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December 15, 2012

when is down to whom does one report the irony?

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is it up is down with no contact option very backtardwards of them

is it up is down with no contact option very backtardwards of them


March 11, 2008

algore revelations: ice ages

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[ ]

February 23, 2008

Hillary wonders if she had “this” much integrity… if you’d vote for her

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[ ]

October 20, 2007

add this to digg comments for some reversal fun ‫‬‭‮҉

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tnemmoc ees


September 25, 2007

GM union to GM: we will destroy you if you don’t increase our wages

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guy on street:  and then?

GM union: uhhh…. we’ll get to that

earlier that week….

GM union guy:  Hey GM is nearing bankrupcy… now we have them where we want them… they’ll have no choice but to ceede to our demands

August 10, 2006

learn who you are … in case you didn’t know … with like better … just click your way to self realization

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an old twist on hot or not

this was the first tough choice set of images

July 25, 2006

Jason’s job seems awesome

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Title: Jason’s Job
Skills: Being very awesome!!!
Date: 7-24-2006
Location: Newport Beach, CA
3 Million/Year
Dice ID: happy
Job description:
-full benefits, company ferrari, and you get to be the CEO of an awesome company!!!
Telecommute: no

July 12, 2006

comical version of death star scene in star wars

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“there’s no place for you in the future”

switching lines by James Earl Jones from Star Wars… with his lines from other movies… hehehe

July 2, 2006

video: forest trail water trap

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dig a pit in a trail, fill with water, cover with leaves, setup camera…

good times

June 22, 2006

now you can easily blackmail anyone — extortr

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A flickr creative spelling domain

“the most efficient way to blackmail the world”


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

perhaps pressure people who gave a solemn oath… a friendly, humorous reminder

June 19, 2006

all french robots are queer

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teddy bear USB flash drive… jihad style

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