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April 7, 2020

Mastodon attracts radically intolerant, close minded, hate-spewing, magical thinking bigots

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Still not worth using Mastodon.  The majority of users have a high preference for talking to themselves tolerating only others who will provide the same self-validation for themselves.

hate spewing bigots in their safe spaces of collective cowardice


The benefits of talking to others comes largely from people different to one’s self.

February 7, 2019

I will pay reparations for slavery when…

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… when I have some time to benefit from owning a slave myself.

… when a slave I have owned and used comes forward with irrefutable proof of prior ownership-use.

… when it is disproved I like everyone else in America is actually African-American as we are all mitochondrial descendants of Africans.

People with a a higher degree of African mitochondria owe those with lesser degrees (white people) reparations.


Pay up




August 15, 2018

looking for a college with a lower density of magical thinking? let the queer thought police help you

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Be confident campuses making this list will be free from a majority of Though Police policies.   Now find a list by other deviants favoring Pullitical Truthiness.

Does your prospective campus have a “safe space” policy?  Strike it from your list.

Run afoul of Speech Codes?  Contact the ACLJ  (that’s a J not a U) to defend your Constitutional Self Expression rights.

February 26, 2015

re-educating kids through “gaming” near oregon trail boredom level furthers World Domination through lies and Covert World Genocide

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Those mean spirited jews not allowing the pedophile prophet’s rage mongers in to complete their world domination quest must be eradicated through proper tolerance diminishment!

anti-israel from fictitious country perspective

jerusalem must allow pedophile prophet hatemongers in by enacting open borders for fairness of slaughter

ask your commie core re-education center to spend The People’s money on this glamorous child conditioning tool today!

“one [socialism re-education] laptop per [brainwashed] child” initiative needs more “games” like this!  Please let wealthy progrevisist strangers hook your children with sugar.

“he Sugar user interface differs from traditional user interfaces in that it is based on both cognitive and social constructivism.”

Why force kids to learn truth when you can allow for peer truthiness?  Why not allow them to pursue their own truthinesses on their own terms?

Remember they want children to be healthy — those children deemed to exist.  The rest will be slaughtered with free- or low cost abortion, but the SUPER majority will be covertly murdered with FALSE LABEL “contra”ception which servers to prevent VISIBLE-pregnancy from continuing.

Then when internets becomes a public good utility childrens can become social awareness enforcers through Wrath of Khan Academy

(While Khan has some good mathiness lessons there is too much progressivism taint to allow solo child consumption)

Know Kahn through his friends.

And, yes, continue to pursue as laid out by The Peoples Cube, “guaranteed equality of results”

“Equity in healthcare is about ensuring equal treatment of individuals or of groups. “

False, komrade, false.  Your equity in health services is about spending towards equal results despite reality.  This endless cost will server to level the playing field of bank accounts: let us all suffer with nothing together * except wealthy overlords who must administer fairness!

Good OLPC Health Sciences topics include such gems as

OLPC Health Science of Prejudice : fairness = feeling.  having an uniformed opinion [like most manmadeglobalwarming cultists.  Global Warming without the sun is prejudice.  This prejudice must stop!  Raise taxes to cool the sun!!]

actual image used to depict religious prejudice by OLPC

OLPC Health Science of Kissing : directions with pictures, kissing to know if someone is a friend, and dangers

OLPC Health Science of Unlearning to Tease others : come to the dark side let your feeling govern you to obedient tolerance

OLPC Health Science of Being Happy:  take pleasure from the world, enjoy relationships, try new things with others, shun those not obediently tolerant, be happy to be happy, be tolerant to be happy, be yourself no matter what.  Embrace circular reasoning:

“The dictionary says that happiness is the state of being happy”

OLPC Health Science of Conflict Resolution :  listen to other’s feeling, purposely experience other’s feelings, take turns feeling, reassert others statements, somehow find solution! Feelings are never wrong!! If you feel the other person is wrong your feelings are wrong!

OLPC Health Science of “Rights” and “Responsibilities” :

“Our rights are what every human being deserves”

No.  That is justice.  And if one is well educated one would greatly prefer not-justice but mercy.

This list of “rights” is fantastic:

Everyone has the “right” to have safety
Everyone has the “right” to have education
Everyone has the “right” to have home
Everyone has the “right” to have shelter
Everyone has the “right” to have warmth
Everyone has the “right” to have food
Everyone has the “right” to have clothing
Everyone has the “right” to have personal space
Everyone has the right to have freedom of speech
Everyone has the right to have to be different
Everyone has the right to have to feel comfortable

This list makes me feel uncomfortable.

One world goverment monitoring package basis

Population number reduction [“population assistance”] is apparently off track for 2015

too many children are being born to the wrong type of parents in the world.  Money must be raised further to assist Covert World Genocide.

