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August 7, 2018

54 drafts? thanks WordPress app

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from the web interface via chromium I’m taunted with a tiny 54. That’s 54 articles not posted when the official app reported them posted

gee, thanks so much

when attempting to publish drafts the web client tries to mark them dated now.

Double extra fun!

Once my T2 chip Macbook Pro i9 nightmare is resolved I’ll try this again.

2017 mbp buy: thermal regulation fail + keyboard fingerprint oil transferred to screen on lid close

2018 mbp buy: hot + slow

My prior mbp as hand-me-downs

2008 mbp while crazy hot is still chugging.  2012 mbp is great. 2014 mbp is being used for Windows steam games without nasty bootcamp.  Others are two degrees away now.


November 10, 2007

why is there zero free wordpress API integration with OmniDrive?

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OmniDrive is raving about interop while wordpress only offers 50 megs of space.. hmmmm

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