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April 23, 2014

crayola AWESOME window crayons , easy remove lipstick-like stain-ready for non-destructive teen car markup sports boosters or other creative outlets

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Crayola Window Crayons []

With a consistency- and dispenser similar to lipstick these “crayons” designed only for glass surfaces are great for window art, putting some love on a friend’s vehicle, reminders on glass boards or CSI’esque crimeboards.   They easily wipe out letters with a dry rag or a little dampness, but mostly evenly smear on first pass.  With a bit more effort than indicated on the retail box glass can be as clean as before writing.  Somehow I ruined a white shirt having found a variety of color streaks on a white shift after the group writing event.  Crayola cautions against marking clothing.  Hopefully the oxygen ‘beach’ or funky enzymes will solve.  Large crayola stain removal tips library.

crayola window crayons for glass not textured not etched

Afaik available only in a 5 pack comprising Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black.  Not to be confused with crayola felt tip glass markers (in plain- and liquid crystal). MUST HAVE colors:  white, pink, orange, charcoal, UV-white.

They write like you’d expect from lipstick albeit a bit firmer.  The 5 color pack has brilliant colors on clear glass and yellow is enhanced by smoked glass.  I’d advise against writing on acid etched glass although I haven’t had the opportunity to test on a sample.  I’m leery of defiling my front door — acid etching leaves the surface far more porous.

Walmart, the place never to buy electronics, has the best price: a bit over $4.  I wonder if walmart coercion has reduced the material quality of these, too.  Amazon best prime price is nearly double.  Walmart pid:17510735 ; Amazon ASIN:B001QKNOZQ .

For least-horrible cleaning results: remove window crayon from vehicle glass before having vehicle washed [automated, third party handwash, or yourself]

On a lark I bought one each of every crayola arty tool for both glass and dry erase.  Far more amazing is their liquid crystal dispenser they’ve named .   These felt tip pens leave a lightly colored wet trail on glass.  Once seeded (dust, fingerprint, etc) the crystals form along the drawn path about half a centimeter per second (and will vary by altitude, temperature, and humidity).

Window crayons are great for day or illuminated at night whereas the crystal dispensing felt pens are best in [bright] daylight.


link: Fantastic crayola crystal path dispensing felt pens for glass non-porous glass surfaces


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