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April 9, 2020

positive news from the cape during sars-cov2 lockdown

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Shame on you other news organizations propagandizing evils

positive news brings smiles in civil liberties lockdown panic response to virus

This.  This is community.  This is worthy of news coverage.


February 4, 2020

IMAP successes

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January 1, 2020

known good XMPP servers

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Not all gratis services are created equal.  Once you’ve talked your sheeple into XMPP be sure their app onboarding recommends something ‘good’ if they are too cheap for the domain.




Since conversations compliance server no longer shares.

December 29, 2019

Iran’s Colonialism

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Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution was an imperialist project from the beginning, as one of his first moves after taking power (even before the collapse of the post-shah provisional government in November 1979) was to establish the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to spread his ideas. Shortly thereafter he made moves in Lebanon, dispatching “1,500 IRGC advisers [to] set up a base in the Bekaa Valley as part of [his] goal to export the Islamic Revolution to the Arab world,” as Matthew Levitt put it. Those advisers were instrumental in creating Hezbollah, which has served to spread Iran’s influence throughout the world.

irans mass graves

September 3, 2019

DNS redirect to path where neither URL nor ALIAS are available records

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yay github


August 5, 2019

firefox dark theme, make selected tab MORE prominent with userChrome.css

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I was not happy with the faint blue highlight bar atop the selected tab.  Also I use ALOT of tabs so it is nice to be able to see more title space with crowding.  The selected tab (not label) red color only impacts the close X button.  Garish colors selected to overcome blue light filter for evening use.

.tabbrowser-tab[selected] .tab-label {

color: black; !important;
font-weight: bold !important;
background: pink !important;
padding-left: 5px !important;
padding-right: 5px !important;


.tabbrowser-tab[selected] {

color: #FF0000 !important;
min-width: 150px !important



yup I really love how I cannot enclose that with ONE set of code tags.  Thanks for “correcting” my html, wordpress.  I am practicing simplified grammar to circumvent amazon review filtering.

Oh, amazon is not the happy helpful place you might think.  Suffering inept “Community Management” is a horrific nightmare situation from which there is no extrication.  Don’t bother writing reviews unless you are already part of Vine.

July 2, 2019

amazon order history report

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wow wordpress copy paste blocking is super



April 8, 2019

Qstarz BT-Q1000XT firmware flash tools windows

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I bought a few used to try cross flashing to HOLUX RCV3000 (not RCV3000GL [which is MT3329 vs MT3333]) as they have the same pid vid and other fun identifiers to pickup a second constellation. On windows the CP210x drivers (as you would for ESP8266 12E) indicates as much.

base64 copy of firmware file (not for low memory platforms)

I have a few bluetooth GPS receivers.  So far the ‘best’ one for me is the GNS 2000, but its battery is toast mostly.  There is a new version with firmware for three constellations: GNS 2000 plus.  Best is not requiring BT BLE, and having BT SPP for android.  Does a modern iPhone own you?  Then your phone needs BT BLE capable  GPS receiver.

sites of interest

Click to access BT-Q1000XT-Quick%20Guide-EN-Rev%20D_2019-03.pdf (warning: google form)

all about NMEA







January 21, 2019

delightful social engineering: strong arm USE of adblock with humor

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There are anti adblock javascripts for sites.  Not enough people boldly use adblock.   Have a site you can modify with a bit of JS?  Now you can discourage whitelisting:

Blocks access to your site until you enable an ad blocker.


Then try your hand at home network adblocking for $5.  Yes, for FIVE MONIES buy a “Raspberry Pi Zero W” from your nearest MicroCenter and install PiHole.  More sophisticated users will prefer pfBlockerNG via pfSense.

see also PiBakery



July 21, 2018

at long last, a tool to help onboard sheeple into Jabber Texting: XMPP compliance tester (accepts user submissions without github pull fun)

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Have them pick a server near the top with an all-green row.  Tolerance can be extended to

  • servers with a red mark in the XEP-0398 column (far right)
  • XEP-0368 deficiency (third from right) can be overcome with manual client hostname specification

Any other red marks renders it an unacceptable social selection.

And now there are some excellent forks of Conversations with superb enhancements

aTalk ambitiously folds in Jitsi (libjitsi;WebRTC) secure video calling, and SIP.  Pix-Art Messenger [renaming it github discussion] is mostly inline with the UI aesthetic but focuses on sociability ‘out of the box’.  Jabber Texting without presence whatnots is of little value.  InputMice is destroying ‘status’ through feature erosion.  Pix-Art Messenger is preserving automatic status.  Other than LONG extended away I see little use for manual status as few will know to seek the text from the colorized availability.  I do miss mood PEP.  Plug-in?

Additionally a Conversations-Jitsi hybrid to watch evolve.

Give some kudos , suggestions, solicit features, or ask questions in the Conversations MUC:

Conversations recommends Gajim for windows.  I recommend Psi+ for windows.  For MacOS I plan to recommend Dino.  Monal has some OMEMO capability now.  ZOM is still an adventure few sheeple with enjoy.  ChatSecure has created numerous problems for friends with older iPhones.

If only Jabber Texting apps would cease offering substandard servers for onboarding registration. Ugh.

“Hey, I installed that app you like”

“Oh, my, that’s a horrible server choice”

.. tidbits

aTalk Github issue talking circles around e.164. See also SIP Sorcery forums

aTalk dev (Eng ChongMeng) needs gratis FOSS webhosting and domain for project propagandizing & help releasing via F-droid.

April 14, 2018

preventing penetrative cervical discomfort, bruising, or other too much

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There are several commercial sexual wellness products when worn reduce maximum insert-able length as disc, or torus, some easily stackable:   $50 per reusable ring.  One size “fits” all girths.  $65 for a set of 4 stackables.  Needs to be pre-stretched for larger girths.  $60  for enclosure and one stackable.


For a fraction of the price similar effect can be hand with light MacGyvering well adjusted to one’s girth of silicone buffers for tubes or slices of a fleshlight product.

A basic anatomy fail lead some to believe that cervix stimulation per se is pleasurable.  Nopes.  Close, but no.  Refer to the areas close by:  Posterior Fornix, and Anterior Fornix. With 300% higher nerve conductance than other lettered spots the P-spot and A-spot ought be a focus.




depth limiter, sex doughnut, penis buffer



May 9, 2014

positive virtue in a moral vacuum?

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Glimpse development as slow as glass

making Dan Walsh weep [_]



kvm forum


February 15, 2013

three axis accelerometer to provide inexpensive drawing tablets tilt functionality?

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Not everyone can justify purchasing high end Wacom for doodling, or worse storing on a shelf.  Inexpensive drawing tablets rarely (never?) provide tilt information from the stylus.

enter whitepaper on 3D accelerometer (feb2013)

Click to access AN3461.pdf


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