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July 2, 2011

▼ privacy HYPOCRISY agenda expanded by google: vigorously owning you AND yours with more crosslinked “free” products to self-digitize your soul [google privacy RAPE agenda]

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Why should google settle to mine your self-digitized soul across “free” google properties?  Would it not be better to stitch products together into a rape frenzy kit for tighter behavioral data mining?

Absolutely.  facebook will be so jealous

Better feed your “friends” and less proximate social relations to the google soul chipper with plus.  If you do not value your own privacy or dignity why would you value that of another?

Now with Google Rape All Plus Enticements (Google RAPE) you can help google form an even more inappropriate intimacy with your life via their shiny “free” offering.

Remember, naysayer, google’s primary function is selling ads, which necessitates their secondary function: data mining.  Does google’s notion of “not evil” seem nearly indistinguishable from evil yet to you?

If company xxx did this to people there would be much hue and cry.  Why is it fanboi rabidly embraced willingly??

See also:

edit: with title “privacy rape agenda..” google removed the backlink from their blog.  “Open” Society sensitive nerve?

“do no evil” — which sounds like witchcraft, itself a spinoff of satanism like wicca

is NOT the same as:

‘do good’


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June 19, 2009

Contraception: the ‘common ground’ that devastates family life

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And if contraception became widely accepted, Pope Paul asked:

Who will blame a government which… resorts to the same measures that are regarded as lawful by married people …? Who will prevent public authorities from favoring those contraceptive methods which they consider more effective? Should they regard this as necessary, they may even impose their use on everyone.

June 11, 2009

on the alleged “science” of psychology

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the practiced art of psychology is brain damaging

There is a relationship between the mind and the brain, but this relationship is almost completely unknown and not understood. The same is true for any chemical reactions or events that occur concurrent with imagination, thoughts or feelings. There is some relationship, but it is poorly understood. In fact, the entire framework of the relationship is poorly conceived. Modern “scientific” fields, since they haven’t been able to study or detect these things with the physical senses or laboratory measuring devices have taken a drastic leap and declared that these things therefore don’t exist. They have therefore asserted that these things don’t deserve recognition, and should be ignored in any “legitimate” study of man, the mind, and human behavior. John Watson, a typical behavioral psychologist had this to say:

The extent to which most of us are shot through with a savage background is almost unbelievable…. One example of such a religious concept is that every individual has a soul which is separate and distinct from the body…. No one has ever touched a soul, or seen one in a test tube, or has in any way come into relationship with it as he has with the other objects of his daily experience ….

The behaviorist asks: Why don’t we make what we can observe the real field of psychology? Let us limit ourselves to things that can be observed, and formulate laws concerning only those things. Now what can we observe? We can observe behavior – what the organism does or says. And let us point out at once: that saying is doing – that is, behaving. . . – John Watson, behaviorist

Strangely, the study of the mind has come into the peculiar position of being a study that denies the mind! That’s like biology denying the existence of biological organisms, but going on pretending to still be the science of biological organisms while actually dealing with something else entirely. A subject can’t exist if it denies the very basis of its own existence by definition. That is the state of modern western psychology and psychiatry. Mmmm? They can’t and shouldn’t exist, but they do. The entire structure of these subjects as they currently exist is a sham.

January 29, 2009

spirit of mozilla — what’s the axe ground by wordpress? @Matt Mullenweg

Is this another zottmann issue?

What’s your malfunction wordpress [Matt Mullenweg]?

.. personified..

January 21, 2009

cheat myspace games – tormenting myspace devs :P

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No scripting knowledge required


Firefox (preferably version 2) ((MAC))

adblock plus with all three EasyLists


a free CoScripter account (ibm)


Since most myspace appgames” are played at mouse addicted to pleasure button level the entire process can be automated with CoScripter.  Login, start CoScripter for game, loop until happy while getting a can of Jolt.  Cheating at myspace games has never been easier.

I share this with you to torment the ‘people’ at myspace, and to see how the arms race unfolds, but mostly for my S/E amusement.

There are other choices for running macros but this will be the most destructive productive




January 10, 2009

To Go Up, We Must Lower Ourselves — regnum Christi

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To Go Up, We Must Lower Ourselves — regnum Christi

Mark 1: 7-11
This is what John the Baptist proclaimed: “One mightier than I is coming after me. I am not worthy to stoop and loosen the thongs of his sandals. I have baptized you with water; he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.” It happened in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized in the Jordan by John. On coming up out of the water he saw the heavens being torn open and the Spirit, like a dove, descending upon him. And a voice came from the heavens, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”

Introductory Prayer: My heavenly Father, you made me out of your infinite love. Even though I have failed to love you as a good child should, still you send me gift upon gift. You sent your Son to redeem me and to make me one with you, in and through your Son. You and your only beloved Son sent your Spirit of Love and Truth, the Holy Spirit, to dwell in my heart, mind and body. I wish to open my heart and eyes to all that you have done for me and continue to do for me, and to love you in return, growing in generosity with you, your Church, and all of your children.

