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May 9, 2014

malware RootMetrics Cell Phone Coverage Map: admob adware

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rootmetrics is adware not freeware cell phone coverage map vs freeware sensorly




<configs platform=”android client-name=”CoverageMap config-version=”1.0 current-client-version=”2.4.0 notify-update=”true>
<config-update timeout=”259200>
<document-upload-payload min=”50 max=”100/>
<signal-strength-range min=”-120 max=”-50/>
<zoom min=”3 max=”16>
<hex-stats min=”12/>
<map-stats min=”11/>
<map-settings min=”4/>



July 27, 2013

“opt” out of ongoing harm?

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Which is likely the larger group:

Those who would prefer to “opt out” of being beaten to death.

Those who would prefer not have someone ever start beating them to death.

yes, harming people AS profit is vile.


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