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October 2, 2008

chromium fortified with Tempered Iron Fork

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree

Patience minions.. we’re in the same boat when proxomitron filter developers first started appearing.  Don’t forget many of them all still active.

The adblocking option oft not mentioned: BFilter

Hopefully the Tempered Iron Fork will outlast the Chrome Fork….

hazaa Chromium Iron Fork new first: now with adblock built-in

September 29, 2008

thanks google! your google alerts feature helped us find the first non-google Chromium Fork: Iron … less creepy, more power

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Coralized to protect the finances of the generous:

all the speed… less of the creepiness… ahhh open source.  Iron: less glamor, more power. 

Chrome is seen by some as a google fork of Chromium

still requires loopback webproxy to strip out ads 😦

On first launch of Iron I was surprised to see the sites I most frequently visited in a software package that had never run on this XP SP3 box.

update server taking a pounding?  😦

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