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June 20, 2020

sex gender logical clarity

Haploid Y chromosome is determinate.  This is VERY simple.

0 = female.  >0 = male. 

There is no room for opinion.  Everything else is moralphobia.  “Established science” is not a thing.

antiscience rantsexophilism well refuted:


January 1, 2018

mastodon claims to be TWITter killer: killing fields of truth

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update: mastodon is more of the same with a tiny community not frightened of righteousness


whatsapp, telegram, and kik are NOT-federated xmpp.  No, say no.  Use Jabber Texting (xmpp).

TWITter is NOT-federated wall.  No.

Join us in this millennium with federated blathering:  mastodon.  Run your own instance to be as tyrannical as, or as open minded as or as open minded as, or as cutting edge as

Stop dumping your sole into a single platform as profitable chattel.

Grow up. Demand group end-to-end encryption from your mastodon client application!

email is federated.   you won’t have your account deleted for offending a simpleton

Jabber Texting is federated. you won’t have your account deleted for offending a mental wuss.

Mastodon is federated.  You are likely to have your account deleted for any reason whatsoever.  Do run your own instance.


(NOT pronounced hashtagditchtwitter.  pronounced either “tagged as DitchTwitter” or “DitchTwitter”.  Escape your ignorance: delineators are silent.)

March 16, 2015

flexion local repo Sun Java 6 7 8 bookmarkified

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alt 7+


else (



February 18, 2015

less spicy

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December 6, 2014

bookmarks and zfs

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December 5, 2014

fun with nas4free

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September 29, 2014

GlucaPen, a must have for insulin treating diabetics especially children

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GlucaPen the epipen of diabetics save a child

Glucagen administration need not be complicated

September 27, 2014

vote up ottoman empire “peaceful” reality

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peaceful ottoman empire

 Don’t forget about the Armenian Holocaust conducted by the Ottoman Empire or the genocide of the Kurds in Iran.

islam’s treatment of non-muslims:

peaceful ottoman empire treatment of non muslims

peaceful ottoman empire countless genocidal rampages by pedophile delusional powermad founder allah notakbar


Islamic Ecumenism peaceful murder tolerant rape terror cordoba subjugation

[ ]

September 10, 2014

download “presidential” address september 10 2014 isil, islamic threat ala “peaceful” ottoman empire, arming islamic radicals to fight islamic radicals, state department failed policy with progressive twist impotence

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github youtube-dl video download script command line cspan popular video streaming sites


python youtube-dl

With a notepad handy keep track of how many unlikely contingencies must be met for mr obama to act.

September 8, 2014

roku remote codes reboot diagnostics tweaking

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platform secret screen : reboot et al

home (5), fw, play, rw, play, fw

wifi secret screen (directly, vs as submenu of platform secret screen)

home (5), up, down, up, down, up

direct reboot

home (5), up, rw (2), fw (2)

reset & dump .. IFF above reboot not effective

home (5), up, rw (2), fw (2)

verify channels are free and not “free” (“free” = not-free)

home (5), up (2), L, R, L, R, L

^ if “adplayer” is installed one of your channels is NOT-free

bit rate override — netflix cannot be bothered to deliver hd quality

home (5), rw (3), ff (2)

^ wow, “up to” 3.5.  Brings us back to usenet for quality (Blaze TV HD encodes are not all awesome)

developer settings

home (3), up (2), R, L, R, L, R

secret screet (infos)

home (5), fw (3), rw (2)

^ change software update server from beta to release

really really stop home banner ads

home (5), Up, R, Down, L, Up

gratis contra game on roku


” The console will not allow access to the output of other applications on the system.”


least horrible option for limited playback of lan video

other menu codes

roku3 without credit card activation or other financial instrumentcreate roku account (for activation) without financial instrument.  Do NOT provide instrument to “easily delete it later” as roku is not trustworthy in that regard.  I have purchased several Roku3 and companion Blaze TV accounts as gifts; sadly there is neither a Fire TV app or vanilla android app for Blaze TV.

If you want to explore “free” channels (not-free: malware) be sure to do so from an android device with root and Xposed Framework plugins:  XPrivacy Pro and UnbelovedHost, and LuckyPatcher (remove adware).

see also:  roku account activation without financial instrument  — the ONLY sane way to use roku

July 8, 2014

IF This Then That loves ios more :( [bookmarkified]

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when you android you MUST XPrivacy


July 7, 2014

14 7 7 dDNS or free sudomains with zone management

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Josh has had a great public offering in  However with new SHORT ‘leases’ requiring  click by email existential confirmation those assets are of much less value.  Once upon a time creating a property with an afraid foundation lasted the interweb time test; now one need keep tabs on them all?  :sigh:

[site]: [resource records](limit), lease time(N days), whois(1|0), spaminess(0:9), negative response cache expiry

site :  ns, a, mx, cname, SRV, TXT, dname, aaaa, dlv, spf, wildcards(), nx evil


June 5, 2014

raspberry pi MPEG2 license OpenElec plugin [bookmarkified]