Petition: Lord, bless me with authentic interior poverty.

1. Humility, the Springboard to Heaven.   Christ lowered himself from heaven so we could see him. John said he was not worthy to stoop down and untie the sandals of Jesus. Because he was humble, John recognized who Jesus was and who he himself was. We, however, tend to raise ourselves above others in our minds and actions. Until we recognize this, as John did, we will not be able to understand our Lord, who humbled himself and took on our lowly nature so that we might see the dignity of man and the holiness of God – who is humble.

2. The Cleansing Power of Grace.   John poured the muddy Jordan water upon Christ’s head. As it dripped down his sacred head and body, something happened to that water: the Spirit of God entered it. No longer would baptism consist merely of water poured over a body; now it would cleanse the soul and fill it with everlasting life. What was muddy is now the instrument of purity. Divinity enters humanity. Christ wants us to open our hearts and minds to him, to his grace, to his life, and to his mission. To do so we must experience our intense need for him, our own spiritual poverty and the unsurpassed wealth of the gifts Our Lord longs to pour into our souls. Am I deeply conscious of my need for God’s grace in my soul? Am I able to turn to him and humbly ask for this?

3. Lord, Strip Me of the Things of This World.  The heavens were torn asunder, and the voice of the Father thundered from the sky above. John stood in awe as he watched the Holy Spirit descend upon the Son of Man, the Son of God. He who was not fit to untie the Lord’s sandal baptized the Lord, and his eyes were opened. He saw that holiness is not of this world. The things of this world are of no value before almighty God. Our pride, vanity and disordered sensuality blind us from seeing the beauty of a meek and humble heart. If you are meek and humble of heart, you will hear God say, “You are my beloved child; with you I am well pleased.”

Conversation with Christ: Lord Jesus, you know when I stand and when I fall. Help me to let go of the things of this world, so I will fall more madly in love with you. You are my strength and my hope; may you be my love.

Today I will set aside an extra 10 to 15 minutes to pray, speaking heart-to-heart to Jesus.

Father Roderick Ermatinger, LC

October 13, 2008

anti-fitna? no reason, and plenty of irrational hate

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pesky reality afflicting islam..  enjoy some new islamese hate propaganda:

Rebuttal of fitna?  nope.

“convert to islam or die”… feel the love does

Download Fitna
fitna.wmv | fitna.avi

March 12, 2008

10 Things Christians Should Ignore — its advice should be ignored

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Goodness, that list makes the author seem frightening. Good Christian
men are not called to ignore the world, but not to be of it. Extreme
pursuit of virtue is never a vice.

10: not particularly wise unless you’re not confident in your faith.
They need confrontation if no other reason that they’re intellectually

9: Pray for peace. Do not exclude yourself from that involvement

8: “Give unto Caesar” is likely the source of this well intended but erroneous position.

7: The author needs to revisit the concept of “dignity”. His poor grasp apparently spills over into other articles.

6: I’ll leave debunking the unbiblical rapture to another time. The other issues have been beaten to death already.

5: Dignity again. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and not yours strictly speaking. Maintenance required.

4: His image AND likeness. Reflect on why BOTH are used. Evolution is
very real. However it is inappropriate to introduce the philosophy of
life genesis into the science classroom. If one then the other,
intelligent design, must also be presented. (So there is no confusion
intelligent design has nothing whatsoever to do with creationism, which
is itself not science)

3: You’ve got to be kidding. Take away the preponderance of evidence?

2: um no. Faith, a mode analogous to reason for discerning truth, must inform all judgment

1: “it’s a God thing”.  No, you ought not say such.  Divine mysteries cannot be understood, but one should strive to understand all.  Credo ut intelligam:  I believe in order to understand.  One is expected to love all PEOPLE.  One is expected to hate evil.  Wicked deeds of people are to be hated.   Hate faggotry but love the person.  There is a biblical call to correct your brother’s misdeeds; this flows from love.  Moreover to escalate the intervention to bring your brother back into the body of Christ.  Love seeks to draw others closer to God.  Have ZERO tolerance for wicked ideologies and evil deeds.

If you’re going to write in persona Christi it would help to be well informed.

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January 29, 2007

captcha: evolve soon please

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captchas need to be logic based NOT image -> text coversions

ex1:  paste the above excluding all the orange letters and prime numbers

ex2:  from the above re-enter the third charcter from the far right edge, then the second character, then all the numbers…

further complicating bots

ex1 additional condition: follow the directions but ignore the directions in pink

.. click submit ONLY when the timer is between 22 seconds and 31 seconds

don’t want to invest the effort?  then continue suffering the glut of spam

December 21, 2006

think the way the “free” thinkers want you to think… or be accused or not-thinking for yourself or of conformance

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mmm liberalism… great stuff!

( yeah, decide for yourself… as long as its not deciding to pursue faith because then you wouldn’t be thinking the way the “free” thinkers want you to think. )

false dilemma fallacy. God and science aren’t mutually exclusive.
Interpreting a foundations story for an ancient desert tribe literally
gets us nowhere.