To manage the sheeple of the world we need German made population maps of World Domination,

World Overlords wish donated monies be free from ethical constraints

alignment of donors to world domination

While we offer “alignment strategies” we are frustrated your alignment does not match the progressism master domination plan!


The Globalization lie is necessary, “The globalized world sweeps away regulation and undermines local and national politics, just as the consolidation of the nation state swept away local economies, dialects, cultures and political forms. Globalization creates new markets and wealth, even as it causes widespread suffering, disorder, and unrest.”  Naturally the Right People must manage everyone’s affairs for Social Justiceness


Obey the Giant Ass!

Obey the Giant Ass


April 24, 2014

humble bundle weekly tegTV charity morally-impaired, donate to excommunicate yourself facilitating abortion

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humble bundle DirectRelief charity donors excommunicate themselves facilitating abortions through wrongly named contra ception

Teva’s ParaGard®, an intrauterine copper “contraceptive”: relies upon Abortifacient Potential to prevent conception from continuing to VISIBLE pregnancy

Donating to this charity facilitates abortion thereby excommunicating yourself whether or not your are willfully ignorant

Teva’s other use to excommunication products:

value orgasm about conceived childs new life willfull ignorance beyond perversity


Queer agenda confesses contratheism and progressives profess annihilation

While researching indie game backers- and charities to “friends of the earth” [hallmark of irrationality] too cowardly to personally embrace the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

From Humble Bundle to Child’s Play charity:

From Child’s Play Charity platinum sponsor Project for “Awesome”:

From Project of “Awesome” featured project Friends of the Earth:—friends-of-the-earth ,,

From Friends of the Earth’s fallacious 6 “reasons” to eat less meat:

From “reason” 5 of 6 “reasons” to eat less meat specious claim livestock produce 15% climate changing gases:

…. Fork 1 to “United” Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) plan to increase regulation globally within evil self espoused world control through  genetic manipulation initially of plants and food-animals, asset seizure (cannot re-distribute something not distributed) and abolish property rights and life rights to make man: suffer alone, in the dark, cold, hungry, and fearful.  Cross reference satanic objectives.  Progressive solutions where no problem existed.

Urgent need for collective and global action

  • Global action involving all sector stakeholders is urgently required to design and implement cost-effective and equitable mitigation strategies, and to set up the necessary supporting policies and institutional frameworks.


From meat absurdities to big ideas to control the world:

To more bold assertions of defective reasoning, ill temperment, and impaired morality:


So what changed? There’s no indication of a gradual increase in acceptance of male homosexuality. However, we can pick out some factors for change, including:

  • The rise of psychoanalysis
    Analysts challenged the idea of the ‘normal’ and displaced earlier talk of deviance and sin. The reduction in religious faith in the late 20th century led to fewer people holding theological objections to homosexuality. 


By denying there is evil we can more easily maintain truth ourselves subject to the need of the moment.

When top down change is paired with profound moral, social and cultural transformation, change can be rapid and unlikely to be reversed

Profound moral change will be irreversible because of the multitudinous variety one is freed to experience that is not-good.  There is only one good, but everything else becomes available once liberated from the tyranny of truth.  Tolerance of what would have once been sin is a one way street to perdition where everyone is equally permanently separated from God.


In parallel “Climate politics: forget climate” hubris reveals its not-subtle hand:

Yup they admit policy is ineffective star-cooling jumping immediately into the infrastructure of domination. “Climate action can pay for itself” using the same progressive logic that demands greater excess to “pay for tax cuts”.  This is up there with “It’s free simply give us money” infomercial logic.  Still no explanation of how- or where the energy is to be “stored” or what comprises “energy”.  Merely discontinue using energetic fuel which originated in solar output and instead start from solar ground zero capturing light and some heat inefficiently.  Add extra helpings of dollar figures pulled from homosexual orifices ignoring minor predation.Plant trees and somehow fruit profit greater than energetic biofuel from long dead bioforms.

Safe energy entirely dismissive of evil fossil fuels except for using the evil fuel and subsequent products essential to building solar panels or wind turbines.  Ignore the hypocrisy behind the clear curtain. Fossil fuel is too difficult to retrieve after having increased regulation designed to make retrieving fossil fuel difficult.  Regulation couldn’t possibly be causing problems where no problem was prior could it?

“renewable” energy.  How does that work now?  Draw energy into immediate use.  There are no left overs.  Do we squeeze the devices that consumed the energy to renew it?  Drawing more is not renewal it’s new not yet used energy.  MAGIK renewal, corporations are evil, corporate research is evil making science evil therefore magic.

