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June 8, 2016

Home Fires harmony to REM shining faces

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Listen to the Home Fires theme song by Samuel Sim:

Now listen again at 1:13


Listen to R.E.M. Shiny Happy people 2:35


I immediately thought of REM on hearing the show’s theme song.  With a bit of time I won’t invest the theme could be monkeyed down to the timing of the rem song for a fun harmonic overlay.

Since it was aired on a public channel feel free to download from usenet without moral- or legal detriment.


January 29, 2009

how to download all the mp3 music you want from project playlist beta

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how to download all the mp3 music you want from project playlist beta


This script allows you to download ALL SONGS on by using a different method than all those other scripts that just use the visible url. Now provides links to download entire playlists!!!
Version: 2.2.1

free signup is *optional* but will allow you to build a favorites list

must use beta search

in results click new “Download song” link.

cost of free: filename is string of numbers

Say for whatever reason you wanted music from MTV toplist

so in a moment of insanity you desire Kanye West “Heartless”

search heartless: 090129-project-playlist-beta-search-to-download-mp3


because you’re still insane you click the first download link instead


if you’ve opted not to install the userscript as directed, or if you’re greasemonkey is disable then no download link for you




if you’re OCD or an iTard: kill yourself. The file contains ID3 tags. You can use foobar to rename the file to your liking


right click file(s)


click the dot dot dot


pick the appropriate naming scheme


click run

click close

repeat as desired

NEVER pay for mp3s.  Pay only for FLAC, audio CD, or audio DVD.  Money must fetch fidelity.  mp3s are only acceptable when free.

* large groups of mp3s are best batch renamed via ID3 with den4b’s ReNamer


October 25, 2007

easily download music videos from yahoo or music videos aol in DVD or Hi-Def quality

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There are two public engines using Fenry’s code

Search for a video

search videobot for music video to pilfer

click on the little TV or the music video title to spawn a new popup with handy buttons to capture MMS URL. Notice the bandwidth options

copy yahoo music video MMS URL to clipboard

then feed MMS URL to NetTransfer (or VLC or whatever)

click the purple Y to go native (optional)

click the purple yahoo y

click video quality to turn up bandwidth (optional)

HD DVD video

hit CTRL+Shift+B to tinker with AdBlocking (optional)

control shift B to block

PaylowMusic is covered with ads…. AdBlock Plus with Easy list picks off most of them. Element Hiding Helper and Remove It Permanently gets the rest of them. NoScript makes capturing the MMS URL much easier

search for something

search for music video to download from yahoo

click a result and in the popup right click on the NoScript placeholder and copy link to clipboard

copy mms url

(hover to see URL)

right click to copy…. then paste into NetTransfer or similar

feed DVD mms URL to NetTransfer

feed to NT


July 6, 2006

download: Eric Mongrain Airtap

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download the AVI:

July 5, 2006

Musika… there’s always hope: here I am… will you send me an angel

and in e815 ringtone MP3 format

Musika for the inured, fornication inclined who totally lack honor

free MP3 Motorola e815 ringtones

Designed to be used as phonebook Ringtone IDs:

Easiest install is after enabling BOTH BlueTooth profiles: DUN and OBEX

(yes, it is possible to have both enabled. I have done it)

Edit to suit with audacity

July 2, 2006

Tschaikovsky Ballet Suites / Rostropovich, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

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Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro

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Chopin: Piano Concerto 1/Nocturnes

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Mozart: Die Zauberflote

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