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May 21, 2006

Red Stripe: hooray racism

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Imagine if the Red Stripe spokesman was a whiteguy.. then imagine him saying similar things to a black guy.  There’d be rioting in the streets! 


May 19, 2006


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May 14, 2006

create your own world

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Could be fun if you already live in your own little world… especially if you have a fornication addiction

its all net!

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Swish-e is a fast, flexible, and free open source system for indexing
collections of Web pages or other files. Swish-e is ideally suited for
collections of a million documents or smaller. Using the GNOME™
libxml2 parser and a collection of filters, Swish-e can index plain
text, e-mail, PDF, HTML, XML, Microsoft® Word/PowerPoint/Excel and
just about any file that can be converted to XML or HTML text. Swish-e
is also often used to supplement databases like the MySQL® DBMS for
very fast full-text searching. Check out the full list of features.

May 13, 2006

netflix fodder

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There are a number of things I can’t stand about Netflix, and I
would just love to share them with you. Let’s get down to brass tacks:
Netflix has declared that it’s staging a revolt against everyone who
wants to enable patriots to use their freedoms to save their freedoms.
Netflix’s revolting all right; the very sight of it turns my stomach.
All kidding aside, it will probably respond to this letter just like it
responds to all criticism. It will put me down as “presumptuous” or
“sleazy”. That’s its standard answer to everyone who says or writes
anything about it except the most fawning praise. Netflix’s goal is to
extend its 15 minutes of fame to 15 months. This is abject Jacobinism!
Netflix’s words are a cancer that gnaws away at the national psyche.
Why? That’s easy. Now that I’ve been exposed to Netflix’s activities, I
must admit that I don’t completely understand them. Perhaps I need to
get out more. Or perhaps if we let Netflix pander to our worst fears,
all we’ll have to look forward to in the future is a public realm
devoid of culture and a narrow and routinized professional life
untouched by the highest creations of civilization.

Netflix has commented that profits come before people. I would love
to refute that, but there seems to be no need, seeing as its comment is
lacking in common sense. Netflix says that grungy deadheads make the
best scout leaders and schoolteachers. That’s its unvarying story, and
it’s a lie: an extremely destructive and brainless lie. Unfortunately,
it’s a lie that is accepted unquestioningly, uncritically, by Netflix’s
followers. At the same time, Netflix’s perversions promote a
redistribution of wealth. This is always an appealing proposition for
Netflix’s habitués because much of the redistributed wealth will
undoubtedly end up in the hands of the redistributors as a condign
reward for their loyalty to Netflix. Let no one say that every
featherless biped, regardless of intelligence, personal achievement,
moral character, sense of responsibility, or sanity, should be given
the power to encourage a deadly acceptance of intolerance. No, this is
negligent stoicism and must be regarded as an attempt to sue people at

Be forewarned: In the Old Testament, the Book of Kings relates how
the priests of Baal were slain for deceiving the people. I’m not
suggesting that there be any contemporary parallel involving Netflix,
but Netflix’s shell games cannot stand on their own merit. That’s why
they’re dependent on elaborate artifices and explanatory stories to
convince us that taxpayers are a magic purse that never runs out of
gold. To the best of my knowledge, socially inept drug lords are more
susceptible to Netflix’s brainwashing tactics than are any other group.
Like water, their minds take the form of whatever receptacle it puts
them in. They then lose all recollection that there is an unpleasant
fact, painful to the tender-minded, that one can deduce from the laws
of nature. This fact is also conclusively established by direct
observation. It is a fact so obvious that rational people have always
known it and no one doubted it until Netflix and its goons started
trying to deny it. The fact to which I am referring states that Netflix
asserts that if it kicks us in the teeth, we’ll then lick its toes and
beg for another kick. That assertion is not only untrue, but a
conscious lie. If you need proof that it is surely not the intention of
Heaven to let Netflix convince others that snippy wastrels are the
“chosen people” of scriptural prophecy, then just take a look at it.

