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June 20, 2014

TEW-624UB (V1.0R)?

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Planned or actual?

A1: RaLink

B1.0R: Marvel


C1.0R: RealTek

vC.xR, discontinued, replaced by D1

D1.0R: RealTek

.. D1.01
.. D1.02

V: ??

624UB V1.0R  planned or actual


versions of TrendNet TEW-624UB only RealTek worth using observe versional evolution Marvel RaLink mystery  drivers differ from reference design and like TP-Link has attractive warranty


TrendNet a step ahead of RealTek reference utilities drivers


D1.0R includes a nice USB2 extension cable for those concerned about potential shear force doing harm to USB ports through inattention or careless borrowers

TP-Link consistently has a better box presentation, while often it’s a toss-up for device detailing.



January 15, 2014

selling people into Applandia: pOSiX joy!

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I deserve some kind of award made of gold from apple for my nearly selfless conversion numbers.  A free mac pro would be nice.  (I don’t own a mac; I do carry an iphone and an android)

now how does one simply pass arguments to firefox to open every instance with “–no-remote” and offer the profile manager “-p”

oh it’s this much fun:

so I’m heartened about the fun required to locally encrypt before pushing to any public cloud (any other than icloud beta)



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