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February 6, 2020

brazen mozilla foundation lies: “Firefox browser collects so little data about you”

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mozilla lies through firefox teeth.

Riiiiiigght.. that’s why all the telemetry “features” of privacy raping have ZERO exposed controls to the average user?

DO NOT use a firefox profile without at least the fiddley bits of user.js tweaks from GHack’s github project for user.js

mozilla foundation is a predator



user_pref(“toolkit.telemetry.coverage.opt-out”, true); // [HIDDEN PREF]
user_pref(“toolkit.coverage.opt-out”, true); // [FF64+] [HIDDEN PREF]

all your base all also belong to mozilla


Sure, sure there is a “data privacy principles” and while it’s nice to “have principles” it is another ballgame to behave righteously.


how are firefox hidden preferences compatible with mozilla data privacy principles 1 and 2


How are firefox HIDDEN PREFERENCES compatible with Mozilla Data Privacy Principles 1 & 2 ?


View at

View at

be a good maoist by surrendering yourself to guiltiness

Normandy, as in the beach landing of a war to stop out Socialism in the word.  Here, the axis powers are played by Mozilla, F-Book, and Google.


Hypocrisy masquerading as freedom fighters.

#StopPrivacyRaping #StopRape






January 31, 2020

when schizophrenics find others on the internet the fiction writes itself

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The richness of delusion would make interesting movies:

Lizard people who started the world:

The end of the world predicted.  It’s been 8 years since.  oh noes.

Listen to the voices in your head?  Machines? Powers?  Illuminati is now the Acquarium

The crazy competition for scientology

Journeys Through 9D

Always some twist on occultism and sillyness



Movies. let’s have some crazy movies


January 9, 2020

hypocrite Wladamir Palant critizes privacy of other extensions in new blog

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_face of a hypocrite who rapes privacy for money violating the trust of adblock community

And a new level of incorrectness

Perhaps you haven’t been watching the AutoCrypt project?

So encrypting email traffic is now done by enabling SSL in all those mail relays

Right, except for that pesky fallback though




December 20, 2019

health sense media hoax (or fraud) “hydrogen antioxidant water”

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Health Sense Media, LLC. 16 W Madison St. Baltimore MD, 21201, United States of America

solubility fraud

Selling hydrogen rich water.  Right.  At one atmosphere near freezing the solubility of H2 in 100g of water is 0.00016g.  You’d only need drink 2,642 gallons of water daily [1].


All product credibility impeached.  (Unlike Nancy Pelosi’s use this is the correct use of the term in this context)

100% of their other products are hyper overpriced, non third party tested “nutrients”.

scam by direct email.




December 10, 2019

Let’s encrypt but not your email: no free s/mime for you

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join us in GPG autonomy land

free yourself from “authority” tyranny

no free smime for you lets not encrypt


September 28, 2019

the absurdity of CradlePoint support

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Response given is not a reply to question.

Simply “upgrade” to a $200 annual subscription to manage one endpoint.

September 27, 2019

Cult of man made weather demands end of fossil fuels fails to recognize how batteries are made

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This luminary thinker..

..unknowingly demands an end to battery manufacturing making fantasy power collection systems impossible to use let alone build anywhere else ever again.

Hypocrite uses Internet powered by “evil” fuel.

Solution to climate change is climate stagnation like on Venus or mars. Simply move the Earth farther from the sun, or generate a nuclear winter.


September 11, 2019

NASA plans to build Martian magnetosphere? Magical thinkers rejoice

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Identify and quantify the problem

Invent a solution


Recall for a moment the Southpark “underpants gnomes” step 2.

Ignoring step 2 the plan of success is mapped out in glorious minutiae.

2070 mars colonization begins!



July 17, 2019

F-Droid FOSS adroid repo infested with snowflakes and hateful SJW. they are now mean bad people to shun

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Intellectual Totalitarianism now rules at F-Droid where the worst kinds of human rights abuses are tolerated: making some people more equal than other people, harassing those dissenting from one world perversions, hurting those who simply disagree.  Are you a fan of Western Civilization?  Christian ethos?  Justice and righteousness?  Your ilk is no longer welcome.