Why is there something rather than nothing? Where did the 4 forces come from, natural selection? 🙂

nothing is better than heaven
a ham sandwich is better than nothing
clearly… a ham sandwich is better than heaven

We need more churches.  More would lead to a better outcoume, like an “infinite number” of
monkeys in a room with writing implements. But religion definately
needs more synergy, and openness where all beliefs are just as good as
the next like in those lovely Methodist TV commercials. Thank the
spaghetti monster for liberalism! Contention and strife are an
illusion. Each is obviously entitled to the be sole arbiter of truth.

yes, something is more fit to survive than nothing… that’s why it won the evolutionary race.  Its obvious that order can come from lack of order, and by its own volition, especially without agency.

As all the other science minded people know deep down in their hearts its well within the scope of science to ask why the universe was created.  Science answers all.  It is without limitation.

September 13, 2006

I swear I thought of it this morning first.. or digg is reading my mind… and they almost perfectly implemented my sticky diggs

What’s digg missing?  Sticky diggs.

I thought of it this morning in the shower.  But I was too lazy to bug them in the morning.  Lo and behold there’s something very close today: “My #1”.

Sure, I have a nearly eerie power to sway but I didn’t think it worked across vast distances on people I’ve never meant.  I must be getting more powerful.


September 9, 2006

UNLOCKING the potential of audio e-books .. mwahaha … FairUse4WM 4u and 4me

you’ll need
 an unpatched copy of Windows Media Player 10 or 100
 optionally:  WMWare Workstation
 trial download account
 optinally: download manager (to download an entire site)

or easily locate other victi… sources

stay TUNEd for more resources and Fare Use


Digital Downloads from MVLC

Library Partners
Click here for a list of public libraries offering OverDrive digital books.

C:xxx requires a different private key.

If you get this error on a brand new license, then redownload test
content from (snicker) or ezdrm. Extract the keys.

If the key extraction fails, THEN you have the new update and [have to wait for an update to FairUse4WM]

September 8, 2006

still websearching for FairUse4WM download and coming to my other blog article on FairUse4WM downloading?

You really should try reading.  FairUse4WM download is possible, but
it’s not a simple click.  Downloading the UUencoder to UUdecode the
FairUse4WM download post is a simple click.   Click, copy, paste,
decode, save, run.


looking for another way to download FairUse4VM …

seen my download FairUse4WM post? wo…

Microsoft is planning to patch away your freedom.  Here download an unpatched copy of Windows Media Player 10

or download an unpatched copy of Windows Media Player 11 beta1

here test it on some e-books:
San José Digital Library – Help – Basics – OverDrive Audio Books

August 25, 2006

how to extend your post editing time on digg – hacking digg timer

– post
be taken to your post
– hit back
– hit edit
– make change
– update
be taken to your post

– hit back

the counter will RESET to the time available at the time of edit!

Several minutes can be added to the editing window… but editing does eventually expire

hmmmm…. could this be applied in new nefarious ways?  😉

heavy is the burden of being me

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I am everything you want
I am everything you need
I am everything inside of you that you wish you could be

I say all the right things
at exactly the right time

Heavy is the burden of being me

August 4, 2006

plans to solve the high gas price problem

(1) mine US oil! — who cares about a few deer. animals have zero rights.. except the right be be tasty

(2) cut taxes — always a great plan

(3) cut spending — I can’t print my own money and as the state only
has the right I do by extension has no right to print new money to
spend either

(4) dump liberalist favored government programs — funding evil is never wise

(5) “use less” is not a plan

(6) ignore liberalists with “secret plans”

hahaha…. now for an econazi perspective:

Why not just remove gas tanks from cars?  Then no one would be able to use gas.  Problem solved.  woo. 

No, wait, let’s remove personal freedom and dictate each must drive State Brand ™  TheCar.  It will be solar powered exclusively.  That will reduce night time traffic considerably.

Orr just pass a law demanding that machines be built to make gas in one’s garage?  Or by edict declar that the properties of gas are now such that it produces better milage (UN style)

Start a letter writing campaign and whine until suppliers lower price.  Threaten that you won’t be putting gas in your ethanol car to teach them a lesson.

Walk more.  It’s environmentally friendly.  Be sure your shoes contain no oil products and CERTAINLY no animal products!  Avoid walking on plants.  You might hurt their feelings.

So little time, so many great solutions to force on people!

July 7, 2006

unfiltered all the time… immediate apprehension

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What happened to the interface designer in Santa Monica from Johns Hopkins?

What happened to the hippie for from Stanford?

What happened to the doctor who would have been a prest from TAC?

What happened to the priest who would have funded the think tank from TAC?

What would have happened to the visionary called back early by cancer from ‘Cougars’?

July 4, 2006

the crisis and promise of Vatican II

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ASF. ~ 1 hr.

July 2, 2006

Father Benedict Groeschel: questions on the pope, marriage, and faith

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recorded from at 500k

Blog at