizing , and revisionist history


learnify our collective children with alternative truth using our own facts but paying for it with someone else’s money

Frighten our already maliable children with outlandish what-if scenarios:


Understanding is passe.  Teach children to shout [down others] positions, , not much unlike how madrassas teach muslimiosity.  Remember, repeat, do not understand.  Trust us we have our own facts and many people who prefer their own facts agree with us that having our own facts if the best alternative to knowledge: complicity or blind obedience.


We need to change the way our economy works. We need to transform what industries make and do, what we buy and how we power our homes and cars.

A green economy is the only way we can protect our natural world and ensure that we all have a future. 


Screw the free market. You’ll make what we say and you’ll like it and “freely” participate or else! Corporations are not allowed.  People will wander together by happenstance and act collectively with a plan without understanding but agreement and renewable happiness.  Sad?  renew your happiness

A green economy would

  • disallow fuel:  be cold and in the dark
  • give your money to those who accept our own facts: social parasites
  • spend your money according to our understanding using our own facts
  • make the climate not change: change is bad unless it is change you can believe in
  • while making the climate not change we will work to change the climate from the change we dislike to our prefered change once we have the magic to change the system
  • ignore the history of CO2 levels millennia ago
  • halt reproduction by promoting queer unions and mandatory abortifacients for tweens encouraged to be promiscuous

download our color pamphlets

  • Print your own
    Please print in black (rather than colour) to save ink, and in booklet format to save paper. Follow these simple instructions.
  • Order printed copies
    Please contact us – don’t forget to let us know the title and quantity you would like.


When we print in color on paper everthing is fine.  When you do it you are harming the earth.

Companies will have to be green and must have high paying jobs requiring no skills and those companies must hake and do what we say.  Are there green jobs yet?

People will save money by receiving money from the government from higher taxes on people and higher taxes on companies making goods cost more requiring more money from the government needing higher taxes.  It would be simpler to allow the state to control all your money, asset, time, labor and free will.

renewable energy explained in this pamphlet contains no explanation but an insistence  that there is an explanation.  Life will be simpler when you accept our version of reality as it changes while not changing to unchange the change in climate.

You can save hundreds of dollars on electric bills after installing $120,000 worth of solar panels made from fossil fuel products.  After paying taxes fees and tithing you will receive free money from the government to pay for solar panels which will pay for themselves.

How dare the government disallow a non-geography topic from being taught as geography??

She understands not only the facts about our world, but the effects we have on it and what needs to be done.

It’s important for you to understand our own facts and the other stuff that aren’t facts.

Sign our petition demanding climate change be taught that change in climate is bad so we need to change the climate.  When we have enough signatures we can begin the process of cooling the sun: by renewing the energy, there is less energy in the sun, making and endless supply of energy to renew.

Agree with us first then understand later by accepting the conclusions which we use as evidence for our conclusions.




March 8, 2014

glenn beck program archive

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Within one notch of the The Blaze [glennbeck] domain..

glenn beck program archive duckduckgo results


DDG offers to help explore The Archive results

glenn beck program archive bing results




Beck inspires some technically interesting feats.  And as the content hasn’t been yanked it seems consent has been granted.


google moves down to 9 out of 10

glenn beck program archive results the archive above glenn beck domain result

Glenn Beck domain forced to change descriptors to gain ground over  in google results

The Blaze TV tinkers with free downloads descriptors to gain google rank against The glenn beck results licensed by Beck

The Blaze TV tinkers with free streaming descriptors to gain google rank against The glenn beck results licensed by Beck seems to end 2013.  Better to support the programming and view in HD





February 28, 2014

some: sacrafice for liberty, others threaten champion redistribution of anarchy

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You know you’ve arrived when you receive death threats [to pass along to the FBI] : it reduces unemployment to have active investigations, prosecution, and incarcerations.   I remember the first death threat I received from an online fruit.  He won a complimentary orange jumpsuit, three meals per day, and all the queer companionship he had previously championed albeit predatory but I’m sure the tolerance magik is working for him.

liberalists death threats for truth blogging


The Blaze TV is now available archived as a collection:

most most ethernet-to-hdmi gizmos have The Archive apps.  If not request FULL browsing capability


February 14, 2014

myth AS alternative fuel for magical thinking

The world is warming. Ignore the only heat source in the proximate universe.


Fans of the world overpopulation myth, magical thinkers,  are great fans: one need only displace nine tenths of the US population to power the remaining tenth with direct-solar energy.  Unless you wanted to ignore efficiency dearth or transmission losses?

Additionally unfortunate is the inability to store low-energetic direct-solar energy very-unlike high-energetic  biochemical-solar energy used by the combustion engine, or high-energetic quantum-solar energy used in the power plants of the world 75% of which the US built [outside the US for the geographically impaired].  No new quantum-solar energy plant has been built in the US since the end of the 1970s.  Those early generation quantum-solar energy plants today generate 20% of nationally consumed energy ( ).  Imagine the benefit of adding current generation quantum-solar energy plants.

needless-regulation moves efficiency backtardwards:

China loves to shame America.  Chairmanobama’s ludicrous monetary policy inspires heavy chortling and finger wagging which is pathetisad.  And china is outbuilding us domestically in sensible quantum-solar energy:–Nuclear-Power/



Do the math outside reality (don’t be a reality-snob)

“Each square meter of panel is therefore exposed to 5 kWh of solar energy per day. At 15% efficiency, our square meter captures and delivers 0.75 kWh of energy to the house.”

How many houses will be immediately adjoining a direct-solar farm?  Oh those pesky transmission losses.  “Outside reality” is not an unfamiliar claim for physicists who believe in multiple-everythings.