Open arms for moralphobes, degenerates, cretins, and pedophiles at F-Droid.

Melt all snowflakes.

Fork them hard.


March 4, 2019

Green New Deal: apply to the gravy train

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It’s the same kind of deal the coward John Kerry penned with the nuclear Iranians:  do whatever you like and we’ll give you money.

Remember: math is a racist contrivance of the west to facilitate colonialism and knowledge unicentric totalizing


August 8, 2018

schizophrenic MLM writing style science site for kids scamming parents

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Little Bins for Little  is written by someone either in need of medication or extended time in a grammer re-education center.  Aside from the irksome, easily circumvented adblock-blocking it is otherwise irritating to find a succint article having been overloaded with self referrential linkspam.

Eventually the site offers a FREE ebook with popular recipies.  Being skeptical I usually feed such things Disposable Email Addresses from free services – to protect myself from spam and the unethical.  The vast majority of people blocking DEA domains are the very people from which people need safeguarding!  I digress.  You’ll notice the generate credit card tab.  It’s used for those sites offering something free which ‘only need a credit card that won’t be charged’.  Yeah, right.

Here is the offer of free ebook



First collect half a dozen survey questions.  Then harvest mail and email addresses.

And now the Laugh Out Loud bait and switch pricing with ‘amazing’ $104 discount:






Let Sarah McClelland know how much of a slime she is:

Perhaps some personalized Amazon Feedback for Sarah McClelland ?

Create an email to test account:



set endpoint to this form action:




It would be best to setup a free account before building your form so the signup process does not eat it (despite what the save popup claims):

cognito_forms_signup_fail is a great disposable email address service is a great Disposable Email Address service sms texting easily circumvented


There are hoards of inexpensive, dark web services for circumventing irksome sms texting “validation”.

January 30, 2018

sexual deviants’ tyranny is tiresome

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Do you have one or more Y chromosomes?  You are male.  Otherwise you are female.  Science.


[deviant] Ex-[queer] and sex-change regret testimonies mounting

or: failure to promulgate is NOT hatred && NOT fear.

public support failing demonstrably via Urban Dictionary: evolutionary dead end

homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end





November 5, 2016

science oppresses African magic practitioners of equalness understanding perspectiving decolonization totalizing

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“We need to restart science from the African perspective you know black magic?”  said the racist hatemonger Darwin Award Candidate. Progressive rhetoric is most the best. “This is a progressive space for people to say their opinions [when you [ask your questions]] you antagonize us.. disrespect this sacred place”.

The whinger demanded an apology and that pussy said sorry.  No, the correct response is “No, your racist rules oppress my freedom to disagree and question.  You are evil for making me feel bad you horrible hatemongering wench”.

‘First apologize then agree you will only agree with us as these are the rules we have agreed you must agree with’

Again.  Progressivist ‘freedom’ only permits agreement with progressivism. Further it MANDATES PROMULGATION of tautologies.

“Western modernity is the direct antagonistic factor to decolonization because western knowledge is totalizing .. and out of nowhere decided gravity existed and created an equation and that is it!”.  Yeah, that and the total lack of the sun god, child immolation, and public acceptance of rape.  Great cultural norms you’re pushing racist hatemonger westerphobe fan of rapists.

“Knowledge that speaks to us, and that is able to accommodate to knowledge from our perspective [is what we need]. So if you’re saying you disagree with her approach it means you are vested in the western and unicentric way of understanding which means you yourself need to go back internally decolonize your mind”


” … because westen knowledge is very pathetic to say the least”

Yes, like space travel, western medicine, the internet, sanitation, wells.  All pathetic.  Especially compared to the world contributions from Africa like slave capturing, slave reselling, rape as genetic diversity, eating children.  All better stuff.

Let these people self identify then offer them the medication their schizophrenia requires.

“so decolonizing the science would mean doing away with it entirely and starting all over again”

But you’ll of course keep your internet, internal combustion, refrigeration, electricity, warm sciency fabrics, clean water, super markets, and shoes, right?

