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You have no right to be published here.

Should you wish to give text to your thoughts do setup your own blawg or interweb property.  Here you are in my foyer.  You will be pitched through the door if you cannot comport yourself well.  You might be invited into my living room for a chat.


Abuse will be redacted or transmogrified.

Win a complimentary home visit from men in suits by issuing threats, pledging harm or other violence; For swifter service please call the FBI directly.  While this might be your first flirtation with violence it will not be my first encounter with an uncouth wretch.  Justice will be prompt.  Please find another outlet for your inordinate appetites. There are many great social resources for your condition be it medical or emotional.  As this blawg serves in part as catharsis the uncouth or otherwise wretched post will be mocked-, or rewritten as complimentary, or receive some other just treatment.  Contratheism, a word coined here by a theist, will not be tolerated — nor will moralphobia’s vile expression be tolerated, another word coined by Himself.


Disagreement sparks conversation.

Do disagree if you please.  Often more interesting conversations initiate from discord but not rancor.  We have more in common than we have in difference.  I welcome the opportunity to have my errors corrected.  I have no desire to be willfully ignorant nor do I well tolerate such in others.


Your privacy will be respected unless absive.

Please indicate if you wish comments to remain private; Please post a second not-private comment to receive threaded notifications.  We will not publish civil private comments.  To receive notification via wordpress of your comment publication- or reply to the same it must be published.  To that end do ‘double post’.


Linkification: clicking the unclickable

This is a URL:

It has a protocol (http), a domain (, and a path  (/contact/)

This is a hyperlink:

Clicking a URL is not so satisfying.  Clicking a hyperlink will load that resource in the current interweb browser tab.

Linkification is the process of transmogrifying a URL into a hyperlink yourself.  This typically employs userscript through an interweb browser extension.  In the case of mozilla Firefox one needs the GreaseMonkey extension, whereas chromium requires the TamperMonkey extension.  Interweb search for UserScript for more information.  With linkification in your interweb browser you may click (or double click) a text fragment of URL  ( ) or a URL and immediately load that resource.

Sometimes I cannot be bothered to hyperlink URLs in posts.  Now you are equipped to be better interweb self sufficient.



This, Sagacious Himself, is a managed personna;  It is one of severally many.  Some crosslink each other.  Some stand alone.  No, you will not be provided a list of others any more than you would be provided contact information for managers.

“I” or “we”:  when writing in persona himself “I” is employed.  When speaking about the persona “we” is employed.



No.  You are not owed a response much less a reply.  We do not respond well to disruptive demands.  This is not a support property.  Please instead interweb search:  free tech support forum



You are not predicating.  There are resources to help you achieve a GED equivalency on the interweb.  See also .  See also: Liberty University , Hillsdale College .  Stop paying to use sms texting on your phone: adopt xmpp texting.  Cut your mobile minutes with SIP calling.  Stop whoring your privacy for “free” apps or “free” sites. Apps with ads are not-free.  Third party interweb ads HARM you and harm everyone else’s expectation of privacy; block all third party ads.  Google is not your friend.  Google is first an ad platform.  Your android can LDAP, and CalDav.  Read every contract before signing it.  Don’t enter into abusive contracts.  Privacy is a right; Privacy is not a commodity.  Pray daily, participate in daily Mass, receive the sacraments, pledge weekly adoration.

Serve others to grow within yourself.  Practice all the virtues; begin with:  chastity, humility, prudence, modesty, courage, justice, temperance.  Be merciful.  Be kind, charitable, and generous.


How can I call you?  or email you?

Dial our number.  Or pick the corresponding address from LDAP.  Neither will be provided via this platform.  Some may XMPP Text.  Provide your XMPP Texting information in a comment.  You ought be using a client and server capable of XEP-0016, Privacy Lists.  Posting your Jabber ID in public is not the nightmare that posting an email address [without TMDA] is.







are likely the call you need make especially if hatred, untoward thoughts, or emotional distress drew you to the interweb today.

No phone at home?  You can dial toll free numbers by installing Jitsi, and registering with most any SIP provider, or using free toll free termination.

Cannot install software?  No problem.  Have a friend burn you a dvd of Ubuntu.  Unless your computer is squirrel powered it can boot to DVD.  You will be using the “live” mode; it’s a demo and fully functional.  With enough ram you can install Jitsi into the demo.  NO changes are made to your [parent’s] computer.

Parents?  You can reach your kids at home via the internet and SIP the same way from your android or iphone.  SIP to SIP calls are $0.  Phone to SIP calls are also $0.  The phone industry would die if SIP to phone calls were free.

Parents, “oh noes!” now my kid knows how to live boot.  Take this opportunity to grow in filtering/parenting knowledge.  Teen collective knowledge usually includes USB  circumvention, and ‘private browsing‘ or ‘incognito mode’. I hope you have not spent money on monitoring software installed on the object of monitoring: always a waste.  Interweb search using pfSense to enforce resolvers.  Live boot dvd need not be a circumvention for house rules.  Lascivious interweb use can be discovered despite private/incognito mode by exploring files in directories near those containing settings.sol  .


QED else oed











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