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October 25, 2007

changing the NAM 1 MDN on the motorola e815 is frightful..

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.. but the good news is the lock code is automatically set to the last four digits of the MDN.  phew.

August 10, 2007

mobile phone laptop cars? AlphaCOM rolling over in grave

AlphaCOM, pioneers of mobile PCMCIA cards, rolls eyes over “new” mobile phone company’s laptop cards.  It was cool at 1997 COMDEX.  19.2k with LOTS of compression?  Remember when I suggested bonding multiple cards TEN YEARS AGO?  Bonding isn’t new, but its time has come again.  Most laptops have two PCMCIA slots.  2x broadband > 1x broadband

But $49 is better than the $600 I spent four years ago testing cards from VerizonEvil Wireless and AT&T.  I had a less unpleasant experience tethering my laptop to my moto.

July 10, 2006

2000 brew applications

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July 9, 2006

is it wrong to lie to verizon wireless?

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no.  turnabout is fair play.

July 8, 2006

how to refresh new ringtones list on e815: OBEX transfer, or USB cable transfer

1) transfer new MP3 or MIDI ringtones to phone via OBEX transfer or via USB cable transfer
2) connect to phone via USB cable:
a) start PST 7.2.3
b1) rename the first exe in P2Kcommander to ext
b2) start P2Kcommander 3.3.0
3) browse to root of phone (/a/)
4) delete mytun*.*
a) this should be TWO files
5) disconnect phone
6) power off phone
7) remove battery for five seconds, reconnect battery, power on phone

VIOLA! sounds are now listed BOTH in media manager and in Ringtone details. No more need to reset phone entirely.


The downside is that ALL your contact-ringtone settings get mixed up. So you “get to” fix each one by hand. But this is a small irratation to suffer to avoid the other vexation of ghost files.

credit to Sagacious Himself

July 6, 2006

using gps features on e815 no hack


4771 stands for GPS1

and then it asks for an SPC code… enter


these steps will take you to the gpsOne menu, and modify the settings in the settings menu by

changing the lock status [3] to off, test mode [4] to off, sample count [5] to 1, and transport type [6] to DBM.

You can’t change the IP address or the IP port [without a SEEM edit]. In the GPS test menu, you don’t need the start application function either. All you need is the ‘Last Location’ function.

Make sure your phone is enabled to use the GPS function, not just the E911 function. [073887]
Press end to clear out back to the start screen

Dial 922 and stay on the line until some gibberish starts coming out of
the phone. * hang up, you need not stay on the line after that.

go back into the GPS menu and press last location. BOOM. There are your
Longitude and Latitude coordinates. Go to mapquest and enter your
coordinates here:


see also:

* IMPORTANT: in some areas dialing 922 MIGHT connect you to emergency services. Do not hang up on them; instead POLITELY and PROFUSELY apologize explaining the number you did dial.

Once someone figures out how to sign BREW applications I imagine there will be some lovely homebrewbrew brewhaha (puns intended). Homebrewbrew GPS mapping software… better than Get It Now NAVItime. Since QPST, PST, et al are already pirated… its just the next step to pirate the software for signing applications 😉

Remember.. its not wrong to lie- or steal from- verizon.

July 5, 2006

Musika… there’s always hope: here I am… will you send me an angel

and in e815 ringtone MP3 format

Musika for the inured, fornication inclined who totally lack honor

free MP3 Motorola e815 ringtones

Designed to be used as phonebook Ringtone IDs:

Easiest install is after enabling BOTH BlueTooth profiles: DUN and OBEX

(yes, it is possible to have both enabled. I have done it)

Edit to suit with audacity

June 30, 2006

dun *99**1#

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dun *99**1#
instead of
dun #777

June 27, 2006

Unlimited time on any e815 game demo

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Pay close attention to the bold and italicized parts.

What you’ll need:
– Access to Get it Now
– A data cable
– Working version of BitPim
– Some patience

Note: Even if you do not have BitPim or a data cable, this will still be helpful to you. See steps 4-13 especially.

1. In BitPim, browse to the Brew directory and look for a file named prefs.dat
2. Delete that file (Don’t worry, It’ll come back) Deleting this file
will allow you to download any demos you might have already tried, even
if they’ve expired and/or you’ve deleted them.

[this is NOT possible on the e815 from the data cable. This only works for the v710. Instead go into the programming menu, switch to the TEST get it now server, start get it now, go back into the test menu, and set get it now back to the default server.   This deletes the prefs.dat.  Now any expired demos that you had PREVIOSLY deleted can be downloaded again – S.H.]

3. Restart the phone. This doesn’t mean read this and don’t restart you phone, oh no. Actually restart it, otherwise this will not work.  [this is not necessary for the e815]
4. Find a game that you want that has the demo enabled.

Now pay attention, this is the part people mess up, despite its simplicity.

