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February 29, 2012

freedompop 4g free? no. money down the drain. freedompop is a scam: freedompop 4g is not free

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Akin to as seen on tv:  “free *simply give us money”

NetZero is STILL a scam!  NetZero free 4g is not free; netzero free 4g costs more than freedompop free 4g

alternative to freedompop 4g?  Netzero 4g

May 31, 2009

FPD32GLSE 32GB SLC SSD 170 MB/s from Super Talent Technology

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sequential read speeds up to 170 MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 130 MB/s. The SLC products come with a 3 year warranty

SATA mini 2 PCIe

$126 for 32gig MLC


April 24, 2009

netgear facetiously compares EVA9150 to xbox360 – does not bother comparing to XBMC

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EVA9150 nearly a match for XBMC on xbox360

Cute chart, netgear, but I did not buy my xbox360 for its native features.  I bought it to use XBMC for my media on MY terms and it happens to play games.  Having DRM is a sale killer.

The sata drive bay is a nice touch, though when combined with docking station. It natively can take advantage of my 802.11a.

If freedom to tinker is mostly meaningless to you (making you mostly feckless) then EVA9150 migth be a match for you… as long as you’re fine with crippled support for matroska d’oh… or you aren’t bothered by a whole host of other problems that are sure to be “addressed” in classic netgear style (ignore them to death):


April 6, 2009

archos better than cowon? it would seem so

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cowon stagnation?  fr*nch archos to the rescue?

cowon america “support” is abysmal at best.  Inconvenient fine grain functionality questions go unanswered in their support forums and emails get the godaddy run around.  While I have not yet purchased an archos which has much to do with them being Fr*nch Cowon is sitting on their innovation hands.

cowon needs an HD media output option.  SD on my HD hardware is not acceptable.  Deviation from reference design?  Doesn’t seem to happen with cowon ‘engineers’.  Archos has the korean upselling mentality mastered ironically: pay for the hardware and pay to unlock features one at a time with software patches.

My Cowon Q5W GPS adventure was other than delightful.  I need FLAC playback with an intelligently designed GUI that provides useful information and easy control.  I need HD video out.  I am not a fan of proprietary connectors. I want to be able to wirelessly mount my CFS shares to *stream* media.  Bluetooth media broadcast to my car is not asking much.

Stay tuned for adventures in archos land…

February 18, 2008

UC-Logic WP8060-TAB08 using PenTablet Simulated driver for HID Minidriver – not pentab not wintab not well designed

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pentablet driver WinDDK

among other curiosities it installs one HID, two mice, and one tablet device. AFAIK Wacom has patented the no-battery stylus, so this tablet’s stylus uses one AAA battery. $35 from retailer + $7 shipping. Recently discovered there’s a $20 rebate available!

Install drivers, connect tablet, enjoy the plethora of new devices!

now: FOUR HIDs, three HID mice, and one tablet:

UC-logic illogical device design

Most tablet-capable programs use the Wintab32.dll interface. In more recent incarnations of pen-based computing, I discover that Wintab has been discarded in favor of wisptis.exe (Windows Ink Services). There is also a shift to HID-based devices exclusively.

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February 15, 2008

Suck UK message tape — analog LCD tape hehe – No L, No C, all D

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 Its “analog LCD”  No L, No C, all D

Black out the bits you don’t need to leave your message behind



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