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March 5, 2011

morality and situational ethics : not found in the vile and truly evil college class “human sexuality”

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MORALITY AND SITUATION ETHICS Dietrich and Alice Von Hildebrand

Chapter IV: Letter And Spirit

In previous chapters, we referred several times to the antithesis of letter and spirit. It is necessary to analyze these notions more minutely. It is especially important to consider when and where, in relation to moral commandments, a distinction between letter and spirit can be made. Before discussing this problem, however, we must distinguish various meanings of letter and spirit.

We must first distinguish three formally different meanings. According to the first, the term “abiding by the letter” designates a failure to distinguish the essential from the nonessential in propositions, moral commandments, or precepts. Thus, in abiding by the letter, one clings to a mere formulation, to something accidental and exterior. This can be for very different motives, as we shall see later on, but the result is always the same—mistaking the surface for the content. “Spirit” here means the real meaning of the proposition or commandment, its essence and true intention.

By “letter” one sometimes refers to actions, and by “spirit,” in the same context, to the underlying motive. A man who abstains from fornication because he is a misogynist, or gives money to the poor merely in order to make an impression, observes the letter of the commandment but fails to fulfill its spirit. Such a discrepancy of “letter” and “spirit” (in this second sense) is, as we know, quite common. Here, abiding by the letter assumes the character of a mere abstention or of acting in conformity with the commandment but without the moral motive and intention.

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March 17, 2009

awesome link of the day

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December 30, 2006

Does Orthodoxy Allow Contraception Or Not?

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we say that it is wrong to
deliberately prevent a possible conception and to have sex when the woman
is fertile by using devises to neutralize that fertility. To follow Catholic
teaching, a couple with sufficiently serious reasons (and there are several)
to avoid conception, must abstain at those times. That respects natural
law, whereas contraception has no respect for that, and simply caters to
individual appetites with little regard for the most fundamental purpose
of marriage and sex (not to mention the disastrous societal fruit of this

August 27, 2006

“Orgasm is the best gift to give” ?

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she did not have an orgasm until she was 26 years old, insisting the wait was perfectly normal.

31-year-old actress was married in her early 20s to fellow soap star
Tyler Christopher and claims most women don’t have orgasms until
they’re older, if they even manage to have them at all.

Saving sex until marriage really is the best plan

July 12, 2006

fornication is for selfish fuckers

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14.1.(3). An angel of Satan [2 Cor. 12:7], which is the spirit of fornication, is given to some
to buffet their senses with strong and abominable temptations, and afflict their spirit with
foul thoughts and very vivid images, which sometimes is a pain worse than death for them.

July 5, 2006

Musika for the inured, fornication inclined who totally lack honor

July 4, 2006

faith matters – the gift of children

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you MUST be open to the gift of children

The mindset “I can do with my body as I choose” is wrong, but nowhere near as wrong as fornication or abortion.

June 30, 2006

the call of fornication — selfishness that murders

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the worst part is that MANY birth “control” pills are in actuality ABORTIFACIENTS. Yes, your fornication generates life, and the “control” prevents the single cell human from implanting (for long) in the uterine wall!!

June 25, 2006

Sex and Beer

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June 5, 2006

have the courage to live in pure love

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