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March 24, 2011

wouldn’t it be amusing to have AlternativeTo integrated into Ubuntu Software Center?

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Don’t roll your eyes at me.  A particular program that will remain nameless (hint: pre-interweb PVR) is far easier to keep current on ubuntu maverick than other distros.  As other personas I have been creating alternative to style lists pre-interweb.  Who knew other people cared so much.  I’m jealous if the guy(s) behind are making money somehow other than malware [interweb adware].  But then last millennium I also used a subdomain of my primary work domain to allow peers to keep track of my location and my projects… who knew I could have made a kadjillion dollars on twits.  Maybe I should quit throwing ideas out into the world via personae… but I like social engineering the world to my whims.

Is there a “what’s related” or “alternative to” type feature for the ubuntu software center?  yes, other than keyword searching manually ad naseum.

note to self: break off last paragraph into new post.

When I finally get around to eviscerating the verizon draconia from my droid x I’ll start stumbling upon stuff on a laptop (or maybe a nook) and reclaim all my [now very popular] stumble upon groups.  See for   The a$$hat$ that assumed management reigns in SU power sellout nuked my profile from inactivity and I ‘lost’ all submission attribution.  I already pay $30/mo for “unlimited” “3g”.  I’m not paying an extra $30/mo to access that “unlimited” via AP [30+30], or yet another $30/mo to access that “unlimited” via tether [30+30+30], no more than I’ll pay an extra $30/mo for unlimited SMS [30+30+30+30].   solution: root, root, xmpp [30].  Althought almost as useful as xmpp are TigerText and Cnectd as the latter two are cross mobile platform… and conversations threads self destruct.  ooh aah.  I’m testing a new xmpp client on android, gibbsomethingorother, that promises SSL/TLS but also entire conversation encryption. oooh.  SIP/RTP [voip] isn’t as awesome on “unlimited” “3g” as I had hoped:  [list of tested clients here], on [list of voip providers here (including,,,,, future nine)+(negativesip)].  Voip alone is interesting but I do enjoy fiddling with IVR… complex (often needlessly delightfully complex) menus.  I have an IVR setup to re-educate certain classes of callers; I dub it IVR tarpitting [or IVR tarpit, IVR greylist, IVR greylisting].  I meant to add this notion to Word Coined by Himself last year but well other stuff in life took priority.  Ever been called by a bot that instructs you, the call recipient, to hold for a real person?  Enjoy circuitous IVR to reach an actual person?   Suffer an IVR such that you hope to bludgeon the IVR architech nearly to death with his own keyboard?  My friends, IVR tarpitting allows you to wend your creativity to share [inflict] that vexatious experience with the much deserving.  IVR reeducation helps certain calling entities learn the only acceptable mode of communication is in writing on paper.  Yes, yes, always follow up a conversation with phone customer service with a letter, but being called back and informed Mary-Jane “did not have authority to xyz”.  Oh, manager bob, unfortunately for you “agent” has a very narrow legal definition, and yes, you shall perform xyz as I, like you, record all conversations for honest assurance purposes.  Similarly I like to share my recording policy during a company’s automated ‘announcement’ thereby giving them the _same_ opportunity to object to recording so it’s all legal-like.  And bob, you’ll experience IVR hell, or IVR reeducation, until you express yourself in writing on paper.  Asterisk is a thing of beauty.


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