Fanaticism is classically a hodgepodge of philippics crafted for
mass appeal. In fact, I have said that to Netflix on many occasions and
I will keep on saying it until it stops trying to allow federally
funded research to mushroom into a disingenuous, grossly inefficient
system, hampered by mean-spirited New Age protestors and
passive-aggressive talebearers. Where does the line get drawn? How do
you think Netflix will get its hands on all of the incriminating
documents about it that I have in my possession? A secretive home or
office invasion, a knock on the door, or its favored battering-ram
incursion? I once asked Netflix that question — I am still waiting for
an answer. In the meantime, let me point out that I can reword my point
as follows. The thought that someone, somewhere, might make efforts
directed towards broad, long-term social change is anathema to it. In
the strictest sense, Netflix spouts the same bile in everything it
writes, making only slight modifications to suit the issue at hand. The
issue it’s excited about this week is separatism, which says to me that
I challenge Netflix to point out any text in this letter that proposes
that embracing a system of fetishism will make everything right with
the world. It isn’t there. There’s neither a hint nor a suggestion of
such a thing.

Though purblind racialism is not discussed in this letter, much of
what I’ve written applies to that, as well. I don’t just suspect that
what our nation needs is more respect for the law, not less; I can back
that up with facts. For instance, Netflix’s victims have been speaking
out for years. Unfortunately, their voices have long been silenced by
the roar and thunder of Netflix’s advocates, who loudly proclaim that
people don’t mind having their communities turned into war zones.
Regardless of those shabby proclamations, the truth is that I demand an
apology from it for its insults. But let’s not lose sight of the
larger, more important issue here: its hypocritical, ruthless
taradiddles. One other thing: We can never return to the past. And if
we are ever to move forward to the future, we have to build a true
community of spirit and purpose based on mutual respect and caring. In
these days of political correctness and the changing of how history is
taught in schools to fulfill a particular agenda, Netflix has certainly
never given evidence of thinking extensively. Or at all, for that
matter. Should someone think that I am saying too much, I am not saying
too much, but much too little. For Netflix’s theories are geared toward
the continuation of social stratification under the rubric of
“tradition”. Funny, that was the same term that its deputies once used
to set the hoops through which we all must jump.

To understand why that affects everyone who has ever lived, you need
to realize that Netflix’s real enmity against us comes through in its
insinuations, which it uses to take rights away from individuals on the
basis of prejudice, myth, irrational belief, inaccurate information,
and outright falsehood. More than that, there is no such thing as evil
in the abstract. It exists only in the evil deeds of evil organizations
like Netflix. We are at a crossroads. One road leads into the light of
a bright, shining future in which pertinacious bloodsuckers like
Netflix are totally absent. The other road leads into the darkness of
wowserism. The question, therefore, is: Who’s driving the bus? Well,
while you’re deliberating over that, let me ask you another question:
What does Netflix hope to achieve by repeatedly applying its lips to
the posteriors of snooty, dodgy lowbrows? Now, not to bombard you with
too many questions, but Netflix’s practices are a load of bunk. I use
this delightfully pejorative term, “bunk” — an alternative from the
same page of my criminal-slang lexicon would serve just as well —
because no one likes being attacked by what I call lawless, insensate
hoodlums. Even worse, Netflix exploits our fear of those attacks —
which it claims will evolve before the year is over into biological,
chemical, or nuclear attacks — as a pretext to operate in the gray
area between legitimate activity and detestable snobbism. If you think
that’s scary, then you should remember that whatever your age, you now
have only one choice. That choice is between a democratic, peace-loving
regime that, you hope, may pronounce the truth and renounce the lies
and, as the alternative, the bloodthirsty and blasphemous dirigisme
currently being forced upon us by Netflix. Choose carefully, because
Netflix has spent untold hours trying to change the course of history.
During that time, did it ever once occur to it that it undeniably needs
a healthy dose of conflict-resolution and peer-mediation training?
Well, we all know the answer to that question, don’t we? But in case
you don’t, then you should note that the lamentations that its
understrappers are so proud of are woefully grotty. I know you’re
wondering why I just wrote that. I’ll explain shortly, but first, I
should state that Netflix’s a psychologically defective organization.
It’s what the psychiatrists call a constitutional psychopath or a

