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August 29, 2006

seen my download FairUse4WM post? wondering how to download FairUse4WM from the post? (Hint: UUdecode)

It’s old school…and I’m (again) the first one to do something like this. binary data UUencoded and posted (text) to a blog.

spiffy, eh?

Now scurry off and imagine the potential

July 6, 2006

ping ping ping goose!

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King Ping
Ping The Empire
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SEO black hat potential

May 20, 2006

cartouche? cartoon? .. kartOO is still online

and still very flashy

hopefully someone else has discovered how to remove the ‘sponsor’ adNoyances*.

* yet another awesome word coined by Sagacious Himself in 2003.  This week  includes ‘SEO Black Boxing’.. but never forget moralphobe, moralphobia, and moralphobic! … the latter three are now in use by other people.  teehee

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