Use less and then less will be used!   Merely reduce the amount of heat applied during winter months risking the lives of your children or spouse, discontinue cooking or cooling food stuffs where the risk is death of the weak or unproductive, stop building society as it cuts into the precious fabric of the rock orbiting a star and die already.

Stop using convenient transportation to work and wake up six hours earlier to walk 50% of your day in roundtripping, 8 hours of work.  You’ll be happy with four hours of sleep.  Sanity is overrated evidenced by the galling intellect behind the agenda.

You could always cycle so long as your bike was neither produced by a corporation nor any of its parts nor any other parts derivative of fossile fuels of created using fossil fuel energy.  Bikes made of leaves and twigs? Be sure your trip to work and home are both downhill so you can coast.  Use the same magik as for cooling star heat output increases.

Tired from walking or twig biking?  Easy: renew yourself person energy.  Solved!

Have a magical efficiency increasiness while cursing the carbon in yourself.

There are downsides.  No problem we’ll just make them go away by seeing the big picture.  Seeing isn’t enough.  Focus on the issues collectively, add magic while increasing human suffering.  As more children die of starvation, cold, parentlessness, the carbon levels will be reduced because death of person equals death of carbon.

Surely there was an answer.  Now spread the answer which hasn’t been proffered.  Now everyone has the answer that isn’t for success to a not problem!



The rest is doublespeak, illicit propaganizing , and revisionist history


learnify our collective children with alternative truth using our own facts but paying for it with someone else’s money

Frighten our already maliable children with outlandish what-if scenarios:


Understanding is passe.  Teach children to shout [down others] positions, , not much unlike how madrassas teach muslimiosity.  Remember, repeat, do not understand.  Trust us we have our own facts and many people who prefer their own facts agree with us that having our own facts if the best alternative to knowledge: complicity or blind obedience.


We need to change the way our economy works. We need to transform what industries make and do, what we buy and how we power our homes and cars.

A green economy is the only way we can protect our natural world and ensure that we all have a future. 


Screw the free market. You’ll make what we say and you’ll like it and “freely” participate or else! Corporations are not allowed.  People will wander together by happenstance and act collectively with a plan without understanding but agreement and renewable happiness.  Sad?  renew your happiness

A green economy would

  • disallow fuel:  be cold and in the dark
  • give your money to those who accept our own facts: social parasites
  • spend your money according to our understanding using our own facts
  • make the climate not change: change is bad unless it is change you can believe in
  • while making the climate not change we will work to change the climate from the change we dislike to our prefered change once we have the magic to change the system
  • ignore the history of CO2 levels millennia ago
  • halt reproduction by promoting queer unions and mandatory abortifacients for tweens encouraged to be promiscuous

download our color pamphlets

  • Print your own
    Please print in black (rather than colour) to save ink, and in booklet format to save paper. Follow these simple instructions.
  • Order printed copies
    Please contact us – don’t forget to let us know the title and quantity you would like.


When we print in color on paper everthing is fine.  When you do it you are harming the earth.

Companies will have to be green and must have high paying jobs requiring no skills and those companies must hake and do what we say.  Are there green jobs yet?

People will save money by receiving money from the government from higher taxes on people and higher taxes on companies making goods cost more requiring more money from the government needing higher taxes.  It would be simpler to allow the state to control all your money, asset, time, labor and free will.

renewable energy explained in this pamphlet contains no explanation but an insistence  that there is an explanation.  Life will be simpler when you accept our version of reality as it changes while not changing to unchange the change in climate.

You can save hundreds of dollars on electric bills after installing $120,000 worth of solar panels made from fossil fuel products.  After paying taxes fees and tithing you will receive free money from the government to pay for solar panels which will pay for themselves.

How dare the government disallow a non-geography topic from being taught as geography??

She understands not only the facts about our world, but the effects we have on it and what needs to be done.

It’s important for you to understand our own facts and the other stuff that aren’t facts.

Sign our petition demanding climate change be taught that change in climate is bad so we need to change the climate.  When we have enough signatures we can begin the process of cooling the sun: by renewing the energy, there is less energy in the sun, making and endless supply of energy to renew.

Agree with us first then understand later by accepting the conclusions which we use as evidence for our conclusions.




April 16, 2014

The Blaze privacy hypocrisy : third party loads extracting profit via privacy rape

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The Blaze touts, email respecting user privacy, with some smtp naivete, yet their namesake domain loads all this junk

TheBlaze privacy hypocrisy

youtardtube video? really?  Why not vidmeo less evil or neutral the archive?