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_openelec ssh guide, sticky


_ssh rpi fetch serial number

ssh root@rpi

pass: openelec

cat /proc/cpuinfo


[insert redacted screen shot)


_plugin openelec easy license without command line text editor



_ssh echo serial to /flash.config.txt

mount -o remount,rw /flash
echo “decode_MPG2=0x00000000” >> /flash/config.txt
echo “decode_WVC1=0x00000000” >> /flash/config.txt
mount -o remount,ro /flash

reboot. verify rpi license inserted

vcgencmd codec_enabled MPG2


vcgencmd codec_enabled WVC1


via #38


_through openelec builds find alternative platform upon which to run

most anything is faster than rpi for openelc

rpi openelec faq , dev builds

linux or OpenBSD (underneath OSX)


_mostly NFS booting


_for samba fanbois with Eneffessphobia



Amazon FIRE TV can do both its own thing and xbmc (for The Blaze TV as roku is all kinds of masochism worse than rpi power constraints; roku skimps on bandwidth by design)



The instant I learned about rpi upcoming release I wanted half a dozen for XBMC




_pastebinit gratis amazon s3 give gigs





April 5, 2014

Protected: amazon Case Log dashboard bookmarkified

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

April 2, 2014

free tri-platform multiplayer game index 1404

add either linkification UserScript or linkify extension to your interweb browser  FPS , dev GS , SF:tripleA RTS , , demonstrating K2 engine RTS , , donate  , demonstrating K2 engine , dev (unity developer) , unity , RTS , dev ,, dev , crowd-funded ,,  dev , arcade , fps , arcade ,, dev , Electronic Arts , M MP , rpg , adventure & coop , destruction , fps , adventure k-8 , rpg hns [invite] , arcade , space , arcase retro





_ win osx , FPP , sports arcade , fps coop , rpg








or mine thru Freedom Friday posts

avoid unity ‘creativity’

windoze multiplayer



glitsy single player , tunnel running , tower



March 14, 2014

vector painting joy

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webapp, via chromium extension:

MITOH Super Creators , a hope to overcome inherent sheepliciosity of typical employees or the special-excellent-product of american public “education” systematic abuse.

tangential projects:

[link to praises of Creature House Expression and ms folly]

microsoft free ABANDONWARE: expression design

microsoft terminates support of expression design January 2015.


March 5, 2014

vevo unwrapped: blockable toke id tard or rip. When ad push comes to hack shove.

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no ads, no tracking



edit:  still works


all your bits are belong to my cahce


when ad push comes to hack shove

February 28, 2014

some: sacrafice for liberty, others threaten champion redistribution of anarchy

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You know you’ve arrived when you receive death threats [to pass along to the FBI] : it reduces unemployment to have active investigations, prosecution, and incarcerations.   I remember the first death threat I received from an online fruit.  He won a complimentary orange jumpsuit, three meals per day, and all the queer companionship he had previously championed albeit predatory but I’m sure the tolerance magik is working for him.

liberalists death threats for truth blogging


The Blaze TV is now available archived as a collection:

most most ethernet-to-hdmi gizmos have The Archive apps.  If not request FULL browsing capability


February 23, 2014

bookmarkify: mobile widgery

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February 16, 2014

bundle gifting & every indie game bundle site

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useful shopping tools (must AdBlock)


dead or dying [dead]
. .



IndieGameStand finds new ways to screw people:  no pro-rated refunds for ‘elite’ subscription.  Customer “service” is not nearly as atrocious as arvixe. [tinyurl:directdig]

IndieGameStand : facilitates infanticide through morally-depraved “charities”. Upon questioning IGS replies, “the [game] developers choose the charities.” Unfortunately the customer is UNABLE to elect NON-donation purchase(s). Far too frequently the IndieGameStand charity promulgates falsehoods about conception while providing technologies relying upon abortifacients like: “save” the children (provides abortions, abortifacients, and “birth” control which relies upon abortifacients to effect visible pregnancy termination).

For exposure or otherwise indie developers allow licenses sold at loss leader prices AND without evil-drm in one or more:  direct download, Desura, or evil-steam.  Steam evil?  How will you play your games once steam is defunct?  yay, that.

PWYW or NYOP:  Pay What You Want / Name Your Own Price attracts two types:  those who pay the bare minimum (often $1 requires for evil-steam keys) and those who can be encouraged to act philanthropic on their own respective scale.

Humble Bundle consistently puts forth quality collections.  Not so for BundleStars re-hocking decade old games; they’re not the only guilty party.  The only upside is convenient chart of evil-steam keys emailed upon purchase.  For a few dollars a year the risk of evil-steam evaporating is not a big deal — it definitely is a concern for dozens and dozens of games $10-$60 each.

