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August 27, 2014

recycling dolphins and aliens shiffTY style Jonathan m shiff T

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intellectual fascim tolerance promotes greater evils


How many ways can Hollywood recycle a show?  Perhaps not as many times as Jon can remix: aliens + mermaids .  Other common elements are:  island + magic + lightning + envirofascism.

Starting with creatively titled Ocean Girl at the dawn of the interweb (interweb not featured), to a timely revamping for the interweb a mere seven years late,

h20 just add water (mermaids + island + magic)

the new adventures of ocean girl

ocean girl: a new generation

mako: island of secrets


Pirate Islands  (lightning + island + magic)

Lightning Point  (lightning + island + magic)

Alien Surf Girls : rebranded Lightning Point

thunderstone (aliens + magic masquerading as science + envirofascism)

Mako Mermaids : rebranded mako: island of secrets

Secret of Mako Island : rebranded mako: island of secrets


many re-runs available  FTA, not-encrypted satellite


image cropped via 





April 3, 2013

explorer your vocab knowledge

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If you are like most other people scoring less than perfectly on the SAT here might be an entertaining option to expand your vocab with a less stressful ‘test’

If your combined math & verbal on the SAT was not a four digit score you might want to find a LOL cat quiz.

There’s far too much subjectivity [any] on the essay portion of the SAT.  People who scored less than 1550 math/verbal simply aren’t qualified to grade essays from the high scoring.

Brush up on your vocab

many actual-education institutions and other ‘accredited’ institutions have credentials for you

April 5, 2009

does your trunk box of money email contain

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free money for sale

X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: calendar-invite

you have a complimentary red flag

March 28, 2008

the best of the Nazi zombie movies

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February 18, 2008

photoshop CS3 mask for Badass buddy icon ads in custom text icons

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November 16, 2007

restart later nag be gone

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Local Computer Policy
  Computer Configuration
    Administrative Templates
      Windows Components
        Windows Update

enable: No auto-restart for schedule Automatic Updates installations

gpupdate /force

[ ]

September 20, 2007

Buddy Icon Builder + GIFworks.. build a base icon and hack out the parts that suck

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Buddy Icons that almost don’t suck

Bad Ass Buddy Icon builder ad hacking

Let’s make them not suck

(1) build icon
(2) download icon

(3) upload GIF to free online GifWorks

remove ads from animated GIFs with simple crop tools

(4) select CROP tool… and cut away BiB

CROP out ads and rejoice

(5) use imprecise finger icon to set two points (I’d rather have a cross hair icon)

or maybe an erase to transparency tool

(5) save

Suffer not an ad to live



Pure Love Club

February 9, 2007

R.I.P. making suck less

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copy this to a text file named  mu.xml
import it into Remove It Permanently

<Config version=”1.0″>
    <Page name=”megaupload” url=”*&#8221; enabled=”true”>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[18]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[7]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[8]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[3]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[4]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[5]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[19]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[13]/div[2]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[15]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[14]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[17]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[6]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[2]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[20]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[22]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[23]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[21]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[18]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[15]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[1]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[3]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[5]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[14]/div</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[14]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[17]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[17]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[8]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[7]</XPath>

February 4, 2007

convert FLV to anything or convert anything to FLV — almost anything — convert FLV to avi, convert FLV to mpg, for FREE

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edit 2014, a mere 7 years later linked as solution in Experts Exchange [again] happy to help but not interested in mobocracy myself.  For that reason I despise wiki*dia; see also moralphobia.

love from ExpertsExchange Sagacious Himself as accepted solutions



think gremlins movie “mohgwai” { 魔怪 } for meGUI.  meGUI auto updates.  Not to be confused with fire attractant furby or with creatures‘ genetics lab victims.



