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December 19, 2009

TBE how I’ve missed you.. Piro, a Policy Manager under your development ought be STELLAR

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CAPS, Policy Manager, Security Policy, huh, it has many names.  Developers of NoScript, AdBlock Plus, RequestPolicy, ABE, Karma Blocker etc have quietly been ignoring the need.  First into the forray was the developer of Controle de Scripts, but gold star for effort only.


Piro, mad extensions deveoper extrodinary, oft derided by extensions “peers” for TBE issues, returns to us this new decade with Policy Manager albeit optionless

yes, it’s on AMO, but those twits allow near anything these days. (there’s a hole in the bucket dear, Liza: “forced opt in”)

And his new-to-him ideology of packetizing extensions that interact rather than megalithic wonders of the world.  Tab Kit is learning to play well with others.  My, if only there were some kind of, oh, manager for extensions that could mitigate such issues.

Time for a bit of housekeeping


GeoIP location == bad

I would like my home IP addresses to NOT geolocate me.  I am baffled why more people do not demand this service from their respective ISP.  All the tw*ts, droidroolers,  and itards “thinking” ‘oh neato I can send my GPS coordinates to my friends’ — all the while google “promising” not to do anything evil.

Being possibly over fond of no-remote I use several different profiles simultaneously.  This profile is bogged download with five dozen or so extensions.

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