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June 8, 2016

Home Fires harmony to REM shining faces

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Listen to the Home Fires theme song by Samuel Sim:

Now listen again at 1:13


Listen to R.E.M. Shiny Happy people 2:35


I immediately thought of REM on hearing the show’s theme song.  With a bit of time I won’t invest the theme could be monkeyed down to the timing of the rem song for a fun harmonic overlay.

Since it was aired on a public channel feel free to download from usenet without moral- or legal detriment.


May 12, 2015

Glory of God Shines through Israel: carrier AdBlocking stops bandwidth theft, safeguard dignity secure privacy

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haha adware scum! 

April 22, 2015

happy earthiness day: burn a tire with me

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Celebrate soft fascism while increasing your “carbon” footprint for victory!


We cannot kill the greenies, but we can recommend they immolate themselves as fuel for their “love” of the planet.

April 20, 2015

lifetardhacker with another gem of advice

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This brilliant article is summarized:  to prevent your laptop overheating don’t allow it to get hot

wow, thanks lifetards!  Are you celebrating 420?

March 31, 2015

Doctor Who cybermen resurrection itself recycled from 1959 Plan 9 from outer space

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Aliens invade cemetery to resurrect arm of the dead.  Sound familiar?  Sure they had better CGI but here’s the first video version:

Plan 9 even has a variation of Lethbridge Stewart

plan 9 has own lethbridge stewart

see also archive scifi

or MST3K season 0

March 20, 2015

perhaps tech crunch doesn’t understand ‘brute’

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gentle guessing automation

and neither first nor novel

March 16, 2015

zombies would make better forum moderators

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this is the future of the interweb… more so than before now

extra more rude interweb sheeple

spore under wine [gold and platinum]

I do so enjoy the time consumption reading irrelevant replies in a thread.  @OtherMods  prune threads or resign.

flexion local repo Sun Java 6 7 8 bookmarkified

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alt 7+


else (



March 11, 2015

finding one’s self in agreement with ‘blakhat’ up to his contratheism screes

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When y’all find yourself mostly in agreement with blakhat ** and in agreement with Unsavory Agents…. we need to talk. Until then please enjoy the Peoples Cube

“sheeple” — short of it’s contratheism

blakhat you know who you are REDACTED contratheism

(contratheism redacted)

much less irritating contratheism:

blakhat cloaked contratheism amongst tribalism and sheepledom



“generation of idiots”

blakhat generation of idiots the technology addicts with zero understanding of either technology or human dignity



** I’m no fan of tribalism, either.  Neither anti-capitalism, subjective truth, ” free ‘thinking “.


The “anti bullying” has zero to do with dignity and everything to do with the youth predation Queer Agenda  and antithetical to our rights: only progressive speech shall be tolerated?  where taking a stand against “hate and intolerance” is itself essentially moralphobia.  The claim of “homosexual rights” is in conflict with human rights: groups have zero rights; no one has more rights than another.

— vs —

“F**k Peace”

Fuck Peace unsavory agents twin towers fuck your rights we start with minorities



Unsavory Agents “Me the people”



Obama Toilet to replace green fascist “low flow” crap

obama toilet replaces progressive hole in ground china style or displaces green fascism elsewhere

[ | SU:SagaciousHimself ]

February 26, 2015

re-educating kids through “gaming” near oregon trail boredom level furthers World Domination through lies and Covert World Genocide

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Those mean spirited jews not allowing the pedophile prophet’s rage mongers in to complete their world domination quest must be eradicated through proper tolerance diminishment!

anti-israel from fictitious country perspective

jerusalem must allow pedophile prophet hatemongers in by enacting open borders for fairness of slaughter

ask your commie core re-education center to spend The People’s money on this glamorous child conditioning tool today!

“one [socialism re-education] laptop per [brainwashed] child” initiative needs more “games” like this!  Please let wealthy progrevisist strangers hook your children with sugar.

“he Sugar user interface differs from traditional user interfaces in that it is based on both cognitive and social constructivism.”

Why force kids to learn truth when you can allow for peer truthiness?  Why not allow them to pursue their own truthinesses on their own terms?

Remember they want children to be healthy — those children deemed to exist.  The rest will be slaughtered with free- or low cost abortion, but the SUPER majority will be covertly murdered with FALSE LABEL “contra”ception which servers to prevent VISIBLE-pregnancy from continuing.

Then when internets becomes a public good utility childrens can become social awareness enforcers through Wrath of Khan Academy

(While Khan has some good mathiness lessons there is too much progressivism taint to allow solo child consumption)

Know Kahn through his friends.

And, yes, continue to pursue as laid out by The Peoples Cube, “guaranteed equality of results”

“Equity in healthcare is about ensuring equal treatment of individuals or of groups. “

False, komrade, false.  Your equity in health services is about spending towards equal results despite reality.  This endless cost will server to level the playing field of bank accounts: let us all suffer with nothing together * except wealthy overlords who must administer fairness!