[some people alledge that this still works for the e815.  I have been unable to confirm this.  Apparently one must hit CLR the very instant the download reaches 100%.  Good luck with that]

5. Download the demo by pressing OK when it is highlighted, and wait patiently for it to finish.
6. When it is finished, don’t mash buttons like a 4 year old playing video games!
7. You should get a message saying “App installed successfully. Would you like to run it?”
8. Press Clear (the button that says CLR right above the end key)
9. You should now see the previous screen with the demo as an option. Press OK again.
10. You will briefly
see the downloading screen again and shortly receive the same prompt
saying, “App installed successfully. Would you like to run it?”
11. Press Clear (are you starting to see the pattern here?)
12. Repeat this process, it goes like this: OK, wait 2 seconds, Clear, repeat
13. Each time around, it adds time to the demo. For example: If it is a
5 minute demo, each time you do it, it adds 5 minutes to the demo time.
You can do it 3 times, and have a 15 minute demo, or you can do it 1000
times, and have a 5000 minute demo.
14. I wouldn’t recommend the latter, because there is an easier way to get a longer demo, as I will explain shortly.
15. In the case where the demo has an expiration date displayed, it will extend the expiration date each time around.
16. Be wary! When accessing Get it Now you will
be charged airtime. Do this on a night or weekend so you don’t use up
all your minutes and get billed (that defeats the purpose of getting
the free game!)

Now for the best part. You might say, “You lying bastard Marcus you
said unlimited, I don’t want to sit and press buttons forever!” And I’d
say, “Shutup and let me finish!” And finish I will.

Note: The following only applies to demos with time limits, not expiration dates.

[this does NOT work for the e815, but only the v710.  The e815 has evil ACLs so the files are beyond deletion]

17. When you believe you have accumulated enough time on your demo, or
just get bored, or mess up, exit to the main screen and then go into
Get it Now to view your handywork.
18. “Holy Crap!” yeah I know pretty cool, but you’re not quite done. Hook up your phone and open up BitPim.
19. Browse to the brew directory and there should be a folder with a
four or five digit number as the name and a .mif file with the same
20. If you have more than one game, it’s tough to determine which
number corresponds to which game. Open up the folder and look for clues
in the filenames. For example: 300 bowl has files named (where
xxx is any of various extensions.)
21. Right click the .mif file and click save. Remember where you save
it and remember what game it corresponds to. What I did was save the
.mif file in a folder with the name of the game.
22. Unplug phone and launch the game.
23. You will get a message that says, “This game is a demo version. You
may purchase the app by selecting ‘Buy Now.'” and you will see the
option of “Buy Now” at the bottom of your screen.
24. Press down on the directional pad and that will change to “Run”
25. Now play your game to your hearts content.
26. When you finish your demo time, don’t delete the game.
27. Just go into BitPim and right click the corresponding .mif file and select overwrite.
28. Browse to your saved file and select it.
29. Restart your phone and voila! Your demo has now been restored to its original length.
30. Obviously, you can repeat this process as many times as desired and continue to restore time to your games.

So there it is. I do believe I’ve got everything correct here, but if I
don’t, let me know. Also if you have anything to add, please do so. If
someone finds a way to restore the games with an expiration, that would
be coolness. I’ve tried overwriting the .mif file with one from another
game, but the game just disappears from the Get it Now menu.

For those that may be inclined to do some BREW hacking, I’ve been reading up on BREW a lot and the reason you can’t replace the .MIF with one from another game is that:

For an application named 10358.MIF, there will be a directory named
10358. Inside directory 10358 there will be a .sig file. The first part
of the name could be anything, but there should only be 1 .sig file so
it doesn’t matter so much what it’s named. The .sig file is the
Verisign signature of the .MIF file. When you power up your phone, all
of the .MIFs are compared against their .SIG files and if any are
invalid, they get deleted.

mirrored from:

I’ve modified the instructions to ACTUALLY work for the e815 in right angle brackets.  Otherwise these are the directions for unlimited game demos on the v710

June 26, 2006

recover forgotten verizon e815 passwords or security codes

1. Load up PST, let it sit idle.
2. Load up P2K Seem 710.

Unlock Code (4 Digits)

3. In P2K Seem 710 type:

‘2784’ in the Seem location.
‘1’ in the record column.
‘A’ where it says ‘Bytes (h)’

4. Load from phone. (Don’t save anything)
5. Code should be in 4 digits on top of screen.
Security Code (6 Digits)

3. In P2K Seem 710 type:

‘2786’ in the Seem location.
‘1’ in the record column.
‘E’ where it says ‘Bytes (h)’

4. Load from phone. (Don’t save anything)
5. Code should be in 6 digits on top of screen.

June 25, 2006

free java games on e815 or e815m required files and applications

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P2K Drivers

JAD Creator –

Motorola Midlet Manager from 0.10 to 0.333

June 24, 2006

preventing verizon from programming your e815 OTA

SPC: Allows you to define or change the Subsidy Lock Code. Leave this at 000000 if you want to be able to use Verizon’s OTA.

SPC Overwrite: Determines whether you want the carrier to be able to
change your subsidy lock via OTA programming. If you want to be able to
continue accessing these menus, I suggest setting it to “Forbid.”


June 23, 2006

qpst 2.7b215

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Program QPST


uncripple your verizon phone today! get the value YOU PAID for initially. … is it wrong to lie to verizon about hacking your phone? no!! turn about is fair play. Change your story often.. at least once for each verizon person with whom you speak.

qpst 2.7 b 215

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Program QPST


uncripple your verizon phone today! get the value YOU PAID for initially. … is it wrong to lie to verizon about hacking your phone? no!! turn about is fair play. Change your story often.. at least once for each verizon person with whom you speak.

June 17, 2006

motorola e815 firmware versions nightmare for game developers

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It turns out that the BREW API call: IBITMAP_NativeToRGB(IBitmap *pIBitmap, NativeColor clr) does not work properly.

any game that went through the extra effort of trying to stay device
independent (using this call) would become broken with the latest

The native calls that we use are IFONT_DrawText and IBITMAP_FillRect, along with IBITMAP_RGBtoNative.


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