April 10, 2014

intolerance mozilla sodomites, paedophiles, and moralphobes pressure conservative ceo to resign after learning his pro-family societal stabilizing values

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tolerance:  1. need to accept as equal lies and truth; 2. free to assent to our version of reality

intolerance: insistence on objective reality

violating ceo firefox motto:

free.. without any pressure to compromise

in the same sense as tolerance: once we’ve pressured you to accept our way forsaking your savior we will no longer pressure you to compromise

stay at mozilla without any pressure to compromise unless you dissent from our version of truth.  We're free to innovate hypocrisy on your behalf driving out pesky truth while tearing apart fabric of society


different by design: moralphobia all around!


February 29, 2012

freedompop 4g free? no. money down the drain. freedompop is a scam: freedompop 4g is not free

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Akin to as seen on tv:  “free *simply give us money”

NetZero is STILL a scam!  NetZero free 4g is not free; netzero free 4g costs more than freedompop free 4g

alternative to freedompop 4g?  Netzero 4g

October 3, 2011

when will pinger TextFree offer voice? API testing in progress?

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their new client touts PUSH

but will their ads be as nefarious as version 1.4.x?  The ad engine attempts to leverage a local install of google maps to extract physical location when access to the GPS hardware is not an option.  why??  bits to collect GPS location if available otherwise networklocation.  why?

I miss Fiddler2.

should we really entrust communications to a company steered by a socialist?

social “justice” promotion


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May 1, 2011

verizon wireless “cramming”: arbitrarily applied private address space policy

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Forcing customers to accept charges for services not provided but for which they are billed is termed “cramming” in the telecommunications industry.

I pay for unlimited 3G data.  I receive something other than 3G as defined by my contract.  Verizon wireless proffers 3G as voip capable.  As demonstrated this private address space savaged network configuration is at best voip-hostile.


[ ]

April 30, 2011

verizon wireless issuing private ip addresses to 3g customer, NAT joy, MIA packets and gross ineptitude … fraudulent enticement

fraudulent enticement” : is the phrase for those pitching class action suits to such law firms.


Part 2, draft 1

verizon staff, even senior tech staff [not network], cannot seem to understand that “private:public” is ONE distinction of ip addresses and that “dynamic:static” is another distinction.  Several people now have approached verizon wireless with the problem that their handset, the phone itself, is receiving a private ip address instead as before a public ip address (internet ip address, or public routable, or insert colloquialism here) on the 3g ppp0 interface.  The joy for “smart” phone users is Port Restricted Cone NAT.  It is a great way to break voip and vpn functionality of the device.  NAT per se is not the issue; user non-configurable “feature” is the problem.  Additional complexity is introduced by VZW denying addressing scheme. (

Not sure you and your mobile station are in this private address space wan facing boat?  IF android: Grab “STUN client” application, pick any functional STUN server from the drop down, and perform the test.  At the bottom of the results will be the name of your 3g interface, in my case ppp0, and the associated ip address, in my case 10.n.155.n

STUN client: appbrain:  I can provide the apk if you have opted to disable google “features” by not adding a gmail address to your handset.

The comical troubleshooting one must initially endure is the assertion that if the web browser is working the data network is working perfectly.  Out of order packets don’t noticeably affect web browsers; out of order packets are very bad for voip.  Lost packets aren’t bad for TCP web browsers; Lost packets are very bad for UDP voip conversations.

“The [3g] ip address on the phone is ONLY for talking to our towers”

Oh really? **  Wait it gets better:

“[3g ip addresses are] not for talking to third party services on the internet”

yes, verizon really made that delightful claim.

“are you saying I’m stupid?” No, based on the call recording I heard this guy is clearly grossly ignorant and not suited to a network support department.

“If the data isn’t working it’s the third party software you’re using”

‘software can control your side of the network? please walk me through how I access that manually’

‘if web pages are timing out is it the fault of the web browser?’  .. “no” .. distinction failure continues

Various analogies are drawn to soho nat…

“you have to understand your ip address is dynamic” ..

uh huh. what’s that to do with it now being private address space and the evil of network address translation whereas recently the 3g interface was _dynamically_ issued from a public address space?

Let’s compare the dhcp class of this handset with the dhcp class of another handset.  Awkward silence.  Even their unassailable network people don’t have access to this information.  Scary.

“you might need to create a new rule in your corporate firewall”

How does that effect my phone?  There is nothing I control between my handset and the tower.  I’m not even using a rooted phone with a software firewall with this issue.

We all commiserate there is little point pushing this issue up the food chain by voice with non-business class accounts… especially with the appalling terminology dearth and concept fail.

Stuck with a private ip address?  Too bad.  Suffer but please continue to pay us.

All silly suggestions to contact the manufacturer of the phone, or the developer of VoIP product x or y ought be ignored.  The manufacturer of a handset that speaks CDMA (or lte), for verizon wireless, will direct all questions pertaining to the network back to verizon.  The software is not relevant to this issue — it merely MANIFESTS (or indicates) that there is an issue, and if you are voip familiar you recognize quickly the flavor of NAT involved.