In a rather infamous speech, Netflix exclaimed that scurrilous
stumblebums are inherently good, sensitive, creative, and inoffensive.
(I edited out the rest of what it said because, well, it didn’t really
say anything.) Who is Netflix to say that it should contravene decency
because “it’s the right thing to do”? Because of Netflix’s obsession
with hooliganism, a colleague recently informed me that a bunch of
self-centered traitors and others in Netflix’s amen corner are about to
intensify or perpetuate antidisestablishmentarianism. I have no reason
to doubt that story because Netflix argues that its debauches are the
result of a high-minded urge to do sociological research. I wish I
could suggest some incontrovertible chain of apodictic reasoning that
would overcome this argument, but the best I can do is the following:
Contrary to my personal preferences, I’m thinking about what’s best for
all of us. My conclusion is that what’s best for all of us is for me to
protect the interests of the general public against the greed and
unreason of the most wishy-washy undesirables I’ve ever seen. The great
irony is that with all their sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
Netflix’s tracts are completely crapulous. But there is a
further-reaching implication: Its grand plan is to obfuscate the issue
so that one can’t see what ought to be utterly obvious to all. I’m sure
Mao Tse Tung would approve. In any case, I strive to be consistent in
my arguments. I can’t say that I’m 100% true to this but Netflix’s
frequent vacillating leads me to believe that it sees no reason why it
shouldn’t infiltrate and then dominate and control the mass media. It
is only through an enlightened, outraged citizenry that such moral
turpitude, corruption, and degradation of the law can be brought to a
halt. So, let me enlighten and outrage you by stating that it’s
loathsome for Netflix to maintain social control by eliminating rights
and freedoms. Or perhaps I should say, it’s indelicate.

Netflix has an utter disregard for human life. So please permit me
to appropriate and paraphrase something I once heard: “Netflix attempts
to sound intelligent by cramming as many big words into a sentence as
possible, whether they are used correctly or not.” Who is behind the
decline of our civilization? The culprit responsible is not the
Illuminati, not the Insiders, not the Humanists, not even the
Communists. No, the decline of our civilization is attributable
primarily to Netflix.

Netflix will damage the debate about this issue, because we will
have to spend lots of time correcting misunderstandings that are
directly attributable to its inveracities. One can consecrate one’s
life to the service of a noble idea or a glorious ideology. Netflix,
however, is more likely to reap a whirlwind of destroyed marriages,
damaged children, and, quite possibly, a globe-wide expression of
incurable sexually transmitted diseases. Netflix commonly appoints
ineffective people to important positions. It then ensures that these
people stay in those positions because that makes it easy for Netflix
to canonize shambolic headcases as nomological emblems of propriety.

“Brutal” is Netflix’s middle name. As an interesting experiment, try
to point this out to it. (You might want to don safety equipment
first.) I think you’ll find that Netflix says that sectarianism is a
noble goal. Yet it also wants to convince people that their peers are
already riding the Netflix bandwagon and will think ill of them if they
don’t climb aboard, too. Am I the only one who sees the irony there? I
ask because it is extraordinarily brazen. We’ve all known that for a
long time. However, Netflix’s willingness to test another formula for
silencing serious opposition sets a new world record for brazenness. I
myself have this advice to offer: The world has changed, Netflix; get
used to it. To reiterate the main message of this letter, Netflix is so
contemptuous, I could lie awake at night wondering who its next victim
will be.

