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May 20, 2014

hollywood and choice: viewer selected track volume

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Movies ought keep on separate tracks:

  • background music
  • scores
  • dialogue
  • sound fx
  • ambient sounds

Media consumer ought be empowered through choice to effect volume to consumer’s liking.  Much louder score or needless loudness?  Set your own peak volume per track.  Can’t hear dialogue but don’t want music increasing commensurately?

Optical media need feature these controls as an option for those unlikely- or unwilling to have media center sophistication.

Where’s customer choice, hollywood?  Or is hollywood only for choice when moral atrocity is the objective: infanticide, wantonly queer, pedophiles [queers], or other repugnant abuse of sexual faculty?

italic humor:  everyone is for choice by construction.  NO ONE wishes to suppress another from choice by virtue of human nature.  I am pro-moral-choice as opposed to fanbois of infanticide who are pro-moral-anarchy-choice and anti-consequence.

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