I happily shoot down applicants like these.  We don’t need your magical thinking here. Stop employing them.  Stop socialist layabout funding.  Let hunger motivate them into the right kind of societal change.



2017:  unrepresentative colored curriculum on TEDx

In a few brief moments TEDx loses ALL credibility while doing a disservice to undiagnosed schizophrenics





March 31, 2015

Doctor Who cybermen resurrection itself recycled from 1959 Plan 9 from outer space

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Aliens invade cemetery to resurrect arm of the dead.  Sound familiar?  Sure they had better CGI but here’s the first video version:

Plan 9 even has a variation of Lethbridge Stewart

plan 9 has own lethbridge stewart

see also archive scifi

or MST3K season 0

December 25, 2014

netflix on verybroadband delivering decade old handycam “quality”

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even after forcing bandwidth to 3.5 Mbps “quality” continues to be abysmal.

Only twits try for hd bitrate 1080p over wifi.

back to fetching from usenet for licensed content.  thanks, netflix, for promoting Kodi [xbmc, not a sweater wearing dog]


September 29, 2014

why to NOT-purchase towns

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prime reason






August 8, 2014

Draft dodging eats posts amind draft failures

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Draft dodging

Your dodgy at my posts.  [sic]




August 2, 2014

we don’t need no geolocation: add location wordpress button begone!

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For simple click removal (hiding) of unwanted interweb items [firefox]:

HackTheWeb — requires Stylish

Element Hiding Helper for adBLOCK edge



Of the extensions of the nefarious evil EyeO corporation by megalomaniac wladimir palant the only one  which can be trusted anymore is Element Hiding Helper.  Fortunately it plays nicely with evil-removed adBLOCK edge, a BLOCKing fork of ad”block” “plus”.



July 20, 2014

moralphobia vs homophobia: wiki* “rationale” & ‘bias’

An article in screenshots

wikipedia moralphobia entry deleted by moralphobes






wikipedia homophobia entry defended by moralphobes





Ah tolerance of the wantonly queer and their fandom.


44,000 uses.  is moralphobia ‘notable’ now?


moralphobia 44,000 uses now wikipedia notable




Original wiktionary definition (via history tab) albeit a bit sloppy until second case application 



contratheism, a term brought into existence by Sagacious Himself, is notable too.

wiktionary moralphobia


moralphobia (uncountable)

  1. irrational fear of Natural Law, or the rule of conduct which is prescribed to us by the Creator in the constitution of the nature with which He has endowed us.
    ‘Having inflicted moralphobia upon herself, she was prone to irrational utterances, rage outbursts, and other misjudgements when confronted with her moral turpitude.
  1. state experienced by those who willfully indulge depraved appetites



versioning of subjective truth when there is only queer truth





vs urbandictionary


urbandictionary correct definition of moralphobia

urban dictionary moralphobia moralphobe

July 17, 2014

make use of african kettle? color propriety and the high pot


adblock extensions killing the scammers’ interweb unlimited source of victims fantasy?


This screenshot taken with “open blockable items” pane of AdBlock Edge expanded upward to show all blocked items on the “content” article deriding adblocking:

cerfing the interweb without adblocking is more foolishly self damaging than it is naive must adblock always interweb

( temporarily enabled while attempting to register: blocked by default.  Before whitelisted a suggestion is sent to webmaster encouraging locally caching tools to avoid privacy raping visitors.  Google, an ad platform, hopes their tools are loaded as third party modules all the better to track and repeatedly rape you dearies)


Not that there was much to read of the ‘article’.  Without adblocking enabled the page had not finished rendering in well over 12 minutes.  It hanged on s.ytimg and googletagservices.  Not adblocking foolish?  My oh my yes.  How did I not adblock while avoiding injury?  Alternative connectivity.

Make use of is not interested in new registrations that fail to provide them raping privacy revenue:

^ disabled.   get edjumakated:


The blathering is concentrated in the unqualified declaration:

sites are paid for displaying them either per-click or, in some cases, via a flat monthly fee


And HOW precisely does that function?  The author prefers willful ignorance as do most insisting they have presented an argument (they haven’t).

“you owe me”

No, I don’t.