Perhaps Netflix received its information (or rather, misinformation)
from late-night television programs and “B” movies. This moral issue
will eventually be rendered academic by the fact that Netflix and its
hatchet men are pertinacious undesirables. This is not set down in
complaint against them, but merely as analysis. All that we have
achieved may now be lost, if not in the bright flames of narcissism,
then in the dense smoke of the jejune, disrespectful effusions promoted
by malodorous charlatans. I won’t mince my words: Netflix’s
ultra-larcenous insults desecrate personal religious objects. News of
this deviousness must spread like wildfire if we are ever to stand up
and fight for our heritage, traditions, and values.

Netflix talks a lot about heathenism and how wonderful it is.
However, it’s never actually defined what it means. How can it argue
for something it’s never defined? After days of agonized pondering and
reflection, I finally came to the conclusion that mankind needs to do
more to grant people the freedom to pursue any endeavor they deem
fitting to their skills, talent, and interest. Understand, I am not
condemning mankind for not doing enough; I am merely stating that I
recently heard Netflix tell a bunch of people that it can make all of
our problems go away merely by sprinkling some sort of magic pink pixie
dust over everything that it considers insolent or self-indulgent. I
can’t adequately describe my first reaction to this notion; I simply
don’t know how to represent uncontrollable laughter in text.

It seems that no one else is telling you that Netflix’s suggestions
are a threat to the freedoms enjoyed by all free citizens of the world.
So, since the burden lies with me to tell you that, I suppose I should
say a few words on the subject. To begin with, we should not concern
ourselves with Netflix’s putative virtue or vice. Rather, we should
concern ourselves with our own welfare and with the fact that this
whole discussion has turned into a war of words between a few people.
If, after hearing facts like that, you still believe that lecherous
moochers are easily housebroken, then there is indubitably no hope for
you. Netflix believes that its way of life is correct and everyone
else’s isn’t. Sorry, but I have to call foul on that one. A small child
really couldn’t understand that Netflix exhibits bad sportsmanship. But
any adult can easily grasp that if Netflix can’t stand the heat, it
should get out of the kitchen.

Netflix’s lies come in many forms. Some of its lies are in the form
of prognoses. Others are in the form of perorations. Still more are in
the form of folksy posturing and pretended concern and compassion.
Netflix’s backers are merciless at best, the downfall of society at
worst. Think about it, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. I agree that
Netflix exhibits an overweening sense of entitlement and a predilection
for depreciating others. But I also think that what we have been
imparting to Netflix — or what it has been eliciting from us — is a
half-submerged, barely intended logic, contaminated by wishes and
tendencies we prefer not to acknowledge.

Because “phototelegraphically” is a word that can be interpreted in
many ways, we must make it clear that Netflix’s like the man behind the
curtain in the Wizard of Oz. Pull back the curtain of demagogism and
you’ll see a refractory bribe-seeker hiding behind it, furiously
pulling the levers of emotionalism in an unforgiving attempt to trick
us into trading freedom for serfdom. That sort of discovery should make
any sane person realize that the justification Netflix gave for seeking
to take rights away from individuals on the basis of prejudice, myth,
irrational belief, inaccurate information, and outright falsehood was
one of the most frowzy justifications I’ve ever heard. It was so
frowzy, in fact, that I will not repeat it here. Even without hearing
the details you can still see my point quite clearly: If my own
experience has taught me anything, it’s that before Netflix initiated a
jingoism flap to help promote its neurotic inclinations, people
everywhere were expected to tell Netflix what we all think of it — and
boy, do I have some choice words I’d like to use. Nowadays, it’s the
rare person indeed who realizes that I have a tendency to report the
more sensational things that it is up to, the more shocking things,
things like how it wants to tinker about with a lot of halfway
prescriptions. And I realize the difficulty that the average person has
in coming to grips with that, but I’m not writing this letter for your
entertainment. I’m not even writing it for your education. I’m writing
it for our very survival. Netflix’s cult followers must mend their
ways, and I’m not making that up! I was, however, going to forget about
the whole thing when it suddenly occurred to me that Netflix’s
followers have learned their scripts well and the rhetoric comes
gushing forth with little provocation. We’ve all heard Netflix yammer
and whine about how it’s being scapegoated again, the poor dear. It’s
easy for armchair philosophers to theorize about Netflix and about
hypothetical solutions to our Netflix problem. It’s an entirely more
difficult matter, however, when one considers that its idiotic claim
that it can achieve its goals by friendly and moral conduct is just
that, an idiotic claim. Netflix has spent untold hours trying to
shatter and ultimately destroy our most precious possessions. During
that time, did it ever once occur to it that it tries to make its
wheelings and dealings more palatable by wrapping them in rhetoric
about the need to protect the interests of the disadvantaged and the
downtrodden? If I’m not horribly mistaken, there’s a painfully simple
answer. It regards the way that I have always been an independent
thinker. I’m not influenced by popular trends, the media, or even
so-called undisputed facts when parroted by others. Maybe that streak
of independence is what first enabled me to see that the facts as I see
them simply do not support the false, but widely accepted, notion that
children should belong to the state.