Good OLPC Health Sciences topics include such gems as

OLPC Health Science of Prejudice : fairness = feeling.  having an uniformed opinion [like most manmadeglobalwarming cultists.  Global Warming without the sun is prejudice.  This prejudice must stop!  Raise taxes to cool the sun!!]

actual image used to depict religious prejudice by OLPC

OLPC Health Science of Kissing : directions with pictures, kissing to know if someone is a friend, and dangers

OLPC Health Science of Unlearning to Tease others : come to the dark side let your feeling govern you to obedient tolerance

OLPC Health Science of Being Happy:  take pleasure from the world, enjoy relationships, try new things with others, shun those not obediently tolerant, be happy to be happy, be tolerant to be happy, be yourself no matter what.  Embrace circular reasoning:

“The dictionary says that happiness is the state of being happy”

OLPC Health Science of Conflict Resolution :  listen to other’s feeling, purposely experience other’s feelings, take turns feeling, reassert others statements, somehow find solution! Feelings are never wrong!! If you feel the other person is wrong your feelings are wrong!

OLPC Health Science of “Rights” and “Responsibilities” :

“Our rights are what every human being deserves”

No.  That is justice.  And if one is well educated one would greatly prefer not-justice but mercy.

This list of “rights” is fantastic:

Everyone has the “right” to have safety
Everyone has the “right” to have education
Everyone has the “right” to have home
Everyone has the “right” to have shelter
Everyone has the “right” to have warmth
Everyone has the “right” to have food
Everyone has the “right” to have clothing
Everyone has the “right” to have personal space
Everyone has the right to have freedom of speech
Everyone has the right to have to be different
Everyone has the right to have to feel comfortable

This list makes me feel uncomfortable.

One world goverment monitoring package basis

Population number reduction [“population assistance”] is apparently off track for 2015

too many children are being born to the wrong type of parents in the world.  Money must be raised further to assist Covert World Genocide.

To manage the sheeple of the world we need German made population maps of World Domination,

World Overlords wish donated monies be free from ethical constraints

alignment of donors to world domination

While we offer “alignment strategies” we are frustrated your alignment does not match the progressism master domination plan!


The Globalization lie is necessary, “The globalized world sweeps away regulation and undermines local and national politics, just as the consolidation of the nation state swept away local economies, dialects, cultures and political forms. Globalization creates new markets and wealth, even as it causes widespread suffering, disorder, and unrest.”  Naturally the Right People must manage everyone’s affairs for Social Justiceness


Obey the Giant Ass!

Obey the Giant Ass


February 18, 2015

less spicy

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February 14, 2015

Manually configure Verizon advanced calling 1.0, VoLTE mmm SIP XCAP new switch

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Invoke configuration menu (that’s on you). S5 N4 etc. That one Rom “upgrade” is not required.

Happy saint Valentine’s day.

Enable logs
Enable call info logging

In test mode DO NOT touch Manual Configuration switch

Service settings
Check boxes one and four

PDN preferences
Check boxes one and three and four

If you cannot elucidate reasons why MDN and MIN might need differ reflect on the wisdom of proceeding.


..MediainfoSettings are the exclusive province of sip veterans or practitioners of certain other dark arts. Don’t you touch them. If you haven’t developed your own craft for sip timers this isn’t for you.


..If you know why in particular to change the User Agent have at else NO touching.


February 7, 2015

british pregnant drinking okay, inbred islanders anyway

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libidinous islanders drink the whore hours away selfish indifference culture drunk on inordinate sexual pleasure

“responsible” british women advocate murdering the child on the slight risk of fetal baby suffering.

When not-fornicating is apparently not an option?


February 5, 2015

too stupid to be free or huge time waste: “review” is now meaningless?

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Forums are filled with cretins from which no one can draw competant moderators.  “review” videos filled with blathering, no editing, and unshockingly no content

Quoting is a dead art.

Erosion of Expectation of Privacy more than the icing to the destruction of society.

Too stupid to be free; they will be the death of us.




February 3, 2015 obviousness on sale

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If the obvious mostly escape you, and you prefer to consume material videoly, then you might want to burn money on Lynda videos

waste money on obviousness or RTFM to be ahead while saving time in a bucket recycling power saving bucket

“refer” your interweb “friends” to have them waste money on the obvious and “earn” money for your spam!


January 22, 2015

pepsi true instead of mexican coke in a glass bottle; tastes better with hate of envirofascists

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pepsi true taste the envirofascist hate sweetness

Mmmm their hate fuels my love of purchasing it faster

Thanks envirofascists for highlighting a product I might not have noticed!

Would you like some icing for your irony?

@Pepsi: fewer calories per can BY making the can smaller?  weak

January 21, 2015

“why can’t barbie be racist like me?”

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Amazon product 1 star “review” by niggling vegan, racist, magical thinking, non-buyer:


I wish this product came in multiple ethnicities!!!! I would love to buy this for my goddaughter, but I want her to see a representation of herself…not the standard American definition of beauty (ie blond hair and blue eyes). Its 2014, Matel should do better!


Don’t teach imagination; that might lead to innovation in her generation!