Article relies on self evident falsehood:

but without ad revenues, there’d be nothing to read

Wrong!  How did the interweb funciton prior to the first scumbag advertiser?  (not all advertisers are scumbags)

Yes, johnny, the interweb predated privacy raping!  There weren’t hoards of imbeciles.  As with joining any other society one approaches with hesitation and respect as it is joining. One participates respectfully with civility.  Forum moderation is nearly dead with selfish indifference cancer.


Free lunch is real.

I have something to offer to those who sought it.  I expect nothing in return.

  • My interweb participation is CHARITABLE.
  • I came to GIVE.
  • I shall continue to GIVE.
  • Obviously I shall not give as much or even at all if/when I am not self sufficient.
  • I must care for myself and mine first.  This is NOT greed.
  • Inordinate self interest is greed.
  • Self interest is duty to myself and God.


If you do not want your content in the public sphere………  drum roll ……. don’t put it in the public sphere.  Protect it with BasicAuth (do use your interweb search skills) or other PayWall.

“but I want my site in the public sphere to be seen and complain when people see it because it is a not-public thing I am offering in public [insert other inanity]”


So close to illumination…

It’s obvious that without revenue to support quality content, that content will disappear

Yes, I covered that already; See above outline:  “If/when I am not self sufficient”.

Also true

the world will be worse off because of it

Yes, when there are fewer charitable people building the interest the world will be ‘worse off’.  It certainly isn’t better with profiteering by raping privacy rogues.


No honest exchange to be had there on their question:

If advertisements disappeared from all sites today, this is what would become of the web. [?]

It would improve in quality and dignity.  There would be free market to select winners for micropayment systems.  Much like the content I purchase now through a variety of platforms.  When it stops being of value to me I discontinue purchasing.  Sites will no longer treat viewers as chattle; raping privacy will cease.  Society will codify laws creating just consequence for raping privacy all the more lurid when the victims are minor — already unable to contract.

The irrational- and willfully ignorant are not exclusively proponents of privacy raping they are occasionally consumers

if people who want to see quality content on the web at no charge

People with righteous expectations of consuming content produced by the interweb charitable?  They’re not irrational.  Is the author creatively describing content piracy?

Piracy: not providing just compensation.

In the proper interweb model of charity there is no piracy concern.

If in the author’s construction there are no longer third party ads on the interweb…  when this obvious obviousnesses of logic is intentionally ignored…. ah, yes, we having a blathering ‘article’ insisting adblocking is evil and the interweb has always been such a way that it had never been ad nausea.

How about another bite of irrationalberry pie?

So long as Google and Microsoft remain powerful companies with great influence over how people view the Internet, advertising will remain the primary means of generating revenue.


They are?  That is some masterful control.  Care to explain how that works?  A clockwork orange setup while we sleep?

The irlogic is ilrefutable!

 say no to blocking ads [and embrace endless privacy rape]

Someone needs to take a refresher course on the mechanics of power.   adBlock is my NO to assent to be profoundly violated.

I am not a pirate.


see also:  Defective Business Model Syndrome


afterdawn cluein archive Defective Business Model Syndrome



Knowingly [willfully ignorant] injuring others for profit is wrong.  If you believe the contrary would you make an argument in favor of child slavery or other human trafficking?



July 16, 2014

public high school students in florida work in photoshop? commonly dumbed down core: teachers lowest SAT scores. why tolerate wrecking youth?

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Has adobe generously donated several dozen licenses?  Or is art class also piracy class?  As “Treasure Coast High School” perhaps piracy is part of the motif?

” Amy Babkie, who is soley responsible for its content.  The School Board of St Lucie County, Florida, Treasure Coast High School”

You’d think not initially with “saint” in the school [district] name:

Adobe Certified Expert (Photoshop) (ADOBE005)

Certifying Agency:
Adobe Systems
345 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110-2704
Phone :(408) 536-6000

perhaps not

ChairmanObama’s minions are preparing generations for menial task emplolyment!  Thank the party.

Occupational Outlook Calendar

Glorious servitude!