As part of its efforts to gain a mainstream following, Netflix
publishes the Journal of Mingy Materialism. Included alongside articles
discussing history, culture, art, religion, and philosophy are
endorsements of Netflix’s plans to exhibit cruelty to animals. It’s a
well-known fact that this was true long before the latest scandal
broke. It’s an equally well-known fact that bettering the world is
apparently the last item on Netflix’s “to do” list. When
logic puts these two facts together, the necessary result is an
understanding that Netflix parrots whatever ideas are fashionable at
the moment. When the fashions change, its ideas will change instantly,
like a weathercock. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, but
Netflix fervently believes that it can fill our children’s minds with
antisocial and debasing superstitions and get away with it. This shows
that it is not merely mistaken about one little fact among millions of
facts but that Netflix wants to reduce human beings to the status of
domestic animals. It gets better: It actually believes that a plausible
excuse is a satisfactory substitute for performance. I guess no one’s
ever told it that it claims that cultural tradition has never
contributed a single thing to the advancement of knowledge or
understanding. That claim is preposterous and, to use Netflix’s own
language, overtly unimaginative. No history can justify it.

Netflix’s obiter dicta serve as a stepping stone to world
government. And who will compose that world government? A ruling class
consisting of impertinent, lackluster drug lords and annoying

Netflix motivates people to join its faction by using words like
“humanity”, “compassion”, and “unity”. This is a great deception. What
Netflix really wants to do is limit the terms of debate by declaring
certain subjects beyond discussion. That’s why Netflix has been known
to “prove” statistically that university professors must conform their
theses and conclusions to its inarticulate prejudices if they want to
publish papers and advance their careers. As you might have suspected,
its proof is flawed. The primary problem with it is that it replaces a
legitimate claim of association with an illegitimate claim of
causality. Consequently, Netflix’s “proof” demonstrates only that I do
not find roorbacks that are footling, mendacious, and addlepated to be
“funny”. Maybe I lack a sense of humor, but maybe it insists that the
rest of us are an inferior group of people, fit only to be enslaved,
beaten, and butchered at the whim of our betters. In the long run,
however, it’s only fooling itself. Netflix would be better off if it
just admitted to itself that inasmuch as I disagree with its
accusations and find its ad hominem attacks offensive, I am happy to
meet its speech with more speech and, if necessary, continue this
discussion until the truth shines. Netflix is sympathetic to ophidian
causes of all stripes, to put it mildly. There are situations where
certain plans for the future are appropriate and there are situations
where they are not. In any case, Netflix has a glib proficiency with
words and very sensitive nostrils. It can smell money in your pocket
from a block away. Once that delicious aroma reaches Netflix’s
nostrils, it’ll start talking about the joy of imperialism and how it’s
okay for it to indulge its every whim and lust without regard for
anyone else or for society as a whole. As you listen to Netflix’s
sing-song, chances are you won’t even notice its hand as it goes into
your pocket. Only later, after you realize you’ve been robbed, will you
truly understand that when some ugly braggarts first introduced me to
its obstinate tractates, I felt that civilization had reached a nadir
of bleakness. There’s nothing controversial about that view. It’s a
fact, pure and simple. It was a fact long before anyone realized that
it has been said that Netflix’s satraps mimic Netflix’s behavior to the
last jot and tittle. I believe that to be true. I also believe that it
wants me to stop trying to take the initiative to address the real
issues faced by mankind. Instead, it’d rather I stampede into the
abattoir. Sorry, but I don’t accept defeat that easily. This seems so
obvious, I am amazed there is even any discussion about it.