Oh you want to build on PRIVATE property?  No problem! Merely abuse the coercive power of government on a house by house basis or fundamentally transform America into a dictatorship with a brief stint of progressive socialism.

People should cooperate with the minority energy preference!  “should” always ends in genocide.

And much like tv-physicists the ucsd article quickly shifts assumed conclusions into evidence for the next magical-logic conclusion reasserting the truthiness with an “in fact” :

“In fact, we can extend this argument to the nation or world as a whole. Even at 8% efficiency (typical thin film multi-junction device), we could generate all primary power with a minor land footprint, as the picture below shows”

The image shows an equator proximate band in an area not known for its tendency to share with others.   Redistribution of wealth, of course! Then everyone will [have to] share with each according to his need.  duh. Once everyone is poor electricity will have to be affordable or it’ll be unfair!

Be sure to

  • ignore the material cost,
  • ignore the manufacturing cost,
  • ignore the transportation cost,
  • ignore the labor cost,
  • ignore construction time,
  • ignore the maintenance cost,
  • ignore the inability to store direct-solar energy,
  • ignore the narrow window of full spectrum light,
  • ignore atmospheric variation
  • ignore solar output variation  (you already do if you’re a manmadeglobalwarming cult believer)
  • ignore private property ownership
  • ignore market valuation
  • ignore voting majority
  • ..
  • ignore the utter nonsensical “renewable” double speak in gross violation of thermodynamics
  • ignore use of actual-fuel for every phase of construction
  • ignore night time

Direct-solar energy IS NOT a fuel.

Remember how the earth was flat when everyone believed it was flat?  When reality becomes inconvenient simply form consensus of non-truths (lies) to forge your own truthiness.  So let’s raise taxes to cool the sun.

The goals of the magical thinking obviously include everyone is to be alone, cold, hungry, afraid, in  darkness, amidst global genocide of the parasite known as man.


The attempted willful interruption of evolution (“endangered” species) activists will also be fans of the  Small Modular Reactors


  • Westinghouse SMR:
  • Babcock & Wilcox mPower:
  • NuScale:
  • holtec smr:

While us fuddieduddies are quagmired in regulatory approval China is already implementing their tweaked version of American SMR designs.   Small is not briefcase small; it’s ~600 tons small vs what typically comes to mind.

SMAHRT quantum-solar energy:  Small Modular Advanced High Temperature Reactor rearrange not only the SMR acronym but switch cooling liquid substance and location.   iMSR: Integrated Molten Salt Reactor. Oak Ridge and China collaboration — regulation inspired partnership in much the same way tax increases inspire job creators to move their wealth or homes outside the US.


Perhaps the future re-education camps under chairmanobama will export dissidents to Chinese labor camps to build their quantum-solar energy infrastructure?  Everyone is equal, but some are more equal.  Only the more equal deserve rights or collective bargaining.  The American Auschwitz in China will have no labor unions albeit labor union backing.


Give your valentine an imaginary- or delusional gift: a very small box of one piece of chocolate citing advances in technology that this box will be bigger someday and the passage of time will effect an increase in flavorfulness of the chocolate.  Enjoy what it’s not and give me most of your money, honey.

For everything else there’s baby soylent green.  Yes, there is already genocide in America. It’s orders of magnitude greater in number than mere “medical” personnel intervention abortion: “contra”ception.  Rarely contra, frequently ception its  objective always unnoticeable pregnancy:  youth murder more tolerated than german national socialist slaughter camps.


[about these wordpress “about these ads”: if you see 3rd party interweb ads you’re being Privacy Raped.  Please employ adblocking at least in your interweb browser if not also upstream AND install/run TrackMeNot extension in firefox/chromium ]

October 20, 2013

algae as alternative fuel requires additional subsidies because CO2 rarity? What happened to evil CO2 abundance causing global warming? (while ignoring the sun) Same evil diffent time scale

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CO2 is BOTH super abundant AND rare.  Gotta love liberalism allowing mutual logical contradiction as true:

The sun: does global warming without which there’d be no life.  Global warming is good.  If excessive simply move the sun further away;  star relocation is less irrational than taxing people to cool the sun.
49min 20sec

S: “Do we have an algae power plant anywhere?”
W: “Yes, and no”
W: “we have light and dark… currently feeding them sugar”

Plants which produce no power [ no pun intended ].

algae is tomorrows evil fossil fuel

VAST sums of energy imput required to tool CO2 to suit algae.  Addition money must be wasted to feed CO2 to algae facilities:

The construction of a liquid CO2 pipeline can easily cost $1 million per mile.

As with sugar algae systems let’s ignore both the front end costs- and continuing costs when analyzing output success.

S: [When will you start]
W: [cost share should be able to bring what private industry would be able to accomplish in a couple of years.  … gives these designs a world wide competitive advantage.]

W: In five years … we should have demonstration scale… 10 million gallons.

S: the high prices of fuel are hurting families
pres: prices will necessarily skyrocket

The bill will allow “DOE to enter into long term contracts which will spur development”.  It both inspires development AND pays for development THEN purchases output?  Wow, what a deal to line pockets!  1h 7min

s937 died as HR2036

Recent alternative fuel bill inanities while ignoring demonstrably beneficial fissionable power

recent alternative fuels bills inanity all while ignoring fissionable power


S761 to wield regulation to force competition in lieu of efficient free market.  The market doesn’t know what it wants as it is comprised of people who cannot know what is best for themselves — despite government being comprised of people also.


remember: algae is tomorrow’s evil fossil fuel — same evil different time scale

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