___platform agnostic



for the cretinous with no aspirations of competence: HandBrake

do NOT trust “MediaCoder”.  see also long history of GPL violations

___windows notes

For least masochist playback in windows you’ll want a player that does NOT rely upon DirectShow (nor ever video for windows interface).  Two fine examples of this (both at the time of this article in 2007, and now in 2014) are:

VideoLAN  (or VLC)


MPlayer  (or it’s slightly more polished wrapper SMPlayer)

Not surprisingly these two utilities are available cross-platform … so when you abandon the cost- or suffering of windows for Linux, OpenBSD (or OSX) you can keep your players if you can afford them  (you can keep your doctor [if you can afford it]).


You will also enjoy [once you buy it] hardware encoding/decoding for h264/x264 and mpeg-2.  Nvidia chipsets are your best bang for buck but I’ve had overkill success with Matrox gear.  I recommend against all things AMD.


___teach a man to fish

& via

FFmpeg platform agnostic record convert stream transcode video free open source hand in glove with XBMC

doom9 forum
XBMC forum supplemental tools
video help forum {formerly}, a distant fifth place to doom9 forum as nettiquette is all but as dead here as the interweb at large given the influx of button mashers
video help convert [format_1] to [format_2] guides

video help convert guides video format to any other video format there can be only FFmpeg

If you suffer a windows platform it behooves you to become as savvy as CCCP or employ their freeware if the former is unlikely because of your sloth or disinterest.  Until CCCP-level competence you ought not roll your own FFDshow.  Two nicks’ [en|de]coding ideologies to study are both: LoRd_MuldeR, and CelticDruid. Yes, that mulder of MPlayer; his custom builds as distinct from*/

Mulder#GitHub, Mulder#SourceForge .

Mulder’s MPlayer for windows # GitHub

DVD ripping resources will not be provided not because I cannot or would not but because the Thought Police will ever smack down FairUse .  They will fail of course as the simple rule “if I can see it…” or “if I can touch it…”   … I can liberate it.


— orig 2007 — ————————————————–

requires XP or recent windoze OS

Three simple options:

(1) WinFF
(2) MeWIG
(3) meGUI

For option 1 download this, unpack it somewhere, run WinFF, add media files (in batch) select output format, click start

wait for completion, close command window, done.  rejoice.

For option 2 the process is similar but requires toggling more switches and settings.  Option 3 provides far more tweaking options than option 2.

If this can play the FLV you can convert it:…965#post839965

After converting removing the intro- or outro junk with  AviDemuX

[ ]

December 22, 2006

Iraqi kids learn street English

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wrong.. but funny!

December 16, 2006

please let me help you sell me stuff more effectively

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what I received for trying (vainly) to fix (for free) a horribly broken marketing department at Lost Enterprises:

[insert free can of lost coupon scan here]


December 13, 2006

scifi the lost room object hunt level one level two level three

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I’ve completed all three levels.  Easy.  I won’t say how… but I will replicate someone else’s post with the answers to level one…   the day after the contest closes I’ll post my “notes” that solve all three levels.

The Bus Ticket –
Hint: A place to find out about you favorite TV programs both past and future. (
Instantly teleports any person who touches it – or who is touched with
it – to a spot outside Gallup, N.M. The ticket itself remains where it
is unless the teleported person was holding it at the time. Round trips
are not possible.

The Key –
Hint: A place where page six isn’t always page six. (NY Post)
Opens any door with a pin-tumbler lock and makes it into a portal to
the Motel Room, which seems to exist outside of normal space and, in
turn, allows the user to exit through any door of their choosing,
anywhere in the world.

The Pencil –
Hint: The hottest place for watching other people’s videos, or posting your own. (YouTube)
Description: Creates a 1961 penny when it is tapped against a solid surface.

