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February 4, 2020

new word to describe American awesomeness: tritrumphantly

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tritrumphantly: America winning more.  American exceptionalism in the modern era.

President Trumps 2020 State of the Union delivered tritrumphantly glorious news to true Americans and demtards.



December 1, 2018

missing the logic boat “Christian” site sails down delusional river

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wow. “Christian” today gives bad name to Christianity with reams of “articles” like this one that throws away eons of either/or logic undermining their grasp of truth per se.



March 20, 2011

must have android application for hold sanity

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Sure, mid conversation one could mash the speaker button and switch the call to speakerphone while on hold

…. but there is a f/OSS application [on google code] that uses the proximity sensor to do this automatically for you.  What’s more is has a toggle switch to engage only when phone is set upon a mostly horizontal surface:

Take phone from face, set on table… voila speakerphone on hold



there be one gui bug: speaker button does not illuminate when the application toggles speakerphone on by proximity sensor

Plays well with IMSdroid


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March 10, 2008

I want a steganography tool to host non-image files in blog provider’s free image hosting

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It would need to generate a noise image large enough for whatever file, and as part of the image contain the file name, and optionally date stamp, and MD5 hash of the contained file.  Not to be used to “hide” files, but encapsulate them for easy retrieval.

Preferable output is PNG because most image hosts do not try to resample or recompress PNG.

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March 1, 2008

IrfanView ImageShack plugin

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yes, I did send that feedback

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February 22, 2008

Ease your carbon debt with Baby Power

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February 16, 2008

digg’s friend status should have friendness-direction arrows

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Is he a fan of me or am I a fan of him?

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February 14, 2008

BROKEN junk should have its own ebay category… acounts selling BROKEN junk in wrong category should be suspended

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Tired of finding stuff listed as broken, “not working”, or “as is” with no assurance of functionality, too?  REQUIRING ALL sellers tick a box assuring functionality on penalty of suspension would allay the issue.

NOT-checking the box would force the item into a separate category of brokenness and NOT show in standard search results


Condition used?   Obviously used to death.  wrong infernal category, cretin

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February 12, 2008

myoelectric text entry (keyboard)

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updated 2011 with newer products

keyglove, and mouseglove are the products to watch. They are of the DIY variety so being existentially challenged is as much your fault as any

timeline, products, and sparking ideas..

fun phrases

Surface electromyography

United States Patent 4964411
Evoked EMG signal processing, Issued on October 23, 1990

A method of separating dispersive and synchronous time varying myoelectric signals

The Finger-Joint Gesture Wearable Keypad (1999)

Survey of virtual keyboards



DSI datotech: mutli-point touchpad

VKB projection


How to operate a PC without using the hands (2005): HaMCoS

Today:  SenseBoard

^ now bankrupt “assets owned by Asplund Data AB

Patent number: 7362305

Alternatively: DataHand keyboard (defunct)

natural keyboard = Klockenberg, 1926?


update: wordpress hosted images for posterity and whatnot, and newer devices

And newer items which might violate existing IP leading to similar demise.  Wish for them in frustration

MouseGlove, built around arduino, this might be your best shot at ACTUALLY obtaining  one!


SudoGlove, a Cornell project, also built atop arduino

NOT designed for text entry, not likely adaptable without overkill effort


MIT Glove Mouse

NOT designed for text entry


The peregrine glove

actually-available, polished product, not designed with typing in mind, but could be adapted



designed for TYPING

reminiscent of a Police song


not wearable, not a full keyboard


keyglove build your own adventure, if your inner purest rebels against arduino, but similarly Open Source. Encouraging the freedom to tinker

designed with typing and game control

pump them full of mature suggestions:


some more wearable gear

2002 standford link collection










DSI datotech keyboard


VKB projection keyboard a must have stocking stuffer


VKEY, smart room accessory? or for the light traveling executive?


senseboard.  I have been irked that repeated attempts to purchase since comdex debut were ignored