“Perhaps you should contact google”

Yeah, that’ll work out so well.  Sadly no longer employed by a multinational, multibillion dollar venture group I don’t wield that kind of power any more, so no thanks I’ll try bashing your head against the wall instead.  It’s nice to have memories of seeing microsoft, [phone co], and intel dance to make me happy.. I mean work to find a solution to a problem with stuff.

Expect VoIP to FAIL and FAIL BADLY.  There’s a reasonable chance of VPN pain in your near future.  But at least your browser works, right?

It may be a secret top down plan to sell static ip addresses as that has been repeatedly suggested as a ‘solution’.

Please share your verizon wireless fun [pain].  I have several phone conversations from several people in my allegedly small boat in WAV — VoIP allows call recording for claim consistency purposes.  Consider capturing all your CS phone calls; it’s easy with viatalk (roll your own asterisk people have a few buttons to mash).


See post on “google port-OUT .. revisionist history” for voip/itsp recommendations.  Also consider PIAF vitelity endorsement.  Additionally try TLS nightlies of CSIPsimple.  Howardforums has luminaries worth consulting.



* VoIP : udp sip
** Although it could be an unqualified  reference to pg 5 of VZW document [Verizon Wireless Private Network whitepaper] — section 3.1 grasps the public:private and dynamic:static distinctions. A static IP address is available without having a business account. Section 3.8: “static IP — verizon wireless hosted” as opposed to “static IP — verizon business hosted” makes further distinctions. Dynamic Mobile Network Routing exchanges tower-calls for voip calls.  Any claim by Verizon Wireless that a static IP address [on non-business account] would cost $500 reveals gross ineptitude by the agent.  It is obvious that the agent is phrase searching and landed on section 3.8 “verizon wireless private network setup fee”.  There are a number of circumventions to verizon wireless [tortial interference] ranging from irksome to vexatious.. but VZW provoked Proof of Concept circumvention necessity.
*** upselling:  CradlePoint CBA250, CadlePont CTR500, CadlePont PHS300 :

EDIT: 110701

addendum: verizon 5+ gb throttling easily circumvented without modifying system files.. hahaha delightfully simple change to system!  (requires SuperUser)

edit 2:

learn to speak verizonese:  CGN

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May 23, 2009

FCC claims power to enter home without warrant to inspect wireless equipment

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FCC claims fascist powers date back to 1934

If you come into my home unannounced at night you WILL BE SHOT DEAD.

Please, bring a warrant and ring the bell first.

My power comes from the much older and actually valid Second Amendment.


March 22, 2009

stop aids: stop fucking ((,) assholes)

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What percentage of people not having sex contract an STD from having sex?  zero percent.

What percentage of condoms fail? 17%

What percentage of children are slaughtered by femal “birth” control (abortifacients)?  anything over zero is too high

What’s the most effective way to avoid spreading STDs? Stop abusing sexuality: nothing queer, no faggotry, no fornication, no unloving sexual acts.

ALL STDS are 100% preventable.  AIDS research is an abhorrent WASTE of money.  Spend that money on something beneficial like child cancer research.

February 23, 2008

black racists don’t like me commenting on their racism — censorship for all…. who aren’t liberalists

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September 13, 2007

pour public money on the highly gifted.. quit wasting it on retards

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Seven of the children in the Maine group who had been tested on the WISC, WISC-R, WPPSI, or K-ABC intelligence tests scored between 139 and 155, with only two scoring above 145. They were then given the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale [Form L-M].On this test, these same children scored between 169+ and 194. One child’s score showed a discrepancy of more than 50 points between the K-ABC and the Stanford-Binet (143 as opposed to 194); another had a similar discrepancy between the WISC (139) and the Stanford-Binet L-M (187+). In the Colorado group, similar discrepancies were found for the six children who had been tested on both the WISC-R and the Stanford-Binet L-M. Only one child in the 170+ range scored above 150 on the WISC-R, and another scored as low as 135.Since the time that article was released, an additional child has been found who scored 182 on the Stanford-Binet (Form L-M) and 127 on the Stanford-Binet: Fourth Edition. Another scored 137 on the WISC-R, and a year later tested 229+ on the Stanford-Binet (Form L-M), at the age of nine missing only two items on the entire test! This “test artifact” amounts to blatant discrimination against the highly gifted, and has major implications for the location of gifted students, and for their placement in programs. The situation is shocking, but no one appears to be paying attention because the highly gifted are not of central interest to test constructors. In contrast, the gifted and highly gifted were definitely important to Lewis Terman, who constructed the original Stanford-Binet. Among other things, Terman planned to use the test to find potential “geniuses,” so he had an investment in creating a difficult enough examination with a high enough ceiling to permit their discovery.