The Umbrella –
Hint: Find the latest essays, fiction, and cartoons in this big apple magazine. (The New Yorker)
Creates a mind-altering effect, not in the user, but in others who
observe the user.  It cases them to mistakenly believe that they
know the user, and to look up on them favorably, or at least without

The Scissors –
Hint: Home of all things sci-fi. (The SCI FI Channel)
Rotates arbitrary things in three-dimensional space. The axis of the
rotation can be either within or without the target. Targeted items can
be of any size or mass.

nah I decided not to show the codes… wait until the day after tomorrow for ALL the codes to ALL three levels 😉

September 8, 2006

SciFi markets feast as: Fucking Awesome — that’s not fucking cool

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yes, “Fucking Awesome”.   They produced the trailer, and opted to include the profanity:

that was not fucking cool of them


scifi atlantis code: sacrafice — scifi pulse code of the week is sacrafice

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You could waste your time by entering sacrafice as the scifi atlantis pulse code….. or instead of entering the scifi pulse code you could simply bookmark this first link 😉

how cool is that?  Digg it and we’ll see:

If you recall last week’s dlid was 25614


But then what fun would that be?   Aren’t you glad you websearched for scifi atlantis pulse code and found this cool blog article on scifi pulse code?

oh, sure, change the way the page works, SciFi.  Fine….

September 8th SciFi Atlantis Pulse Code

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SciFi Atlantis Pulse Code of the week is sacrafice

coke recipe no longer trade secret

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make your own coke and bottle it at home with coke’s secret recipe not found in this post. You’ll need to search long and far to find the recipe of coke, because with the secret coke recipe oh are you still reading?

August 25, 2006

how to extend your post editing time on digg – hacking digg timer

– post
be taken to your post
– hit back
– hit edit
– make change
– update
be taken to your post

– hit back

the counter will RESET to the time available at the time of edit!

Several minutes can be added to the editing window… but editing does eventually expire

hmmmm…. could this be applied in new nefarious ways?  😉

August 19, 2006

Colbert Trash Talks The New Planets

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August 18, 2006

scifi atlantis code: fletcher — get to the sneak peak episode video player

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leads to

then to

guess at videos to pass to

if nothing then get

SciFi pulse code fletcher — episode preview direct link

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thanks wordpress for eating my previous post.  I’m not going to rewrite it.  here are some links for you

ends here




August 17, 2006

How to Do Nothing at Work, and Get Away With It

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Stealing from verizon isn’t wrong, even if they’re you’re employer.  But stealing from any other employer isn’t cool.  Here are some tips for verizon employees (not that you work hard now… everytime I call you __ I __ have to educate you about how your own service works)

August 16, 2006

bump keying PDF backup

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just in case it disappears

OFF: Brightnet better than Darknets for average geek?

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Owner-less Data
It seems highly unlikely to most people that the same exact data can be
used to represent several things at once. But indeed, the same digital
representation can be, “both a floor wax and a dessert

become addicted to stick arena

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August 14, 2006

tiny backyards breed zombies

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sometimes evolution happens at 2am

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August 10, 2006

cheese eating surrender monkeys — save money on military spend on internet infrastructure

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Haut Débit

“VERY high speed internet”

2.5 GBps down
1.2 GBps up

beta signup page

rumor has it that free internet service speeds will rise to 28Mbps

PMC under FIOS?

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PMC-Sierra is the only supplier to support both EPON (IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile) and GPON (ITU-T G.984) standards.

verizon vcast LAME in comparison to DoCoMo 4G

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NTT DoCoMo says it managed to transmit data at 2.5Gbps to a moving vehicle in recent tests of a new wireless data technology.

you suck, verizon!

especially since other countries now enjoy 2.5 GB/s down and 1.2 GB/s up home internet for LESS than the cost of the highest price tier of FIOS.  Its not available on the comparison page though… yet?

PlayLinc – free game servers for gamers on verizon

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will it be a haven for pirates like hamachi was?

learn who you are … in case you didn’t know … with like better … just click your way to self realization

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an old twist on hot or not

this was the first tough choice set of images

August 8, 2006

oh no! sacred cow burgers ran out of meat!!

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now shows only:

it will be missed

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