Sagacious Himself — brevity in circumlocution: never blague — suffering genius

historificity cannot find stargate atlantis season 5 episode 21

stargate suicide

120 betamax free sip providers — complete list?

godaddy sucks ( — 5,320 people went out of their way to vent

(yes, I have it out for godaddy, toshiba, and a few others.  my anti-toshiba campaign has already lost them dozens of large contracts  first hand and countless by second hand [N])

on reflection

phonevite group2call justknow

add $1.65 to amazon cart for free shipping

extort $25 from verizon like they have from you countless times

how to lookup a friend’s road runner email address and upgrade his account or cancel it out from under him

helping to destroy ratio P2P peering one step at a time

the other way to shop for amazon rebates — if you believe in the tooth fairy

CS4 install joy

one of the many reasons I dislike allegedly-new newegg

Switching between the old Java Plug-in and next-generation Java Plug-in

boron argon gallium iodine nitrogen

H.R. 3685 Discriminates against employer’s values in the workplace

(faggotry destroyed rome)

setup modified Mozilla Weave on cPanel web disk with apache 2.0.63

multiple everything?

(there can only be one everything)

disable offline AIM messages

F.L.A.A.F. – Flemish Liberation Army Against Freedom

oberon interactive: visual menu hell

note to self: live privacy portal

California half a billion dollars to sit and think about carpet

(long way from Illinois)

openDNS alternative by easyDNS

setup modified Mozilla Weave on cPanel web disk with apache 2.0.63 (incomplete)

What does the $700 billion bailout look like? (liberalese: spread the debt around)

SMS to yahoo chat : sms phone out format to yahoo inbox popup

Father Corapi, awesome Catholic priest stoops to implementing DRM on apologetics videos

Ulcerous 57 Socialist Statelessness of America

music0very: thanks for the mp3s

iTard fans chuck in an iPhone for the PVR too bad 3G is legacy and trapped in TDMA

Yahoo BrowserPlus – response to SilverLight, AIR, or Chromium? Pipes piped! — where’s the zottmann love?

ShortShip Pro — first NAGWARE firefox “plugin” ever! 


hotmail live tech support 

yahoo email tech support

Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant reset star code — enjoy the load

CrossCrypt and GnuPG

FFdshow logoaway image templates wanted – Shape XY logo image for TV station watermarks

obama’s supreme court: socialism enforcers

Chromium Iron 
Iron Fork: Eat the web safely

the simplicity of 248 dimensions explains everything!

BBC spooks produced by communists

canada gets it right where USA fails – whois data kept private by default for free — yes, I see you godaddy

voting a Marxist into office is an act of sedition

You will die. That is a surety as is: obama is a marxist, obama is a racist, obama as president will destroy America — Kruschev would have loved obama

animals have no rights — treating food like people is irrational — smells like a Tshirt

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