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October 4, 2013

android security focused Quasar IV two weeks remaining a mere $3.15 million shy security through obscurity to descend into same obscurity

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encrypt locally before cloud storage it’s most attractive feature Quasar IV seeks funding


Unfortunately the QSalpha folks plan to replace one walled garden with their own QuaWorks walled garden further employing untested special encryption.

QSalpha hasn’t read about the woes of Alice.

QSalpha design is trustyworthy because QSalpha claims it’s trustworthy

QSalpha design is trustworthy becuase QSalpha says their design is trustworthy


Quasar IV special crypto blend:

QSalpha special crypto blend


QSalpha would like you to ignore the man in green

QSalpha ignore the man in green


This all assumes our nation reclaims the liberties stolen by the obamanation through feckless indifference


obamanation forced sharing


$0 encrypted SIP calls can be had on android now with OSTN,

non boot leaky XPosed framework for android+ XPrivacy the least horrible stop gap for now for those who have disabled- or removed privacy raping google framework




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