SenseBoard Technologies AB P.O. Box 1077 Se-164 25 Kista SE


datahand, excellent for those with fine motor skills or a desire to escape repeated action injury


fun comparison matrix of esoteric data key entry devices


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September 18, 2007

trust us with all your phone numbers, all your email addresses, all your passwords, all your pincodes… and collect all your inbound communication in one convenient google-monitored-and-indefinately-cached location! ooooh sign me up.. not

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GrandCentral sounded like a Ring-One telco service onlinified…

“recently acquired by google”

wow… what a surprise?

google wants to own you

June 2, 2007

firefox extension: slow loading page element nuke

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There needs to be an extension to ‘speed up’ slow loading site pages by nuking elements (or temp blocking) that fall well below the average page element load time — or a specified load time.  No more waiting on cross domain loads, bloat, or objects in high demand.  Once could set a global threshold and thresholds for individual domains or domains+paths

February 20, 2007

At last a digital music licensing scheme the recording industry can live with

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September 13, 2006

I swear I thought of it this morning first.. or digg is reading my mind… and they almost perfectly implemented my sticky diggs

What’s digg missing?  Sticky diggs.

I thought of it this morning in the shower.  But I was too lazy to bug them in the morning.  Lo and behold there’s something very close today: “My #1”.

Sure, I have a nearly eerie power to sway but I didn’t think it worked across vast distances on people I’ve never meant.  I must be getting more powerful.


August 25, 2006

RFID Passport Shield Failure Demo — using the gestapo to kill more flying Americans

solution? 666 tatoo time

Farraday shielding for US RFID passports? … let the RFID poison spamming begin

yes, its a sad day when citizens need tiny Farraday enclosures for their identification.  Farraday cages?  No, this is a new kind of digital draconia

see also

(I’ve been saying this for years)

the best way to poison data harvesting is to (continuously) provide LOTS AND LOTS of BAD information. 

let the RFID spamming begin!!

August 19, 2006

TypeForge – opensource collaborative type design

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TypeForge – opensource collaborative type design

free fonts, and free information on font design most notably with FontForge.  Get feedback about your font designs

August 4, 2006

plans to solve the high gas price problem

(1) mine US oil! — who cares about a few deer. animals have zero rights.. except the right be be tasty

(2) cut taxes — always a great plan

(3) cut spending — I can’t print my own money and as the state only
has the right I do by extension has no right to print new money to
spend either

(4) dump liberalist favored government programs — funding evil is never wise

(5) “use less” is not a plan

(6) ignore liberalists with “secret plans”

hahaha…. now for an econazi perspective:

Why not just remove gas tanks from cars?  Then no one would be able to use gas.  Problem solved.  woo. 

No, wait, let’s remove personal freedom and dictate each must drive State Brand ™  TheCar.  It will be solar powered exclusively.  That will reduce night time traffic considerably.

Orr just pass a law demanding that machines be built to make gas in one’s garage?  Or by edict declar that the properties of gas are now such that it produces better milage (UN style)

Start a letter writing campaign and whine until suppliers lower price.  Threaten that you won’t be putting gas in your ethanol car to teach them a lesson.

Walk more.  It’s environmentally friendly.  Be sure your shoes contain no oil products and CERTAINLY no animal products!  Avoid walking on plants.  You might hurt their feelings.

So little time, so many great solutions to force on people!

July 24, 2006

we need carrot control…. and to outlaw pools and highschool football practice

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“A 46-year-old man is accused of assaulting
his wife with a carrot, causing her to lose sight in one eye,” reports the
Associated Press from Monroe, Conn.:

Pamela Vecsey, 46, underwent six [hours] of surgery
after being hit in the left eye with the vegetable Saturday night, but doctors
were not able to restore her vision, prosecutor Stephanie Damiani said.

The couple was arguing when Roderick Vecsey tossed
the carrot, Damiani said.

It is a scandal that thanks to the carrot lobby,
Americans–even the mentally ill, convicted criminals and stalkers–are able to
buy these dangerous weapons without so much as a license or background check.
We need carrot control! It’s the only way to deal with crime at its roots.


OpinionJournal []


Both swimming pools and highschool football practice kill more people than accidental shootings.  Let’s outlaw both pools and highschool football practice.

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