 Don’t throw away the old binet

And certainly stop wasting money on the mentally cripple and the terminally average..  Focus efforts- and funding on those AT LEAST four standard deviations above the mean on the L-M.

Public schools need a better sieve for highly gifted students… for anyone left who values the public good.

June 13, 2007

one is NOT entitled to free medical services — slavery is bad

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“Should everyone have free health care?”

Certainly not! Medical service, like having a maid service or owning a car, is a PRIVILEGE and NOT a right. One, however, is individually obligated to care for one’s own health. But one cannot enslave others performing this service nor can one expect others to perform this service without compensating them.

Socialist health care is akin to promoting slavery.

March 29, 2007

ISP restricting your UNLIMITED bandwidth? don’t pay your monthly bill in full!!!

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… sometimes known as capping or shaping.
I’d send a letter with my payment for the month explaining why I’m only paying [insert % here].. comparing the reduction in services and payment to the clearly defined word “unlimited”

you might want to send a photocopied page from your favorite dictionary

they might refer you to the phrase “fair use”. Please counter with a dictionary page for “fair”.. and explain that you couldn’t care less about how someone else is- or isn’t using their service as you are paying for your service only. “unlimited until we say otherwise” sounds terribly liberalese.

Tell them in your letter that you are planning to write to the PUC (Public Utilities Commision) allegding fraud or deceptive business practices.  ISPs and Telcos cringe when they read such things.  If the ISP doesn’t shape up do send a letter to the PUC and CC the ISP.

(yes, I really would… and I’ve done something similar to verizon wireless. I wish I had recorded the conversations)

February 25, 2007

teacher fired for speaking truth

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Brit Teacher Fired For Saying “Most Suicide Bombers are Muslims”

“What a sad age we live in. Next, we’ll be forced to take down statues that conflict with Islamic beliefs.”

no, in keeping with our times…

the Statue of Liberty will be a burkah wearing transgender person with
the koran in one hand and a grenade in the other sporting an explosive
chastity belt

February 13, 2007

when pro-queer lobby invades in-bedroom education, parents should not be offended?? mmmm liberalese hypocrisy

riiiight. And what of other deviants like some sociopaths? ‘They were born with the inclination to rape and murder. They are entitled to their feelings. You cannot tell them not to derive sexual pleasure from torturing innocent people nor can you prevent them from sating themselves’

isn’t relativism fun?

wait.. the typical response will make some reference to hurt or injury and or consent. The *thumbnailed* response is to have you recognize intangible injury, as from this thread the non-physical damage done to a child, transcendental if you will. If you cannot admit of the former then the discussion is over as your values are such.. your attempt to inflict your deviant expectation of warped-tolerance. If you do grasp the concept we can explore further the type of injury upon another in a consensual deviant sexual relationship and the nature of love, which has not yet been explored here.

Consent does not mitigate harm. Choice does not effect justice. Perception does not effect change in the object. Freedom is not license. Unwanted consequences do not cease to exist.

Homosexual acts, as with other deviant activities with regard to grave issues, are an affront to the dignity of the actor and recipient, and then some.

The hypocritical intolerance is rife. Why can’t you people be tolerant of parents who don’t wish to scandalize their own children? That’s awfully hateful of you. Only you have the right to be offended? Why is that exactly?

What about to each his own?

You queers get bent out of shape when you think other people are controlling how you live, but yet when the pro-deviant movement tries regulate what parents teach their children, and those same parents object you’re shocked? Keep your moralphobia to yourself.

You deny absolute truth, and then insist that the tenants of liberalism are the only truth? Nope, no faulty logic there.

Anarchy for all?

(As a teeny tiny minority are you sure that’s a wise ideology for you deviants to pursue?)

December 16, 2006

Why not to shop at walmart this Christmas season … or any time … until Walmart re-adopts its founder’s Christian values

Would Jesus Shop at Wal-Mart?

Jesus might ‘shop’ at walmart because he ate with sinners, reprobates, and the like.  Jesus loves all including those with honosexual tendancies.  Remember he forgave the whore telling her to go AND sin no more… not hey your cool have a nice day.  Activities not chaste (or otherwise not virtuous) are not to be tolerated… the person is in need of conversion, repentance, forgivness, absolution, and amended behavior.

The question is: should YOU shop at Walmart today?  especially given their new position of donating 5% of proceeds to pro-homosexual-activity (anti-Christian) advocacy groups…  obviously the answer is certainly not!  Just as YOU shouldn’t buy Ben n Jerry ice cream as a large slice of their proceeds are donated to pro-natal-child-slaughter-houses (abotion).

