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February 16, 2014

indie gala STRESS test appeared minutes ago

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I bought it on impulse assuming it might disappear before the clock

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 12.14.36 PM


one bundle for me, another bundle for my guest steam account(s)


June 1, 2009

free XP n2n compile to compete with hamachi?

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almost hamachi alternative: n2n  (EPC-Virtual Multiplayer Lan [alpha]) [client, no supernode (server)]

1. The TAP adapter is from the OpenVPN package. ( there are some vista 64 issues afaik ) [[Himself will test windows 7 (vista sp3)  when SLC SSD >64g is available on a BIOS-flexible ASUS mobo with 16+g of RAM .. for future >8 stream CableCard applications]]
2. the DHCP server & network is a service provided by [pieterbaarlo].
3. the Gui is only a gui written in realbasic, and a frontend to the following tools.
4. the n2n core is created by
5. forcebindip is created by

XP n2n gui alternative:

n2n allows use of any private address per RFC1918

n2n supernode in VMWare seems entertaining… I’ll toy with that in a bit



edit 100102 here is a another one of those alternative lists from a blog focused on LAN games over the internet:

— and lo n2n atop his list, too —


and back to Himself:

tunnelier as SOCKs proxy for CopSSH — at least great for interweb cafe free-spots

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