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November 17, 2012

culling: chromium ppa

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If installing multiple flavors of chromium be sure to modify shortcut to point to a UNIQUE profile directory to avoid version trauma


three adblock extensions for chromium since there is no ‘there can be only one’ yet

AdBlock+ Element Hiding Helper, Lex1
Adblock Plus,

as yet no pure css point and click transmogrification extension for chromium

November 14, 2012

bookmarkified oo

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____ Chromium

** adblock,

** adblock plus

x antisocial

easy disposable email address

edit this cookie

x flashblock

keep my opt outs

** lazarus

x look of disapproval

mymail crypt for gmail

x novel moonlight



** Referer Control

** Remove cookies for site

** ScriptNo

** surf (shameless) — has legit use

x SearchJump

Spam Gourmet

x Specialchars

x Spoofy

x Stop Load

x Stylish

** Tabs Outliner

x TooManyTabs for chrome


x Unicode Symbols

** WebPG



CloudACL anti-porn pro
CloudACL WebFilter Pro

^ firefox analogue


Speed dial 2

recently closed tabs

image collector extension

auto login






Tabs Outliner: replaces TabMemFree

October 24, 2012

bookmarkified: essential chromium extensions

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adblockforchrome :: I use it to create new rules.  I subscribe to no third party filter lists.

adblockplus for chromium :: it is deficient for creating new blocks or element selection

essential adblock filters oddly not in all lists:


blocking video ads in chromium requires a web proxy or other upstream filtration

loopback proxy:


October 8, 2012

pondering an extension like Tabs Outliner for chromium today… spawn tab structure to bookmarks

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I prefer to spawn nested tabs for later review.  Unfortunately sometimes I exceed available resources to maintain all tabs rendered

Tabs Outliner

appears to address the resource issue for chromium!!


October 1, 2012

XPath adblocking for Chromium (chrome). remove it permanently lives again?

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CustomBlocker by Maripa Goda

September 28, 2012 : combines chromium Inspector and UserStyle type power on the fly tinkering with pages

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chromium extension awesomeness

less elegantly 

see also

DEA mwahaha

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