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January 9, 2020

hypocrite Wladamir Palant critizes privacy of other extensions in new blog

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_face of a hypocrite who rapes privacy for money violating the trust of adblock community

And a new level of incorrectness

Perhaps you haven’t been watching the AutoCrypt project?

So encrypting email traffic is now done by enabling SSL in all those mail relays

Right, except for that pesky fallback though




August 2, 2014

we don’t need no geolocation: add location wordpress button begone!

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For simple click removal (hiding) of unwanted interweb items [firefox]:

HackTheWeb — requires Stylish

Element Hiding Helper for adBLOCK edge



Of the extensions of the nefarious evil EyeO corporation by megalomaniac wladimir palant the only one  which can be trusted anymore is Element Hiding Helper.  Fortunately it plays nicely with evil-removed adBLOCK edge, a BLOCKing fork of ad”block” “plus”.



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