Homosexual activites are sinful (evil) and therefore must NOT be tolerated, nor should one tolerate, encourage, or enable others to do or support likewise.  The same is true for pro-wrong-choice groups (abotion).

December 14, 2006

self esteem, sports and high sexual activity more important to high school than grades

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Richards said that [the principal’s practice of sending the honor roll to local media]   have
a dark side, creating a competitive culture among students where grades
are compared within groups and argued over with teachers.

Get that parents?  Encouraging your kid to do well is a bad, bad
thing.  They might compete.  They might even meet other kids
who want to be at the top of their class and then they’ll be
striving to make even better grades.  Damn you awful parents for
breeding this kind of behavior!  –

gotta love those Girls

September 8, 2006

New Zealand FASCISTS create Department of DRM

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the Third Reich would have been jealous

Friends who dugg this pherbio

August 19, 2006

protest Draconian Rights Mangling

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Lobby this!

protest DRM

The “Americans” behind Draconian Rights Mangling need to have their
respective optical orifices gouged out with a rusty, analog soup

August 15, 2006

yet another group that wisely distrusts the marxists at google

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August 9, 2006

why verizon pricing sucks

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sobering reminder of just how unbelievably slow (and, at the same
time, expensive) broadband services are in the US and many other
countries. Here’s a brief list:

BIGLOBE NTT East B-Flets VDSL (East Japan):

NIFTY NTT West B-Flets VDSL (West Japan)

BB. Excite NTT East B-Flets VDSL

USEN broad-gate 01 LAN type:



KDDI Hikari Plus-Net DION (VDSL):
100Mbps/ 35Mbps

USEN broad-gate 01 VDSL type:
100Mbps/ 50Mbps

Average: $41.00 for a 100Mbps/85Mbps line.

For a list of Verizon’s FIOS prices, click here.

this is exactly why wikipedia has little value — infested by liberalists and hypocritical deviants

I am confused. If we aren’t holding words to their literal meaning, why are we writing encyclopedia entries about them?   — bikeable (talk) 19:22, 26 July 2006 (UTC)

The pedophiles and liberalists have on many occasions deleted WORDS like “moralphobe” and “moralphobia” calling them neologisms all the while wrongly tolerating the entry on the colloquialism “homophobia”.  Double standard?  The talk article even linked to “Moralityphobia“.  It was swiftly delted in a state of frantic moralphobia.

Moralphobia APTLY describes the fear driving the deletion of the word itself.  As commented above there’s no place in wikipedia for the colloquialism “homophobia”.

wikipedia moralphobia — deletion log filled with moralphobic comments


Neologism, nonsense. Rhobite 08:21, Jan 21, 2005 (UTC)

  • In a world where there can be homo”phobia” there can certainly be
    moralphobia. Motivation to delete this article is self referential:
    caused by moralphobia. Comment by User:Crushthem

    • Unfortunately I have no idea what “moralphobia” is. Neither does the OED or Webster’s. Rhobite 08:29, Jan 21, 2005 (UTC)
      • fortunately “homophobia” hasn’t long been in the OED. We’re
        witnessing an evolution of language here on wikipedia. Moralphobia is
        quite real as evidenced by the irrational desire to censor the new wiki
        article. Where is liberalisms oft touted tolerance now? Comment by User:Crushthem

        • I think the “oft touted tolerance” left the building at the precise
          moment you started ranting about “moral deviancy.” And don’t call me a
          liberal. Rhobite 08:38, Jan 21, 2005 (UTC)

          • And how much ranting is in this article:
   Is it the word “deviant”
            that has set you off? Why don’t you move to delete the previously cited
            article? Comment by User:Crushthem
        • We’re witnessing an evolution of language here on wikipedia. — No, we’re witnessing an example of Newspeak. Delete. Uncle G 12:26, 2005 Jan 21 (UTC)
  • Delete. Neologism. –Carnildo 08:34, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC)
    • right because that argument didn’t apply to this article: What are you people
      ‘afraid’ of? Comment by User:Crushthem

      • “Neologism” means “new word”. A word that only gets 8 Google hits
        and isn’t in any dictionary doesn’t need an article on Wikipedia. As
        for what I’m afraid of, I’m afraid of Wikipedia becoming a collection
        of trivia rather than an encyclopedia. –Carnildo 08:47, 21 Jan 2005