Becoming a teacher is a bar too high — the lowest SAT scores by major — so ChairmanObama will have you aiming lower, grave level:  Teacher Assisting

If the system had not pummeled away your spark of creativity or union sucked your soul dry

you could spend your ways to billion looking for creativity in the forest where nobody cares.

You, too, can embrace revisionist history “progressive” style:

“pave your way into history”

chairman obama minions want you unable to think for yourself and uncomfortable with moral judgments

Scoring is unfair.  To protect those who have been scored the public records of scores are no longer available to the public — fairness:


But that can never happen with the zero tolerance for gun shaped items

zero tolerance for gun shaped images require florida to leave school grounds immediately

The florida school system has shown itself unfit to be on campus and must now leave.

Join the backroom discussion:  (case SeNSitive)

If you are a mere parent or student you will need a secret code to register.  Because teachers score so low on the SAT the bar has been lowered for them

All is open in fair and revisionist history:  create your own school!

all is open in fare and revisionist history


pick topics of interest which are hopey changey malleable — so not math

edmodo new school fabrication pick malleable topics


Common Core is ready for you!


Not surprisingly the “content” is as deep as teachers’ sat scores are high

perverting literature for high school students suffering dystopian common core sexual unrestraint



Too ignorant to be free




July 14, 2014

color choice captcha abuse of vision impaired interweb users when I suggest it but all five by five when stumbleupon implements it years later?

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when I suggested color identifying captcha wordpress hoardes bemoaned disabled interweb users where is the stumbleupon outrage


I had more color and more skew and more character types

^ remove all odd numbers, & B-s

Not too challenging, yes?

^ use only the red- and olive characters


call himself in the not purple:  2380273615240975413084




July 5, 2014

hillary clinton does not recommend working for income

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Hillary Clinton brand of optimism

“Clinton said that as she travels the country, she is presenting new ideas to help strengthen the economy, which in turn, will help lower income inequality.”

None of which involves work as that’s something one does for one’s self.  How could the government be conflated for success?

None of her ideas involve actual charity as by her example she doesn’t directly accept speaking fees but gives them to herself through her foundation.

Three card mounty with photovoltaic panels much?

Ignore the witch behind the curtain

June 24, 2014

most moronic crackle support post

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“customer” complains that pre-roll ads do not render

Some of the better comments explain to sheeple that crackle is NOT-free: it renders third party ads profiting at user expense


crackle is privacy rape for profit


crackle fecklessness privacy rape for profit

May 11, 2014

wordpress 2-step security still laughable

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WordPress assumes proof of phone ownership can be completed with ancient sms texting — false as is auto-reply and deleted — or via privacy rape (Google Authenticator app).  And why limit users to phones?  What about ubiquity of other internets capable devices?

Two supremely stooopid options: old for the luddite, or new for the cretin.

wordpress laughable two factor options pander to luddites and cretins

To compensate for these laughable offerings wordpress offers OTP only after choosing one or the other stooopid options

“to make sure you’re never locked out of your blog, you can generate a set of ten, one-time-use backup codes. We recommend that you print the backup codes out and keep them in a secure place like a wallet or document safe rather than saving them on your computer, where they’d be accessible to anyone using your machine. ” 

“At the end of the setup process for  Two Step Authorization, you’ll be given the option to generate backup codes:”


Which is all the more curious given the necessity of the OTP completion

 Generating backup codes is essential and must be done.


I’d like to generate my One Time Pad codes and not be bothered with luddite/cretinous “two” factor “choices”.  XMPP texting?  SIP texting?  wakey wakey!



amazonian contratheism and thought police abound: Lad Vampire justice swiftly

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Post a review and mention anything conservative and blam: across the board downmodding of all other reviews of user.  Well turn about is fairplay:  justice LadVampire style

This hatemongering blazeintolerant thought policer was caught by his own rules.  It is a persona of his AmazonVINE profile.  He cannot help but use his Vine profile for spewing the intolerance of tolerance (as tolerance hasn’t tolerance for intolerance).

see first comment

first: comment on “review”

Your entire review, above, is nothing but a bald-faced lie. You clearly haven’t even seen the film, as your commentary has literally nothing to do with what you’re allegedly “reviewing.”

