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January 10, 2009

free TMDA email account

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free TMDA email account

May 19, 2006

firefox and the new hotmail

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Yes, the new hotmail interface plays nicely with firefox.  And with a few tweaks it has zero ads!  Yet another reason to not-use gmail.

be SURE to enable ‘save sent messages’ to reap the IMAPesque new features

look, just content, no crap:

yay c/o


upgrade your hotmail to 2 gigs:

May 17, 2006

the new yahoo webmail beats gmail

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yahoo beta BEATS gmail: same storage better interface.  To join the beta change your content location to the UK, accept TOS, reload inbox, click join beta button on splash, optionally change location back!  After ‘qualifying’ yourself for the beta it is easy to toggle between beta and old-interface

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