January 13, 2015

yubikey ocra? soft challenge from weak foresight

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“the current implementation of the HMAC-SHA1 would make it very difficult to expand beyond 64 bytes, as this is the input transaction buffer size”

Mon Jan 20, 2014

When one does not understand the product one should not be hired into the executive level.

Venture CEO nepotism is the worst

January 6, 2015

hollywoodn’t get it: streaming, on demand, paid content: NO interstitial commercials or back to usenet we travel

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“Fast forwarding has been disabled for this programming”

That’s nice.  I’ll be fetching this programming from usenet where I can fast forward through whatever I please in the programming I have purchased


Hulu “plus” commercials:  $8/mo

budget usenet:  $3.33/mo


It’s not the cost, hollywoodn’t, it is the lack of respect or functionality.

Amazon Prime video included in $99/yr Prime membership needs netflix supplementation.   “Oh let’s watch that,” only to find it is not prime included.  After two of those exclamations you’ve paid for netflix.

Interestingly amazon prime video DOES DELIVER hd bitrate more often than netflix (where netflix is never). “But netflix offers superHD,” yeah that’s right up there with “as many dvds as [we’ll allow] you want“.  I don’t do wifi.  I have verybroadband with an SLA.  There is no excuse for substandard bitrates but that’s what netflix offers.  Roku is platform limited to 3.5 Mbps.

Netflix poor bandwidth delivery : As many as you want is a different kind of netflx delivery throttling.  Netflix tries reinventing peering to further not-deliver quality.

It’s not a secret how much bandwidth an stb or stream head consumes when you control all the premises hardware.

Amazon does occasionally cripple amazon FireTV stb with locked bootloaders so I hope you had the foresight to purchase a few extra prior to lockdown.

Amazon FireTV makes the same false-free claims as roku land:

third party ad rendering IS NOT synonymous with free:

ads = COST

Amazon would prefer users not root enable FireOS devices to protect their sovereign privacy with such fantastic tools as UnbelovedHosts, MinMinGuard, or AdAway.

FireOS has the immediate advantage of zero google crApps.  See, bobby, android is better without google crApps — and does function well.

Hiding root?  Gee, let’s all name the binary and user app identically.  stop that silliness.  Randomized naming and a modicum of effort in the user ui.   … to start.


For the mentally impaired:  I am not advocating piracy.  Yes, I advocate fetching content from usenet, but only for licensed content, to ensure quality bitrate and nonhorrible compression. Pay for content and receive contracted quality without litigation.

Budget usenet adds a mere $3.33 to one’s monthly entertainment licensing costs while assuring no playback glitches, actual onDemand, quality (bitrate, compression), zero interstitial commercials.



January 4, 2015

wow I am more dangerous: easily bypass norton parent filtering ubuntu liveDVD or liveUSB

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wow I am more dangerous now thanks norton easily circumvent norton parental filtering with ubuntu liveDVD

norton themselves make it easy to learn how to bypass their respective products:

December 29, 2014

open source 3d metal printer passive HF RFID NFC ntag216f

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I appear to be the only one interested in using 3D metal open source printers to make my own RFID or NFC.

One upon a time.. magnetizing laser toner.


December 25, 2014

you are not chattle. repeat aloud

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stop being roku chattel

“shame on you, Roku”

netflix on verybroadband delivering decade old handycam “quality”

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even after forcing bandwidth to 3.5 Mbps “quality” continues to be abysmal.

Only twits try for hd bitrate 1080p over wifi.

back to fetching from usenet for licensed content.  thanks, netflix, for promoting Kodi [xbmc, not a sweater wearing dog]


December 24, 2014

roku: thank you for the money, screw you

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yes, activating an existing netflix on a friend’s roku is more fun than a ball of wax

That awaits you after entering email address in the roku3.  Why is that problematic?  After the netflix app starts it prompts for an email address.  Yes, now the fun part.  The only responsive remote button is the home key: start netflix app again.  At no point is one offered a virtual keyboard.  Sure, there is a USB port on the roku3, but how many people keep a keyboard near the roku in case of poor UI design?

roku3 netflix activation hell destroy your roku3 now the blaze tv available as FireOS app social engineering

thanks, roku

Hey now, The Blaze TV finally “offers” a FireOS app (amazon fire tv) so take your roku3 outside with a hammer and return it to technology hell painfully.



December 6, 2014

bookmarks and zfs

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December 5, 2014

fun with nas4free

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December 2, 2014

lies in the hive, poisonous honey

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Where unlimited = limited download speed & limited streaming speed

Where free = not-free (3rd party hosted ads)

[screen shot to post when wp feels like cooperating]

This is not baseball; no three strikes required to nuke credibility.  But for fun MLM spam your friends for more “free” stuff.. not.

November 26, 2014

as clinton redefined poverty so google redefines privacy to ‘respect’ it

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for that one twit

amazon lambda vs IFttt

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November 25, 2014

build your own booster (then have it produced)

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November 9, 2014

kernel Note 4 exynos

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put up or shut up


November 4, 2014

slapping google in the cloud amazon offers prime photo unlimited free storage ios android

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FireOS phones to win crushing data victory


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