But, Rane, as a “living on a commune” type, I’m not surprised that’s what you’d say.

All this “review” is, Rane, is you spouting your personal hatred of those who don’t conform to your own personal ideals. That, my friend, is what most people in your world would call “fascism.” “Conform, or you’re the enemy.” (The real definition of fascism is something quite different… it was merely the Italian flavor of “Nationalist Socialism,” remember, and was a collectivist movement, very much in keeping with your own “communal-living” ideals.)

Let’s never forget… the National Socialist Workers Party of German (aka “the Nazis”) and the Italian Nationalist Socialist Party (aka “the Fascists”) are what you’re siding with, even today.

These ideas “work,” only if you assume that humanity can be “perfect.” If you recognize the inherently flawed nature of humanity, you see why communism (aka “international socialism”) is a pipe dream which cannot ever work in reality. Basically, Communism is all about “creating Heaven,” but replacing the idea of “God” with the idea of “the ruling elite.”

History has shown why this doesn’t work. Flawed human beings, when given absolute power over the masses, always end up becoming perfect examples of the old story… “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”



“review” for not-purchased item:

Uses out-of-context soundbites to promote the director’s own personal hatred of Obama. There are no facts to be found here. There are simply audio clips, cut out of sections without explaining the context, and pasted over non-relevant imagery in order to form a negative opinion about a great, great President (one of, if not the best Presidents we’ve ever had).

The people who give this film 5 stars, well, it’s surprising they can even use a computer since their minds are so warped and twisted by the likes of Glenn Beck and sites like The Blaze and WND. They (conservative fringe groups) have somehow deluded themselves into thinking that they are this ‘silent majority’ than could actually re-claim the country — sometimes by force.

It is sickening, delusional thoughts spouted off by sad, lonely people who simply don’t like blacks, multiculturalism, or any ideas that differ from their own. These evil, raging people who frequently vote for the party of greed (GOP) have this way of taking a factual sentence and stripping away all of the facts, leaving only their own misguided opinions and false beliefs.

These people would rather shove Christianity and it’s lies down people’s throats than accept the fact that Jesus is make-believe, God is no longer needed, and the Bible is a lie.

But, no…they’d rather just hate on the black ‘muslim’ president, and pretend that words like ‘communism’ and ‘socialism’ are bad words.

Here’s a hint: they’re not bad words. I’m openly a socialist and I’m proudly American. American doesn’t mean “GOP or leave.” It means a bunch of ideas coming together to accomplish a number of tasks. And, one of those ideas, like it or not, is socialism and communism.

I’m proud of Obama. And He’s a great leader. It’s sad that so many people would rather maintain their racist thoughts deep in Texas than come up for air and join the 21st century.

Four more Years! Four more Years!



May 1, 2014

firefox the way I want has the status bar the way I had it mozilla Australis UI fascism masquerading as freedom of choice, mozilla enhanced dictionary of freedom

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if I wanted icons above the bookmark bar I would have placed them there; I don’t.  More brilliance from the mozilla intolerance foundation: hating conservatives with frothing mouth breathing all the day long

“customize firefox to work the way you do so long as its what mozilla allows

customize firefox to work the way you do so long as its what mozilla allows

Not much unlike the “progressive” ideology to which they subscribe: agree with liberalism or — no or.

mozilla motto: COMPLY!

you will be assimilated?

Many Add-ons used to place an icon in the Status Bar that gave you quick access to their features. Now they have their own toolbar called, you guessed it, the Add-on bar. The Add-on bar isn’t shown by default — it’s only shown when you install an Add-on that uses it.

nope.  I want my extension icons where I had placed them

mozilla fascism strikes again: “freedom” to submit muslimese style

mozilla fascism lets you choose to comply or comply the freedom to submit sellout become mozillas bitch


The Add-on Bar gives you quick access to add-on features


You know what else did that?  The status bar: quick access to user grouped extensions.

Gives me?  Coerces you mean, mozzy?