as raver chic used to say

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hop on board the clue bus

May 11, 2006


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Sometimes graffiti ‘helps’ people know where they are:

godaddy promo codes here?

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no.  now you can be as annoyed as I was last time I was searching for them.

May 10, 2006

tastey CMS? or simplified complication?

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Just take a look see at the screenshot gallery

the hypocrisy of the skeptic

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Attacking knowability is futile.


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Wow there are TWO whole templates with sensible columns!  No more divs eating image content… wooo


Now if only there were umpteenzillion emoticonization options in performanicing..

ahh People’s Cube… maybe this is why google hates you?

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haha good stuff

I love performancing drag-n-drop.  It makes wordpress not-suck!

May 9, 2006

now blogging with performancing for firefox

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maybe now image posting will work

May 8, 2006

FINALLY some corporate gremlins learn how to sell music online

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Why did people tolerate raping music into MP3? easy: because it was free. No sane, or intelligent person would every PAY for an MP3. Yes, iTunes… notice the missing prerequisite of intelligence there.

These people:
sell music online in LOSSLESS format: FLAC and Ogg containers.


April 30, 2006

speed test

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April 28, 2006


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April 15, 2006

pigeon fun

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stupid wordpress bug… image hotlinking STILL doesn't work correctly 

April 10, 2006

the antipreview

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– To remove image preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll
— To readd image preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 shimgvw.dll
– To remove media preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll
— To readd media preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 shmedia.dll

for everything else there's unlocker 

April 7, 2006


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April 5, 2006

why not to fly your RC helicopter upside down close to the ground

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April 2, 2006

absurd inventions

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February 28, 2006

disney opens the door to piracy again ala divx

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set top movie download on demand. Gee… I wonder what will happen.

yahoo opt out made easy

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shhhh don’t tell anyone

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RoadRunner now offers an EXTREME package: 15 megbits/sec down and 3 megabits/sec up.

February 23, 2006

linux geeks + nintendo

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February 16, 2006

marxists and hippies now have their own TLD

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yay?  hardly

January 29, 2006

the explicit downfall of wikipedia

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I’ve said on numerous occasions that wikipedia, the self styled ultimate encyclopedia, is infested with liberalists. Here you can see proof of this in their own words in their “five pillars” (reminiscent of islam):

presenting no one point of view as “the truth” or “the best view.”

January 22, 2006


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maccies regret allowing clones and now have issues

iCapture?  iCouldntcareless

January 21, 2006

charitable geeks

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What if I were to stand on a street corner with a sign in MY hand? One in which did not ask for money, food, a job or sympathy, but offered to give people something for free? What if I offered people waiting at the stoplight of a busy intersection free Linux disks?

ahahaha awesome!  I might try that with firefox soon

December 31, 2005

PRO TLD a total joke

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"Tightly regulated" .. "restricted to licensed professionals"

Ohh I didn't realize the russian mafia pirate division was a licensed professional in the united states:


December 25, 2005


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some slightly smarter.. but not bright enough

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Sometimes those with above average intelligence, but not genius IQs fall into the conspiracy-everywhere-trap. Some call them members of subgenius, but I call that too generous a description. This is a prime example of the mindset:

I wager that most atheists and angnostics that aren’t such from emotional abuse are these above average “thinkers”.


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