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January 29, 2009

spirit of mozilla — what’s the axe ground by wordpress? @Matt Mullenweg

Is this another zottmann issue?

What’s your malfunction wordpress [Matt Mullenweg]?

.. personified..

August 15, 2006

ShortShip Pro — first NAGWARE firefox extension ever!

Until hacked it requires the user to activate it: click their affiliate link once every seven days or the extension will cease to function correctly. Extensions don’t have the power to disable themselves, so it will just cease to show the shipping charges on ebay search results.

Since the source contains this entertaining message:


AD REMOVAL – screw ebay ads, we already pay them 15% to use their service, and we value our desk space they shouldnt care, theres already a plethora of adblock type extensions available.

I’m sure ShortShip won’t mind having their activation removed. screw nagware.

“and is affililate supported. Both are completely free for you to use, and both are free of nag screens, pop ups, pop unders, or any other annoying things that I hate in software and would not expect users to have to put up with.” — oscar

And if it were OPT-in supported:

– shortship firefox “plugin” wouldn’t have to be nagware
– only one version would need to be released
– simply installing a product is NOT sufficient for an OPT-in model
– short ship pro stealing toolbar space IS ANNOYING

Do NOT try this at home as it will annoy the nagware author:

download the extension
append .zip to the filename
extract the contents and directory structure
find and unpack the JAR file in the chrome subdirectory
using a real text editor (neither notepad nor wordpad) open [filename].js
search for [stuff] change the second and third instance of false to true
save the file
open the extension as zip, navigate to the chrome directory, open the jar, drag [filename].js into WinRAR, close winrar, when prompted update the, close the first instance of winrar, remove the .zip (so the extension is only xpi)
drag the xpi into firefox to install the hacked shortship pro extension

there, now its no longer nagware. IF you enjoy the extension donate to the author

again do NOT perform the steps in this thought experiment

thought experiment temporarily munged as I wrote it from memory and do not recal the particulars of the ONE file needing modification or the search point for the nagware timer. There are many entertaining ways to do this. When the author makes his extension comply with the spirit of mozilla by making the payment system OPT-in this hack will no longer be necessary. Sure you could comply with his wishes… but whose to say that what he wants should trump what you want? Espcially if you’re not re-distributing his extension

oh no, shortship pro guy, other people are onto you, too

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