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October 13, 2012

less firefox fingerprints

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October 1, 2012

XPath adblocking for Chromium (chrome). remove it permanently lives again?

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CustomBlocker by Maripa Goda

September 28, 2012 : combines chromium Inspector and UserStyle type power on the fly tinkering with pages

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chromium extension awesomeness

less elegantly 

see also

DEA mwahaha

March 10, 2009

the Lazarus extension has competition: Textarea Cache

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when extensions do not play well together firefox is more likely to crash

Lazarus: firefox extension – save text area fields for heavily extensionized profiles

Textarea Cache: firefox extension – new kid on the block


neither features a blacklist (whitelist)

May 6, 2008


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Using the preference “extensions.customizegoogle.misc.filtercolor” in about:config you can control
the color of a filtered URL. If it’s not there, you’ll have to create it. The default color is grey (“#aaaaaa”).
This way you can make it disappear (“#ffffff”) or stand out (“#ff8000”).

Ideal for making wikipedia, itself a neologism, vanish from results

March 31, 2008

WebMail Notifier plays well with yahoo beta and live mail

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WebMail Notifier

Setup a dummy account if you don’t want presence to follow you.   Flawlessly tracks dozens of yahoo and  hotmail accounts mixed beta and non.  Plays well with firefox 3b4 portable

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