        • So then wikipedia articles need only be grossly redundant to
          google? Moralphobia applies to essentially the same minority compsed by
          those who claim to be homosexual. Comment by User:Crushthem 1:54a PST, 21 Jan 2005
  • Delete. Not notable enough to be in an encyclopedia. JibJub 08:44, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • Delete – Considering the only real “absolute truth” is
    death, this is a poorly constructed agenda trying to pass as insight.
    Such fun. In any case, neologism, non-notable, and probable eternal pov problems. Arcuras 09:22, Jan 21, 2005 (UTC)
  • Delete and refer User:Crushthem to Wikipedia:Don’t disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point. Dbiv 10:05, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • We’re witnessing an evolution of language here on wikipedia.Delete as poor attempt at neologism. — Asbestos | Talk 11:18, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • Delete as neologism. Even if it was a well-established word,
    it’s still just a dictionary entry, and would get deleted either way.
    See Wikipedia is not… Andrew Lenahan – Starblind 11:59, Jan 21, 2005 (UTC)
  • Delete this POV neologism with extreme prejudice – because I
    never claimed to be open-minded or tolerant. Kael 12:31, 21 Jan 2005
  • Delete. This is not an encyclopedia article. This is unmitigated twaddle. –Zarquon 12:48, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • Comment. Well, I see the point of the neologism. But what I feel could define it would be something like not
    liking to be told something is good/should be done, even though it is
    commonly accepted as beeing good in a specific cultural context. The
    same for “bad”
    . An example: It would be stupid from me to reject
    all teaching of the bible on the basis I am not christian. Indeed some
    moral teaching from this book are actually good, common sens ( as in
    other religions, philosophies…) but the catch… It’s all too relative. Good/bad/moral are not absolute concepts. As absolut truth
    concept is not either. Even in a spcecified culture, variations can be
    mind-blowing, to the extent that it blows away the basis of this
    neologism. Shorthand: fundamentaly POV. So: delete. Gtabary 12:58, 21
    Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • Delete. The argument based on the claim that there could be a word like this is preposterous. Josh Cherry 13:42, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • Delete, Wikipedia is not the place for coining neologisms nor a platform to promote their use. — Curps 21:32, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • Delete the nonsensical neoligism. — ckape (talk) 00:59, 22 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • Delete, because we here at VfD suffer from POV-phobia. What criterion for deletion doesn’t this article meet? Szyslak 03:29, 22 Jan 2005 (UTC)
    • comment: – original research? =P Arcuras 04:14, Jan 22, 2005 (UTC)
      • That’s what I’d say, but there was no “research” involved. It’s
        more of an “original rant.” Szyslak 10:05, 22 Jan 2005 (UTC) (it still
        falls under Wikipedia’s definition of original research, but it’s my
        opinion that the word “research” is too good for this crap. –Szyslak)
  • Delete, unless citations can be made showing actual usage of
    this “word” outside the mind of the article creator. –Dtobias 04:10,
    23 Jan 2005 (UTC)

This page is now preserved as an archive of the debate and, like
some other VfD subpages, is no longer ‘live’. Subsequent comments on
the issue, the deletion, or the decision-making process should be
placed on the relevant ‘live’ pages. Please do not edit this page.

This page is an archive of the discussion about the proposed deletion of the article below. This page is no longer live.
Further comments should be made on the article’s talk page rather than
here so that this page is preserved as an historic record.

The result of the debate was delete. Joyous 00:27, Jan 28, 2005 (UTC)

August 8, 2006

the truth about Israel and Lebanon

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(in response to an insane Digg)

The truth is that the public consciousness is unfortunately all too familiar with Muslim suicide bombers.  The truth is that this is not a tactic of Jews.

The truth of the numbers:
* Muslim extremists kill infadels and blasphemers.  (everyone not-muslim is a target)
* Jewish extremists kill blasphemers. (everyone who claims to be God is a target)

The truth of the scale of tactics:
* Muslims extremists throw themselves into innocent public gatherings and blow themselves up to kill sinners.
* Jewish extremists throw stones to kill sinners.

The truth of the sanity:
* Muslim extremists go out into the world to slaughter all who oppose Islam. (claim: _defending_ their omnipotent creator)
* Jewish extremists lob missiles at people who first attack them.  Jewish extremists have been known to destroy nuclear weapons facilities in countries run by Muslim extremists. (claim: self defense)

The truth of the map:

oh no! sacred cow burgers ran out of meat!!

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now shows only:

it will be missed

August 3, 2006

wow eudrodns is a total SCAM

Filed under: category euthanized,Righteous Rage — Sagacious Himself @ 12:18 am

remember the rush to register dot BE domains for free?  I went to change some whois information and they have the audacity to insist that ANY changes to whois will cost 16 euro per transaction.   Um, no thanks.  When they expire I’ll not be renewing them. 

August 1, 2006

yet another way to help google index your mind: writely

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you write it, you share it, they keep it indexed FOREVER.  yay google {read as: yay beer}

“… just a little piece of my soul”

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