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November 17, 2012

culling: chromium ppa

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If installing multiple flavors of chromium be sure to modify shortcut to point to a UNIQUE profile directory to avoid version trauma


three adblock extensions for chromium since there is no ‘there can be only one’ yet

AdBlock+ Element Hiding Helper, Lex1
Adblock Plus,

as yet no pure css point and click transmogrification extension for chromium

October 24, 2012

bookmarkified: essential chromium extensions

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adblockforchrome :: I use it to create new rules.  I subscribe to no third party filter lists.

adblockplus for chromium :: it is deficient for creating new blocks or element selection

essential adblock filters oddly not in all lists:


blocking video ads in chromium requires a web proxy or other upstream filtration

loopback proxy:


October 13, 2012

less firefox fingerprints

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October 1, 2012

if you don’t profile yourself to ad serving companies you need AntiSocial adblock subscription

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XPath adblocking for Chromium (chrome). remove it permanently lives again?

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CustomBlocker by Maripa Goda

September 28, 2012 : combines chromium Inspector and UserStyle type power on the fly tinkering with pages

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chromium extension awesomeness

less elegantly 

see also

DEA mwahaha

hotmail account creation less painfully

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“I don’t have a mobile number [to share with any interweb service]”

And I certainly don’t have sms!

post signup options: /#!/mail/options.aspx

March 31, 2008

intelligent CAPTCHAs overdue – part 1

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First: the blind and vision impaired have no business inflicting their requirements on a technology designed to present information visually. They need to adapt to reality and not visa versa.

Swirly text deciphering does not intelligence test.

What is the resultant color when that of a strawberry and banana are combined? Orange.

That’s a better CAPTCHA.. applied worldly knowledge.

A more entertaining version has no directions, no cue for robots, though easily defeated by OCR, but only if widespread and only if implemented the same way. Apply deformations as desired.

“not email:”

Where all the letters are blue except “not l er x ed o. e .uk.i” Implies only to use the blue information “email:”. More colors could be used leaving email blue.

What is the sum of the third prime number and the fifth? 14


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February 18, 2008 alternatives

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2012 updates: 

I do NOT endorse the downloadable binaries from the ‘new’ site or any other site Applian has hijacked to promote schlock.


AVOID “freecorder”!!  Applian “free”corder is MALWARE (adware).


Instead all Open Source, all currently trustworthy:

combine acquisition:

with sensible cross-platform conversion:

realtime transcoding [dlna] more cross platform joy:

cross-platform playback of almost any format/container (without screwing over DirectShow filters for those still using windows)
indows suggestion:  MPlayer [Mulder] MPUI full package


xbmc on the inexpensive side  ($35)  (xbmc sd image)

XBMC painless streaming of The Blaze [TV]

some/many of the below links are existentially challenged

# end 2012 updates

OLD vixy alternatives: (fastest) — 100 filesize limit, feed it disposable email [defunct now 2011] — now running “vixy clone script”
defunct: — domain hijacked

old/kludge/not-free: real time transcoding [internets streaming] alternatives

edit: I wish I had harnessed my passion for alternatives categorization into a profitable site.  Who knew alternativeto would prosper

I wish I had rolled my “whereamI” domain use into a public service in the 90s; I would be receiving the vast twit*r income

edit2: If you have been coerced into purchasing an unlimited bandwidth data plan for your mobile phone be sure it has not been limited with *needless* throttling or voip destructive nat.  Both are harmful to accessing [home] real-time-transcoding media streaming to mobile phone.

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December 22, 2007

tv writers on strike? yeah so what? the internet is my DVR

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I’ve tried netflix. But forget them. They never gave me “as many movies as I wanted”. I’m not interested in paying for as many movies as netflix deems me worthy to receive. I now get as many movies as I want, with not only no late fees, but no pesky returns, and no annoying processing- or waiting list.

hahahaha I win

My internet DVR is great for TV episodes, too

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