HumbleBundle receives a gold star from me for android games NOT-requiring evil-google malware-market access.  They have an android app to facilitate installs and notify of updates but unlike evil-google or amazon-atrocity-store it’s not a ram-suck.

Originally I found them as gifts within the friend-ceiling agreement.

Now I buy FOUR  sets of most every bundle bought.  One for me, and the other also for me but for LAN gaming for family/guests.  One library with four seats of evil-steam.  With evil-steam or desura credentials guests can invite tunneling players or internets players by sharing credentials setup for this unfortunality.  Single instance licensed game lending need not require this, but here we are all the same.

comical mentions: — “allowing” you to overpay for OLD OLD games even when on “sale” for $1.49

avoid: IndieGalaSTORE.  The IndieGala store foolishly “requires” a validated paypal account.  I have no interest granting power to paypal so I’ll not be buying their store games — and neither ought you. Paypal effectively acquires co-signer power on your bank account to withdraw funds in “dispute resolution”, and thanks to greatleader’s administration often requires official documents to prove your identity (passport, drivers license, etc). If you must paypal have a separate bank account at a different institution than your primary funds or trust accounts; this will force lawsuit for dispute holding paypal to JUST standards instead of policy inanity.

Most provide purchaser the option to direct all monies to a named charity.  The sensible bundlers pick a charity benefiting suffering children.  The cretinous fools like IndieGameStand have a history of supporting children-slaughtering charities like unicef.  Those unicef wretches advertize helping children on first glance but without much effort one discovers they not only fund- but also facilitate infanticide.

NO money for IndieGameStand until they change their evil ways willfully ignorant or not.  It’s not enough to allow patrons to select another charity as supporing them while they donate to any anti-life organization makes the donor complicit.

Value added to OLD games


October 4, 2013

android security focused Quasar IV two weeks remaining a mere $3.15 million shy security through obscurity to descend into same obscurity

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encrypt locally before cloud storage it’s most attractive feature Quasar IV seeks funding


Unfortunately the QSalpha folks plan to replace one walled garden with their own QuaWorks walled garden further employing untested special encryption.

QSalpha hasn’t read about the woes of Alice.

QSalpha design is trustyworthy because QSalpha claims it’s trustworthy

QSalpha design is trustworthy becuase QSalpha says their design is trustworthy


Quasar IV special crypto blend:

QSalpha special crypto blend


QSalpha would like you to ignore the man in green

QSalpha ignore the man in green


This all assumes our nation reclaims the liberties stolen by the obamanation through feckless indifference


obamanation forced sharing


$0 encrypted SIP calls can be had on android now with OSTN,

non boot leaky XPosed framework for android+ XPrivacy the least horrible stop gap for now for those who have disabled- or removed privacy raping google framework




September 12, 2013

SPA525G2 speed dial bookmarkified

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vid= extension to use outbound

$PROXY of vid#

sub= number to dial

fnc: function

blf : busy lamp field

sd: speed dial



spa525g2 speed dial edit


spa525g2 address book edit


spa525g2 blind xfer

August 21, 2013

less horrible GAPPS options

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XDA APK downloader don't suffer google apps on your phone

August 19, 2013

obi110 intercom or hotline [bookmarkified]

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obihai intercom devices



July 14, 2013

mirror anycut apk

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here too

SHA1 Checksum:     4a2cd95605c0d492ee763d74ee07baae9c649b38

UUencoded as post:


July 12, 2013

dear “doctor”: discontinue practicing or I was right again

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No it is not acceptable to use ergot derivative drugs [for treatment of migraine] and here is the behind the curve catch up documents: 

Maybe you could become a pot dispensary “doctor” pushing hallucinogens, too?  If you don’t mind permanent structural changes to the brain from ergots you won’t mind them from marijuana either.




June 22, 2013


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April 6, 2013

save password tags firefox extension

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oh joy the default karma blocker ruleset blocks most of the needed elements to use the wordpress WYSIWYG editor AND text editor.  anywho

Adds arbitrary tags- and values to store password information

April 1, 2013

a catechesis on the creed, pope John Paul II

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March 18, 2013

anveo feature request magic incantation

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Genie, Genie,
Grant my wish.
May I have it,
Genie, Please?

courtesy Aaron@SipSorcery

to reduce call flow contact tedium I’m hoping to see anveo ldap support extra soonventually!

January 1, 2013

voip sms: gouging carriers begin haemorrhaging :  SMS to SIP, SIP to SMS (using SIP SIMPLE (MESSAGE)), SMS to email, sms to http [get], SMS web ui : SMS to SIP, SIP to SMS (using SIP SIMPLE (MESSAGE)), SMS to email, SMS web ui

voip.MS : SMS to email, SMS web ui

sms to xmpp, xmpp to sms — using ‘randomized’ resources


there are several VSPs with functional beta systems who wish to remain nameless

Himself being Sagacious


December 19, 2012

mozilla bugs needing your vote(s)

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sync ought backup search plug-ings

hopefully I’ll expand this

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