Use the Classic Theme Restorer to bring the Add-on bar back

Here’s a thought:  offer the user a choice.  You know, like double opt-in.. that concept that interferes with privacy raping profile employed by morally-deficient developers ala Carlo Zottmann.

Oh goodie!  Install an unwanted extension to partially revert retarded UI “choice”


search bar is extra inflexible.  It can be moved but not widened (without CSS).


australis ui fascism keyword inflexible for small minded twits

can move australis ui search bar but not widen mozilla fascism as freedom of choice flaying convservatives in the name of tolerance

So much easier to have fewer choices; fascism is so liberating.


Mozilla enhanced dictionary of freedom

enhancement: reduced functionality

freedom:  compliance

tolerance: terminating conservative ceo

customize: accept new status quo

choice:  C or C… or even C

simplification: less is better to facilitate freedom of enhancement

“new” tab concepts purveyors of tab management extensions have provided those who usify the interwebs wiff more than a dozen tabs per window.  :gopher:

All a mere twenty-five firefox versions after innovation.

Will AMO editors pull head from [noun]?


firefox design values mostly whitespace less to distract for more contemplation of obedience to mozilla:

[actual screencap of page one of PDF]

firefox design values mostly whitespace less to dsitract for more contemplation of obedience to mozilla


mozilla control from allowed birth to early grave feed hippies to the hungry as solylent green for the planet they love


mozilla “[decides] for you” yet respects “user sovereignty”?

mozilla good intentions from cradle to early grave




April 28, 2014

French Cows Fraud: “Full games” farce. More than 4 euros, in game purchases enabled

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The french [cows]  idea of just payment is 4 euros monthly for “complete games” but “forgot” to enable all upgrades and disable in-game purchases.

Pay once, then pay again iteratively toward full game

french cow bait and switch subscription pay for games pay again incrementally in game upgrades NO FULL GAMES


April 25, 2014

authored by ebay but edited by nobody with extra more Engrish for much happy

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authored by ebay but edited by no one sprinkled extra more please engrish amuse funny win


April 21, 2014

advertiser wet dream: google glass & more too foolish to be free

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All the better to privacy rape you my dear, bitches.

Google will know exactly where you are

Google will know EVERYTHING you look at AND FOR HOW LONG

Google will better capture viewer INTEREST

You will help Google capture OTHER PEOPLE

Where other people are

What other people are saying

With whom other people keep company

Other peoples’ interest(S)

Conveniently real time

666 anyone

few people recognize the evil of google glass PRIACY RAPE AS PROFIT selling out to NSA greatleader team no longer defends privacy

Combine glass with your google profile across other goggle properties and everysite using google tools/analytics

No, there’s no problem here or NSA purchasing or seizing this information.


wearable computer is not evil.  The problem is allowing an evil entity access to ALL the information.  Google does evil whether or not you believe their satanic seeming motto. Injuring you for profit IS evil by any definition.


April 18, 2014

envirofascist fanciful premise .. “game” similar consequence

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Ignoring the only source of heat (the sun… shhhhh) you can be edumakated about the evils of keeping your family warm, fed, safe, and happy in this “game”

But beware the pollution you create, if an area becomes too polluted it could summon meteors, lightning or even a giant worm creature that could destroy your hard work.


evopollution bulldoze or pave the world in drab brown or white

These twits have formed an evil company in the twisted goal of sinister profit for labor using thing doer clicky peripheral in well named “game maker”

Remember raising taxes to cool the sun is the most effective solution to not a problem.



April 10, 2014

intolerance mozilla sodomites, paedophiles, and moralphobes pressure conservative ceo to resign after learning his pro-family societal stabilizing values

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tolerance:  1. need to accept as equal lies and truth; 2. free to assent to our version of reality

intolerance: insistence on objective reality

violating ceo firefox motto:

free.. without any pressure to compromise

in the same sense as tolerance: once we’ve pressured you to accept our way forsaking your savior we will no longer pressure you to compromise

stay at mozilla without any pressure to compromise unless you dissent from our version of truth.  We're free to innovate hypocrisy on your behalf driving out pesky truth while tearing apart fabric of society


different by design: moralphobia all around!


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