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December 2, 2008

iTard fans chuck in an iPhone for the PVR too bad 3G is legacy and trapped in TDMA

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Microsoft is making more diehards fans of OSX.  I’m still waiting for full FCC implementation of open access.  I don’t care for inferior Time Division … CDMA much better, sorry iPhone iTards

< 2 seconds on the TV series “Chuck”, season two episode 9:

Google’s phone will contain much more evil…

April 1, 2008

apple reinvents the wheel in iTunes — plus they integrated a parking-boot into their version

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Plus they integrated a parking-boot into their version. One step forward into fascism, three steps back from liberty.

Thanks apple!

December 22, 2007

iHome for iTards everywhere

clicky clicky




iTard iHome research iPod integrate easy find compare best price word fodder fun gift sound

^^ Filter Google results userscript is awesome… bannish wiki*edia, truth by consensus, with ease

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iHome for iTards everywhere

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iTards can’t be bothered to research a quality audio product: unlike the iPod. Hurry up and iGet it iHome so you can iThink like every iElse.

They foolishly tolerate iWanting to rape music into mp3 😦 FLAC is quality. No FLAC support? No sale.

Use a DRM platform of evil? No sale

Stop the iHate of quality!

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December 18, 2007

comparison of portable media players without fruity stigma

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comparison of portable media players without fruity stigma

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